What Are the Brightest Headlight Bulbs?

brightest legal headlights for cars

There is no one-dimensional answer to this. However, you can choose between the four most powerful choices. They include LED, HID, halogen, and xenon. Here are a few insights into each of them and help you to decide what are the brightest headlight bulbs and the best-suited bulbs for you. 4 Types of Bright Headlight … Read more

7 Types of Headlights

dipped beam headlights

Understanding the types of headlights at your disposal can help you make logical decisions. Typically, we have seven kinds of headlights, including the following. 1. Bike Headlights These headlights are mounted on bikes, either on the rear or front. Mostly, you will choose between two categories. The first category allows you to see the road … Read more

Soft White vs Daylight Light: Which One to Choose?

soft white vs daylight

Lighting and color temperature hold a great significance in setting the mood of an area and making the objects look more gleaming. Too bright and your place starts to look like a freaking science lab. Too low and now you have a dark and dull space with a dead mood. Thus, to set the right … Read more

How Much Electricity Do String Lights Use?

how much electricity do string lights use

String lights are a simple and quick way to make your ambiance attractive and relaxing. It does not matter whether you’re using them for Christmas or a casual garden party. These small twinkling lights attached to a string help create a beautiful atmosphere. They are also surprisingly cheap to run. You can put a thousand … Read more

10 Ways to Power Your Outdoor Lighting without Electricity

diy outdoor lighting without electricity

There are a lot of wireless outdoor lighting choices to match your needs, whether the scorching summer months have worn you down or the prospect of wintertime power outages makes you nervous. Other than comfort and convenience, backyard lighting also serves other purposes. It can, for example, illuminate the area surrounding your home to deter … Read more

How to Hang String Lights on Window?

how to stick fairy lights to window

Be it Christmas, house warming party, or any other holiday, one thing any homeowner would want is that your house shines with finesse and grace. And the decorations are incomplete without some fairy string lights. These shiny and colorful strings are a great addition and can enhance the appeal of any home. While you can … Read more

How to Store String Lights?

how to store string lights

We all love the beautiful decorations of string lights during the festivities. They light up a space and create a cheerful atmosphere. But, probably, you hate decoration time if your string lights are all mixed up and tangled. Well, you’re not alone. The solution? Act ahead by storing them properly. Good storage will ensure the … Read more

How to Hang String Lights Without Nails?

how to hang string lights without nails

String lights are the most popular indoor and outdoor decoration. You can wrap them around trees, headboards, and even ladders. These bendy strings with lots of tiny colorful bulbs turn any space into an aesthetic dreamland! However, while decorating these lights on/around objects is easy, it is a challenge for smooth and straight surfaces. There … Read more

Warm White vs Soft White: Which Is Right Light Temperature for You?

warm white vs soft white light bulbs

You’ve probably heard the terms warm white and soft white thrown around when it comes to the type of light bulb you should be using, but what exactly do they mean? Warm white is one color on the spectrum of all possible light, while soft white has specific temperature requirements to meet those qualifications. In … Read more

How to Hang String Lights on Apartment Balcony?

how to hang string lights on apartment balcony

If you’re looking for a way to make your balcony feel more like home, hanging string lights is a great option. Not only do they create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but they can also be a source of light when the sun goes down. However, there is only one problem, you are living in … Read more