How to Hang String Lights on Window?

Be it Christmas, house warming party, or any other holiday, one thing any homeowner would want is that your house shines with finesse and grace.

And the decorations are incomplete without some fairy string lights. These shiny and colorful strings are a great addition and can enhance the appeal of any home.

While you can get plenty of ideas on how to decorate your outdoors, indoor lighting is important too.

Proper indoor lighting can make your home feel cozy and cheerful. So let’s talk about how you can install these small dewdrop lights around your windows.

how to stick fairy lights to window

How to Hang String Lights on Window?

Before you start decorating your windows, there are certain things you need to figure out and it starts with calculating how many string lights you need.

  • Do you just want to outline the windows or do you want to glorify your curtains?
  • Do you want to hang single strings or net lights or rope lights?

Give a thought of what you want your indoors to look like and once you get a vivid image in your mind.

Start gathering all the things you need.

Things you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Rags
  • Outdoor extension cords
  • Ladder
  • Adhesive plastic light clips
  • Staple gun
  • Hooks

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Measure Windows or Curtains Perimeter

When you have decided which style of fairy string lights you want around your windows. Then start with calculating the windows and measuring them.

If you have some tape measure that’s good, otherwise buy and start with taking measurements of the perimeter of your windows

If you want the lights to look cleanly installed with no excess lights hanging around, make sure you record the perimeter of each window.

While taking measurements, use a rag to remove dust from the window frames.

The adhesive light clips will only stick and stay on a dust-free surface.

Moreover, check the distance to nearby power outlets and accordingly grab some extension chords so that you won’t face any inconvenience later.

Step 2: Test Your String Lights

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to hang string lights only to find out later that they don’t even work.

Always double-check all the strings before hanging them in your home.

Even if you have strands that worked in the past doesn’t mean they’ll still function the same.

Checking before you begin hanging will help you to identify and replace faulty bulbs and those tangled strands will also be detangled.

Step 3: Choose the Best Mounting Hardware

There are multiple ways to hang string lights around windows. It all depends on what style and preference you have.

Here are 5 easy ways of hanging string lights on windows.

  • Gutter hooks: As the name suggests, gutter hooks are ideal for windows that run directly below a gutter. They are simple to use and can easily hang at the top portion of your window. These hooks are quite cheap and will be available at your nearby store. The best thing about them is that they won’t leave any marks on your windows.
  • Cup hooks: If you want a bit more stable and strong option, you can pick the cup hooks. The cup hooks have a slightly different installation where you screw up the hooks to your exteriors. There could be minor indents but nothing too noticeable. These hooks can also prevent your lights from sinking or bulging downwards. So if you are some heavy strands, cup hooks would be a better option.
  • Wire suckers: People who want stability without drilling holes, then consider wire suckers. They are very easy to install and you can place lights with no hassles. Wire suckers can help you put string lights on windows and spell out words or figures quite easily. The only downside is that they are not that secure. So, at times they can slide off the window and would need to be replaced.
  • Siding staples: When you want to quickly hang the lights around a large perimeter, you would need a staple gun by your side. They are a very secure and viable option for hanging heavy and long strands. The only thing is that removing those staples will be time-consuming.
  • Adhesive Clips: Adhesive clips are the handiest option for hanging string lights inside windows. The best part is that they will stick easily to any surface and will leave no residual marks upon removal. Just make sure you clean any dust before you place them on your windows

Tip: When using clips and hooks, it’s recommended to space them 12-18 inches apart each.

Step 4: Install the Christmas Lights

Start setting the first light strand to the bottom corner of the window and extend to the other side.

Make sure that the strings have proper tension to avoid any sagging decoration. Put clips and hooks at every corner and repeat the process for every section.

Depending on the size of the window use multiple strands and carefully connect them with extension chords.

Keep in mind to not load too many light strands on one outlet to avoid blowing any fuse.

Popular String Lights For Windows

1. Single String Lights

These are the most popular and versatile string lights for decorating your indoors and trees.

You can find a variety of figures in single string lights (such as snowflakes, drops, stars, etc.).

Whether you want to hang them vertically or outline the perimeter of your windows, these light strings are great for both.

2. Net Lights

Quite simple but elegantly designed, Net lights are interlaced wires that are connected to form a grid or a light curtain.

These nets are usually wide and can be great for covering the large and wide windows of shops and restaurants.

As these lights cover the whole window you won’t need any additional decoration.

3. Icicle Lights

These short and long drops are perfect to cover your window drapes or large curtains.

You can hang them vertically or create a sunbeam style to give your windows a bright and lustrous finish.

4. Rope Lights

These budget-friendly and flexible luminous tubes are one of the easiest to install around your windows.

Whether you want to outline your windows and spell some words or signs on the windows, rope lights will be an ideal option.

Tips for Hanging String Lights on Windows

1. Brick windows: For people who have brick windows in their home, the first thing they need to keep in mind is to pick bigger bulbs that are easier to install.

You can either use hot glue or detachable brick clips to hang strings alongside your brink windows.

While using hot glue will give you a better finish, you would need some alcohol to soften the glue while removing the lights.

2. Vinyl windows: Sliding hooks are the most efficient way to hang string lights across vinyl windows.

Slide the top of the hook underneath the siding and twitch till it “snaps” into place. Then hang the decorative string on the bottom of the hook.

Along with sliding hooks, you can also use suction cups and wire hooks according to your preference.

Christmas Lights in Windows Ideas

1. Outside windows

Single string lights and net lights are a great option to hang outside your windows.    

2. Inside windows

If you want to vertically hang alongside curtains, then icicle lights are the most suitable option. Apart from that, a single string would also be a great addition to your inside windows.

3. Around windows

Rope lights are the ideal option to hang around the windows. They are easy to install and will not be saggy like other strings.


Now, you know everything about which string light will go with what style and layout.

The final thing is to take precautions while working with staple guns, ladders, and extension chords. You would never want to injure yourselves while decorating your home. So add some radiance to your home interiors and brighten up you windows now.