How to Hang LED Photo Clip String Lights?

LED photo clip string lights can refer to any home string lights, which include Christmas lights that most of us use every year to decorate our homes and gardens.

You might also hear other states calling them miniature string lights with clip strings and tiny LED bulbs, which come with battery packs as a power source.

Regardless of the name and type of the lights you are using, there are many surprising and creative ways to hang them in your home or garden to make it more of just lights but an amazing craft customized to fit into your design and home décor.

This article compiled up how to hang led photo clip string lights.

how to hang led photo clip string lights

How to Hang LED Photo Clip String Lights?

Step 1: Choose the right lightings

Using lights that are proportionate to the wreath or item you are securing on them.

A standard-sized string of fairy lights may look fine on large Christmas trees; however, they will look dizzy and bulky on smaller items like home plants or small mirrors.

It would be a smart idea to use some miniature lights with small bulbs for any of your DIY projects.

  • Fairy lights connected to an electrical outlet are ideal when installed on larger spaces such as trees and walls.
  • Battery-operated work is ideal for small items such as photo frames and mirrors.
  • Netted lights normally come in small sizes, working well in larger items such as shrubs and ceilings.

Step 2: Match the colors and sizes of the wires to the items on the background

Christmas fairy lights normally come with jungle green wires; while this might look like an added advantage on a tree, it won’t look good around your white or black mirror or your grey wall.

Instead, pick lights whose wires match your interior décor or the items you intend to customize.

For instance, if you plan to hang photo lights from a blue or white wall, pick ones with blue and white cables.

And if you can find any matching colors, you can consider picking normal colors such as silver or gold; they fit well with many colors.

Step 3: Use pins, nails, and thumbtacks to hang the lights up

Once you have all the cables and extensions ready, you can draw a rough outline on how the lights will be installed on your wall then use thumbtacks to hang them on your wall.

What you choose to use depends on what you plan to do with your lights.

Always use self-adhesive wall tacks and hooks on walls, shelves, and mirrors to avoid running the color match.

You can use nails and thumbtacks to hang and hold wires in outdoor connection, but when it comes to your home, always pick the colors carefully; they play a huge role in ruining your décor or passing an opposite message to your visitors.

Final words

Hanging your led photo clip lights is easy, but all comes down to having the right ideas about colors, sizes, and what should be hung on what or items to match your theme color for a holiday.