Make Your Room Intelligent with WIFI and Bluetooth Smart Recessed Lighting

Smart recessed lighting has become the go-to choice for every home and workplace. The compact devices help illuminate your ambiance without taking up any visual space. So, you can make the place bright and well-lit discreetly.

What’s more, these lights have special smart features like voice control and WiFi compatibility. You can connect them to different devices for a more integrated smart home. However, finding the best smart recessed lighting is not an easy task.

There are hundreds of options available to confuse you. It is why we’ve researched and compiled the top-rated products in the market today.

Let’s dive in!

Reviews of the Best Smart Recessed Lighting

1. Feit Electric WiFi Recessed Light

wifi downlights

With a 6-inch housing, the Feit Electric WiFi Recessed Light is an excellent option for general lighting at home.

It is a LED downlight that offers 1000-lumens output. You can easily replace a 75W flood or incandescent using this smart light.

Plus, it has an adjustable color temperature between 2700K to 6500K. You can choose bright daylight, soft white light, or switch the color entirely. There are over a million other options to customize your surroundings.

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2. Lumary Canless Recessed Light

smart can lights

The Lumary Canless Recessed Lights come in a pack of four. These 6-inch slim lights use a 2.4GHz WiFi network to connect with the rest of your home. You can use smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant to voice-control your lights from anywhere.

To make things even better, the Lumary Smart App lets you create a schedule to turn the lights on/off.

You can also set the lights to change colors and flash with the music beat. An exciting feature for parties and events!

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3. Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Recessed Light

philips hue white and color ambiance retrofit recessed downlight

If you want a robust and easy-to-use recessed light for sloped ceilings, there could be no better option than Philips Hue Smart Recessed Light. The 4-inch compact and slim fixture blends into the ceiling smoothly. Also, it offers 700-lumens output to illuminate a large area below.

The smart Bluetooth light comes with lighting scenes too. There are 2-cool scenes to assist your daily morning tasks and 2-warm ones to let you read at night or calm your mind.

What’s more, the light has voice compatibility for complete and instant control!

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4. Brillihood Color Changing Smart Recessed Lights

smart recessed lighting alexa

The slim Brillihood Recessed Light features up to 16-millions colors and a tunable white. So, not only can you change the light color to almost any shade and tone.

But, you can also dim it between 2700K to 6500K. It means unlimited control over how you want the indoors to look!

Since the lights use a 2.4GHz network, you can connect any device to control it too. Just make sure to download the respective brand app and pair the lights (maximum 40).

Additionally, you can depend on Alexa and Google Assistant to voice-control the lights.

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5. DeerDance Ultra Thin Smart Recessed Lights

canless smart recessed lighting

Coming in a pack of 4 – the DeerDance Smart Recessed Lights offer exceptional value for the price. You get four can-less downlights with a 6-inch housing and ultra-slim profile. So, you can illuminate a huge area while keeping the installed lights discreet.

Also, each light uses energy-efficient LED bulbs to deliver uniform lighting worth 1100-lumens. You can enjoy brightly lit indoors without worrying about excessive watts consumption.

The lights also feature 16-million colors to create an ambient according to your mood.

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6. Amico Canless Smart Recessed Lights

commercial electric smart led downlight

If you wish to replace the complete lighting setup of a room, look no further because the Amico Canless Smart Recessed Lights are the best pick.

These lights have a large 6-inch can-less design that covers more area. Plus, they come in a pack of 12!

The shallow lights have a slim structure that requires mere 2-inches of wall space. You can easily use these lights on different ceilings and joists.

The lights also help conserve energy by consuming only 12-watts to produce 1050-lumens output.

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What Size Smart Recessed Light Do You Need?

The size of the smart recessed light determines how much area receives the illumination. In simple terms, a large light will cover a larger area and vice versa.

So, it’s important to choose the right size for a brightly lit environment.

There are two popular sizes; 4 inches and 6 inches. Here is a brief comparison of both:

1. 4 inch Smart Recessed Light

The 4-inch smart recessed light is more compact and discreet than the 6-inch.

It makes an excellent choice for countertop lighting, sloped ceilings, and small rooms. But you can also mix it with other sized lights for accent lighting.

That said, people consider the 4-inch lights more modish and contemporary due to their size. It blends into the surroundings easily.

Plus, they often have better gimbal options and specialty trims.

2. 6 inch Smart Recessed Light

Comparatively, the 6-inch smart recessed lights are best for medium and large rooms. The bigger size covers more area, making it suitable for general lighting applications.

However, you’ve to compromise a bit on discreteness unless the ceilings are tall.

These lights also feature typically high lumen outputs and wide beam angles. As a result, the illumination is powerful and smooth.

Shallow Smart Recessed Lights vs. Deep Smart Recessed Lights

There are two basic types of smart recessed lights; deep and shallow. The depth of light’s housing is the primary differentiator between both.

In case you don’t know, the housing is the part of the fixture installed within/above the ceiling.

Usually, the shallow recessed lights have housing that goes less than 5-inches deep into the wall.

Meanwhile, deeply recessed lights go way more in than that. So, you cannot use them if you’ve little space available.

People living in apartments or double/triple-story houses cannot use deeply recessed lights either.

The deep penetration into the wall can pose serious hazards. Nonetheless, these lights produce the least glare.

WiFi Recessed Lights vs. Bluetooth Recessed Lights

best smart recessed lighting to buy

Being smart, the ability to connect to other devices is common in recessed lights.

However, the technology used for connection is different in each light.

Since there are two types available, let us explain you both in detail for better selection.

1. WiFi Recessed Lights

A WiFi recessed light uses the internet for connectivity. So, you can link the light to multiple other smart devices at once. It’s a great option for creating an integrated smart home.

You can control the smart lights using any device and from anywhere in the home.

However, the internet must be stable and secure. The slightest discrepancies can cause problems in light functioning.

2. Bluetooth Recessed Lights

When compared, the Bluetooth one uses its short-range wireless technology.

All you must do is turn the Bluetooth on your phone and connect it to the light. Now, the phone will serve as the remote for the recessed lights.

Thus, the Bluetooth recessed lights are safe and reliable. They do not pose malfunctioning and lagging risks, unlike WiFi lights.

On the other hand, you can only connect one device at a time (phone).

So, you should select Bluetooth recessed lights if you want more safety and reliability.

But people who value convenience more should choose WiFi recessed lights.

Can vs. Canless Smart Recessed Lights

The housing of the smart recessed lighting is also called the can. It is because the shape of the housing resembles a can.

Plus, it fixes entirely into the wall, ceiling, and floor.

It may come along with rods and hangers for mounting purposes. That said, the housing is great at protecting the bulbs inside. So, the can lights are robust and long-lasting.

The fixed housing also helps save money and effort when the bulb burns out. You can simply replace the light source inside.

However, these can light cause permanent damage to the ceiling and walls during installation.

If you wish to preserve the house structure, it’s best to opt for canless recessed lights. These are all-in-one units with thin housing and direct connection to electrical wires. They do not require electrical boxes.

On the flip side, you will have to replace the whole fixture once it burns out. It means more money going out in replacements!

Top Smart Recessed Lighting Brands

1. C by GE

The C by GE is an amazing brand for people who are new to the smart lighting system. Its lights are simple and easy to use.

You wouldn’t need to invest hours in studying the manual and installing the lights.

2. Feit Electric

Feit Electric has a great reputation for offering the best color quality at affordable prices. All of its recessed lights have high lumens output.

Also, you can change the white to over a million different color options.

3. Halo

Halo is one of the premium smart bulb companies in the industry. Its recessed lights cost a bit more than others.

But, the investment is worth it since their lights are long-lasting and powerful.

4. Philips Hue

The Philips Hue recessed lights remain unrivaled in their quality and durability. These lights are convenient, robust, and simply high-end.

Philips has won several awards for its smart light products, like the T3 Awards.

5. Innr

Innr recessed lights are one of the hidden gems in the market. These lights are feature-rich, affordable, and simple.

Plus, their responsiveness to commands via WiFi and Bluetooth is high.

6. Lumary

Lumary is a highly competitive brand whose lights are much brighter than Philips.

Their lumens output is powerful and efficient, which makes them ideal for homes. You can also adjust the color temperatures to great degrees for when you need calm and soft light.

7. Sylvania

Sylvania smart recessed lights perform smoothly and flawlessly.

There are little to almost no glitches in their connectivity. So, you can always count on them to follow your commands.

8. Bazz

Bazz is a relatively new brand, though its amazing products have already made it world-famous.

The brand focuses on making your life stress-free and convenient through innovative light technologies. Thus, all of their products are energy-efficient, bright, and easy to use.

How to Install Smart Recessed Lighting?

Installing smart recessed lights is a fairly simple process, especially if you’ve got a can-less version. These can-less lights do not require much electrical work. However, if you’ve canlight, there are high chances you will need professional assistance.

Step 1: Decide where you want to place the lights on the ceiling, and mark with a pencil.

Step 2: Put the light against the wall to measure the area that needs to be cut off. Then, cut the ceiling to reveal the inside.

Step 3: Find the nearest circuit, and turn off the main electrical supply.

Step 4: Connect the wires from it to the back of the recessed light.

Step 5: Then, fix the recessed light. Most lights have clamp-on attachments for easy installation. Make sure the housing, bulbs, and trims are all in the proper place.

Turn on the power supply and check for errors.


1. Are All Smart Recessed Lights Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible?

Yes, the majority of smart recessed lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also control some lights using Apple HomeKit.

2. Can Smart Bulbs be Used in Recessed Lighting?

Yes, smart bulbs are usable in recessed lighting. One popular example is the Philips Hue Smart Light.

3. What Bulb Size Do You Need for Recessed Lighting?

The bulb size depends on the size of the recessed lighting and application. Most people use BR30 bulbs for the 4-inch recessed lights. For 6 inches, they use BR40 bulbs that are wider and longer than BR30s.


Summing it up, the smart recessed lighting is perfect for all places. It offers powerful illumination without taking away the attention from your well-thought room interior.

Plus, its smart feature lets you control it easily via phone and other devices.

When buying this amazing light, you should consider the size, housing, depth, and connectivity type. All these factors help select the best smart recessed lighting in no time. To help, we’ve already explained them in detail above.