Top 6 Types of TikTok Room Lights Among Bloggers in 2022

If you want to be famous on the TikTok platform, there are some points to consider, like you have to set a routine to post videos, need a good phone or camera to shoot and much more.

From all the points, lighting also plays a big role in it. The perfect TikTok room lights will make a big difference to the quality of TikTok videos.

Here, we will advise you on what lights most TikTokers use and which ones you require to create famous TikTok videos that go viral to thousands to millions of views.

What Lights Do TikTokers Use?

There are different kinds of lights available in the market, but as a TikTok Video creator, you have to choose the light per your need, like which type of video you will shoot, your goal, and which type of video you are going to shoot, type of your background and more.

Listed below are the most popular types of lights used by TikTokers.

How Does Each Type of Light Benefit TikTokers?

Are you interested in learning more about TikTok room lights? This article will cover the types of lights TikTokers use, how they benefit them, and which occasions and rooms they are used.

Keep reading to learn more about these lights and how you can use them for your video content. Here are some tips for getting started. Let’s get started!

1. LED Light Strips

rgb led strip lights for tiktokers

Use of LED Light Strips:

Often a simple LED strip light can make an entire video look amazing! TikTok content creators use these lights to make their videos more fun and vibrant!

LED strip lights have several functions, including accentuating dance videos and creating an atmosphere for bedroom scenes. TikTok users also use these lights as a general decoration for their rooms.

The colors and intensity of these lights can be either intense or soothing, depending on your preferences!

LED light is generally used in product and food photography to generate cool and soft lights.

Many of these lights have music features, making the videos even more vibrant! You can match the color of your music strip lights to the rhythm of the music, so your videos will look better than ever!

If you want to use lights for your indoor dancing videos, choose a color that matches the music.

Benefits of LED Strips:

LED strips are the preferred type of light used by TikTok content creators. LED light strips are a common lighting option for TikTok videos. They are inexpensive and easy to install.

They lose far less energy to make you warm while recording your videos and lower your bill.

In colored light strips, you can change color with a button, and most of them are available with a remote control to change color.

Some of them are also featured to sync with the music.

2. Star Light Projectors

lullaby night light projector

Use of Star Light Projectors:

The starlight projectors fill walls and roofs with stars, constellations, and more to give spark creativity.

When choosing a starlight projector for video shooting, consider brightness, time-motion setting, and projection angle adjustments.

You can go for these projectors for dancing videos, lip sync videos, live videos, or selfies.

Another important consideration is the projection distance.

You can choose the projector based on the distance between you and your target. This way, your videos will look the way you intend them to.

There are different sizes available for various applications. A starlight projector can cover a whole room or even a 30-square-foot living room.

If you want to set the mood or set a dance background light, star light projector is your choice!

Benefits of Star Light Projectors:

Starlight projectors are available in many shapes and sizes to fit different budgets.

It is a room-filling, colorful, yet especially novelty-based ambient projection of the types of things you might notice in the night sky.

3. Dynamic Wall Light Panels

multi color led light panels

Use of Dynamic Wall Light Panels:

Dynamic wall panel lighting gives a smooth and perfect wall of illumination without observable bulbs or hot spots.

For making an attractive and something new in your video, panel lighting is a creative and energy-efficient option.

It is perfect for those who want to give some light themselves or light the background, with a slim, packed design and U-shaped light stand mounting to do quick tilting up and down.

Dynamic Wall Light Panels are a fantastic tool for TikTok video production.

In addition to providing a beautiful light source, they also allow filmmakers to easily adjust lighting levels and color balance.

A good dynamic wall light panel can reduce overall shooting time by 50 per cent. It will fill the backlights to brighten your room.

Benefits of Dynamic Wall Light Panels:

Their versatility makes them mount on any surface and are used in many ways.

Its versatility, authenticity, and easy installation make it ideal for video shooting and lighting indoors and outdoors.

Because of the light-control features offered by digital LED screens, cinematographers can easily create the perfect real-world lighting.

This will reduce the overall cost of production.

4. Ring Light

best ring lights reviews and buying guide

Use of Ring Light Panels:

As the name suggests, the shape of these lights is a ring and is generally on a stand.

You can use them for various types of content creation, from photoshoots to video production.

For makeup and related videos, mostly ring lights are used by TikTokers.

A good location for the ring light is above the upper edge of the screen, which is best for smartphone users.

If you are using a tripod, use a tripod holder.

Otherwise, stackable items like books are a good choice for a stand.

Remember to place your camera in the middle of the ring light to avoid shadows.

If you have a laptop, place the ring light above the top edge of your screen.

Benefits of Ring Light Panels:

A Ring Light is an excellent option for TikTokers because it allows you to control the brightness level of your footage.

Bright lights help capture more details and produce crisper footage.

However, they can also give your footage a more vibrant appearance, making them an excellent choice for videos.

To determine the right brightness level for your footage, use the brightness control on your ring light to experiment.

Ring lights come in several sizes.

  • The larger ones can be used for close-up studio shots and produce a bright circle around the subject’s eyes.
  • On the other hand, the smaller ones are ideal for casual video production.

Moreover, the size of the rings depends on your specific needs.

5. Fairy String Lights

how long do string lights last

Use of Fairy String Light Panels:

Fairy string lights give a different feel than LED strip lights.

We can use them by wrapping them around any frames or hanging them down a wall or window.

You can also use them to illuminate your headboard. You can use them to have good photos or selfies by setting them so that lights fall on your face.

Also, you use them in your video background while talking about a product or reviewing an item.

When shooting videos, fairy lights can add a lot of detail to a bland background.

You can use them in your videos as background props.

Use a long lens with a wide aperture to create a wide-angle shot that shows off the fairy lights for the best effect.

They can also be used to create a moody, magical scene.

Benefits of Fairy String Light Panels:

They are energy-efficient, flexible, and can extend up to nine strings.

The bulbs used in these lights are energy-efficient and have long lives, and they come in nine colors: warm white, multi-color, blue, green, red, orange, and pink.

In addition, they are available in various combinations of colors so that you can create a wide variety of effects.

Batteries operate them, so you can go for them once you plug those in.

6. LED Camera Lights

Use of LED Camera Light Panels:

LEDs are a great choice for video creation because they can give you better light for your subject.

These lights can be mounted on a camera cold shoe or tripod stand.

They can also be controlled using your smartphone.

They are small but extremely powerful and can boost the brightness of the light by as much as 50%.

A simple LED camera Light can be a versatile solution for video production. You can use them to add more light to dark scenes or balance out daylight exposure.

These LED lights can be placed almost anywhere in a video background and provide great close-up effects.

Alternatively, you can place the light under a person’s face to give the effect of depth.

Benefits of LED Camera Light Panels:

LED Camera Lights come in various types and prices. There are cheaper ones that mimic natural light.

You can also buy high-end ones that can cost you several hundred dollars.

How to Set up TikTok Lights?

Before you purchase TikTok lights, you should know how to set them up. Most TikTok lights are available in an LED strip form, with sticky or magnetic backing that makes it effortless to set up them.

1. First, you should ensure that the light you purchase is proper as per your need. You should also purchase a power adaptor for the lights.

2. After assembling these items, you should apply them to a dry surface.

3. Peel off the backing strip and press the light strip onto the surface.

4. Next, you should connect the light strip to the connector.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to power the TikTok lights.


There are several reasons why lighting is so important to the success of a TikTok video.

It creates a more ambiance and mood for the viewers and instructs them on what to look for.

Hope our tips for using different types of lighting help you. Let your creativity run wild with lights!