8 Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed with Private Light

Book lights are the smallest yet prettiest gadgets that a bookworm can have to read at its own will irrespective of place and time. These are the most useful must-haves that come at quite affordable prices and are easily available.

An affectionate feature about the book lights is that they are portable so you can carry them in your bag and can read during traveling or in darker places.

We have come up with a review of the best book lights for reading in bed with a guide to show you which will suit your ambitions.

Keep reading to save your time and money.

best book lights for reading in bed reviews and buying guide

What Is the Best Book Light for Reading in Bed at Night?

We have found four types of Book Lights to suit best for reading in bed at night. These are:

1. Book Lights with Rechargeable Batteries for at Least 20 Hours Wireless Reading

Book lights with rechargeable batteries that offer at least 20 hours of wireless reading are a good thing after electronic books.

Since many people still like to stick with paperbacks, these popular rechargeable book lights work best in their interests.

Rechargeable book lights are preferable for reading in areas without electricity like traveling or dim-lit places. This will allow you to move around reading with good light.

2. Direct LED Light that Won’t Disturb Your Bedmate

The other recommended type of book light is the direct LED light that will fall light directly on your book rather than spread it in an entire area.

This will help you in reading meanwhile your bedmate would have an easy comfortable sleep cycle.

The most attractive feature of LED lights is that they are eco – friendly which means that you will not get higher electricity bills as they are pocket friendly.

Yet they have a long life as compared to other lights.

3. Dimmable Light Colors and Adjustable Brightness Settings

Book lights also come up with a number of LED light bulbs and brightness modes that help you adjust brightness settings from bright white to warm white light.

Moreover, you can also adjust high, medium, or low brightness depending on the environment around you.

The LED lights have an eye protection feature that does not disturb your mental health and does not cause laziness or dizziness.

4. Adjustable Gooseneck

Book lights that come with adjustable goosenecks are preferable as they primarily focus on the book pages that you want to read and do not spread light in all directions disturbing others around.

It is very lightweight to be adjusted on any surface or even it can be settled on the top of any book with hardly any extra weight.

It bents 360 degrees allowing a free movement to be adjusted to any position.

They do not have large sizes even, in fact, they are not more than a book or magazine and fit exactly over where you needed them.

Battery Powered Book Lights vs. Corded Book Lights for Reading in Bed

Battery-powered book lights will ultimately win.

The first reason in the favor of battery-powered book lights is that they provide a comfortable environment for you to lay on the bed and read peacefully at your own will while in the case of corded book lights you are bounded to stay in a single place.

You can even save your bedmate from disturbance if using battery-powered book lights while corded book lights usually spread light in all directions.

But battery-powered book lights are not as reliable as corded ones because the rechargeable batteries should be charged regularly and the light will dim over when the power goes out but corded book lights last longer.

Therefore, if you prefer a long time stable light, choose corded book lights;

If you enjoy cordless reading, buy battery book lights.

Is All Materials Book Light Good to Use for Reading in Bed?

Book lights come in various materials like plastic, rubber, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, etc. and it performs best in all materials.

Top 8 Best Book Lights for Reading in Bed Reviews

1. Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light

vekkia book light reading lights for reading in bed

This book light has two amazing features that make it a must-buy; first, it is a rechargeable battery and long-neck light.

Vekkia makes the best plastic book lights in modern styles with rechargeable batteries that can go for seventy hours.

Also, you do not need to have a socket beside your reading spot as this cordless book light will work another way.

These book lights give you easy movable light that you can use while walking or during traveling.

Vekkia book light is lightweight, approximately 2.15 oz, and has a long tail that gives an enhanced surface area for lightening.

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2. Anti-Slip – Glocusent Lightweight Bedtime Book Light

clip on bed reading lamp

Glocusent book light is preferable for having an anti-slippery pad that does not harm the surface it is connected with.

The anti-slippery clip of Glocusent book light sticks to the book and is lightweight enough to be carried without any unnecessary burden.

Glocusent book light is 1.4 oz and comes with 1.6 inches clip that has enough capacity to take in any object.

Being lightweight with an anti-slippery clip is its supreme quality.

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3. Compact for Traveling – Energizer Clip on Book Light

energizer clip on book light for reading in bed portable

Energizer book lights are best to be used by anyone living in immense power outages or who likes to read during traveling.

This is because it has two batteries allowing it to run for 25 hours straight.

This feature of energizer book lights makes it portable besides having a compact design, making it easier to carry in the bag during traveling.

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4. Great for Your Eyes – DEWENWILS Book Reading Light

book light for reading in bed at night

DEWENWILS book light is yet another best thing to have with you if you love to read books in the comfort of your bed.

This is because the LED lens is flexible as it can bend to 350 degrees to the position you want.

The easy bending of this light makes it a likely thing to be at one’s place because it can serve purposes other than reading.

You can place it anywhere to get focused lighting with adjustable brightness.

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5. Won’t Press Your Book – Glocusent LED Neck Book Light

led neck book reading lights

Glocusent gray book light is a unique one because of the additional feature of an ergonomic neck design that bents down exactly on the focused area and do not disturb anyone beside you.

This means that this book light is sleep partner-friendly and while you will read your favorite thrilling stories your partner can sleep peacefully by your side.

If you share your bed with someone then you must have your hands on Glocusent LED neck book light.

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6. With Magnetic Function – Visson Stepless Dimmable Book Light

dimmable reading light for books in bedroom

Vission stepless dimming book light comes with three colors that you can switch depending on your comfortability and the darkness around you.

It is called dimming book light because you can easily dim the light from bright white to amber.

It can give you a focused reading with the desired brightness level.

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7. With Stable Reading Light – Lepower Book Lamp

book reading light and music stand for eyes

Lepower book light is the best when it comes to eye protection.

Reading in dark with one focus area might be harming for eyes but the easy adjustable natural light, warm light, and white light along with different brightness levels from low to high will protect your eyes from any damage.

You can enjoy long hours of safe reading by using lepower 9 led book light.

Lepower’s modern-styled plastic black book light is not preferable for traveling as it is not rechargeable but needs a USB cord to get operated.

Although, the best thing is that this USB cable comes along with the Lepower book light and you will not have to search for the matching book light elsewhere.

You can use it while laying on your bed with the long cord plugged in the switch.

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8. Provide Clear Light at Night – TOOZON Transparent Book Light Panel

nighttime reading lights in bed

Toozon book light has a very creative design as it has a plastic panel that is to be put on the page of your book so the transparent panel lights up and clears visibility.

This panel is ultra-thin and protects against surface shrinkage.

It is suitable for the eye with natural light technology (scientific optical design).

It is easy to use and easy to carry book light as it has a light weight.

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How to Use the Book Lights Correctly and Safe to Eyes at Night?

You can use the thumb rule to place the light in such a direction that it will not make you blind as it will not face you directly. 

In the thumb rule, the shade’s bottom should not lie above your chin whether you sit on a chair or lay on the bed, it will work and will help your eyes.

Secondly, you can place the lamp around 36 inches or 3 feet away from the book so that the paper will not reflect to dry your eyes.


Book lights are popular because of their usage, especially for paperback readers as they can carry them wherever they go providing them easy reading.

These book lights can be rechargeable as well so you can use them easily while moving, also you can adjust brightness modes from warm to bright so that your bedmate will not be disturbed.