How to Store String Lights?

We all love the beautiful decorations of string lights during the festivities. They light up a space and create a cheerful atmosphere.

But, probably, you hate decoration time if your string lights are all mixed up and tangled. Well, you’re not alone.

The solution?

Act ahead by storing them properly. Good storage will ensure the lights are functional and tangle-free.

So, how to store string lights correctly?

In this article, you’ll find seven simple tricks to keep your string lights at low or no cost at all. You’ll also learn where to store the lights and why storing them in the garage is risky.

how to store string lights

Why Do You Need to Store String Lights Correctly?

The better you store your string lights, the easier it will be for you when decorating again. String lights are delicate.

They easily tangle, and they might get damaged easily because of the thin wires. It’s also boring, not to mention the long time you’ll spend untangling the wires.

Because string lights are electrical products, they become faulty when exposed to moisture. Storing them in damp or dusty places is a sure way to shorten their lifespan.

Proper storage will ensure all the bulbs will be in good working condition for subsequent use.

It saves you money since repairs will be minimal if any. You also won’t have to buy the lights every time you want to decorate.

Proper storage, which includes labeling, ensures you have a smooth time when decorating for the next season.

It makes it easy to find a specific light you’re looking for and know which light is for decorating a particular space.

How to Store String Lights?

Instead of having your lights tangled up, you can use the following methods to store them:

1. On a hanger

Use a plastic hanger since it doesn’t rust. Preferably, get a hanger with hooks on the side to make it easier.

Start by tucking one end of the string light into a hook on the hanger. However, if your hanger doesn’t have hooks, you can tie one end of the string to the hanger.

Next, wind the lights on the hanger (coil on the outside of the hanger) along the length. When you get to one end of the hanger, loop towards the other until complete.

Tuck the remaining end of the lights on the hook of the hanger. Finally, cover the hanger with paper towels or newspaper before hanging it.

2. DIY Cardboard

You can recycle shipping boxes to store your lights.

First, cut a square or rectangle piece from the pack. Cut small slits about an inch into the cardboard on two opposite sides.

Take one end of the string light and tuck it in one of the slits.

Then, wind the rest of the lights making sure the string passes through the slits on the sides. Push the second end between the strands and cardboard to secure it firmly.

Alternatively, cut cardboard from a packing box into the shape of capital I (top and bottom wider than the middle part). Then make one small slit.

Next, tuck one end of the string into the slit so that the string doesn’t slip off from the cardboard.

Afterward, wrap the string light in a straight line around the narrow part of the cardboard. Repeat until you coil the entire string, then tuck the end.

Once done, cover the cardboard with newspapers or kitchen paper towels.

3. Bag it

Storing your lights in a bag is the simplest method. Wind the lights first before stashing them in a bag.

Create loops by coiling the string around two legs of a dining chair or stool to form the shape of the number eight. Turn the chair upside down to make it easy.

When done, remove and fold at the center, and you’ll have loops that you can secure by tying with a thread at the center.

Alternatively, you can coil the lights around your fist. Squeeze one end of the string in your fist, then wind it round your fist till you twist all the lights to form loops.

Then tie one side of the circle with a thread or a shoelace to secure it. Afterward, place the lights in a bag and lock it.

4. Wrap It in Cans

You can use a pringles can or any canister as long as it’s cylindrical. A cardboard roll from foil paper or paper towel is also excellent because of its tube shape.

Make a vertical cut on one end of the can or cardboard tube.

Pass one end of the string through the slit, coil the rest of the string around the can to the bottom, and go back till you’re done.

Tuck the end of the string into the can through the slit.

With both ends inside, you can cover the can with its lid, then put it inside a storage bin lined with newspapers, cloth, or bubble wrap before keeping it in the storage box.

5. Use Power Cord Holder

Wrap your string lights around a cord holder. If you’re using one with a wheel, spin the wheel slowly to wind the string carefully on the reel.

You can store several lights by adding a string at a time.

Then store the power cord holder in a box or shelf.

6. Carefully Bunching

To bunch the lights without tangling them, start by holding the second light from one end of the string. The first and the rest of the lights will be left hanging.

Then hold the fourth light together with the second one. The third light will now be in the same position as the first light. Repeat the pattern.

You’ll have formed strands where even-numbered lights are on one side and the odd ones on the other side.

When done, wrap the ends of the string in the middle or use an elastic band to secure them.

Finally, place the lights in storage paper, then keep them in a storage bin.

7. Use Storage Bin with Spool

Cord storage spools help you keep your lights upright and organized, making it easy to remove the lights when you need them.

The plastic storage container is also waterproof keeping your string lights safe.

Carefully wrap the lights around the holder and secure the ends by tucking them in, then place the holders in their compartments inside the storage container.

Cover the lid tightly, then store it.

Where to Store String Lights?

The ideal place to store your string lights is in a dry place free from dust, extreme temperature, rodents, and insects.

Ensure it’s far from reach of children, pets and not disturbed frequently.

Storing them indoors or in weather-controlled rooms is excellent. After coiling your lights, wrap them with newspapers, bubble wraps, or some clothes fabrics to cushion them.

Then place them in baskets on shelves, cabinets, or under the bed if your space is small.

If the room where you’re storing them is likely to get damp, you can keep them in plastic containers with a tight lid.

Is It Safe to Keep Your Christmas Lights in a Garage?

Keeping Christmas lights in the garage may or may not be safe. It depends on the kind of lights you want to store.

While outdoor lights are sturdy to withstand extreme weather temperatures, indoor lights are delicate.

A little moisture or heat can damage them, making them not safe to store in the garage.

If you don’t heat the garage during winter or air-condition it during summer, the temperatures might damage your lights.

Besides, the garage gets dusty, and mice might damage your string lights.

However, if you’re short on space indoors, you can still use the garage to store the lights but follow precautions to keep them safe.

You can keep them covered in waterproof containers with a tight lid to keep dust and moisture out.


You don’t have to struggle with tangled string lights anymore.

You can use any of the above hacks to store your lights safely and prolong their lifespan.

They are simple yet effective ways to keep your string lights.