7 Types of Headlights

Understanding the types of headlights at your disposal can help you make logical decisions.

Typically, we have seven kinds of headlights, including the following.

1. Bike Headlights

led headlight for bike

These headlights are mounted on bikes, either on the rear or front. Mostly, you will choose between two categories.

The first category allows you to see the road and enhance your vision.

On the other hand, there is an option that ensures other road users see you. The latter is often mounted on the rear of the bike.

Regardless of the category, aim at enhanced brightness and longevity. The chosen bulb should also be easy to install and maintain.

2. Helmet Headlight

helmet mounted bike light

These headlights are mounted on the helmet.

They are suitable for people riding on bikes or working in relatively dark places. For instance, you could rely on them when drilling a hole or hunting.

It would be best to be careful when selecting these helmet headlights.

Usually, you will need t check its weight, power, and beam pattern. You will also require a product with excellent run time and adjustability. This helmet headlight must be easy to use, thanks to a readily accessible menu.

3. Motorcycle Headlight

led motorcycle headlight

You can barely overlook the essence of headlights on motorcycles. These headlights need to remain on, whether at night or during the day.

Mostly, people install them in the front of the motorbike to improve clarity and visibility. In short, it is an upgrade that you can never regret.

Motorcycle headlights come in three distinct types: reflector, projector, and LED. Reflector lights are simple, but they do not provide enough light.

On the other hand, LEDs are much brighter and more energy-efficient.

4. Projector Headlight

projector type headlights

These headlights come with a steel bowl and a bulb. This bowl features mirrors that help improve light reflection and illumination.

Typically, the mirrors are magnifying lenses, and they sit in the middle of the housing. Its housing is a little small, assuring you of a relatively compact design.

Projector headlights come in various sizes and designs. Thanks to this, you will find it easy to get something that suits you best. However, they can be a little less affordable.

5. Reflector Headlight

led reflector headlamps

Reflector headlights are the standard headlights on vehicles and motorcycles. This headlight comes with a bulb in a steel bowl, with mirrors around it.

Usually, the bulbs are relatively easy to install and remove. Their small size implies that they take lesser space in the car.

Reflector headlights assure you of various benefits. They provide you with focused beam patterns and few dark spots.

These headlights are bright enough, but they do not blind different road users.

6. Dipped Headlight

dipped beam headlights

You can barely overlook the brightness offered by dipped headlights. They are located at the front of your vehicle, enhancing clarity and night vision.

Most often, these headlights can be LED, OE Xenon, or Halogen. The choice will depend on your preference or budget.

These headlights come in handy during the night or when the weather is dull. Their enhanced power ensures that the visibility is excellent.

However, these lights have a lower output than the main beam headlights. Remember, this headlight focuses on the ground and not necessarily ahead.

7. Fogged Headlight

high beam fog light for car

These headlights are designed to work well in fog. The role of these fogged headlights is to enhance your safety and visibility during foggy situations.

Today, these lights are a standard for most vehicles.

However, these lights are not the brightest. That means they can never replace your main headlights. Further, they barely provide you with sufficient illumination in the darkness.

Instead, they augment your main headlights. Besides that, ensure that you use them sparingly.