Best Battery Operated Floor Lamps for Convenient Use in 2022

A battery operated floor lamp is an alternative to an electric power supply. You can easily carry it around when there is a power outage.

On the other hand, a corded floor lamp requires electricity to work. You have to connect it to an electric socket to get a power supply. You will not easily carry about a corded floor lamp; it has to be at a fixed location.

If your power supply is not stable, or you want a light stand for reading, you need a battery-operated floor lamp.

This article will explain how to choose the best battery operated floor lamps and how you can use them.

best battery operated floor lamps reviews and guides

Rechargeable Battery Powered Floor Lamp vs. Lithium Battery Floor Lamp

A rechargeable battery-powered floor lamp is a floor lamp that has a built-in battery that can recharge for regular use. The rechargeable battery allows you to use your lamp anywhere, anytime.

There are many benefits of using a rechargeable floor lamp. Unlike the lithium battery, it is rechargeable. You don’t need to replace the batteries frequently. The batteries are going to last longer than the lithium batteries.

A lithium battery floor lamp is operated by a replaceable lithium battery. Lithium batteries are disposable batteries that have a specific lifespan.

Compared with rechargeable floor lamps, they are more portable and are less expensive to buy.

Anyway, both types are excellent in providing stable light during power breaks.

What to Consider for Buying a Right Fit Battery Operated Floor Lamp?

1. What Height to Buy?

In buying a battery-operated floor lamp, it is essential to consider the appropriate height and size that suits you. Depending on your need, floor lamps come in different heights and sizes and for different purposes.

A typical battery-operated floor lamp is between 4 – 6 ft tall, but there can be shorter ones depending on the usage.

Ambient lighting is the amount of lighting available in a room that provides the desired brightness. The taller the lamp, the better the brightness.

If you want more ambiance, you have to go for a taller battery floor lamp, something like 6 ft range.

>> Check the daylight24 battery operated torchiere floor lamp for a dark corner.

2. With vs. Without Lampshade

The lampshade can affect the room’s brightness because it provides shade to the light to reduce the room’s brightness.

Lampshade helps to create the type of mood you desire in your room. The shade absorbs some amount of the lumens produced by the light source so that it does not emit much light.

You can use a battery floor lamp with shade to redirect the light to where you want it. The lampshade means that you are shading the bulb from a direct glare to the eyes. It is to protect the eyes from the direct light bulb.

Since the shade is used to block the light bulb horizontally, it allows light to emit from the bottom and top of the lamp. It ensures that enough light is provided to the table if you are reading. It also provides light to the ceiling to give enough lighting to the room.

Battery floor lamp with shade is suitable for reading and writing because the significant light is directed downwards to the table to provide enough brightness for reading.

>> Check daylight24 brass floor lamp with leaf shade which provides direct task light.

Battery floor lamp without shade means that the bulb is left bare without any shade. It allows light to emit from the bulb equally to every direction in the room. It also means more light and more brightness to your room.

Since most battery floor lamps with bare shade are made by LED technology, these floor lamps are more bright, at the same time, more eye-protective.

If you are put in long hours, an LED battery floor lamp with bare shade will help a lot.

>> Check YUWLDD led battery floor lamp for long-term tasks.

3. What Materials to Choose from?

Some battery floor lamps are made of different materials and styles. Some are made of wood, marble, metal, stone, brass, ceramic, and even paper.

Depending on your need, the materials of the floor lamp are essential when buying a floor lamp because the materials will determine its quality, durability, and style.

There are various options to choose from for materials for battery floor lamps.

However, the common ones are brass, metal, wood, ceramic, and marble.

You can choose the type that fits your purpose.

The brass battery floor lamp is the most popular one because of its modern and contemporary designs. It is also made of high-quality material to make it durable.

brass battery powered floor lamp for indoor and outdoor

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4. How to Match Cordless Floor Lamps with Room Interior?

Design is essential when choosing a battery-operated floor lamp. The contemporary design can go with any room design and décor.

Choosing colors for your cordless free standing lamps will be determined by the nature of your room.

Colors add beauty to your space, so any color that will blend with your interior décor will be ideal for you.

Here are some rules to match battery floor lamps with your interior design:

– Bright colors help to brighten your room.

– A black battery floor lamp is ideal for use anywhere in your room as long as you need to light up such space.

– The industrial-style floor lamps are perfect for larger rooms and can provide beauty to the room even when it’s not powered on. The size is ideal for rooms needing more lights, especially rooms with high ceilings.

5. What Is Your Purpose?

The primary purpose of battery light is to provide additional lighting to your space. Additionally, it brings beauty and elegance to your room.

The warm white light battery floor lamp is better for reading because it provides a seemingly natural brightness that is soothing to the eye and provides appropriate lighting convenient for reading.

A battery floor lamp without shade is suitable for lighting up tasks because it will provide light from every part of the lamp.

6. What Type of Control Is Convenient?

Modern battery floor lamps have various control features to regulate the lamp’s brightness, adjust the height or size, and rotate the light in the preferred direction.

Some of the battery floor lamps have a remote control. Some have a pull chain too, and more recently, some have Bluetooth and USB functions. (Read More: Floor lamps with wireless charger)

In choosing a battery floor lamp, touch sensitivity and memory functions are new features to consider. The touch-sensitive mechanism allows you to control your floor lamp from the comfort of your bed.

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It would help if you also considered a remote-controlled battery floor lamp when buying one. The remote control enables you to operate your lamp from the comfort of your bed or anywhere in your room.

7. How to Choose Floor Lamp Based on Battery?

Your floor lamp battery is vital in choosing what type of lamp to buy. The battery determines the lifespan of the floor lamp. A powerful battery ensures a longer life for your floor lamp. It would be best to have an energy-efficient battery for your floor lamp.

There are various types of batteries to power a floor lamp. There are rechargeable batteries, and there are disposable batteries.

Depending on your need, you can find a long-lasting battery for your lamp.

Batteries available in the market include Li-Ion batteries. They can be disposable or can also be recharged.

Lithium batteries are usually rechargeable. They come in different forms and sizes. A good lithium battery can last you for several years.

Some of the specifications you need to check to guarantee a good battery life include the average lifespan of the battery. You can go online to check for quality batteries for your floor lamp.

8. Price

A battery-operated floor lamp can go as low as between $30 and $70.

If you need a battery floor lamp for reading or writing, or you want lighting that can provide ambiance in your room, you can consider buying a cheap battery-operated floor lamp.

A cheap battery-operated floor lamp also has some unique features with multiple functions. They can serve your purpose as well as light up your space.

On the other hand, an expensive battery floor lamp can come with additional features such as remote control, pull switch control, touch-control facilities, adjustable features, and lots more.

If you are on a tight budget, Brightech’s cheap battery floor lamp won’t disappoint you.

Use Cordless Standing Lights to Light up Indoor or Outdoor

1. For Indoor Home Use – Consider Aestheticism and Cozy Light

For your indoor home use, you need a stylish battery floor lamp with dimmable light features to allow you to adjust the brightness of the light in your room to create a relaxed mood.

Daylight24 Brass Battery Floor Lamp for Indoor Space

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2. For Living Room – Use Battery Torchiere Uplighter

Ideally, the torchiere battery floor lamp is considered an excellent option for your living room because it provides the room with a beautiful design and adds to your room décor.

It can be used anywhere and can focus light to ceiling, excellent for the kids’ room, bathroom, anywhere!

daylight24 Battery Powered Torchiere Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

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3. For Outdoor Use – Consider a Durable Metal Battery Floor Lamp

Durability is always a point to consider when choosing a battery floor lamp for outdoor use. Therefore you need a metal battery floor lamp because it is protected against adverse weather conditions and can withstand constant use.

The waterproof metal floor lamp can be used to light up your outer space, your entryway, balcony, porch, patio, deck or gazebo, light up any outdoor area with waning natural daylight, and at the same time add some ambiance to your atmosphere.

LightAccent battery standing light is a great choice as it is also rust-proof, wind-proof, and can be a source of illumination to your outdoor décor.

Get More Functions from These 2 Types of Battery Operated Floor Standing Lamps

1. Battery Operated Floor Lamp Up-lighters

A battery-operated floor up-lighter is a light placed on the floor but directing lights upwards to provide a glowing effect. They can be used at wedding ceremonies, by DJs, on trees to provide lighting on your outer part.

A cordless battery-operated floor lamp is a floor lamp that does not use an electrical cord to establish contact. They are used to light up your ceiling and other high places in your room.

>> Get the daylight24 battery uplighter with ambient light for dark corners.

2. Battery Magnifying Floor Lamp

There are several benefits of buying a battery-operated magnifying floor lamp. The battery ensures that you have your light to work when using a magnifying lamp.

If you work with precision tools, need something to magnify small items for work, or have aging eyes, you need a magnifying glass.
You can use your magnifying floor lamp at night or in low-light places.

Best Battery Pack for Floor Lamps

Power packs are used to provide an alternative power supply to your floor lamp where there is no electricity supply to recharge. For a long lifespan for your battery pack, there are some factors to consider when buying one.

Size, weight and capacity of the battery pack are very vital because you need a battery pack that is light and portable and can last longer.

>> Check the most economical and high-quality battery pack for your battery standing lights.


1. Are there tripod floor lamps that don’t need to be plugged in?

Yes. There are tripod floor lamps that don’t need to be plugged in. They use either a built-in rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries.

2. Are there arc-operated floor lamps?

Yes. There are arc-operated floor lamps. Arc-operated floor lamps are tall standing floor lamps with a curvy shape, extending light to the corners of your room. They can be placed at corners or edges of your room to provide focused lighting across an ample space.