Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor and Commercial Plants and Vegetables in 2022

A grown light is basically a form of artificial lighting for plants to help them grow.

These lights basically attempt to provide a light spectrum that is similar to that of the sun, or also provide a spectrum that is more modified according to the needs of the plants that are going to be cultivated.

To get the best LED light for growing plants but you will get confused:

  • Which one to buy?
  • How can you choose?
  • What are the different types?

All of this I am going to explain in this so, let’s start!

grow lights for plants

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What Should You Know Before Buying

What Are LED Grow Lights?

As their name already suggests, LED grow lights are illuminating systems that use LED chips in a modern and efficient way, in order to produce light for growing plants.

Specialists that have studied over this subject reached to the conclusion that LED grow lights, besides being more economic in their use, also produce better plants.

What Does Par Mean and How Does It Affect the Plants?

One of the most important features is the Photosynthetically Active Radiation capacity of the set.

This capacity, shortly named PAR, is extremely important for your plants’ growth, because it basically means the amount of light available for photosynthesis, which is the most important process in a plant’s growth.

LED grow lights sets offer this PAR constantly, which means your plants will have a constant benefic light to enjoy.

The biggest advantage of the modern LED grow light sets is that they offer high brightness, as well as a big variety of colors, in visible, infrared and ultraviolet.

What Does PPFD Mean and How Does It Affect the Plants?

Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, shortly named PPFD, means the amount of the PAR light that lands on a square meter per second.

It is important to keep the PPFD capacity in mind, and also don’t forget that the way you adjust the height of your installation will affect the PPFD.

In order to facilitate the growth of your plants, the ideal amount of PPFD that your plants should receive is between 500 and 1000 µmols of PAR light for every square meter.

Any less than this amount will result in very low growth rates and any higher PAR intensity on your plants will not justify the extra energy cost, because the plants will not have a much bigger growth rate.

Benefits of Using LED Greenhouse Lights

– Small Investment

One of the biggest benefits when using a LED grow lights system is that in exchange for a very small investment, you get very good quality and durability. The average life span of this kind of installation is of 50,000 hours, which means when used for 12 hours a day, around 12 years of function.

– No Harm to Plants

Another great benefit is that the LED grow lights emit less heat than the traditional light systems, which leads to three more advantages:

  • They can be placed closer to the plants, without risking to burn them
  • There’s a way smaller risk of fire accidents
  • There’s less need for increased ventilation for the plants

Because the LED grow lights systems are cooler, they don’t heat up the room they’re placed in, which means, basically, a bigger strain on the A/C system and, of course, on your budget.

– Energy Efficient

Finally, considered the best benefit of using LED grow lights systems is that they are extremely economic. When we say “extremely”, that’s exactly what we mean.

The LED grow lights use up to 75% less energy than any other type of lighting system. Not only that, but the life span for the LED grow lights is up to 25 times bigger than the incandescent lights.

How to Choose the LED Plant Lights?

how to choose grow lights for indoor plants

To choose the best LED Grow Light you need to consider these basic points:

How much area do you plan to cover?

It is the most important point before you start to plan a farming project.

On an average LED growth light draws about 32 watts to cover 1 sq. ft for flowering.

So, first, plan the area you want to cover according to this calculation.

Light panels? Lightbars? Light bulbs?

Modern light panels offer great flexibility in using them as indoor grow lights.

These lights basically have multiple small LED lights packed together on a board/panel for better light illumination and smooth growing of plants with a high spectrum and are highly durable.

Lightbars basically provide farmers with good flexibility and coverage. Also, these light bars are versatile in nature whether you hang them, hook them, or rest them.

They are adjusted to the situation very easily.

But there is one drawback of the light bars which is, they are limited to passive cooling. As most of the fixtures have fans in them but here in light bars there is no fan system which results in the dumping of more and more heat.

Light bulbs basically consist of small LED lights packed together in it in the shape of bulb.

These bulbs have a high spectrum and are majorly used as a spotlight to focus on small individual plants.

What is the best wattage for grow lights?

It actually depends on your planned space which you need to illuminate.

On average, you will need 20-40 watts per square foot.

  • How to match the wattage for your space?

For measuring the perfect wattage for your space:

First, divide the wattage of your bulb by 20 (such as 1,000 divided by 20 = 50).

Then, divide the wattage of your bulb by 40 after doing this you will get the extreme of your light intensity.

How many lumens do plants need?

For indoor plants, you need approx. 2000-3000 lumens per square foot for their vegetative phase.

If the plants are in the flowering phase, then 5000-10000 lumens per square foot is recommended.

Is red/green/blue better for plants?

According to researches, red and blue light are considered the most efficient part of light spectrum for photosynthesis, upper leaves of plants mostly absorb red and blue light.

The plants that receive blue light will have strong, healthy stems and leaves.

On the other hand, red light is actually responsible for making the plant flower and produce fruit.

  • Green light can have negative effects on plants because plants usually reflect the green light which will make it difficult for the plants to collect enough light to perform photosynthesis.

How much power do LED Grow Lights have?

Usually, the diodes that are used in LED Grow Lights designs typically 1/3 watts to 1 watt in power.

However, higher wattage diodes like 3 watts and 5 watts diodes are now commonly used in LED grow lights.

What is the light spectrum? Which is better?

In respect to light spectrum of grow lights is explained as a spectrum that refers to the electromagnet wavelengths of light produced by a light source to promote plant growth.

Red/blue spectrum of light is the most efficient for plant growth because photosynthesis peaks in the red and blue wavelengths.

Is it easy to connect?

It is actually easy to connect if you follow some basic rules for plant growth like the distance at which the light should be installed during the seed period.

After that, you need to place it accordingly for the growth period of the plant and for the final period which is flowering and fruit production you need to set the lights according to that.

All of this is very simple due to the flexible nature of LED grow lights and you will connect it easily.

What is the suitable light intensity? (PAR, PPFD)

Earlier the light levels were commonly used in the range of 100-300 lux for normal activities.

Nowadays, light levels are more common in the range of 500-1000 lux, depending upon the activity.

For plants’ photosynthesis, the blue range is 425-450 nm and the red range is 600-700 nm.

(i) PAR:

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is actually the amount of light available for photosynthesis, which is in the 400-700 nanometre (nm) wavelength range.

The PAR changes seasonally and also vary depending on the latitude and time of the day.

(ii) PPFD:

PPFD (Photosynthetic photon flux density) basically measures the amount of PAR that actually arrives at the plant.

To optimize the growth of the plant, it is recommended that your plant receive 500-1000 µmols of PAR light for every m² (PPFD).

How is heat dissipation?

Heat dissipation is basically a type of heat transfer, in which the heat of an object that is hotter than the objects placed in an environment is transferred to the colder objects and the surrounding.

The same, process is involved in the LED grow light because while using them, they get heated which results in the high temperature in the surrounding of plants in the lighting system

So, to protect the plants form excess heating and maintain the temperature heat dissipation is used.

What is the suitable wavelength for different plant stage?

  • The blue light wavelength of 450-nm is good for starting seed period.
  • Once seeds have sprouted, both blue and red-light wavelengths of 650-nm are essential for photosynthesis.


Best LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights Reviews

Check out the top picks which are elaborately selected:

MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W – Full Coverage

full spectrum led grow lights

These are dimmable veg bloom light mostly used in Hydroponics Greenhouse Indoor with 684pcs LEDs.

Upgraded Commercial Led Grow Light:

It has easy dimming and daisy chain function, also includes up to 15 multi-lights connected, 2 auto sensing power supply. These features will be useful for the people who are cultivating different types of plants over a large area.

Increase Yield and Crop Quality:

It includes the latest SMD LED technology that provides the highest PAR and LUMEN output (1122umol@18″), you will get 30% higher yield compared with old led lights. This will benefit those people who are trying to get maximum results and growth.

Low Energy Consumption:

It is energy efficient also consuming only 300W true output with 684 LEDs, and It saves up to 50% energy than other led grow lights. This will help the people to reduce the overall electricity cost.

Noise-free Fanless:

It does not include any fan that is the reason it is noise less also has a high spectrum light. These are typically used in greenhouses.

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VIVOSUN Dimmable Samsung LEDs – Low Noise

samsung lm301h quantum board

This is VIVOSUN Latest VS1000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301H Diodes and has a Sosen Driver with dimmable Light feature and also include sunlike full spectrum for Indoor plants an is the best for seeding Veg and bloom plant Growing.

Lower Costs & High Efficiency:

It is cost-efficient and has a high-efficiency range, these LED grow lights use the latest LED plant light technology including Samsung LM301H Diodes for the best efficiency of light. This will help the people to reduce the overall electricity cost.

Dimmable Ballast:

It has a dimmable feature and also includes a dimming knob that makes it adaptable to different growing periods of your plant. These are beneficial for professional farmers.

Low Noise & Low Heat:

It has also low noise and low heat feature due to the due to the efficient power supply and ventilation holes. This will help those people who are trying to maintain a particular temperature and humidity for plants.

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King Plus 3000W – For Flowering Stage

king plus led 3000w

This is King Plus with 3000W LED Grow Light including a full spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Veg and Flower. It has Dual-Chip 10w LEDs which emits brighter light in large space areas.

Veg/Bloom switch:

These grow lights consists of a veg/bloom switch which helps to provide proper light for plants in different growth stages to greatly increase your harvest.

Full spectrum:

These grow light provides a full spectrum lighting ranging from 380 nm to 780 nm of natural light for plants needed for all growing stages from vegetables to flowers. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.

Energy-saving technology:

It is an energy saving product for the long-term period, also different from the traditional HPS consumes only 508w of electricity. This will help the people to reduce the overall electricity cost.

Advanced cooling system:

These grow lights also include low noise fans for advance cooling system effect which makes it more efficient for temperature control. The farmers which are looking for temperature and humidity control this will definitely help them.

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SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 – For Flowering Stage

spider farmer sf 4000

This is SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light with a 5’x5′ coverage compatible also include the Samsung LM301B diodes with dimmable features of commercial Grow Lights for Indoor Plants. Italso include full spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm 760nm IR 1212pcs LEDs good for growth of plants.


These lights include customize dimming designs to adjust according to the stage of the plant. This will help the people who are looking for flexibility.

Full Spectrum:

It has an excellent full spectrum of white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm) which helps the plant grow better. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.

Low running cost and High efficiency:

Compared to others it has a lower running cost with the higher efficiency of yield. Makes it best for indoor farming. This will help the people who are looking for low cost lighting system with high efficiency.

Buy on Amazon

Roleadro LED grow light strip: – Red and Blue Light for Succulent

roleadro led adjustable grow light

This is Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plants, these includes T5 LED Grow Lights 3with 500K & Red Blue full Spectrum plant Growing Lamp. Also has Timer/Extension Cables with an indoor plant Light Bar with an additional 4 Dimmable Levels for seedlings succulent. Mostly used by professional farmers better for larger space areas.

Brightness and Efficiency:

These lights tend to be brighter and more efficient with the range of 400nm-700nm high efficiency spectrum. The people who are trying to get benefit over a large area with maximum with maximum brightness will get the best results from this.

PAR Value and Luminous:

This product also has a high PAR value and Luminous efficiency reach up to 98% without any waste, which makes it higher in the list of purchase also. For maximum production this will be helpful.


It also has an auto on and off function with timing that is the reason it adapts itself in every 3-8 hours’ time. This will help the people who are trying to increase the cultivation but have a larger area and by this sensor they do not have to worry about the lighting hours.


Also, this product has an addition feature of dimmable with 4 dimmable levels which is a big plus with this energy efficient and durable product. Help to maintain the lighting and efficiency people who are looking for, it will get benefit from this.

Buy on Amazon

VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P2000 – With SMD LEDs

viparspectra p2000

This is VIPARSPECTRA Newest P2000 LED Grow Light with a 4x2ft coverage and full spectrum LED Grow Lights. It also has an upgraded SMD LEDs (Includes IR), Dimmable Plant Light for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom. These lights are typically used in the greenhouses by professionals.

Energy efficiency:

This product is energy efficient with dimmable feature also includes SMD LED Technology to provide high PAR output. People using green house over a large area will get benefit from this.

Full Spectrum:

It has great spectrum Consists of 660nm of red light, IR, 3000K and 5000K of the white light spectrum, which provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.


This product compared to traditional 500W HPS/MH it consumes only 200W. This product is perfect for 4’x4’ vegetative coverage at 24” and 3’x3’ flowering coverage at 20”. Efficiently help to reduce the overall cost and maximum production will increase.


It includes a built-in large areas of solid aluminium heat sinks, which is essential for heat dissipation while ensuring long lifespan of the light.

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Roleadro Grow Light (Galaxyhydro Series): – Higher PAR

roleadro led panel

This is Roleadro Grow Light, includes 1000W LED Grow Light with Full Spectrum and is a galaxyhydro Series Plant Light for Indoor with IR for Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Seedlings, Veg and Flower. Ideally best for farmers with small as well as large area for cultivation.


This product is Blurples Light which means it is an infrared grow light that is great for indoor plants. All kinds of indoor plants will be happy in all growth stage at any time. It is the best in extracting most of the blue, red, and IR light spectrum. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.

PAR value:

This product has a higher PAR value (453umol at 18”). For smaller and larger area people can get the benefit form higher PAR value because it helps to maximize the production.

Energy efficiency:

Also, it helps to reduce the over consumption of light and ensures to utilize up to 98% of the light. Efficiently help to reduce the overall cost and maximum production will increase.

Heat Dissipation System:

This product also includes a powerful heat removal system which include 2 high-speed cooling fans, built-in aluminium heat-sink, unique built-in temperature controller. People looking for higher value and maintaining the overall temperature and humidity can get benefits from this.

Buy on Amazon

Barrina LED Linkable Tube Lights – With Reflector

barrina led grow light with reflector

This is Barrina LED Grow Light, with a 252W (6 x 42W, 1400W Equivalent) 4ft T8, and Full Spectrum including a V-Shape with Reflector Combo, this is a Linkable Design with a 6-Pack grow light. Usually used in small areas of cultivation good for normal users.


This product has an easy installation process and includes all the accessories which are needed for installation. People looking form flexibility with easy installation in small areas.

Energy Efficiency:

It is bright and energy efficient with each plant light of 120pcs 0.5w LEDs chips(60W) while it only consuming 24W, and also save 50% on your electricity bill. Efficiently help to reduce the overall cost and maximum production will increase.

Bulb and layout:

It also includes plant light bulbs which are more efficient and has a better color layout including the adjustment feature also.

Buy on Amazon

GE BR30 LED Grow Light Bulbs – For Seedings and Small Area

ge led grow light bulb

This is GE BR30 LED Grow Lights, with a Full Spectrum, and a 9-Watt Grow Light Bulb. It also includes Plant Light Bulb with Balanced Lighting for Seeds and Greens. These are typically used in small areas and are very beneficial for small farmers with less area of cultivation.

Full spectrum:

The GE plant lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) has an advance LED technology that uses only 9 watts of energy with low heat generation. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.

Appearance and use:

The GE BR30 has a red/blue light spectrum for seeds and greens. What makes it special from others is that the bulbs are in a white glow, which is friendly to your eyes.

People which are largely growing herbs and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers will be get benefited.

Life span:

It is durable and long lasting with the property of energy efficiency. People looking for low maintenance cost with high efficiency rate can go for it.

Buy on Amazon

Litever 45W Light Strip Kit – With Extension Cables

best led grow lights for vegetables

These grow lights are perfect for Indoor Growing with a 4-Strip-Kit it can cover more area with maximum brightness.


This product is flexible and easy to install with all the accessories included in it that is needed for installation. People looking form flexibility with easy installation in large areas.

High PAR value:

It has a high PAR value which is good for veg, verbena plants, and flower which also helps in faster growth of the plants. For smaller and larger area people can get the benefit form higher PAR value because it helps to maximize the production.

Cost efficient:

It is also cost effective for the long term and are easily available in the market as compared to some other grow lights.

Buy on Amazon

Phlizon Cree COB LEDs – For Large Cultivation Space

phlizon cree cob 2000w

This is Phlizon CREE Cob Series with 1000W LED Plant Grow Light with a full spectrum lighting, also helpful in growing Veg Flower with a Monitor Adjustable Rope.

These grow lights are best for large areas with different plants cultivation, usefull for professional farmers.

Power and stability:

This product has a high power light and is stable with higher brightness. With a high PPFD value, the lamp helps the plant grow better and faster. Professional farmers can try it to get great results with high efficiency.

Full Spectrum:

It is a full spectrum light product which contains 2pcs COB, 40pcs 630-660nm, 6pcs 470nm,5pcs 6500k, 3pcs 3000K, 2pcs UV, 2pcs IR. Spectrum of blue and red light will help those people which are harvesting plants with high need of spectral beams.

Buy on Amazon

When to Use These Colors?

  • White

White light is the light the Sun provides to the plants, which is the best light for any kind of plant.

The white light provides to the plant all wavelengths of light and, for a good development of the plant, the white light is essential.

  • Red

The red light is very important for people that want to grow vegetables, or for people that want to help their plants bloom.

It is also important to use the red light when a little boost to the fruit production is needed.

  • Blue

The blue light is extremely important for the roots, as it stimulates their healthy growth and development and without strong roots, the plant won’t be strong either.

This is the reason why most people chose to use the blue light in the early stage of development, mostly for the seeds.

Which Type of LED Is Best for Growing Plants?

plant heat lamp

There are some basic types of LED grown lights that will give you an idea which one is better and how they are used:

– Desk Grow Lights:

These normal lights are basically the simplest form of LED grow light technology in which on a desk lamp bar, there are multiple LEDs packed together for greater spectrum light.

These are basically used above the plant section so that its light can be directed to the top of the flower.

– Spread-Style COB Grow Lights:

This type of LED grow light basically spreads a large number of smaller LEDs over a large area, increasing the growing coverage effectively.

Also, these are referred as Quantum boards, racks, or spider. These are the most popular option for growers with larger indoor operations. These are exceptionally energy efficient, and long lasting.

LEDs vs CFLs Grow light vs MH/HPS lights

LEDs vs CFLs:

(i)   LEDs are more energy-efficient than CFLs.

(ii)  LEDs require much less wattage than CFLs.

(iii) With a lifespan of approximately 25,000-35,000 hours, an LED lasts 2-4 times longer than a CFL.

(iv)  Also, LEDs are cost-efficient than CFLs.

– Grow Light vs MH/HPS for Plants:

(i)  Grow lights are more energy-efficient than HPS.

(ii) Grow lights larger shelf life in comparison to HPS.

(iii) HPS increases costs substantially in the long-term if compared to Grow lights.

(iv) HPS struggles to set the optimal temperature particularly in the confined spaces.

Essential Accessories for Growing Plants

Small scissors: These are very helpful in proper cutting of trees which have a lot of unwanted stems and leaves so that they can grow in a decent way.

Also, small scissors are very helpful to reach the small spaces very easily.

Plant sticks: These are very useful for plants with any type of curvy branch or stem and helps them to stay straight and gives them a support also used for creeper plants.

Lighting stand: These are the most important accessories for the plants which are grown indoor under LED grown lights. This could help the light to be in a proper position for plants to grow efficiently.

Temperature and Humidity calculator: It is one of the most important accessories for plants because it helps to maintain the temperature and humidity in the environment of the plant and helps to measure the exact temperature and humidity level best suited for the plants.

Pot: You should select a pot which is best suitable for your plant.

How to Use LED Grow Lights?

The best way to use a LED grow light is to place it from 14-30 inches above the plants, as one of the biggest advantages of the of using LEDs is that they put off very little heat that is the reason you can place them close to your plant without worrying about burning them.

Tips to Help You Use Grow Lights Correctly

highest yielding led grow light

1. Always select a grow light that has a wider beam light so that it can help to cover more space with a high range.

2. Before installing a grow light always measure the perfect height for placement of light, ideally which is 14-30 inches above the plants.

3. The LED grow light should have the high spectrum of blue and red light because these to are the most useful spectrums when it comes to growth and photosynthetic procedure.

4. Also, there should be a proper heat dissipation so that the overall temperature and humidity levels should be suitable for the plants.

5. Dimming features of the light must be included so that plants do have a natural setup of the day and night which can help in better growth of the plants.

6. Always select the perfect wattage according to your space in which you are going to grow plants.

7. Lighting should be properly monitored during the whole stages of the plants.

8. Schedule your lighting according to the day timings so that plants can get a better light according to their need.

9. Also, with the use of light always keep in mind that watering the plants should be proper so that it can maximize the effect of light to increase growth, also don’t over water the plants keep it proper and according to the merits of the plants.

10. Also, choose the best grow light according to the plant requirement like (lumens, spectrums, temperature and humidity levels).


1. Is the LED grow lights system going to be the same when growing hydroponic plants as when growing soil plants?

The main difference between hydroponic and soil plants is the size of the roots.

In a hydroponic, the nutrients are delivered directly to the roots, so the roots don’t actually have to go search for the nutrients, which makes them stay smaller than they would be in soil.

When being grown in soil, the roots have to go search for the nutrients, so they get bigger and more developed.

The rapidity of the nutrient delivery affects, however, not only the root size, but also the plant development, because high and fast nutrient delivery means high and fast nutrient absorption, therefore, high and fast plant development.

This difference in growth speed does not mean there should be a difference in the light needs of the plants, because the photosynthesis still needs the same wavelengths, regardless of the nutrients the plant absorbs through the roots.

2. How far should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?

During the flowering period of the plants LED Grow Light should be 16-36 inches from the plant canopy.

3. Will any LED light Work as a grow light?

Generally, yes.

It is possible to use LED light as a grow light but as we all know that LED lights are so customizable die to which every bulb is different and you need to get the bulb that will produce the exact mix of red, blue and other wavelengths preferred by your plants which is a very difficult task.

4. How many plants can a 1000W LED light grow?

On an average 6-9 plants can be grown from 1000W LED light.

5. Should I turn off the Grow Light at night?

In general, you should not leave the lights on 24/7 because plants also need a dark cycle to develop properly.

Plants usually use darkness as the time to move nutrients into their extremities while taking a break from growing.

6. What color light do plants grow worst in?

Usually, plant grow worst in white color as it is not the most important color for the plant. Also, yellow and green color have the lowest effect on plant growth.

What Is the Best LED Grow Light for Plants?

I have already provided a list of some products which are best for grow light but from them there are some which I will definitely recommend:

Philzon CREE COB Series are best if you looking for a medium space area grow lights because of their wide spread range they will be effective for medium space indoor farming.

VIPARSPECTRA P2000 will be most effective if you are looking for a large space area for your cultivation because these are high power grow lights and are good for herb, veg and bloom.