How to Choose the Best Floor Lamp for Dark Office?

If you suffer from short eyesight and migraines, consider buying the best floor lamp for dark office.

Dark office with poor light creates a dim working condition, distracting yourself from your work, and leading to tiredness and eye problems.

However, floor lamps, with a directional light source, and an easy-to-move body, helps to boost your energy and reduce eyestrain even in a dark office.

We are pleased to let you know how to get the right floor standing lamp to brighten up your dark office.

In this post, we will discuss:

  • How to Get the Best Bright Floor Lamp for Your Dark Office?
  • How to Place Standing Floor Lamps in a Dark Office?
  • Lighting Ideas That Help You Concentrate on Tasks.

How to Choose the Best Bright Floor Lamp for Dark Office?

guide on the best floor lamp for dark office

To get the best floor lamp for dark office, you should consider pivotal factors like lamp types, your purposes, lumens, material, lampshade and bulb types.

1. What Types of Floor Lamps Give the Most Bright Light?

Choosing the right types of floor lamps is a crucial thing as maybe one light source is enough to brighten up a whole dark office.

As a rule of thumb, torchiere floor lamp, arc floor lamp, and tree floor lamp are the most ideal options for a dim office.

Torchieres – Enlarge the Light Coverage

Torchiere floor lamps, with a slim lamp pole and an upward light, are positive options for your dark offices.

The torchiere lamps shine their bright light upward, which will be reflected by ceilings and walls, increasing the light coverage in your dark offices, and providing bright light for office workers.

In the market, the torchiere floor lamps are categorized into 2 types, single torchiere, and mother-daughter torchiere.

If you just want to add general light for your modern dark office, a single torchiere is suitable which often boasts of a light source and an unobtrusive shape, easy to match the office style.

Brightch Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp for Dark Office

brightech sky led torchiere for dark office corner

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If you would like to make it function as general light and task light combo, a mother-daughter torchiere floor lamp should be on your list.

In this way, the main light source diffuses the pleasing light upward and the extra light source directs the light into your workbench downward.

Brightech Sky Dome Office Lighting with 2 Side Lamps

Brightech torchiere with 2 side lamps for dark office

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Arched Floor Lamps – Widen the Light Beam

Arched floor lamps always hang their lamp heads with an extended arm. What makes it much more suitable for your dark offices is its height.

The average height of floor lamps is 58 to 64 inches tall. But at least 78 inches tall, arc floor lamps can radiate a wide light beam for your work tables.

If you have a dark office with a high ceiling, an arc floor lamp is a great overhead lamp to choose from. A tall pole and curved design bring you direct and clear light to help you finish tasks.

Versanora Arc Floor Lamp for Dimly Lit Home Office

tall arc floor lamp for large dark office

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Multi-Head Floor Lamps – Focus Light from Multiple Light Sources

A multi-head floor lamp, also named tree floor lamp, is characterized as a standing pole and multiple lamp heads on it.

Tree floor lamps live up to the high expectations among office workers. Since you can control each lamp head separately.

If you have a large work table under a dim light, multiple head floor lamps are recommended. You can not only pivot each lamp head at various angles, but also control each light based on where you need to illuminate.

Brightech Hacob LED Tree Lamp with 3 Separate Controlled Lamp Heads

easy controlled floor lamp for dark office

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2. What Type of Floor Lamp Match Your Different Purpose?

Different purposes and activities require different types of floor lamps.

To add decor? You can try to put a club floor lamp in your office.

To light up tasks? LED downbridge floor lamps are positive options.

Check the details:

Club Floor Lamp – Perfect for Decoration

A club floor lamp is a type of standing lamp that features a slim lamp pole and a drum shade, which can fit any style of office room.

Quite different from the task lamp shade, the club floor lampshade is made of fabric, such as silk, linen and cotton which gives a fancy vision and tactile experience.

These exquisite drum shades are capable of spicing up your dark office and can heighten the elegance of your working space.

Looking for a decorative floor lamp for your home office with dim general light? A club lamp is the most popular and recognizable type of lamp to choose from.

Club floor lamps are grouped into 2 categories, adjustable ones and non-adjustable ones.

Featured with a swing arm or a gooseneck, an adjustable club floor lamp is able to point the light directly to your office table.

Has a small workbench? Then its adjustability is not in your consideration. Try to get a club floor lamp with a chic lampshade.

Addlon Club Floor Lamp with Beige Linen Lamp Shade for Modern Dark Office

Addlon elegant floor lamp for dark office

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LED Downbridge Floor Lamps – Perfect for Tasks

What makes led downbridge floor lamps constitute a perfect solution for all of you office staff is eye-protective light.

For one thing, this type of floor lamp directs the light that focuses on your tasks at hand, ensuring a clear vision.

For another, most of the led downbridge floor lamp is able to shine light with cool white light. The cool white light mimics the sunlight outside, providing a contrast to your dark office. Thus, it is unlikely to get eye fatigue or suffer dry eyes after long-term work.

If you want to increase your work efficiency, an led downbridge floor lamp is a helpful lamp to use at dark offices.

Generally, led downbridge floor lamps are divided into standing lights with lampshades and with bare lampshades.

Lampshades are able to concentrate the light on the specified area. Compared with bare floor lamps, it has a more focused light.

Anyway, both are favorable to creating a work environment with rich light. Whether buying a downbridge standing lamp with a lampshade or not is up to you.

Lepower LED Floor Lamp with More Focused Light for Tasks

lepower adjustable floor lamp for dark office

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3. How Many Lumens Are Needed for a Dark Office?

Lamp lumens in part to show how bright your office should be.

Generally, a dark office should have lamps with at least 6,000 lumens for per 100 sq. ft.

If you just want to light up your own working area, it is researched a floor lamp with 450 lumens does the great trick.

4. Does Lamp Shade Matter?

The material of the lampshade affects the transparency to light. For office workers, especially workers in a dark office, strong light will cause dizziness.

So, it is better to avoid using crystal, glass lampshades which can increase the glare from light fixtures.

If you want to work in a regular and bright environment, you should buy lampshade made of linen, silk, cotton, paper and plastic.

These types of lampshades decrease the glare, and simultaneously, provide soft and even light for office workers in a dimly lit office.

If you want to buy led task floor lamps with bare lamp heads, attention to buying one with an anti-glare panel.

>> Check Govee LED task floor lamp which can provide the light that is easy to your eyes.

5. What Type of Lamp Material Is a Perfect Choice for Dark Office?

Lamp materials influence the aesthetic feeling in dark rooms and cleaning. The commonly seen floor lamps used in dark offices are made of wood and metal.

Metal floor lamps, undoubtedly, are more durable than wood lamps as metal ones are less prone to bend or break from force, weight or heat. Smooth finish means you can easily get it cleaned. But due to its metallic appearance, it is more suitable for modern and industrial dark offices.

Wood floor lamps, with a fantastic and stylish design, are aimed at those who are looking for tastefulness which can convey to your room. Actually, it is the most preferrable option for office workers in farmhouse or vintage space.

If you want to blend your floor lamp with office furniture, a metal floor lamp performs well.

>> Buy Decor Therapy floor lamp with copper finish to match any style of dark office.

If you want to add artistic feeling in your dark office, get a wood floor lamp.

>> Buy Safavieh white floor lamp which has an unmatched build and style.

If you want to increase bright light from the light source, get a pharmacy floor lamp which shade can reflect the light to your working table.

>> Buy Regency Hill Pharmacy floor lamp with bright light for lighting your dark office desks.

6. What Type of Light Bulb Is Best for Dark Office Use?

A good light bulb is able to reduce your eyestrain and create an energetic working environment.

There are 3 types of dominant light bulbs on today’s market, LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are liable to radiate relative yellowish light, more suitable for creating ambiance in hallways or dark office corners.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are friendly to office workers because of their white light. Except for that, it is a budget alternative,

However, it has a shorter lifespan than the LEDs. So for the office workers with a tight cost, try CFLs.

LED bulbs provide you with both cool white light and warm white light. Cooler bluish-white light helps boost your productivity and non-flicker technology helps you reduce eye fatigue. Warmer yellowish light is a cozy light to get you more relaxed in the office.

Generally, most of the floor lamps for dark office use are adjustable in brightness settings. So for the dark working area, whether you need a bright light or relaxing light, the LED bulbs bring an exceptional lighting experience.

Brightech LED Arc Floor Lamp with Super Bright Light

Brightech led floor lamp with 5 lamp heads

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Additional Features You May Need in Standing Floor Lamps Used at Dark Office

Adjustable brightness settings, smart control, natural daylight and directional light of the floor lamp are significant features for white-collar workers in dark offices.

1. Adjustable Brightness – Fit for Different Activities

Adjustable brightness settings mean you can change the light colors and brightness levels relying upon your activities.

Prepare for your computer work? Change the brightness settings with a high-level bluish light color.

Going to take a nap at noon? Just change into a lowest-level warm yellowish light.

If you tend to do tasks and have a rest in your dark office, a floor lamp with adjustable brightness should be your consideration.

>> Buy Verilux standing floor lamps with 15 adjustable brightness settings.

2. Smart Control – Increase the Convenience

Getting a smart floor lamp for your dark office means hassle-free work.

Generally, remote control and voice control are most considered.

If you are on a short budget and have no hub in your office, the remote-controlled ones should be your first choice.

>> Buy WIO-MIO LED floor lamp with remote and touch control.

If you already have a smart office, the voice-controlled floor lamps will be more convenient.

>> Buy HueLiv super bright floor lamp compatible with Alexa.

3. Natural Daylight – Boost Your Productivity

A corrective light color maximizes your working efficiency.

If you are in an office room installed with light in 2,700K to 3,000K, you will get sleepy soon.

But if your office room mounts natural daylight in 5,000K to 6,500K, you can get to single-minded work quickly. Because natural daylight mimics the sunlight and increases the contrast for the environment of routine jobs, making it an ideal light for working.

Brightech Litespan LED Bright Light with 6,000K Natural Light

Brightech task floor lamp with 6000K color temperature

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4. Adjustable Light Directions – Get Focused Light

If you deal with jobs that require moving around your working surface frequently, or if you are fond of having a large work table, buying a floor lamp with an adjustable arm offers a double bonus.

The swing arm and gooseneck arm can be pivoted directly to your working area, making sure you get a focused and clear vision at any time or at any angle.

Lepower Architect Floor Lamp with Swing Arm

lepower floor lamp with adjustable swing arm for dark office

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How Many Floor Lamps Should Be Placed in a Dark Office?

Generally, to reduce eye strain and boost working energy, a dark office requires 60-80 foot candles per sq. ft.

That means if you are in a 100 square foot office/home office, you need 6,000 to 8,000 lumens light (including general ceiling light and additional task light).

If you wanna more bright light, you can choose 8,000 to 10,000 lumens light per 100 sq. ft. office.

Under a general light, if you still want to go for a more bright light that positions your own workspace, one floor lamp with at least 450 lumens is a great idea.

If your office is windowless and has no ceiling light, you should go for 10 or more floor lamps with 800 lumens.

To Emit More Bright Light, Where to Put the Floor Lamp in a Dark Office?

The following section discuss about the best ways to position your floor lamp in a dark office.

1. The Edge or the Corner of the Office

If you want to illuminate dark corners, guestrooms, etc, you should put a warm white light/yellowish light, like torchiere floor lamps, tower floor lamps, and tripod floor lamps in the corner/edge of the room.

Therefore, your offices can be full of bright and warm, even and pleasing light.

2. Behind the Computer Screen

If you want your floor lamps to serve you when you are working on the computer, you can place task lights behind your computer screen.

When you use task floor lights, put the light perpendicular to your screen, so as to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

3. Next to Your Workbench

If you do more paperwork, put the floor lamps next to your work surface, where the light angle should optimize your vision.

If there is no space for extra floor lamps, you can use a clip-on table lamp as an alternative.

>> Buy the BOHON dimmable and adjustable clip-on desk lamp which can support up to 2 inch thick workbench.

5 Dark Office Lighting Ideas

To get bright light in a dark office, check the following ideas for reference:

1. Lighten up Your Dark Office Corner with a Torchiere

torchiere floor lamp for dark office corner

Have a small place in offices to put floor lamps? Wanna lighten your dark corners in offices?

If you want to add general light or increase ambiance in the dark corners in offices, the torchiere standing floor lamps work very well. It has a slim lamp pole and a small footprint that shows great adaptability.

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2. Increase Beauty with a Arc Floor Lamp

arc floor lamp for modern and rustic dark office

Wanna brighten up your dark home offices? Or just wanna add an aesthetic component to your dark offices? An arched floor lamp won’t disappoint you.

The arc floor lamps are recognized as a bonus to spice up any style of office and home office. This type of light bends their lamp arm and diffuses general and task light for your work tables.

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3. Expand Aesthetic of the House with a Tree Floor Lamp

tree floor lamp for dark home office

If you go for more concentrated light for your dark offices, or pursue large light coverage from different light sources, try tree floor lamps.

The tree floor lamps supply twofold or even more light for your dim working environment.

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4. Save Office Space with a Tower Floor Lamp

2 in 1 multifunctional tower floor lamp for dark office

If you have a small dark office, a tower floor lamp with storage space will help you a lot.

The top of the light aims to provide bright light, and the storage tires help to display honors, and plants, and other decorations on it.

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5. Boost Work Efficiency with a Task Floor Lamp

task floor lamp with adjustable arm for dark office

Get sleepy light in office? Wanna replace it with an eye-friendly light?

If you prepare to get rid of the poor and dim light, a task floor lamp should be next to your work table, which can produce a focused bright light.

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There are some noteworthy questions and answers:

1. Can a Floor Lamp Light up a Whole Dark Office?

Yes. Layering a corrective floor lamp can brighten up your dark office. You should buy a floor standing lamp with at least 600 lumens per 10 sq. ft.

2. What Height Floor Lamp Is Beneficial to Lighting a Dark Office?

If you are in a regular dark office, 58 to 64 inches is an ideal choice.

If you are in a dark office with a high ceiling, 70 inch and above works well.

If you want to protect your eyes, make sure the bottom of the lampshade should be at or above the eye level for a seated office worker.

3. Should Floor Lamps Match in My Dark Office?

It depends on your personal taste.

If you are not sure which style to buy, a minimalist floor lamp should be your option. They are unobtrusive and can match any type of room style.


Choosing the best suited floor lamp for your dark office is an easy task if you can balance the factors of price and function.

Generally, the price of bright floor lamps for dark offices ranges from $4o to $200.

If you have a short budget of $40 – $70, you can get a minimalist accent floor lamp for a dark office. With a slim body, JOFOO torchiere is a great choice and can match your office easily.

It is best if you buy the aesthetic and functional floor lamps ($80 and above) that your budget constraints allow for. If you want to spice up your office, Franklin Iron Works standing lamp, with a farmhouse style, is a great option to match your dark office.