How to Choose LED Headlight Bulbs?

Headlight bulbs are usually at the front part of the car, improving the vision of the driver. These lights have low and high beam functions, which is vital for maneuvering different driving conditions.

These headlights need to be aimed to show the entire road ahead of the driver. However, they must not be so high that they affect other road users.

Usually, its high beam function ensures that the light travels upward and outward. For this reason, you can only rely on it when in low-traffic areas.

On the other hand, low beam functions come in handy whenever you are in heavy traffic, ensuring that you do not obscure other road users’ sight.

So, how to choose LED headlight bulbs? Let’s dive into it!

how to choose led headlight bulbs

What Makes Good Quality LED Headlight Bulbs?

Various aspects go into choosing the right headlight.

However, as long as you are looking forward to the best quality, the following elements will suffice.

1. Energy Efficiency

Everyone looks forward to energy-efficient headlights. That is because it ensures that there is minimal strain on the power supply of your car.

Unless you choose something that does not require too much power to run, you will likely get disappointed.

2. Ease of Installation

Ensure that your choice is much more seamless to install. Choosing a compact headlight kit will likely give you an easier time.

Your chosen headlight should come with everything you need for this process.

3. Waterproofness

Enhanced waterproofness cushions you against constant losses.

This aspect ensures that no water gets into the headlight kit, assuring you of no water damage.

High Beam Headlight vs. Low Beam Headlight

1. High Beam

High beam function comes in handy at night and in low light. You can also rely on it in low-traffic regions.

Preferably, turn them on when traveling on highways but be able to maintain a 500-ft distance between you and the next car.

This function is suitable for high speeds.

2. Low Beam

Here is a suitable option for high-traffic areas. The low beam function is ideal for low speeds and suburban regions.

You could also use them whenever you notice an oncoming vehicle.

It ensures that other road users remain comfortable and safe during your driving.

Who Makes the Best Headlights?

Did you know that brands will always impact the quality of your chosen bulb?

Here are the top brands you could consider.

1. Phillips

This brand assures you of some of the best bulbs. Each bulb ensures you get a mix of colors, allowing you to personalize illumination.

Besides, this brand guarantees you bulbs that will last for a long time.

2. JDM Astar

This brand has specialized in LED bulbs. Notably, they assure you of reliable products and many choices, depending on size and effects. They also provide you with impressive warranties.

3. Spyder

These products are OE-approved, and they assure you of stellar performance. Their enhanced lifespan and robust quality make them a suitable choice, especially for LED headlights. Besides, they are relatively affordable.

4. Morimoto

This brand is relatively new, but it assures you of unrivaled performance bulbs. Their bulbs are bright, and they exude a brilliant white beam.

Ideally, you can rely on them for unmatched visibility and appearance improvement.

5. Anzo

Anzo often focuses on aftermarket bulbs.

This brand provides you with affordable options. That does not mean that their quality is compromised.

Instead, you are confident of an excellent design, stellar performance, and relative durability.

6. Sylvania

Here is an option you cannot overlook. This brand is suitable for you if you are looking forward to improving your night vision.

Their white beam of light does not cause too much glare to other road users.

How Much Does LED Headlight Bulb Cost?

Everyone prioritizes their budgets, thanks to how sensitive it can be. Usually, headlight bulb prices vary, depending on the type, size, and brand.

For instance, LED is much more expensive than halogen bulbs. Phillips bulbs are pricier than Morimoto bulbs.

For that reason, you need to compare your options before purchasing.

However, the average cost of headlight bulbs is $50 each.

  • Cheap Bulbs

Halogen headlights are the most affordable options. These bulbs often cost between $40 and $50.

  • Mid-range

LED lights are relatively common. These headlights will cost you between $50 and $100.

HID bulbs are some of the mid-range options you could consider. These bulbs cost between $100 and $250. Replacing the whole headlight is approximately $250 to $800.

  • High-End Options

One of the high-end options you could consider is xenon. These headlights cost between $300 and $1000. The cost varies with the model of your car.

Headlight Tips

A few insights into how to use headlights properly will help make logical decisions in the long run. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Ensure that you clean your headlights regularly. It helps remove accumulated dirt and grime and also improves its longevity.

2. Ensure that you replace the bulbs in pairs to cushion you against imbalanced illumination.

3. Take the time to handle any clouding or yellowing in your headlights.

4. Keep confirming whether the bulbs are correctly aligned. It improves your safety levels.

5. The extent of illumination matters a lot. Ensure that you confirm it from time to time.


1. What are Aftermarket Headlights?

These are headlights that you purchase after getting your car. They might not necessarily come from your car manufacturer.

In brief, they are those not equipped in your vehicle on purchase.

2. How to Adjust Headlights?

With adjusting and mounting screws, you will be good to go. Park your car next to a wall and turn on the low beams.

Keep altering them until you are confident of their shine.

3. Should I Replace Both Headlight Bulbs at the Same Time?

Yes. It ensures that you get even illumination when driving. This way, you are sure of enhanced safety and better clarity.

4. How Long Can My Headlights Last?

Mostly, these headlights last for about five years. However, some could hold on for over 12 years.

It all depends on the quality, brand, and performance of your chosen headlight.


In conclusion, headlight bulbs are critical elements in improving night vision, safety, and clarity when driving.

With the right choice, you will have no reason to worry. The insights above are all you need to make logical decisions.