How to Choose the Best Natural Light Floor Lamp?

Our outdoor activities are reducing day by day resulting in a deficiency of Vitamin D, weakness of eyesight, muscles and immune system.

Also, it results in several cases where children suffer from weakening of bones. Stress and depression are becoming common with many other diseases on the list.

As we spend less time in natural light and prefer spending most of our time in homes, offices, schools or colleges, etc. owing to the change in our lifestyle, we have been enveloped by a number of problems such as SADs, insomnia, etc.

Briefly and honestly, natural light floor lamps are the only solution to these problems which provide us with natural light even when we are inside the home.

best natural light floor lamp reviews and guides

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What Is A Natural Light Floor Lamp?

Natural light floor lamps are electronic devices that give the light the same as natural light inside your homes, offices or at other indoor places.

This floor lamp is a piece of equipment by which you will be able to enjoy natural light even by sitting indoors. You don’t have to get punctual to sit in the natural light to get the energy.

For this reason, that floor lamp provides the light with the same energy as natural light. You can enjoy the natural light even at any time of the day and even at night as well.

If you want to lighten your bedroom or living room or drawing room then simply place a floor lamp at any corner and brighten your place.

Why Buy a Natural Light Floor Lamp?

If you have a hectic life routine and you don’t have even a single minute to sit in the natural light and enjoy that, then natural light floor lamps can meet up the deficiency of natural light in your body even at night.

A natural light floor lamp has a higher color rendering index which implies that it gives off light closer to the sun.

A higher color index also refers to the fact that it presents all colors in their natural form.

Natural floor lamps are subordinate to natural light which you get in the daytime.

You can enjoy a healthy life by using natural light floor lamps.

They decrease the chance of eye diseases as their rays are not ultraviolet rays.

They also increase focus, reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

The light of a natural light lamp also improves your immune system and makes it stronger.

Natural light lamp increases happiness and is a vital source of vitamin D which makes your bones stronger.

By placing natural light lamps inside your home, you can also maintain your body weight.

It also improves your sleep and makes you feel happy and fresh all the time.

Who Should Buy a Natural Light Floor Lamp?

Any person who is deprived of natural sunlight throughout the day due to a hectic work routine should use a natural light floor lamp.

It can be used at homes, offices, schools, or other institutions where natural light cannot reach easily.

If you are suffering from insomnia or any form of depression, bone issues, deadly ailments then you should go for this lamp.

If you want to improve your mood and get rid of unnecessary mood swings then buy a natural light lamp and set it inside your place.

Get as much natural light as you can from your natural light lamp. They not only lighten up your home but also improve your mood and stimulate your productivity.

Artificial light irritates eyes and many other health issues.

Natural light saves you from eye irritation and other headaches and makes you feel fresh and healthy. Natural light also saves from the risk of high blood pressure.

The people who work in offices and use computers most of the time or the students studying at school or home should use natural light lamps.

Their work requires high color recognition which can save them from the weakening of eyesight, headaches or other problems.

The ones who are habitual to reading books before sleep should place the natural light lamp at their side table

The people who study or use electronic devices want more light because less light can affect their eyesight or can cause other health issues like minor headaches or migraines.

Natural light lamps can save you from such diseases and make you comfortable while studying or at other work.

If you are a plant lover, then natural light is very important for the growth of your plants. You can also keep indoor plants and can grow them healthy by giving them natural light from natural light floor lamps.

How to Choose the Best Natural Light Floor Lamp?

You can choose the natural light floor lamp according to your needs and budget.

While buying a natural light floor lamp, firstly you should check the brightness and quality of that.

If the brightness is according to your need, then choose that device.

1. How Many Lamps Should You Buy?

Natural Light floor lamp uses LED bulbs which implies that they do not waste energy. It uses 85% less electricity than any normal bulb.

Natural floor lamps light up the place with natural light, just like the sun does, no matter where ever they are placed.

Most natural light floor lamps typically range from a 250 to 350-watt equivalent (incandescent lights), which may be provided by 2 or 3 light bulbs.

3. What Is the Cord Length?

Natural light floor lamp uses a power cord so that it can be placed at any place according to your requirement.

The cord can be connected to any electricity socket around the room.

The main purpose of the cord is to supply the natural light lamp with the required amount of power from your home’s main power supply.

Usually, the cord of a natural light floor lamp is 3 feet to 5 feet long.

4. Where Do You Put It?

Natural light floor lamps are best utilized when placed at the turnings or boundaries of any room.

As these lamps provide filtered white light, thus if used on corners or edges, they shall provide light to the whole room.

Likewise, they can also be placed at the center of the room or under any art piece that you want to draw attention to.

Natural light floor lamps can be used in houses, at offices, at gyms as mostly the gyms are in covered and congested rooms, at salons and hairdressers to give a chance to the customer to view their treatments to the fullest, at the hospitals to give doctors and nurses a better view of patient’s condition.

5. Brands

A few companies are working hard to provide the best natural light floor lamps such as the Ottlite, Verilex and Daylight24.

Their floor lamps are the best regarding their functionality, lighting and their style.

Verilux and daylight24 natural light floor lamps are the best choice for readers.

With the appropriate position of bulb, right adjustment of height, these floor lamps give comfortable eye vision and less fatigue.

They are great for reading as they have the LED bulb fitted to the right position with the right shade, so you get eye strain while studying.

6. Battery Operated vs Rechargeable

The battery-operated floor lamps work without being connected to a switch.

They can be used at any place and carried anywhere without worrying about the length of the cord.

For someone who lives in apartments with limited electric supply and lots of load shedding, then he should buy battery powered natural light floor lamps.

Also, you won’t have to pay electricity bills for that.

Moreover, these floor lamps save your time setting up the cords and running cables.

The rechargeable natural light floor lamps give you flexibility to set up any studying spot.

It takes almost 6 to 8 hours to charge these floor lamps and then have a run-time of 8 hours approx.

They are rechargeable so there is no need to invest money in fixtures, and battery replacement.

However, they may be a bit hefty but their pros outweigh their weight.

7. Zoom or Not?

In magnifying natural light floor lamps, light can be zoomed in and out according to the need of the time.

Light can be zoomed in magnifying natural lamps according to the need. If you want more light like while studying or in offices then you can zoom the light of the lamp. 

A zoom natural floor light should be used at the place where natural light is not available. The one who works at offices or in schools or libraries where more light is used for studying purposes, then magnifying natural floor light lamps should be used.

However, use regular natural light floor lamps where you don’t need to zoom light. If you are using the lamp in your bedroom, commercial areas or at any other place where regular light is needed then you can use the regular natural light floor lamp.

brightness zooming natural light floor lamp

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Improve Lighting Atmosphere with Right Lamp

Radiate any corner of your house or dark office using natural light floor lamps.

Now no need to place bright yellow fluorescent bulbs to dull your environment anymore.

1. What Is the Right Natural Light Floor Lamp for Basement?

As the basement is the most crowded area of the house, then you can enhance your basement interior using the floor lamp that radiates ambient natural light to every nook and corner.

The floor lamps when placed at appropriate angles will definitely attract your prosperous clients and guests.

You can place the floor lamp behind couches so your guests enjoy the natural light in full balance.

If you have TV there or if you are habitual of reading or working on the couch, then buying a tall natural light floor lamp will avoid eye glare and fatigue.

You can buy decorative floor lamps with translucent shades that fit according to the scale of your basement.

2. What Is the Right Natural Light Floor Lamp for Office?

Boost your employee’s productivity and working and place floor lamps that radiate natural light in the workplace.

You can place the floor lamps in the corner of your workplace or right next to the desks of your employees.

Attending meetings on workstations will be a bit more fun with these floor lamps.

You can look for arc floor lamps so the light would be at eye level with softer glow.

Mostly 50 inches height is preferred for floor lamps for offices, usually with black or brown polish that will look decent.

office floor lamps natural light

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3. What Is the Right Natural Light Floor Lamp for Living Room?

Make your living room look heavenly using floor lamps that radiate natural light to boost your mood for work.

Be happier, healthier and calmer, with no heating effect and no air conditioning effect. Isn’t it amazing?

These will definitely remove your stress and make your living room feel comfortable to sit and watch your favorite show.

You can set the floor lamp right next to the side table or couches to widespread the ambient light to every nook and corner.

Buy yourself a floor lamp with a soft glow and traditional style to reflect your decorative style.

Look for a floor lamp with 65 to 70 inches in height, which suitable for average people and won’t hurt your eyes.

How Floor Lamp with Natural Light Improves Your Activity?

Emphatically, Natural light floor lamps are a major perk to your study place, office room, dressing side, so they should never be neglected.

Who would want to study under the buzz of fluorescent lamps?

Even employees desire the warmth of natural light in their workplace.

We know exactly how CFLs boost your stress rate and eye strain.

So using a floor lamp with natural light should be on your priority list while setting your home, home office or office.

1. Perfect for Reading

With the correct light intensity, natural light floor lamps reduce the visual fatigue and energy consumption of the readers.

Exposure to natural light enhances work efficiency and improves the mental and physical health of the students.

When properly designed and put in position, these floor lamps reduce the risk of myopia and help in improving eye vision.

Moreover, the natural light the floor lamps radiate improves learning ability and helps students learn their home tasks efficiently.

2. Great Task Lamp for Crafting

Natural light floor lamps enhance your productivity and efficiency while crafting.

Don’t worry if your craft rooms are indoor. The natural light these floor lamps radiate eradicates dark areas, reduces shadows and prevents strain on your eyes.

Don’t let the harsh yellowish hue of fluorescent bulbs drive you crazy, style your craft room with these low-profile floor lamps that consume less energy and do not heat your craft room.

Fix screws, adjust levers with peace of mind with the floor lamps that are easy to install and comfortable as natural light is.

3. Light Therapying

Natural light floor lamps are designed to relieve your seasonal depression, anxiety and work stress.

Natural light helps you gain more focus and improves your mood. Light therapy gives significant health benefits and mental peace.

Especially if you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, then light therapy using natural light floor lamps is all you need.

Live a healthy, happy and calm life with the floor lamps. Because these lamps increase the production of serotonin which enhances your mood. So light helps you get out of your depressing life.

natural full spectrum sunlight reading floor lamp

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Fixed Light Beam vs Adjustable Light Beam: Which One Should I Get?

Depending on the particular areas you want to brighten up, choose either a fixed light beam or an adjustable light beam.

1. Fixed Light Beam Natural Light Floor Lamp

For the correct ambiance and visibility choose a fixed light beam natural light floor lamp.

In a fixed light beam floor lamp, lens reflector design and the lens position are already fixed, also the rays of light are sealed up till a specific point.

Radiator design and position are fixed already during its manufacturing.

The divergence of the light beam is changed only by changing the regulated part on which the floor lamp is fixed.

These floor lamps give correct radiation, especially in markets, offices and industries.

So the customers and employees keep an insight on everything around with an equal proportion of light. 

2. Adjustable Light Beam Natural Light Floor Lamp

The adjustable light beam of the natural light floor lamps takes functionality and productivity to a high level.

A standard fixed floor lamp may not be the right choice for everyone.

But a swing arm adjustable floor lamp is undoubtedly the best option to choose.

Not only lighting but also dimensions, height, positions can be changed.

You can change the height of the floor lamp to set your home decor according to your needs.

If you’re reading or doing office work at your workplace, then an adjustable light beam is the right pick up for you.

How Do You Brighten a Room with Natural Light Floor Lamps?

Use floor lamps that radiate natural light at the edges and corners of your room and brighten it up.

The floor lamps when placed at the right position radiate ambient light with maximum reflection and filtration.

In your study room, you can place the floor lamp behind your studying spot to get proper light while reading and doing work.

However, for the living room, they can be placed beside couches to enhance the room decor and improve the mood of guests with natural light.

While in your bedroom, you can place the floor lamps right next to your bed, so the natural light spreads out to a wider area leaving a shade behind at the wall.

How Do You Use a Natural Light Floor Lamp for Light Therapy?

Light therapy is the perfect way to cure a seasonal affective disorder, as the brain when exposed to natural light produces more serotonin. Which directly affects your mood and sleeping disorder.

Natural light therapy reduces the most chronic signs of depression and anxiety giving you a calm and relaxed mind at the end of the day.

Light therapy as prescribed by the doctors must have 10,000 lux to reduce vitamin D deficiency.

Daily, 30 mins to 2 hours are prescribed.

Light therapy when taken for a while also reduces the symptoms of insomnia, dementia and anxiety.

The natural light floor lamps are excellent for light therapy as they radiate ambient natural light to give you several mental and physical benefits.

The light therapy must have UVB, as it boosts the production of Vit D, which helps you grow health and immunity.


1. How Many Kelvin Is Considered as a Natural Light Floor Lamp?

Natural light floor lamps radiate bright natural light equipped with around 6000 to 6500 Kelvin temperature.

That is approximately close to the daylight temperature, so if you have macular degeneration this temperature will help you work effectively.

2. How Many Lumens Should a Natural Light Floor Lamp Be for People with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Natural light lamp floors are typically designed to radiate 10,000 lux of brightness.

This lumen level is specifically maintained for people with SAD to increase their Vit D levels.

3. Why Are Natural Light Floor Lamp Are All Made of LEDs?

LEDs are powerful, durable and last longer. A typical LED bulb delivers more brightness, consumes less power cost, and radiates less heat.

With appropriate adjustment of brightness and intensity, they mimic the natural sunlight and help regulate our body’s natural circadian rhythms.

Natural light floor lamps are made of LEDs as they are way more efficient and improve your mood in seconds.