Best Torchiere Floor Lamp – Top Lights for Ambiance and Illumination

Want to illuminate your rooms effectively? We are glad that you have indeed come to just the right place. Your solution lies in the acquisition and further use of the floor lamps. These are lamps that are placed on the floor and project their light output upwards.

Of these, the torchiere stands out. In our discussions below, we are going to look into the subject matter of the best torchiere floor lamp in its finer details.

As we do so, we shall examine factor and finer details of the issue with the view of letting you know what to anticipate of them.


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Best Torchiere Floor Lamp – Top 13 on the Market of 2021


Reviews of the 14 Best Torchiere Floor Lamps You Can Buy

For a start, we are going to review the best torchiere floor lamp on the market:

#1: Best Sale – Brightech Sky LED 3 Way Dimmable Torchiere with Super Bright Light

This, in a nutshell, is a contemporary lighting apparatus. It impacts the offices and the living rooms with exceptional degrees of efficacy.

brightech sky led torchiere super bright floor lamp

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  • Longer Lifespan

By virtue of being able to last a whopping 20 years, this lamp is a great and reliable companion for your long-term engagements. It also stands taller than the numerous sources of damages that it may counter.

  • Heavy Sturdy and Safe Design

Its design is sturdy and safer. Expect the gadget hence to take you further and even make you more comfortable. Hardly does it fall apart even when it fidgets excessively.

  • 3-way Dimmable

The gadget has the ability to dim and lose stature in the course of operating. On the strength of this trait, you have the freedom to determine the degree of brightness that is relevant for your course.

Notable Features:

  • Comes about in a modern design
  • A memory function exists for your enhanced operations
  • Stable enough to forestall any shakiness and fidgeting

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#2: Best with Bowl Shade – 360 Lighting Modern Brushed Nickel Torchiere Floor Lamp

Is your available space too squeezed for the full-fledged floor lamps? If it is, we ask you to attempt your hand on this compact and slim torchiere lamp, as it will do the job just fine.

modern torchiere floor lamp

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  • Tall and Contemporary

In a nutshell, the item is tall and contemporary in forms and overall makeup. This trait is the one that makes it suited for the sake of filling the cramped up spaces easily.

  • Slim Profile

Its profile is also overall slim. On the strength of this slimness comes the ability of the item to facilitate smoother movements and also work well in every area of the room.

  • Satin Nickel Finish

The exterior of the lamp features the Satin Nickel finish. This gives it some excellent aesthetics while at the same time add some protection to the interior components thereof.

Notable Features:

  • Comes about with some excellent dimensions
  • Attaches to the 100-watt standard lighting bulb
  • Easily operable via a flexible switch

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#3: Best Antique – Elegant Designs Traditional Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp with Glass Shade for Living Room

Other than merely illuminating your interiors, a great lamp such as this also goes beyond that to add some style and décor to your rooms. Its bronze finish is the core reason behind this.

antique torchiere floor lamp

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  • Bronze Finish

The exterior of the lamp adorns the bronze finish. This adds some elegance while at the same time protect the interior components from any severe damages that may ordinarily come about with use.

  • Marbelized Amber Glass Shade

A shade that is made of marble also exists as a core component of this lamp. It grants the gadget some complete look while at the same time blocks out all the stray lights.

  • Elegant yet Affordable

On the whole, the lamp is elegant yet affordable. Because of this, the lamp fits many places and is also accessible by persons of many calibers for their use.

Notable Features:

  • The exterior exhibits some bronze finish
  • A glass shade also comes along for your added support
  • Wide stable base minimizes premature damages

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#4: Best with Swing Arm – Kathy Ireland Traditional Adjustable Torchiere

Have a larger area to impact per unit time? You need a similarly tall lamp that may spray the outputs far and wide. This might be a great pick for that kind of task.

kathy ireland torchiere floor lamp

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  • 61 inches High Overall

Overall, this apparatus measures 61 inches high. This height gives it the ability to reach out to a wider area and impact a larger scope of the room in one swoop.

  • Traditional Styling

Its exterior make features some traditional styling that goes a long way in enhancing its décor and external appearances. The styling also possesses some subtle details that contribute to your overall great looks.

  • Adjustable Swing Arm

A set of adjustable swing arms round up the list of the many features that the item has to offer. You use the arms to engage the apparatus as you carry it out and about a designated area.

Notable Features:

  • Comes in a traditional design
  • Made by the reputable Kathy Ireland Home
  • Adjusts the position of the light appropriately

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#5: Best for Office – TROND Halo LED Torchiere Floor Lamp with Timer

Could it be that you have many spaces to impact? You need a versatile set of lighting apparatus of this kind. With it, you may impact the bedrooms, offices, living rooms and hallways.

trond led torchiere floor lamp

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  • 5-level Dimmable and Memory Function

Standing out among the many top-notch features of this gadget are a set of five-level dimmable and memory functions. They give you the leeway to determine the levels of brightness that are relevant for you.

  • Compatible with Wall switch

On the whole, this gadget is compatible with the wall switch as well. Thus, it does not in any way impede your free operations and engagements as the traditional lighting gadgets consistently do.

  • Ultra-slim Lamp Base

The base is ultra slim. On account of this, it does not take too much space on your part. Instead, it facilitates the engagement of the apparatus throughout the while of use.

Notable Features:

  • Exudes some natural daylight brightness
  • Tall enough to impact a wider area
  • So slim to the extent of taking up less space

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#6: Best with Side Lamp – Oneach Mother/Daughter Standing Torch Lamp for Living Rooms

Intending mainly to read and make meaning of some literature in the dark? You want a torchiere floor lamp that is optimized for the matters of reading. Why not try this one out?

torchiere floor lamp with reading light

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  • Gorgeous Modern Design

On the whole, the item comes about in a gorgeous modern design that makes it appear aesthetic and breathtaking to behold. The design also lets the item add some décor and elegance to your home.

  • Convenient Rotary Switch

A convenient rotary switch also comes along. Its role is to allow for the easier handling and engagement of the floor lamp altogether. Thanks to the convenient nature of the switch, it hardly costs a toll on you to operationalize.

  • White Frosted Glass Shade

Crowning it all up is the white frosted glass shade. The shade provides some soft ambient lighting that in turn bathes your interior spaces in a blanket of warm and cozy lighting.

Notable Features:

  • Packed with tons of safety of features
  • Comprises a daughter lamp for added illumination
  • Its gorgeous design adds some décor to your rooms

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#7: Best with 2 Side Reading Lamps – Franklin Iron Works Tall Industrial and Farmhouse Light

Reminisce the good old days and want to relive them in your home? Choosing to work with this antique gadget that possesses a styling that was once in vogue in the years past.

torchiere with task light floor lamp

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  • Top Rating

All the critical parts of the lamp bear some top rating. Its bulb bears the 150-watt rating whereas the sockets bear the 40 watts rating respectively. These make the gadget truly effective in discharging its ends.

  • Adjustable Gooseneck Side Arms

Some gooseneck side arms that adjust also form a vital part and aspect of the item altogether. They channel the flow of the light to the necessary areas and corners without faltering.

  • Tiger Bronze Finish

Finishing it all up is the tiger bronze exterior. The finish also serves to protect the interior frames and makeup of the lamp from the damages that potentially come by.

Notable Features:

  • All metal construction adds some strength to the gadget
  • Its shades are clear and seedy
  • The outward finish strengthens the gadget against premature damages

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#8: High End – Rita Luxury Traditional Resin Torchiere Floor Lamp for Bedroom

If you are short on cash, we recommend that you try your hands on this wooden floor lamp. Being made of wood makes it a lot cheaper to come by while at the same time not compromising your operations.

art deco torchiere floor lamp

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  • Wood Tone Finish

Its exterior bears the wood tone finish that add some elegance to your room thanks to the ability to elevate the levels of décor thereof. The finish may also serve aesthetic values and purposes.

  • Acanthus Leaf and Carved-look Details

Adding to the wood tone finish is the series of the Acanthus leaf and carved-look details. These details add some beauty and overall vigor to the lamp and the rooms where the same is situated.

  • Classic Traditional Design

Adding to the issue of elegance is the classic traditional design. With this design comes the ability of the item to make your interiors appear more beautiful and breathtaking to behold, overall.

Notable Features:

  • High and wide at the same time
  • Gives exceptional controls of the light output
  • Its elegant finish and accents enhance your décor

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#9: Best Versatile – Brightech Maxwell Torchiere with Shelf and USB Charger for Corners

Have some electronics in your possession that you want to mind about? Choose a floor lamp that possesses a USB charging port like this one. It charges your electronics as well.

brightest led torchiere floor lamp

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  • Built-in Book Shelves

A set of built-in book shelf also forms a vital part and parcel of the lighting apparatus. You use the shelves to stash and access the books you might need when you need them later.

  • Asian-style Versatile Contemporary Lighting

Its make and design come in the form of the Asian-style versatile structure. Thanks to this structure, the item also serves to make your interior areas to appear more beautiful to the naked eyes.

  • Etagere Column Floor Lamp

As part and parcel of its stature, this item comes about in the form of a column. That makes it smaller and better placed to fit the least available spaces you may have.

Notable Features:

  • Backed a generous and comprehensive 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with the Apple, Google and the Alexa resources
  • May also charge your phones as well

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#10: Best Budget – Adesso Swivel Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Head

Want to add some beauty and elegance to your home as well? We ask you to attempt your hands on this specific lamp. It is breathtaking to behold and also ups the home décor well.

torchiere floor lamp with task light

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  • Versatile Lamp Shade

A versatile lampshade ranks first among the many offerings that this gadget has to provide for you. On account of this versatility, the item may fit many places and play several roles as well.

  • Satin Steel Finish

Its exterior wholly adorns the satin steel finish that also protects the interior components from unwarranted damages that may be leveled against the same.

  • Accent Décor Piece

On the whole, the item accords some accent décor to the rooms where you choose to place the same for your use. It is this trait in fact that adds some beauty to the rooms where you fix the lights.

Notable Features:

  • Serves to add some accessory to the rooms where you place the same
  • Comes about in some practical design that is truly functional
  • Resists corrosion that goes a long way on lengthening its lifespan

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#11: Best with 4 Lights – Franklin Iron Works Light Tree Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Franklin Iron Works is a brand that has consistently outperformed the many floor lamps with regards to the matters of longevity and overall reliability of use. How about picking on this specific gadget as a way forward?

light tree four light bronze torchiere floor lamp

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  • Rustic Farmhouse Floor Lamp

In a nutshell, this lamp is a rustic farmhouse floor item. It hence brings about two benefits in one. These are the beauty or décor on the one hand and the excellent illumination on the other hand.

  • Square-sided White Glass

A square-sided white glass also forms a vital part and aspect of this lighting apparatus. Its role is to enhance the beauty of the apparatus while at the same time scatter the light rays broadly.

  • Metal Construction

All throughout, the gadget does come about in metal construction. The construction adds some strength while at the same time ensuring that the lamp lasts longer.

Notable Features:

  • Has a wide and stable base for your peace of mind
  • Able to pair and work alongside four standard bulbs
  • Easily controlled and regulated thanks to a responsive switch

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#12: Best Dimmable – Globe Electric Torchiere LED Floor Lamp with Matte Black Finish for Tasks

For commercial or prolonged lighting, you need a fully packed and equipped floor lamp of this kind. This one comprises every tool, part and specification-mix necessary to serve the two ends mentioned.

globe electric torchiere led floor lamp

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  • Touch-sensitive Dimmer Switch

Standing taller among the many elegant parts and offerings that the lamp has to offer is the touch-sensitive dimmer switch. This comes equipped with a memory function that ‘remembers’ your last prompts and executes them automatically.

  • Precision Manufacturing

Throughout its design and subsequent makeup, the lamp features precision manufacturing. The manufacturing possesses a set of advanced features, parts and apparatus that up its performance.

  • Versatile Easy-connect System

Concluding the list of the many parts it has to offer is the versatile easy-connect system. This system empowers the item to assemble in a paltry 2 minutes while at the same screwing the parts conveniently.

Notable Features:

  • Bears the Energy Star rating and certification
  • Stays cooler to the touch and handle
  • Saves a whopping 85% of the energy from the source

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#13: Best with Stained Shade – Amora Mid Century Tiffany Style Torchiere Floor Lamp for Decor

Of all the lamps we have under our consideration, this appears to be the tallest. It measures a whopping 72 inches tall and is thus able to impact a wider area conveniently from one spot.

tiffany style torchiere floor lamps with stained glass shade

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  • Tiffany-style Floor Lamp

Its design and overall make comes in the form of the unique Tiffany-style. On account of this, it also serves to complement the décor of the interior areas where you place it for your use.

  • Exceptional Handcraft

In the course of its makeup, the item was handcrafted using the latest operational techniques and approaches. Thus, it also serves to last longer while at the same time making your interiors to appear more beautiful.

  • High-quality Material Makeup

On the whole, the lamp also adorns some high-quality material makeup. These materials let the item to last longer while at the same time also standing taller to the elements of the damages well.

Notable Features:

  • Accommodates different kinds of bulbs for the diversity of effects
  • A knob at the base allows for smoother handling and operations
  • Compatible with many kinds of bulbs and lighting apparatus

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#14: Best with Remote – Tenergy Powerful Torchiere Lamp with Adjustable Top

Want to generate some warmth at the same time as illuminating your areas? You need a specially designed lighting apparatus of this kind. It is designed to deliver both ends at the same time.

tenergy torchiere dimmable led floor lamp

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  • Energy-saving Powerful Lighting

On the whole, the gadget saves a great deal of energy while also discharging its two ends. Thus, even if you have to use it for quite some time, you still won’t spend too much to have your way.

  • Convenient Remote and Tiltable Design

Its design also allows it to tilt freely to scatter the rays of light out and about a designated area within the room. That makes the apparatus able to impact every corner of your room without faltering.

  • Touch-sensitive Dimmer Memory

A memory also comes along. It is sensitive to touch and is hence easier to handle and engage. By its overall makeup, the memory spares you from the need to regurgitate the prompts every now and then.

Notable Features:

  • Adjusts and tilts to scatter the rays of light abroad
  • Equipped with hosts of safety features for your peace of mind
  • Dims and manipulates the quality of the light output appropriately

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How to Choose the Best Torchiere Floor Lamp?

halogen torchiere floor lamp 300 watts

To find the best torchiere floor lamp, you have to factor in the following considerations:

– Desired Applications

To what specific use would you want to dedicate the lamp? These lamps are geared to different purposes and needs.

You have to match these two metrics to prevent the clash of interests and guarantee the proper functioning of the gadget altogether. That can only happen if you assess your needs well.

– Appearance and Style

How these lamps appear also counts a great deal. Remember, these lamps are also intended to add some beauty and décor to the places where the same are fixed for eventual use.

The one you pick for the job has to be truly breathtaking and elegant to behold with the naked eyes.

– Height from the Floor

The height of the lamps from the floor determines the maximum range that the rays of the light they produce may reach or impact.

If you want to impact a larger range, you have to settle for a taller one. Prioritize that which is adjustable for the sake of added convenience from you while in use.

– Sheer Size and Weight

If you plan to change your locations every now and then, you have to factor in the sheer size and the weight of the lamps as well. A good lamp for regular travels ought to be smaller, more compact and light enough to handle and carry around from one area to another one.

– Functionality

These lamps are designed for varying applications and circumstances of use. You have to pick the lamp that can perform as many of these purposes as can be. For instance, you may choose one that can add some décor over and above merely illuminating your ambiance.

– Size of the Room

Needless to say, the lamp of your choice and subsequent use has to impact the entire room size. For this to happen, the height of the lamp from the floor has to be commensurate with the size of the room altogether.

Then again, the bulbs it possesses has to be strong and shiny enough to scatter far and wide.

– Safety Features

It is not uncommon for the lamps to pose some hazards that may imperil the health and the safety of the users. You want to stay away from these twin issues.

To do that, you have to choose a lamp that is loaded with numerous safety features like the auto on/off button and power surge protector.

– Energy Consumption

There is a direct correlation between the energy consumed by the apparatus and the utility expenses that come along. You hence have to consider the energy consumption rating of the apparatus. A good apparatus has to bear a rating that is lower and affordable by you.

– Extras and Features

A host of numerous features may also be present on the lamp to aid with the applications and handling thereof. These include the energy-saving traits, longevity of the bulbs, minimalist design and the ability to accommodate diverse lighting apparatus and needs.

That is the only surety that the lamps will perform optimally.

– Cost of Acquisition

When all is said and done, whether or not you will purchase the lamp depends on the price for which it comes. You hence have to carry out a thorough study of the lamps in place as well as their dealers to be sure of the costs first before moving ahead to purchase one for yourself.


What Are the Different Types of Torchiere Floor Lamps?

There are four main kinds of the best torchiere floor lamps:

1. LED Torchiere – As the designation implies, the lamp bears the LED bulbs. On account of this, the lamps burn brightly and also tend to last longer. The LED stature of the lamp also calls for the limited repairs and maintenance thanks to the reduced incidences of breakdowns.

2. Halogen Torchiere – This one derives its lighting power from the Halogen sources. The lamps are not really that dazzling and are hence safer to the eyes. You have it for the taking if you plan to sleep with the light on for a prolonged duration of time on the bed.

3. Reading Floor Lamps – Are you an avid reader? Your solution lies in the acquisition of the reading lamps. As the name implies, this is a kind of lamp that is wholly suited for the task of reading late in the night. It contains dimmable features that facilitate the adaptability to the various reading conditions.

4. Ambient Floor Lamps – Coming in last is the ambient floor lamp. With this lamp, it is possible for you to spray the rays of light to a wider area at the same time. It may serve to illuminate a wider area and also ensure proper visibility of the stated areas and regions exceptionally well.


What Style Torchiere Lamp Can I Choose?

white torchiere floor lamp

Other than the types, the best torchiere floor lamp also comes about in various styles. In this segment of our discussions, we peek into the styles that you may choose from:

Modern – This comprises the latest parts, features, components, and appearances that are prevalent as we speak. As such, it comes about in a contemporary style. This is the one to go for if you love fashion and everything that is currently trending as we speak.

Tiffany – The Tiffany draws its inspiration from classic Roman architecture. In a nutshell, the style comprises the stunning stained glass beauty that reminisces the good old days when the Roman Empire used to rule the whole world. Some lamps may also comprise the emerald jewel accents for added beauty.

Vintage – Do you admire the good old days when most lamps and indoor items were crafted purely for the sake of making your interiors appear elegant? Well, the vintage lamps will take you back in time and bring those days back to your memory. They possess the items and parts makeup that enables that to happen.

Victorian – There was a time in history when Britain ruled the whole world. That was the Victorian age. If you admire and cherish British history, you would rather make the Victorian lamps your better bets and companion. They trace their roots from those times and relive those good old days.


What Is a Torchiere Floor Lamp?

A torchiere lamp is a kind of torch that is designed to fix and mount at the floor. It scatters the rays of light upwards and abroad in a designated area or location.

They do not take up as much space as the traditional lamps do. Nonetheless, their light outputs do suffer obstructions easily thanks to the existence of many items within the same room where you use them.

You have to provide a nice clearance hence to prevent these obstructions from arising.



The kinds of in-depth explanations we have given alongside the best torchiere floor lamp above are definitely sufficient to let you make up your mind well with regards to these pieces of equipment.

All we can now do on our end is to wish you a faster and expedited acquisition of at least one lamp!