Best Desk Lamps with Productive Light for Home Office in 2022

Purchasing a desk lamp for your home office is essential due to the nature of the environment. In your home office, there should be a significant level of lightning to help improve productivity and comfort.

If you don’t have good lighting in your home office, you may have less energy for work. Due to the importance of desk lamps for home offices, it’s essential to make the right choice when buying one.

This article reviews some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best desk lamps for home offices. It also provides help in selecting a significant desk lamp.

best desk lamps for home office review and buying guide

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How to Choose the Suitable Table Lamps for Your Home Office?

When selecting the best desk lamps for the home office, it’s imperative to review some major factors. Asking specific questions about the product should help you make the best decision.

Here are some of the major factors to review or questions to ask:

What is Your Home Office Size?

The size of your home office should determine the type of lamp that you purchase. It’s imperative to ensure that the desk lamp size you select is good enough for the coverage of your home office tables.

When selecting based on the size of your home office, ensure that the lamp’s surface area is wide enough and the bulb shines bright.

What Light Color Temperature is Suitable for the Home Office?

Before selecting a home office lamp, know the most suitable color temperature. The best light color temperature for a home office is 4,000 Kelvin and above.

With the appropriate color temperature, users can enjoy a significant level of alertness, activeness, and concentration when working.

What is the Style of Home Office Décor?

The style of your home office décor should determine the type of home office lamp you purchase. You can make your home office lamp match your home décor for the aesthetics of your home.

Home office lamps like the tripod, swing arm or boom arm are great options depending on the home décor.

What Kind of Light Should I Use for a Computer Desk?

When you’re using a computer desk, the most suitable type of light is glare-free LED lighting.

These types of light provide the most suitable overhead illumination for working next to your computer desk. Try to position the light in a technique that doesn’t reflect on the computer screen.

What is the Good Wattage?

Before selecting a home office lamp, consider the wattage of the bulbs.

Note that the wattage of the LED bulbs depends on the brightness level that suits you best.

For brightness levels between 1000 to 1400 lumens, the most suitable LED Watts is 12 – 13 Watts.

Are there Adjustable Light Angles?

When purchasing a home office lamp, ensure that it has adjustable light angles. With that feature, it’s more suitable for users to work due to less shadow casting on objects when working.

Note that the adjustable light angles will make the product have higher functionality benefits for users.

Best Desk Lamps for Home Office Reviews

For ease in selecting the best desk lamps for home office reviews, here are some significant products to consider:

Hot Sale – LITOM Touch Control Desk Lamp for Work and Study

modern home office desk lamp

The LITOM LED Desk Lamp is uniquely designed for a wide variety of users. It’s structured to last for over 50000 hours without any bulb-changing problems.

Thanks to the design, you can make multi-angle adjustments when using the desk lamp. Ensure that it faces a direction that doesn’t cast any shadows.

The LITOM LED Desk Lamp is a foldable device with 180 degrees adjustable arm and a rotating axis of 90 degrees.

With the different angles, you can enjoy flexible illumination and comfortability. Due to the foldability of the device, you can easily pack them up for storage at your desk or store.

Auto Timer and Night Light

Users can benefit from flicker-free and eye-caring LED lights that are greatly suitable for tired eyes. For the best night experience, without causing any disturbance to others around, the lamp comes with a side soft night light.

One of the most unique technologies is its one-hour auto-timer that ensures you don’t have your lamp consuming power while you’re asleep.

Fifty Different Customizable Illumination

The LITOM LED Desk Lamp comes with as many as 50 customizable illuminations.

There are five various color modes with ten different brightness levels, which makes fifty customizable illuminations in total. In the home office, you may decide to use any of the light modes for work, reading, video calls, or relaxation.

Convenient USB Port for Charging

The LITOM LED comes with a unique USB charging port in the base of the lamp. It helps users charge their mobile devices, including phones, e-readers, or tablets.

Hence, it can also be helpful outside the home office for outdoor applications.

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Space Saving – AmazLit Adjustable Desk Lamp with Strong Clamp and Memory Function

black home office desk lamp

The AmazLit Desk Lamp is a black and modern style of desk lamp. It uses conventional and long-lasting LED bulbs for providing illumination.

Thanks to the 15.8 inches swivel lamp head, you can enjoy a significant level of brightness in a wide area. There are also various color options available for individuals using this lamp.

One of the significant features of the AmazLit Desk Lamp with Clamp is its glare-free and flicker-free nature, which helps in protecting eye health.

Note that the stepless dimming and color temperature is impressive, which is from 3000K to 5500K. Note that the color temperature is just appropriate for your home office.

Extra Wide Metal Clamp

The extra-wide metal clamp comes with silicone pads and ensures more flexible use and comfortability. Due to the strength of the clamp, you can use the lamp on a 2.1 inches tabletop.

The swingarm of the lamp remains in its appropriate position when the user clamps the desk lamp. Its design prevents scratches and also saves a significant degree of space on the table.

Memory Function

A significant feature of the AmazLit Desk Lamp with Clamp is the function that supports power-off memory. It functions by returning the last setting or mode when you turn it on for use.

Timing Function Available and Reading Mode

The desk lamp comes with a built-in automatic delay-off function that can be set to 10-40 minutes before sleeping.

It automatically turns off after the specific amount of time set. Hence, you can get more comfortable using them without unnecessary loss of energy.

Note that the reading mode (4000K and 100% brightness) is available when you make a single click.

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With Sleek Finish – JUKSTG LED Architect Desk Lamp for Modern Home Office

adjustable home office desk lamps

The JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp is a contemporary style device that is made from durable plastic. Its modern design makes it one of the most suitable home office lamps in the market.

While using the lamp, you can set a timer that allows you to save power when you fall asleep.

For the safety of your eye, the JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp produces a soft and uniform light with zero flickers. You can use the device for long hours due to the flicker-free performance.

Various Lighting Modes and Brightness Levels

The JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp comes with 4 different lighting modes and 7 brightness levels.

Hence, there are twenty-eight different customizable lighting settings. Note that there are 36 packs of LED table lamps with sensitive touch control for studying or work in the home office.

USB Charging Available

The lamps are equipped with a USB charging port that helps users recharge their devices through the 5V/1A charging port. Thanks to the available port, you can charge any type of mobile device, from phones to tablets and e-readers.

Multi Angle Adjustments

For the best lighting experience, the JUKSTG supports multi angle adjustments. Users can rotate the desk lamp arm for as much as 180 degrees and swivel the base by a right angle.

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With Extensive Light – BenQ LED Glare-free Desk Lamp for Monitors

best home office lighting for computer work

The BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp is a swing arm lamp made from aluminum. These lamps provide users with a wide desk illumination that features a curved head, ball joints, and advanced lighting technology.

Since the BenQ Desk Lamp lights up the whole desk, it’s a great option for a home office lamp.

Auto-dimming Mode

The BenQ eReading lamp can detect ambient brightness and adjust the brightness level appropriately. With this setting, you’ll experience the most comfortable lighting environment for your home office.

Wide Desk Coverage

Some of the major features of the table lamp include the curved head and the flexible swing arm that allows easy adjustability for more illumination.

Thanks to the advanced light technology and functionality, there’s a higher probability of enjoying a wide desk illumination.

Superior Durability

The desk lamps are highly durable due to the unique aluminum material. They can last for long hours of use and withstand corrosion or significant causes of damage.

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Different Table Lamp Arms for the Home Office

There are different significant pros and cons for the various available table lamps for a home office. For the best choice in this product, it’s imperative to understand their different downsides and upsides. Here are some of the types and their pros, and cons:


The gooseneck is a type of lamp that has its lightbulb connected to an adjustable and flexible shaft, which is called the “gooseneck.”

Note that the shaft allows you to position the light source at the appropriate angle without moving the entire lamp.


  • No need to move the whole table lamp in your home office
  • The light source is easy to direct to avoid casting shadows
  • Provides aesthetic value to your home office


  • Short flexible shafts in the lamps are less functional than the long ones

Swing Arm

The swingarm type of home office lamp is unique compared to the conventional kinds. It uses movable arms that allow the user to swing the light to any preferable region.


  • Allows user swing the lamp’s arms in any suitable direction
  • They are very comfortable adjusting for additional illumination
  • Swingarm lamps can cover different regions of your home office


  • It’s essential to avoid loose bolts in the home lamp to keep it functional

Foldable Arm

The foldable arm home lamps appear like the swing arm ones, but they function differently. You can fold these lamps in when you need them to face a different direction or angle.


  • Foldability of the home office lamps makes them highly portable
  • Easy to fold into any suitable style for better illumination
  • Comes in different lengths for various applications


  • You may need to tighten the bolts for stability when you fold in the lampstand

Non-adjustable Arm or No Arms

The non-adjustable arm desk lamps come with a uniquely designed and rigid arm. Due to the rigidity of the arm, it’s different from the conventional foldable brands.


  • Always fixed in a position and doesn’t need tampering
  • May cover a large surface area of the home office, depending on the position


  • Nonadjustable lamp, which causes a level of restriction in covering the whole home office region

What Are the Best Desk Lamps for the Home Office?

All of the products in this article are great options for your home office.

However, the BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp is some of the best desk lamps for the home office. It offers a wide desk illumination and also provide an adjustable color temperature and brightness.