Best Floor Lamp with High Lumens for Dark Room in 2022

In today’s world to get any product online/offline, you need a lot of research to find the best one but even then, there is a doubt in your mind until you use the product.

Same goes with the floor lamps, a good floor lamp creates a positive vibe and nurturing environment around you whether you are working, chilling, or doing some other things.

Wanna brighten up your dark space, then you may require a bright floor lamp.

In this article, we aim to help you find out what is the most suitable floor lamp for your needs.

bright floor lamp for dark room

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With Multifunctions for Dark Bedrooms – Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp (Click here to buy)

With Timer and Adjustable Gooseneck For Dark Office – Lastar LED Floor Lamp (Click here to buy)

With Ambient Light for Dark Living Room – Brightech Sky Super Bright LED Torchiere (Click here to buy)

What to Consider When Buying Bright Floor Lamps for Dark Room?

There are some basic things that you need to consider before you purchase the best floor lamp.

First of all, you need to identify your surrounding which type lighting you want, pricing, design and the most important thing is the architecture of your house or place for which you are buying the floor lamp.

Let me explain what actually you need to consider:

1. What is your dark space?

Here, we will provide some suggestions for lighting up dark bedrooms, dark office rooms, dark living rooms and dark corners.

    • Dark Bedrooms

A bedroom is a place where everyone usually spends their relaxing time. So, for dark bedrooms, floor lamps on each corner or one near your bed with cool, moody, dim lighting, are best for creating the relaxing environment you want in a bedroom.

    • Dark Office Rooms

The office room is a place where positivity plays a major role so that you can work with your full concentration and happy mind.

Ideally, yellow or orange lights tend to be better for relaxing, whereas cooler blue and white lights are good for working, and concentrating in a dark office.

    • Dark Living Rooms

Living rooms are generally located at the entrance area of the house that is used for guests to entertain them.

So, while considering floor lamps for your dark living room, you have to keep in mind that choosing the right shade is important, adjustable height must be there, also lighting should be slightly on the brighter side (soft white/warm white).

    • Dark Corners

These are the areas in the house that need to be sorted because it looks dull if there are dark corners in the house. Floor lamps can fill these spaces with ambient lighting and looks.

2. What is the suitable floor lamp height for lighting up a whole room?

Before buying a floor lamp you need to measure the height of your ceiling, generally, today’s standard ceiling height is 9 feet.

When it comes to floor lamp for dark room, they should be 4.83 – 5.4 foot (58 – 64 inches) high.

The bottom of the lamp shade should not be lower than the eye level of the seated person. It can be at or above the eye level.

The ideal height of the floor lamp must be maintained in order to lighten up the whole room, it will give you a better experience.

3. With shade? Without shade?

Now comes a question of whether to use floor lamps with shade or without shade, the answer is pretty simple.

  • The floor lamp with a bare bulb goes equally in all directions, perfect for a dark room, but it can harm your eyes when you look at it directly.
  • On the other hand, the shaded floor lamps are best in lighting the entire room without any harm to your eyes so prefer the shaded ones.

4. How many lumens are enough to light up a dark room?

  • A normal room or bedroom will generally require around 10-20 lumens per square foot;
  • While a bathroom or kitchen will need a stronger level of lighting, at around 70-80 lumens per square foot.

But it all depends on your room so if you want to calculate the lumens simply multiply the square footage of the room by this number.

5. What watts should I consider?

Different kinds of bulb technologies can produce different type of lighting whether it is dimmer or brighter.

For example, halogen floor lamps can produce quite a bright light.

Most of the bright floor lamps usually range from 250 – 350 watts equivalent, which may be provided by 2 or 3 light bulbs.

Also, an incandescent bulb with standard 60 watt and a CFL bulb with standard 15 watts.

6. What bulb should I consider?

There is a variety of bulbs in the market such as incandescent light bulbs which are classic.

Also, there is CFL it came when the people started getting concerned about the amount of energy bulbs used earlier. You could imagine it by the fact that an incandescent bulb with 60 watts produced 800 lumens of light and on the other hand CFL produces 800 lumens in less than 15 watts.

Now people are using the LED bulbs that are great energy efficient. And most of the floor lamps use either LED bulbs for a better experience and long-term durability and efficiency experience.

I would recommend using LED bulb and it will save your money too on electricity.

7. Should I buy adjustable floor lamps?

Now finally the question comes about the adjustment which is a very important point because you will be able to use it in the way you want it to use through floor lamps adjustment and flexibility.

Whether you want to read something, or the light is too bright you want it at low intensity, or you want the lamp head to be adjustable for any position you want it to be in, it must be adjustable so that you could enjoy every experience of the great lighting.

Best Floor Lamp for Dark Room Reviews

Check out the bright floor lamps to lighting up your dark space!

Multifunction for Narrow Bedroom – Brightech Maxwell Floor Lampbright floor lamp with shelf and drawer for narrow and dark bedroom

This is a great shelf and floor lamp combined together with a great modern design that comes in different colours and shades perfect for dark bedrooms.

Perfect height with excellent brightness level with adjustment feature and smart connect.

Smart device compatible: This floor lamp is a smart device compatible whether it is Alexa, Google home assistant and Apple home kit, it also has drawers and shelves which is great for the office rooms.

Modern design: This floor lamp is basically inspired by the Japanese style with multiple drawers for convenience and storage.

Energy saving: This floor contains a 20-year life span of LED bulb (9.5W) and which generates 3,000K warm white light with a brightness of 800 lumens. You can also use halogen bulb in this floor lamp.

Adjustable: It comes with adjustable brightness levels with couple of options so that you could adjust it according to your comfort.

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With Timer and Adjustable Gooseneck – Lastar LED Floor Lamp

led floor lamp with dimmable light for dark office

This floor lamp is one of the best for office rooms because of its best adjustable quality and different brightness levels. Also comes with a great design, durability and flexible neck.

Adjustable colour and brightness: This floor lamp contains 3 colours (mellow white, natural white, and cool white) and 5 brightness levels (20%, 40%, 60%, 100%), also you can choose 15 different lightings.

Design: This floor lamp has a multifunctional design that is suitable for different scenarios. The main reason is that its base is 4.8lbs and is very easy to move. Also, it has removable rods which makes the lamp work as both floor lamp and table lamp.

Energy saving: It comes with a 12W LED bulb. Combined with 1815 lumens of brightness, the lamp is bright enough for a dark office.

Flexible neck: The lamp head can tilt up to 30 degrees in any direction and 5ft cord lets you move freely.

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Great for Ambiance – Brightech Sky Super Bright LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech bright torchiere for dark living room

This is a floor lamp with high brightness levels similar to 150W equivalent LED torch lamp which can lights up the whole room. It comes with a great design and perfect height.

Super bright lighting: This floor lamp packs a very high 2190 lumens of brightness which can light a large room very easily. Its head easily turns and shines light in any direction you want.

Design: This lamp has a modern look with a space-efficient feature, this floor lamp easily fits in the corners and the base slides under sofas. This floor lamp has a 3-way built-in dimmer that will remember your setting and act accordingly next time you will switch it on.

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Which Floor Lamps Give the Brightest Light for Dark Room?

It totally depends on your requirements, what you want and exactly what type of room you want it to be used.

Arc Floor Lamp

On the other hand, arc floor lamp is generally perfect for reading and sofa side lighting because arc floor lamps are great in giving glare-free light from overhead.

And also, it ideally comes with cantilever swing arms and an adjustable shade to direct the light to the position you wanted.


A torchiere floor lamp usually is used for multiple purposes because it occupies less space and provides general light, the shape of this floor lamp is in such a way that it directs the light up to the ceiling for better parsing of the light to the entire room.

So, this type of floor lamp is usually used in any condition and in any room, you want it to be used because of the adjustable feature they fit right in any situation and architecture of the room.

It is the most popular type of bright floor lamp today that people use.

Tree Floor Lamp

When it comes to tree floor lamps it also offers adjustable light but its reach is inherently limited by the positioning of multi-layered shades.

That is the reason this type of floor lamp is usually used in the dark dorm rooms (like bedroom) and dark living rooms.

What Causes a Dark Room?

There are multiple reasons for a room to be dark.

One of the reasons is the colouring of the walls of the room. The wall should be done in such a way that the colour could reflect the light from the lighting that you have installed and also the place you have kept the floor lamp or the light source.

Also, the windows play a major role in getting some light from the sun. If there are less windows and the direction of the windows is not right in the rooms it will result in dark room.

How to Solve It?

With the help of some basic things, you could solve the problem of dark room:

  • Embrace natural lighting (usually depends on the positioning of your window where the sun light comes in).
  • The colouring of the walls in the room should be perfect which will reflect the light properly (Use the colours which reflect the light more appropriately).
  • General lighting (Apart from natural light you should have proper lights in the room like floor lights).
  • Also add some lights to your shelves and cabinets so that all the areas get covered.
  • Keep that in mind you need to be careful with your placement of the general lights so that it could more efficiently brighten up the room even on the dark corners you should place some lights for the better effect.

10+ Ideas on Brightening Dark Rooms

There are some ways through which you can brighten your dark rooms efficiently.  Here is the list of ideas that could make you dark room brighter:

Floor lamp placement

where to put floor lamp to make the dark room brighter

The ideal placement of the floor lamp must be on the corners and the edges so that the whole room should be covered easily with bright light.

Even you can place the lamps on the sides of sofa and television.

Mirrors should be placed near the light source

The placement of the mirrors in dark room

The placement of the mirrors should be in such a way that it can reflect the light properly in the room, it is old but effective method.

As you can see in the image above that the mirror is placed in such a way that it reflects the light of the sun coming from the window which results in the brightness of the room.

Pick light-toned colours

light colours to make dark room brighter

For the room to be brighter, you should consider buying light-toned and transparent furniture.

It has a big advantage as light colours like white, or beige will reflect most of the light and it will feel much lighter, spacious, and calmer as compared to other non-reflecting and dull colours.

Wall colour

lighter wall colors

Wall colours should be on the lighter side to reflect more lighting and also lighter colour always make you feel calmer and happy.

Try to choose white colour for the ceiling with lighter colour around you it makes the light to travel faster and make the room brighter.

Window cleaning

cleaning window to make the natural light in

This is usually an important part for the brightening of the room yet ignored a lot by many people.

If you are wearing glasses, you need to clean them for better visibility.

The same is the case with windows, they get dirty when you don’t clean them for long time which results in less visibility of natural light.

Curtain colour

light-colored curtain

Curtain colour is the most important part.

If you choose the darker colour or heavy colouring for the window curtains, you will get less reflective effect inside and also it will affect the entry of natural light from the outside so choose light colour like white.

Wall art

simple and smooth wall art

Wall art should be simple and smooth and also there should not be too much of the art on the wall. Do not overdo the wall art.

Dark colour limitation

reduce the usage of dark color

Do not use too much dark colour because it can minimize the effect of reflection of light inside the room.

Window treatment

natural light

Make the best use of the natural light that you have. Also, avoid heavy draperies and excess window treatments that block natural light.

Apart from this, you could use roman shades and blinds which don’t take much space on your walls.

Lighten Dark floors

the flooring affect the light from dark room

Light coloured floors are more efficient for better brightness because they reflect more light in comparison to dark floors. You all can see in the image above.

Brighter light bulbs

bright white light bulbs

Keep in mind that choose the bulbs which are energy efficient and emits brighter light which will definitely increase the chances of room brightness.


1. Can a Floor Lamp Light a Room?


A floor lamp can light a room if you follow the basic conditions like the proper placement of the lamp, height, bulb brightness and the most important the area of the room.

2. Where Should I Place Floor Lamps to Get the Most Light?

To provide ambient light, you can place the floor lamp at the corner or edges of the rooms.

Floor lamps that are going to be used for tasks like reading, should be placed to the side or behind you when seated.