How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?

Bedroom lights are essential components in any bedroom. They have two main functions one being the appealing atmosphere in your bedroom which is part of your home décor.

Bedroom lamps are also responsible for providing adequate light used for bedroom activities like reading.

The question ‘How to choose the right lamp for your bedroom?’ can be confusing to some people in terms of the number of lamps needed, the size, and many other factors.

This article explores:

  • How to choose the best bedroom lamps?
  • Lamp options you can use at bedroom
  • Top 10 best lamps for bedroom on the market
  • Ideas on the bedroom lighting

bedside lamps

What to Consider When Choosing a Bedroom Lamp?

– Do I Need to Make Sure the Lighting Spot First?

You must be sure of the lighting spot first before you can buy the bedroom lamps. This is because the lighting spot will direct you on the type of lamps to buy.

For instance, once you determine that you want table lamps, you can measure the width of the table and then buy the lamp with a suitable size based on the size of that table.

– How Many Lamps Do I Need?

As a general rule, one nightstand lamp is needed for the person who sleeps alone in the bedroom while two bedside lamps are ideal for partners or two people sleeping together.

For large bedrooms, two bedside lamps are needed whether the bedroom has one or two occupants. This helps in achieving a better balance in your room.

Additionally, two bedside lamps are not enough in rooms that have no ceiling fixtures, and hence they should be complemented with extra lamps like the floor lamps.

– How to Choose the Right Size?

1. Width

When you have a wide mattress, the nightstand should be wide too and the width of the lamp should be proportional to the width of the nightstand.

The right rough estimate is a lamp whose width is a third of the nightstand. That nightstand should be one-third to two-thirds of the mattress width.

2. Height

The suitable height is the one that does not make the light shine directly over your head or in your eyes.

The best height of the lamp should be two or three inches taller than the nightstand which is equal to the mattress in terms of height.

The lamp’s switch should be 21 to 28 inches away from the bed- the distance equal to the length of your arm.

How Big Should Bedside Lamps Be?

When choosing the most suitable size of the bedside lamps, you should make sure that the light is not too tiny on a big table or too big on a small table.

The ideal bedside lamp should have a height of 24 to 27 inches and a width that is one-third of the nightstand.

Make sure that if you are using two bedside lamps the heights are the same. When one light is smaller than the other one, place beautiful books under its base so that the tops of the lamps achieve the same height.

– Is LED Light Good for Bedroom?

LED lighting can provide different color temperatures of light, unlike incandescent bulbs or CFLs. This means that you can use LED lights everywhere from the living room to the bedroom.

LED lights are most suitable to use in the bedrooms because in some areas you will need warm colors of light while in other areas you need cool color tones.

For instance, you could use daylight color by your bed which helps you sleep better with no interruption while you use cool white color to engage in activities like reading while in your bedroom.

– What Color Light Is Best for Bedroom?

Incandescent bulbs provide a soft white glow while CFLs mostly produce blue light. LEDs can provide all ranges of color temperature.

White or blue colors promote alertness and hence they are mostly suitable for focus-based activities like reading.

White or blue colors hence inhibit the production of melatonin hormone which is responsible for triggering sleep. For this reason, they are not suitable for bedrooms where the only goal is to have a night of interrupted sleep.

Warm temperatures like red or yellow, on the other hand, do not inhibit the production of melatonin hormone, and hence they are the most suitable colors for bedrooms.

The lamps that emit warm light colors provide your bedroom with a sense of calmness and are also good for passionate and romantic evenings.

– How to Choose the Lampshade?

How you use your lamp is a factor that determines the kind of lampshade that you use.

  • If you are using the lamp to boost ambient lighting in your bedroom, a lampshade with a regular diameter is the most suitable one to use.
  • If you are using the lamp to perform activities like writing in a journal, the lampshade that you use should provide light in a wider space.

Additionally, the lampshade color should blend with the style of your bedroom. You should purchase a lamp with a lampshade whose material is similar to the material of your curtains.

The height of the lampshade on the other hand should be one-third or less the height of the lamp. Lampshades should also be wide enough to ensure the light is propagated effectively without being blocked.

– What about the Style?

The bedside lamps that you choose should match the décor of your bedroom. You can choose the color and style as you wish as long as it’s appealing to you.

  • Sleek glass or chrome lamps are the most suitable for modern bedrooms while traditional ginger jar lamps are suitable for country bedrooms.
  • Anchor or seashell-decorated lamps are ideal for coastal rooms while palm tree-decorated lamps, on the other hand, are ideal for tropical rooms.

– Price of the lamp

Anytime that you buy the lamp for your bedroom, it is critical that you also check the size of your pocket or your purse to avoid the scenario where the lamp is beautiful and provides the required light quality but leaves in unnecessary debts.

Here are some price range for your reference:

  • Wall sconces: $10 – $30
  • Table lamps: $20 – $50
  • Floor lamps: $50 – $100
  • Ceiling lights: $100  – $300

Lamp Options You May Get from the Market for Your Bedroom

lamp for bed

1. Table Lamps

– Lighting Coverage

Table lamps are sources of light that stand on a piece of furniture like a table. They are the easiest lighting solutions in your bedroom compared to other sources of light such as hanging lamps or wall lamps. They provide an adequate amount of light depending on the bulb type that you choose (LED bulbs being the best), the shade, and the color temperature.

– When and Where to Use

Table lamps are used in bedrooms where the additional ambiance is needed or where you need task lighting like reading or applying make-up.

These lamps can also be used where you need to move the light source from one place to another without much hassle.

– Pros and Cons

    • Table lamps are suitable for task lighting.
    • Table lamps are portable.
    • An electrician is not needed to fix them and hence no hardwiring is needed.

    • They are not suitable for small bedrooms because of the space needed for the table.

2. Hanging Lamps

– Lighting Coverage

Hanging lamps or pendant lamps are lights suspended from the ceiling. There should be a considerable distance from the ground to the lowest point of the pendants, usually 2.1 meters, to ensure the safety of the occupants of the room and also to prevent visual interruptions. Hanging lamps provide almost the same amount of light coverage as ceiling lights since they are all overhead lights.

– When and Where to Use

Hanging lights are suitable for use in bedrooms or rooms with tall ceilings.

– Pros and Cons

    • They are available in a variety of designs.
    • They significantly contribute to the décor of your room.

    • They may fail to provide an adequate amount of light hence the need to compliment them with other lamps.

3. Wall Lamps

– Lighting Coverage

Wall lamps refer to the lights installed on the walls for the main purpose of providing auxiliary lighting in your bedroom. They, therefore, act as supplements to other light sources. Wall lamps are usually dim and that is the reason why they are used as an embellishment rather than the main source of light at home.

– When and Where to Use

Wall lamps are not only used by the bedside but they are also used on balconies, and along the corridors.

– Pros and Cons

    • Wall lamps help to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom or any other space at home.
    • They are elegantly built.
    • Match your modern decor.

    • For you to use wall lamps, installation of a wire outlet needs to be done. Also, the installation height has to be accurate and precise. When you install them at a very high point, the light cannot focus. Installing them too low, on the other hand, will lead to too much light directly in line with your eyes.

4. Floor Lamps

– Lighting Coverage

Floor lamps are the lights that are placed on the ground to provide illumination in your bedroom. Their light coverage is a little bit small because they are commonly used for room partial lighting and hence they are only needed to compliment other light sources like the ceiling lights.

– When and Where to Use

You can use floor lamps when you need partial room lighting or when you need to add a more decorative effect to your bedroom. Also, you can only use floor lamps where interaction is less frequent.

– Pros and Cons

    • They can be moved from one point to another with convenience.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • They save electricity since they mostly use LED bulbs.

    • You should buy one with a weighted base.

5. Ceiling Lights

– Lighting Coverage

Ceiling lights are the commonly used lighting at homes. They are installed directly on the ceiling and hence they provide illumination over a wider area compared to the other lamps like the floor or table lamps. The bottom of the ceiling lights is covered with a lampshade.

– When and where to use

Ceiling lights do not take up too much space and hence are suitable for homes that have shorter ceilings or in HDB flats.

– Pros and Cons

    • The light bulb inside the ceiling lights is not exposed.
    • Ceiling lights are easy to install.
    • They are simple and elegant.

    • Ceiling lights are available in limited designs.

Top 10 Lamps for Bedroom Use

1. TaoTronics LED Eye-caring Table Lamps for Tasks – Best Rated

table lamps for bedroom

If you need a desk lamp for eyes, I would recommend the Taotronics LED Desk Lamp.

It is easy to operate, thanks to the built-in touch controls. You can slide your fingers along the touch controls to set the lighting mode and brightness level.

Besides, the lamp features a tiltable head and base. The head can tilt up to 135 degrees and swivel up to 90 degrees. On the other hand, the base can tilt to 150 degrees and swivel up to 45 degrees to cast the light where it is required.

  • Eye friendly and energy-efficient LEDs

The Taotronics Desk Lamp uses LED bulbs. These bulbs can cast a flicker-free and glare-free light.

Because of this, the lamp can brighten your space without causing harm to the eyes, which makes it suitable for studying or working. Furthermore, compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

  • Adjustable brightness and color modes

Besides casting a gentle light, the lamp delivers an adjustable type of illumination. Ideally, it can cast light with seven brightness levels and five color modes. As a result, you can be sure to create a perfect ambiance meant to suit your mood.

  • Built-in USB charging port

A built-in charging port is another addition. The port can charge a smartphone or tablet without sacrificing the lighting. Thus, you can be sure to keep your smartphone within reach always.

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2. Lifeholder USB Lamp with 2 Phone Stands – Touch Dimmable

side lamps for bedroom

Create the perfect ambiance to illuminate your bedroom, office, or living room using the Lifeholder Touch Lamp. This lamp delivers a warm white light. The light doesn’t flicker or glare for illumination that is safe for reading or working.

Besides that, the lamp can blend with all decors. It features a metal base that includes a brushed black finish pus a beautiful grey shade to enhance style.

  • Two power outlets and two USB ports

This lamp features two power outlets and two USB ports. Both the ports and outlets can work when the lamp is on or off.

For user safety, you should never use the power outlet with electric appliances that exceed 1500 watts.

Plus, you can place your smartphone on the integrated phone stand to ensure that it is within reach.

  • Easy-to-use touch control

This bedroom lamp is easy to operate. It includes an easy-to-use touch control. The touch control allows you to turn the light on or off or adjust the brightness. In particular, the lamp’s illumination is adjustable in three levels, including high, low, and medium.

  • Safe USB lamp

The lamp’s socket, plug, cord, and switches are certified in the US. Thus, you can operate them with an assurance of safety.

Better, the lamp includes a 3-prong plug to reduce the chances of accidents.

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3. BesLowe Set of 2 Bright Table Lamps with Glass Shade – Modern Industrial Style

modern galss bedside lamps

The BesLowe Table Lamp is one of the best choices, whether you need a bedroom lamp for working, reading, or studying.

This lamp features a compact size that doesn’t consume a lot of space on the bedside table.

Also, the lamp highlights a weighted metal base coupled with an anti-slip mat on the bottom to protect it from wobbling and slipping around.

  • Dimmable touch control

For a bedroom lamp that is easy to operate, the BesLowe Table Lamp is an ideal option. It features a 3-way dimmable touch control. The touch control provides three brightness levels to help you meet your lighting needs at different times of the day.

  • USB ports and an AC power outlet

Another benefit of the BesLowe Table Lamp is its two charging ports and a 2-prong AC outlet. Because of this, you can use it to charge your iPad, Apple Watch, tablet, or cellphone.

  • LED Edison bulbs

Additionally, the table lamp integrates LED Edison bulbs. These bulbs can cast a 2700K warm white light. The light doesn’t flicker, neither does it buzz to offer eye comfort and a cool and quiet working environment.

The LEDs further have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours for a long working time.

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4. KAWELL Art Creative Wall Lamp – Teenage Bedroom Lighting

night lamp for bedroom

The Kawell Wall Lamp is an excellent option for illuminating a children’s bedroom, stairs, hallway, kitchen, bar, café, or dining room. It is easy to install, thanks to the wall mount design.

The light measures 4.7” x 6.5” x 11”, making it suitable for use in small spaces.

  • Modern style

Asides from illumination, this bedroom lamp has a decorative effect. It features a modern-style humanoid design. This design is contained in a cartoon style that makes the lamp an excellent option for children’s room lighting.

  • High-quality construction

This lamp highlights a high-quality construction. Its base and holder are made of high-quality wrought iron for durability.

The iron surface adopts a baking process technology. As a result, the lamp is resistant to corrosion, and one of the best choices of a wall lamp that is easy to clean.

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5. One Fire Bunny Kids Night Light – Cute for Children

children night lamps for bedroom

Give your kid a reason to be confident at night after purchasing him or her the One Fire Cute Bunny Kids Night Light.

This lamp features a soft and durable silicone for long-lasting reliability and baby comfort. Also, it includes a bottom power button that makes it easy to turn on or turn off.

  • Safe bedroom lamp

The lamp features a squishy silicone material, thus an excellent choice for use by kids. Also, it is battery-operated, which means that you can use it in a cordless state.

  • Ability to cast a gentle and calming glow

If you need a bedroom lamp that will accompany your kids during bedtime, I would recommend using the One Fire Cute Bunny Kids Night Light.

It can cast a gentle and calming glow. The warm and soft lights provide an environment that is safe to sleep in without waking the baby.

  • Portable nightlight

This is a portable nightlight. Its battery-operated design means that you can use it from any place you desire.

The nightlight features a compact size for effortless handling by kids and moms. Also, it is available in different soft colors, thus an excellent choice for use by toddlers.

  • Long-lasting and adjustable illumination

The bedroom lamp derives its power from a battery that lasts up to 10 hours. Besides that, the lamp integrates a color-changing mode and adjustable brightness. Thus, you can pick one color among seven color options and adjust the brightness from 50% to 100%.

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6. Popity Chrome Crystal Double-Deck Bedroom Dresser Lamp – Luxurious Look

nightstand lamps for bedroom

If you need a modern-style table lamp, the Popilion Table lamp is an ideal option. It features a sturdy E26 metal base for durability and stability. Besides that, the lamp highlights string double-deck crystals for style.

  • Modern table lamp

If you need the best bedroom lamp for modern decors, the Popilion Table Lamp is an excellent option. It features a tidy crystal lamp shade coupled with a chrome lamp holder. Thus, you can get the table lamp with an assurance of durability and style.

  • Convectional lamp holder

Besides, this bedroom lamp highlights a convectional lamp holder. The lamp holder is compatible with CFL bulbs or LED bulbs for ultimate versatility.

Plus, the LEDs can last longer to eliminate the need for frequent replacements.

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7. Dodocool 2-in-1 Adjustable LED Floor Lamp for Bedside – Tall Standing Reading Lamp

bedside reading lamps

This is a 2-in-1 floor lamp. It is one of the best choices for a bedroom lamp that can cast an eye-friendly illumination for comfortable reading. The lamp can cast a light that is soft and delicate to the eyes to protect you from eye fatigue.

  • 2-in-1 multifunctional lamp

This is a 2-in-1 bedroom lamp. You can purchase it as a floor lamp or desk lamp. The lamp features a flexible gooseneck.

Thus, you can adjust the lamp’s height and gooseneck to direct the light where it is needed. Featuring a base that won’t tip over, the lamp is safe to use on floors or a table.

  • Timing function

What’s more, the multifunctional floor lamp features a timing function. This function offers a 10-minute rest function and a 40-minute rest function.

These modes are coupled by an automatic shutdown function, which means that you can set the amount of time the lamp will function and shut off.

  • Dimmable and adjustable illumination

Whether you need a bedroom lamp for relaxing, reading, bedtime, or studying, you can be sure to rely on the Dodocool Multifunctional LED Floor Lamp.

It offers four modes of illumination. Therefore, you can customize the light color from cold white, warm white, natural white, or warm. Besides that, the lamp highlights a step-less brightness dimming function for the adjustment of the light’s brightness.

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8. LECLSTAR Photo Clip LED Fairy String Lights – Decorative for Bedroom Walls

accent lamps for bedroom

This is a versatile bedroom lamp. Besides using it in a bedroom, you could use it for illuminating Christmas parties, birthday parties, or wedding parties. The string light is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  • 50 LED string lights

This bulb integrates 50 LED string lights. The string lights make up a total length of 17 feet with 10cm between two bulbs.

The string lights include transparent clips. Using them, you can nip photos or other small decorations for a warm atmosphere and excellent illumination.

  • Battery-operated

This is a battery-operated lamp. It derives its power from three AA batteries. Because of this, you can acquire it as one of the best portable bedroom lamps.

The string light can be mounted anywhere for ambient decoration and a cool atmosphere.

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9. Yobo Pendant Hanging Lighting with Press Switch – Plug-in Farmhouse Lamp

over the bed lamp

If you need a hanging lamp for use in the bedroom, I would recommend that you install the Farmhouse Pendant Lighting. It features an industrial style that brings an industrial feeling in any setting.

The lamp includes a 14.8 feet adjustable hanging cord with an on/off switch. Thus, it is one of the best light fixtures that is easy to operate.

  • Versatile and easy to operate

This is a versatile type of lamp. It features a vintage pendant lighting plug. Thus, it is perfect for use with all standard E26/E27 bulbs, including LEDs, incandescent bulbs, and Edison light bulbs.

The lamp comes alongside an adjustable hanging cord with an on/off switch for easy operation.

  • Durable and stylish

Additionally, the Farmhouse Pendant Lighting is durable and stylish. It features a high-quality metal cage frame for durability and to protect the bulb.

The lamp holder features a durable and anti-burning construction for safety. The hanging light fixture highlights a heavy-duty and thick wire for a long lifespan.

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10. Kira Home Swing Arm Wall Sconces – Best for Narrow Bedroom

side wall lamps for bedroom

Light up any space with the help of Kira Home Cambridge 13″ Swing Arm Wall Lamp. It is smart plug compatible and suitable for use with a 3-way bulb.

Thus, you can use the lamp with dimmable bulbs for easy adjustment of the brightness. The lamp integrates a fabric shade that disperses the light in different directions.

  • Transitional style

This wall lamp features a transitional style. It has an adjustable swing arm that allows you to direct the light as required.

What’s more, it has a white fabric shade. The shade can disperse the light for effective illumination of dark spaces.

The cord covers are another plus designed for concealing the cords for a clean and clutter-free appearance.

  • Adjustable setup

The Cambridge Wall Lamp offers two modes of setting it up. You can plug it in or hardwire it for an effortless setup.

The lamp comes with a 6-foot power cord for soft wire installation.

Besides, it is versatile and designed to work with CFL bulbs, LEDs, or traditional incandescent bulbs.

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How Do I Match My Bedroom Lamp?

cool bedside lamps

Matching lamps are essential in giving your room a symmetrical appearance that helps in enhancing the room’s décor.

The two lamps that you use to match should have colors, heights, and structures that are similar. That helps in giving you a more coordinated and well-thought-out interior look in your bedroom.

Matching bedroom lamps depends on a couple of things. One is that for you to match the lamps, your bedroom should have a wide plain wall that is meant for your bed.

Matching lamps in this scenario will give your room a consistent look by complimenting the wall.

Also, use matching lamps when your bedroom has symmetrical architectural features such as similar windows on each side of the bed.

Finally, when your bed has a curved or arched headboard, it is essential to use matching lamps that provide you with a uniform look.

How to Light a Master Bedroom?

Getting the right bedroom lighting design is essential in providing you the comfort that you need while you rest your head at night.

Lighting your bedroom involves layering the light correctly and picking the most suitable bulbs such that you have a balance in brightness and color in your bedroom.

Light layering involves creating a balance between accent, ambient, and task lighting.

Ambient or general lighting involves lighting your room through both artificial light sources and natural lighting.

Natural lighting is where you use large windows or skylights to light your room while in artificial lighting you use ceiling fixtures like chandeliers and flush-mounted ceiling lights.

You can also use portable lights like floor lamps. Ambient lighting should be bright enough for you to perform general tasks like folding clothes or cleaning.

Task lighting, on the other hand, involves the use of table lamps or low-hanging pendants to illuminate tasks such as reading or applying make-up.

Accent lighting highlights features in a room and provides a pleasant glow and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

The recommended brightness in your bedroom ranges between 2000 and 4000 lumens while the most suitable light colors in your bedroom are the warm ones like red or yellow since they do not interfere with melatonin production, a hormone that triggers sleep.

10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

elegant lamps for bedroom

Your bedroom is a space where you spend a considerable amount of your time in a day and hence it is important to make it as appealing and attractive as possible. Being a place where you start and end your day, it is essential to make it comfortable and welcoming using some of the below lighting trends.

1. Nautical chic

Nautical chic is a lighting trend that is commonly used in bedrooms belonging to children. When you add few modern twists to nautical chic design, you end up with a more refined space that is so attractive and gives you the comfort that you desire.

Retro bedroom lighting is one common way you can use to add to your bedroom a nautical chic.

2. Statement lighting

When you put your lights in the front and center of your bedroom, you end up creating a bedroom that has an appealing individual character. Statement lighting involves being big and bold.

For instance, when your bedroom has a tall ceiling you can achieve statement lighting by hanging pendants. This enables you to make full use of that extra space.

3. Space-saving wall lighting

Space is an essential factor that you should consider if you are designing bedrooms that have limited space. Wall lighting is therefore important in these types of bedrooms.

Balloon cage wall lights are excellent in providing you a minimalist design. That design helps you to save some space while giving you a unique style.

4. Pendant collections

If you want to be adventurous with your lighting you can use pendant clusters, a trend that is fast emerging.

This trend is essential because it helps you achieve statement lighting, especially with large bedrooms. Through this trend, you can match and mix bulbs and shades hence achieve an eccentric design.

5. The style for large bedrooms

Choosing lights for large bedrooms can be daunting. However, large bedrooms provide you with more scope as far as the design that you need is concerned. For large spaces, a combination of various light sources is needed to help achieve an appealing glow in your room.

6. Warm metallics

Warm bedrooms are more comfortable and welcoming than those that feel cold. Your lighting is essential in giving you the warmth that you need in your bedroom.

For this reason, therefore, the use of warm metallics will provide you with this warmth and adequate light hence you can achieve a complete bedroom interior.

7. An industrial edge

Industrial fixtures bring an appealing and deep atmosphere to your bedroom. They help you achieve this through their deep textures and soft colors.

Industrial fixtures are usually associated with minimalist design and rugged styles. They can also provide you with a chic and modern look in your bedroom.

8. Go Retro

The use of retro designs helps you to add color to your bedroom. You can create a personal space by use of the 60s and 70s style that provides you with bright colors and items with a great impact.

This style is a great choice as far as your bedroom’s design is concerned because it gives you a space full of drama.

9. A pop of color

White bedrooms are a perfect choice to many people because it provides you with a quiet space that calms you after a tiresome and busy day. When more additional colors are added at the edges a beautiful and romantic mood in the bedroom is created.

10. A modern twist

You should think about all aspects of your bedroom when doing the interior design. This helps you to maximize your room’s décor and lighting and hence an appealing space will appear effortless.

The use of wire cage pendants is one of the best modern twists that you can use in your bedroom.

How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared to a Headboard?

When you choose the most suitable height and size of the bedroom light, it will make a great impact as much as the décor of your room is involved.

The bedroom light that you choose should not be too tall or too short than what you require. The size of the lamp that you buy will depend on a couple of factors such as the size of the headboard and the width and height of the table you will use to place the lamp on.

  • If your bedroom light is a table lamp, choose the height that is equal to your bed’s headboard.
  • But if it is a floor lamp choose a lamp that is two times taller than the headboard.

This will help in complementing the décor of your room and getting adequate light.


In conclusion, it is incredibly essential to create the right ambiance in your bedroom that helps to enhance a good night’s sleep. This is because quality sleep is associated with outstanding physical and mental health.

Clever use of lighting in your bedroom can even set romantic moods when needed. This emphasizes how important the choice of your bedroom lamp is.

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