Best Floor Lamps That Provides Great Light for Your High Ceiling Rooms

Lighting up a room with a high or vaulted ceiling can be challenging. Some individuals prefer sconces, but this can cost more in installation. Luckily, you can opt for the best floor lamps for high ceilings. This can offer affordable but all the same beautiful lighting. 

Choosing a floor lamp based on its appearance is easy for most people. However, there are weighty proportions to consider when choosing the best floor lamp for high ceilings or specific room sizes.

Here, we guide you to getting the right floor lamp for your desired purpose. Read till the end.

best floor lamps for high ceilings reviews and buying guides

How Tall Floor Lamp You Should Choose for High Ceiling Rooms?

A floor lamp can be an excellent piece for lighting up a room and serve as an elegant item for décor. Choosing the wrong height for your room can water down its aesthetic factor.

Generally, the base of your floor light should be at your eye level when seated on a sofa.

For rooms with 12 ft or more ceilings, the lamps should approximately stand at 60 to 72 inches.

However, adjust the height of the lamps depending on other factors such as the intended use of the lamps and the size of the other objects in the room.

How to Choose Standing Floor Lamps for Different Rooms with High Ceilings?

1. For Living Rooms

Living rooms are one of the most multifunctional rooms in the house. This implies that choosing a suitable lamp for this multipurpose room is imperative. The lights in these rooms can be either formal or informal.

Other than matching the furniture, the color temperature is of utmost importance. This should be between 2200-3000 K.

The brightness in a room is determined by the number of lumens per square foot.

Fortunately, you do not have to understand the scientific definition of lumens to decide on the amount of brightness needed.

For a living room, it should be between 10 and 20 lumens per square foot.

Concerning the height of the floor lamps, there is a straightforward factor to consider.

The lamp should be at your eye level when you are seated. This comes down to about 61 inches.

2. For Bedrooms

A floor lamp can transform the mood of the bedroom.

Generally, bedrooms do not require a strong level of lighting. About 15 lumens per square foot is just enough.

The color temperature in this room also needs to be warm and calming to allow maximum relaxation. This should be about 2700-3500 Kelvin (K).

When it comes to the size of the floor lamp, how high the ceiling is all that matters.

For this reason, ensure that you measure the height of the bedroom before purchasing the lamp, lest it will be unpropotional with the size of the bedroom.

Generally, its peak should fall between 58 to 64 inches.

If you are unsure about the proportionality, consider going for a slender lamp of about 58.5 inches.

3. For Loft

A torch is definitely not enough for lighting and decorating a loft. That is why loft floor lamps are pretty important.

A minimalist design is ideal for space purposes are ideal. This prevents them from damage that results from being knocked down now and then.

However, they should have a large enough base for stability.

The color temperature should range between 2700 and 3000 K. This will ensure that it is perfectly bright.

4. For Classrooms

Since its primary purpose is to provide ample light when reading, the floor lamp’s height should range from 60 to 72 inches.

The color temperature in the classroom tends to determine the quality of reading. For different activities, the students need different temperatures.

For example, the optimal temperature should be 5500K when the students take a test, 4000K for classroom discussions, and 3000K for calming the students immediately after lunch.

This explains why the color temperature of most classroom floor lamps is adjustable.

The temperature lends towards the white blue end of the color spectrum.

5. For Apartment

For your apartment, one must consider the size of the room.

This is the most limiting factor since floor lamps tend to occupy more space in comparison to other types of lighting.

When choosing one, ensure that you choose a minimalistic design compared to massive designs.

They should be slightly longer than the recommended height for floor lamps meant for rooms.

The brightness is chosen depending on preference. However, anything between 15-20 lumens per square foot lights perfectly.

6. For Office

While you may decide to keep your bedroom brighter than recommended, one should maintain office lighting standards of 500 lumens per square meter for a typical working station.

You should keep the light temperature between 4000 and 5500 Kelvin. Keep it above 5500, and it will be too blue, below 4000, and the employees will become less productive.

The size of the lampshade should not only be proportional to the room but also be above eye level.

The ideal position should be between 58 to 64 inches.

Best Floor Lamp Types That Easily Brighten a Tall Ceiling Rooms

1. Tall Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere floor lamps are probably the brightest lamps you can acquire for your house.

The lamps are even brighter to offer strong illumination for the entire room with a high ceiling.

Like a typical torch, the lamp is made to produce strong light directed towards the ceiling.

The light then bounces back, illuminating most of the room as ambient light. 

Most people prefer a well-lit ceiling without overcrowding it. For this reason, a tall torchiere floor lamp might be the best floor lamp to offer ambient lighting with a well-lit ceiling.

2. Tall Arched Floor Lamps

Tall arched floor lamps might not be as tall as most tall torchiere floor lamps, but they offer enough light for high ceiling rooms.

The lamp consists of a sturdy base usually positioned behind a sofa or other furniture and a long arching arm reaching over the furniture.

Although the light might be bright for the high ceiling room, the light usually consists of a dimmer switch that allows you to enjoy an extensive range of brightness.

3. Tall Tripod Stand

Tripod is another type of the best floor lamp for high ceilings you might be interested in.

These lamps come in different designs, but basically, they have three columns that form a stand with a lamp on top.

The best part of this type of lamp is that they are adjustable and more stable.

This means they can stand tall, effectively lighting your room with a high ceiling.

Choose Floor Lamps with Fabric or Glass Shades?

Deciding between a fabric or glass shade is one of the most crucial considerations in buying the best floor lamp for high ceilings.

These two components determine the kind of light you want for your high ceiling room.

For instance, fabric shade diffuses light beams giving you ambient lighting. This lighting is more preferred for most high ceiling homeowners.

On the other hand, glass shades naturally transfer bright light throughout the room. 

Before going for your favorite tall floor lamp, it is worth deciding if you want that soothing light or sharp light.

Top 4 Best Floor Lamps for High Ceilings Reviews

1. Hot Sale – Brightech Bright Sky LED Floor Lamp

Lighting for High Vaulted Ceilings

Bright Sky-LED Floor Lamp is a Torchiere Super radiant floor lamp perfect for a living room and office.

The 63 inches tall floor lamps perfectly fit into rooms with high ceilings. Another crucial feature you might like about this floor lamp is the brightness level.

The lamp features built-in LED light consisting of 2190 lumens that produce enough light for a high ceiling room. It puts out 30 watts to produce warm white colors of 3000k. 

The high-quality design is dimmable, which allows you set just the right amount of brightness for any specific situation.

Its height should not worry you. With a weighted base and sturdy design, it can stand anywhere around the house without worrying about being tipped over by pets or children.

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2. Great for Office – Brightech Tree Spotlight LED Floor Lamp

Floor Spotlights for High Ceiling Living Room

Purchasing additional ceiling lights is an extra cost and may also alter the initial design that you had. This dimmable construction is idyllic for rooms that have no ceiling lights.

Lighting a super high room adequately is quite a challenge. Brightech Tree Spotlight LED floor lamp is ideal for general room lighting and lighting the ceiling, however high.

With this high-quality lamp, you do not need any other type of lighting in the room.

It is adjustable, featuring a 360 degrees direction flexible rotating design. This allows you to face the light towards the wall or the ceiling, making it ideal for any activity that may require adequate lighting in the whole room, such as video conferencing.

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3. Best for High Vaulted Ceilings – Major-Q Modern 81″ Tall Lamp

Best Apartment Lamps

This is a high-end lamp with excellent value and a sturdy design. It has a beautiful marble base that makes it ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. It is too stylish for its price.

The large base also guarantees increased stability. This solves the prevalent problem in most tall floor lamps – tipping over. 

With its uniquely classy arc, it can serve as a decorative lamp for any room, for example, the living room, dining room, and others.

The stylish, energy-efficient floor lamp is budget-friendly. It also eliminates the cost for high ceiling fixtures as it excellently lights the ceiling.

Its height, coupled with its brightness, ensures an adequately beamed ceiling.

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4. Best for Tall Modern Rooms – WIO-MIO LED Floor Lamp with 4 Color Temperature

Tall Bright Floor Lamp

This is a high-end ergonomic lamp with adjustable clear light that makes it ideal for different needs.

The easy to use design has a remote control to adjust the different parameters without leaving your seat.

It has a flexible gooseneck that is 360 adjustable, allowing you to manipulate the direction of the light. This implies that you can also bend it towards the ceiling.

With its high brightness level, the lamp lights a high ceiling ideally.

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Choosing Rules for Well-Lit High Ceiling Rooms

Floor lamps come in many designs, and most of them are exquisite.

Therefore, it can be challenging to choose just the perfect one for your living space.

Perhaps most importantly, one should consider the three layers of light: task accent and ambient.

With the below guidelines, you won’t need an interior designer to choose a floor lamp for you.

1. Consider Floor Lamps Around 60 Inch

The height of the lamp is the most important factor when deciding on the floor lamp to purchase. As the light source goes higher, the light will spread wider in the room.

In this case, going for higher lights will be suitable for ambient lighting.

High ceilings require longer lamps exceeding 60 inches; otherwise, your light will get lost in the room.

Such rooms require larger and brighter lamps to ensure you get the lighting you desire.

2. Compatibility with the Room

While floor lamps add an artistic aspect to your living room, you do not want them inconveniently getting in your way.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice for your lamps.

A small room calls for lamps with small bases. The size of the room will also determine the structure and size of the lamp head.

Sometimes positioning your floor lamp might have a significant impact on your room. Ensure you get a lamp that will perfectly fit your desired position in the room.

In addition, the type of floor lamp to go for will depend on the theme of the room. Ensure the lamp matches your room décor.

Also, consider natural light or the presence of other sources of light in the room.

3. Clear Your Purpose

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to understand precisely why you need the lamp.

You will need a brighter light if it is for reading purposes.

For undertaking detailed tasks, you will need a light with more focus on your task.

There are other lamps with more sophisticated designs that are primarily decorative.

Knowing precisely the intention of your floor lamp is vital; otherwise, it will not serve its purpose.

4. Match the Interior Design of the Room

The interior design is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing the best floor lamp for high ceilings.

What if you choose something different from the norm?

Right, going for a floor lamp slightly different from your room’s style and architecture can create a unique taste.

For example, a modern floor lamp will bring an element of softness and earthiness when used in ultra-modern spaces.

Lamps are not only used for illumination but also make a decor statement that can’t go unnoticed.

A room with a sleek modern look requires lights with a glass or steel finish.

On the other hand, you can achieve a detailed vintage look by getting a wooden floor lamp.

5. Requires 5000 Lumens in Total

Did you know that the brightness and color of the light in your room affect how comfortable you feel in your room? A gentle light can be suitable in your bedroom.

Rooms with high ceilings require a light with around 5000 lumens and above to ensure proper lighting.


Whether you need floor lamps to upgrade your existing living space or for a new place, it is paramount that you make a well-informed decision to avoid making a wrong purchase.

The above article equips you with all the knowledge you need to buy the best floor lamps for high ceilings to provide the functionality you need and compliments your interior décor.