Indoor and Outdoor Battery Operated Lights for Illumination and Decoration in 2022

Battery operated lights are known to be a friendlier and economical way of lighting up and decorating your home.

However, many types of battery-operated lights are designed for a specific purpose that we mostly do not understand where they perfectly fit.

And for that reason, this article comes in to guide you on how to make the right decision on which type of light to invest in and worthy of your needs.

Further, you will find:

  • Types of the battery powered lights
  • Some of the best-reviewed products that you may choose from.
  • Understand how these lights work into detail with where and why is fit for the application.

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Toodour LED Icicle Curtain Lights – String Lights For Festivity

GDNS Stainless Steel LED Lamp – Pendant Ceiling Chandelier for Living Rooms

Ring Battery-Powered Floodlight – Perfect for Security

DK177 LED Twig Lights – Romantic Decorative Light

Battery Operated Christmas/Halloween Lights

battery operated christmas lights

How to Choose Battery Powered Lights for Festivals?

If you wanna great battery powered decorative lights for Christmas, Halloween or other festivities, you need to consider:

– What Are Lamp Types?

The need for Halloween/Christmas light depends on your intended purpose of decoration. Hence, you should be able to choose an appropriate type of light that will bring out your creativity to enhance the mood and beauty of your surroundings.

Below are some of the lamp types you can choose from.

Fairy String Lights

These are types of string lights that are tiny but they illuminate bright and glowing light and you can wrap around flower vases, glass jars, artist paints, and many more for decoration purposes.

Icicle Lights

This is an outdoor LED string light that is used to decorate the rooflines, backyard deck, and stairway to create a welcome mood.

Icicle lights have solid colors incorporated with RGB, orange, and purple colors which are convenient and reliable for Halloween and Christmas.

Further, because of the combination of different colors, you can also use it to spice up the mood in your bedroom.

Rope Lights

This is a type of decorative indoor and outdoor light with tiny/small LED bulbs arranged at an inch distance apart and they produce bright and shiny light which is mostly used as accent lighting.

Besides, they are also great for lining walkways, stairways, decks and to create custom signs.

Garland Lights

These are tiny LED lights designed like flower filaments that are wrapped together to create a glowing and beautiful garland or a centerpiece.

Hence, they are a good choice for weddings, birthdays, parties, Christmas, and Halloween. They have multiple colors to choose from and are energy efficient.

Wreath Lights

These are wall mini lights that are used to decorate and brighten centerpiece work and craft projects in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and many more.

– Power Source

Christmas lights that are battery operated are energy efficient hence you can choose either the one that is powered by a cell battery or a rechargeable lithium battery.

However, cell battery-operated Christmas lights are pocket friendly but are expensive in the long run because you will frequently replace them after they have completely discharged.

While, rechargeable lithium batteries are expensive but the battery is long-lasting making it to be pocket friendly in the long run.

– What Is the Light Color?

The need for your Halloween/Christmas light depends on the color theme and light setting you require for decoration.

Hence, you can choose the one with a solid color like yellow or the one that features a combination of solid colors with RGB light.

Either you choose solid or with a combination of colors, still, your intention for indoor and outdoor decoration will be achieved if you understand your color theme.

– What Light Bulb Numbers Should I Buy?

Before purchasing the Christmas light bulb, you should consider the size of the room or place you intend to decorate to help you figure out the number of light bulbs that will sufficiently brighten and decorate the place or the room according to the light setting you need.

– What Are the Addition Features?


Christmas light bulb that features a timer would be a great relief since it allows you to easily operate it by setting the time for lighting intervals for each color and when to automatically switch on and off which also helps in prolonging the battery life.

Remote control

This is also another feature that is also vital for convenience, comfort, and easy operation, because it allows you to remotely switch on and off and control the light interval and mode set up especially when you are far from its power source or button.

Reviews of the Battery Operated Lights for Christmas Decor

National Tree Company Lighted-up Artificial Christmas Garland

battery operated christmas decorations

Enrich and add charm to your indoor and outdoor surroundings with this eye-catching lighted-up garland décor to bring natural lifelike appeal and confidence to your home.

Long-lasting friendly

This garland has undergone multiple quality tests and the crafted branch tips are crafted from fire-resistant to endure many festive seasons and also non-allergenic.

Provides natural outdoor feel

The garland is crafted with 180b branch tips, trimmed with silver bristle, cones, berries, and 50 UL white lights, and it stretches 9 feet long and 10-inches wide to displays its lush form and brings out the outdoor feel to your indoor. Hence, reliable to display anywhere in your home.

This Christmas garland is a great choice as a housewarming gift for friends and family on Christmas, fall, winter, and festivals.

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Sanniu Battery Powered Copper Wire Mini Starry Fairy Lights

battery operated mini christmas lights

This Copper wire mini string light is a great decorative LED battery operated that comes at a pocket-friendly cost. Besides, it is incorporated with the following features;

16 feet long with 50 LED chips

This slim wire hosts 50 LED chips that intensely and amazingly brightens your atmosphere with warm lights that are a friend to your eyes and the lights illuminate at a 360-degree viewing angle making it perfect for decorative projects.

Copper wire mini string lights

The copper wire is ultra-thin, easy to shape and mold for decoration purpose, energy-efficient and does not heat up, and is anti-flicker making it long-lasting and reliable.

Light up the party, wedding, and your home with these portable and battery-operated Copper wire mini string lights for an amazing experience with your loved ones.

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Toodour LED Icicle Curtain Lights

christmas window lights battery operated

Light up your curtains with these icicle lights and get to enjoy the 360-degree view of the 360 LED icicle lights whether you are inside or outside your house. Further, these icicle lights are designed with versatility in mind for you to reap the best due to the following reasons;

Perfect for indoor decoration

It is 29.5ft long, 16.4ft lead cable with 60 drops which allows you to connect to 3 strands making it perfect for lighting windows, curtains, stairs, and many more.

Easy to operate

It features a timer setting that controls automatically the 8 lighting modes for 6 hours and 18 hours off and you can also use the button on the adapter to choose the mode. Besides, it has a built-in memory chip that auto-saves the last lighting mode eliminating the need of resetting it every time.

Durable and energy-efficient

This light is waterproof IP44-designed to withstand water spills and light rain for durability and outdoor décor and, it has a lower voltage output of 30V which is safe and energy-saving.

Bright light yet eye-friendly

The LED lights disperses light very well and provides powerful yet even light without harsh glare or shadows.

Despite all the benefits, this icicle light is reliable for wide applications and is safe and friendly for indoor purposes.

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National Tree Company 7.5 Ft Pre Lit Christmas Pine Tree

battery operated outdoor christmas lights with timer

This fully bodied Pre-lit Christmas tree offers outstanding realism with its 1399 crafted branch tips to brighten your home during the festive holidays for uncountable seasons.

Easy to set-up

You can easily set-up and disassembly this Christmas tree since it features convenient hinged branches and pre-strung lights.

Easy to spot

This Christmas tree is 7.5 ft. tall with a 61-inch diameter sturdy metal base that is easy to spot anywhere in the room and also huge enough for you to customize its decoration to your theme setting

Lasting Durability

The metal base is sturdy enough and built to endure many seasons and features 750 UL white lights with needles that are water-resistant, non-allergenic and it is time-tested for durability.

Take your chance to decorate your home with the Pre-lit Christmas tree and customize it with ornaments and decorations of your own choice to spice up your kids’ mood not only during festive seasons but also their birthday party.

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Battery Operated Ceiling Light

battery operated ceiling lights for living room

How to Choose Battery Operated Ceiling Lights?

Look for a good ceiling light powered by batteries? Check the bellow:

– What Are Lamp Types?

There are different types of ceiling lights designed for a different purposes.

Therefore, when purchasing a ceiling light you should have a clue about it to avoid inconveniences that may arise because of its degree of brightness.

Below are types of battery-operated ceiling lights you can choose from and where they mostly fit.

Pendant Lights

This is a single light bulb incorporated into a single fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with its cord, chain, or metal rod to produce more focused light.

Pendant lights are mostly suspended in kitchens, bathroom, dining, bedroom, and entryway or when you want to add a discreet pool of light for an outdoor space.


These are multiple light bulbs incorporated into a single fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with its cord or metal rod to support the weight of branching lights.

Chandeliers are mostly fitted in large rooms like the living room or when you want to make a bold statement.

– Number of Lights and Lighting Space

The brightness of the ceiling light in your room is mostly determined by the size of your room and the lumen of the bulb.

Hence, when choosing a battery ceiling light, you should first consider the size of your room and the type of bulb concerning its lumen, for instance, a large space will require multiple lights to produce much-focused light depending on their lumen effect.

Hence, places like the living room, dining, and conference room will demand multiple lights.

In contrast, small rooms like a bathroom will demand a single light bulb.

– How Much Brightness Should It Be?

The decision of purchasing the bulb also depends on the lighting effect that will satisfy your needs with relation to the place it is installed.

For instance, an LED light with a lower lumen produces an ambient light effect which is used to create a soothing soft-focus light effect especially in the living room, dining, and bedroom.

While if you want an accent lighting effect an LED light bulb with moderate lumen would be the best and if you intend to create a focused light effect for excellent visibility a bulb with high lumen would be the best.

Reviews of the Battery Operated Ceiling Light

Yurnero Motion Sensor Ceiling Light with Daylight

wireless battery operated ceiling lights

This motion sensor ceiling light is battery operated and produces a powerful light that makes it unique and reliable for either indoor or outdoor purposes depending on your needs.

Yurnero motion light sensor is powerful due to the following reasons:

  • Under dark ambient, it can detect motion from up to 18ft away and turn off automatically after 20 seconds to conserve the battery power.
  • Under ambient light, it automatically turns off and turns on when the ambient light is fading.
  • It is powered by 4 D-cell alkaline batteries that can last up to 6 months and light up a space of up to 180sp ft. area.
  • The LED light has a light effect of up to 300 lumen that diffuses in all directions and has a built-in 80 pcs and long lifespan.
  • It is easy to install because it does not require a wiring connection.

This ceiling light is not only suitable for outdoor use but also fits your bedroom, corridor, stairways, garage, and many more.

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GDNS Stainless Steel LED Chandeliers for Living Room

battery operated ceiling chandelier

This chandelier ceiling light is modern and elegantly designed to create an excellent firework lighting effect in your home making it recommendable for interior decoration. Below is more information about this LED bulb:

  • It features 12 replaceable bulbs with each consuming 5W totaling up to 60W and has a voltage of 110V making it energy efficient.
  • The adjustable 59inch stainless steel cord is long-lasting and easy to install
  • It produces a natural warm light that is friendly to the eye of about 4200K
  • It has a dimension of 27.5-inch diameter to provide wide coverage of light in your living room and hallway.

Enhance the finishing of your home and prevent others from falling on the entryway and stairs with polished iron chandelier ceiling light.

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Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

battery operated outdoor wall lights

How to Choose Battery Operated Outdoor Lights?

When choosing battery-operated outdoor light it is good to consider the type of lighting that will economically provide safety properly to your needs.

Hence the guide below will help you to make the right decision.

– Where to Use?


Garages are often not used during night hours, hence it is always difficult to light them up the whole night because it amounts to a higher energy bill.

Therefore, the best type of battery-powered outdoor light would be motion sensor lights because it will automatically turn on when it detects motion.


When choosing a light for your garden, you should automatically that is a wide space that will require a powerful light for security purposes.

Hence, a dusk-to-dawn sensor light would be the most convenient and reliable because it automatically switches on when dusk is approaching and switches of when the dawn is arriving.


The best type of light that will perfectly work with the patio is an ambient light effect to create warmth because it is an outdoor room where we most like to take a nap and relax with friends/family.

– Dusk to Dawn Sensor? Motion Sensor?

Dusk to dawn sensor automatically lights up your outdoor when the ambient light is low and off when it is the day is approaching ensuring your outdoor is safe the whole night.

While motion sensor light only lights up your outdoor within the period of the motion detection which can easily alarm you if there is an obstruction within the proximity range, unlike dusk-to-dawn sensor light.

Your decision entirely depends on your need and the place you intended to use because each has its downside that will complement in some situations where either is not fit for.

– What Is the Best Lamp for Security?

Floodlight is the best lamp for your security; however, before you purchase it you should be considering the following tips to help you get the best floodlight fit for your need;

  • It should be able to allow you to easily operate and control it its settings and modes remotely via an app or remote control.
  • It should have a higher lumen to ensure your outdoor is brightly illuminated.
  • It should have motion sensors that automatically switch on and off the moment it detects motion within the period of motion.
  • It should be weather-resistant to outdoor elements for durability.

Reviews of Outdoor Battery Powered Lights

Vinkor Portable Flameless LED Candles with Remote for Patio

outdoor battery candles

These battery-operated candles are realistically designed indistinguishably from traditional burning candles with an LED flame simulation technology which makes the candles flicker and bring the most realistic decorative experience.

Why are they different from traditional candles?

  • These flameless candles are operated by 2AA batteries and they come in a value pack that contains 10 pillars {2 pieces of pillars per each size of 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 9”}
  • You can easily operate them either manually or via 2 remote control and it is integrated with a timer that allows you to set the lighting time interval from 2H/4H/6H/8H, timed to automatically turn on and off with a circle of 24hours.
  • It produces an ambient light that is safe and friendly to everyone because it has no fire hazards and or burning risks, unlike traditional candles. Hence, it is good for camping and lighting up the garden.
  • The candle has a lifespan of 50,000hrs making them a way more economical solution than traditional candles that last up to few hours.

Even under power surges, Halloween parties and Christmas festive will always be lighted up if you have these Flameless candles as your back up.

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Sunjoy Classic Hanging Chandelier for Gazebo

battery operated outdoor hanging lights

This classic designed styled battery-powered candle chandelier light adds light and style to your living room and gazebo. Still, its features are worth investing into because of the following reason;

  • It is ready to assemble and set up for outdoor use.
  • It comes with a hanging chain of about 23.64 inches that allows you to easily switch on/off and you can adjust it to a perfect height for your application.
  • This lightweight and six-2AA battery-powered LED candles chandelier light is made from a polypropylene material that is a weather-resistant frame that can withstand outdoor conditions and durable.

Run your Gazebo with this battery-powered candle chandelier light that can offer you an ambient light at an economical budget.

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Ring Battery-Powered Floodlight – Perfect for Security

battery operated outdoor security lights

Ring smart lighting is a battery-powered security floodlight that is premium-designed to offer you a safe solution while having a peaceful night’s sleep. Further, you will be intrigued with how it offers you maximum security even while away from home.

Why made to keep you safe?

  • You can control, connect with your phone, ring doorbell, and cameras through its Ring app to offer a fully connected home security system and works with Alexa to help you automatically turn on and off and adjust the brightness.
  • The battery-powered floodlight has 600 Lumens that produces a powerful light to brighten your outdoor, stairways, and backyard deck when motion is detected while ensuring you get information through your Ring App.
  • It uses 4D-cell batteries and its housing is weather-resistant due to its IP66 rating making it long-lasting.
  • It is a wire-free design for easy installation.

Ring Smart Lighting is one of the most economical ways of security back up when your security alarm is broken or fails to pick up the signal.

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Battery Operated Lights for Home

battery operated ceiling lights for living room

How to Choose Home Used Battery Powered Lights?

The home also requires a specific type of light that is well designed and engineered to fit certain applications in your home depending on the size, color temperature, and indoor/outdoor decoration.

– What Lamp Type Is Suitable for Your Use?


A closet is only functional when we need to dress; therefore, the type of light that is suitable to light up your closet surface mounted light and features a timer to prevent battery consumption.


Wall-mounted vanity lamps work well for bathroom application, but the LED bulb should emit a warm, soft white light effect close to daylight effect for mirror accurate and display.


The type of lamp that will work with your porch is a motion sensor lamp for security purposes because it will automatically light up your porch/verandah when someone/something is approaching or at the door.

Living room

Chandelier/pendant/recessed lights hanging from or across from the ceiling is suitable for lighting the living room because they produce ambient light to create a cozy environment.

– How Much Space You Will Light on?

The place you intend to use battery-operated lights for your home depends on the size of the room application.

For instance, if you want to light a shed you will need an LED bulb with high lumen depending on the size of your shed but warm light which is friendly to your eyes and but it should not be dim. The best light temperature for the shed is about 4100-4200K.

While for large room, warm white lighting effects (ambient light) is suitable to create a cozy environment and to complement and inspire the surrounding features like furniture and wall decorations. The best light temperature for a large room is between 2500-3000K, however, it depends on the size of the room.

– What Lamp Is Suitable for Decoration?

Lava lamp

If you want to create and an outdoor or indoor decoration that will enhance mood and appeal ease while in the dark rather than providing a beam of light illumination lava lamp would be your great choice.

Twig lights

Twig lights are best for creating ambient, rustic charm and elements of nature decoration either indoor or outdoor because they produce ambient light. They work best near flowers and fireplaces.

– What Lamp Is Best for Small Homes?

Wall sconces are best for lighting small homes because they provide a balanced light effect that is friendly and they complement well with the ceiling making the room appear elegant and stylish. They mostly work best in bathrooms, bedrooms, loft, dressing room, and stairways.


Review of Wireless Lights for Home

Leastyle Wireless LED Puck Lights for Closet/Under Cabinet

outdoor gazebo chandelier battery operated

LEASTYLE is a battery-operated LED puck light that is portable and suitable for places like your closet, basement, under-the-counter bookshelf, and many more. This wireless closet puck light is reliable and convenient for different applications because it is engineered with the following features. These include;

  • It is battery powered by 3AAA batteries and its remote is powered by 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • You can easily operate it via a remote control up to a distance range of 21feet or manually tap the lens to adjust the light brightness.
  • It has a timer presets to turn off the light automatically in 10-, 30-, 60, 120 minutes when it is not in use to prevent battery consumption.
  • It is wireless design makes it friendly which allows you to use it in a toddler’s room and is always ready to install.

LEASTYLE wireless puck light would be your best choice because of its portability that allows you to use it for a wide application not only for your closet but also for camping

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KSANA Bathroom Vanity Light with Glass Globe

battery powered bathroom light

Make your bathroom space shine with this modern vanity light to your bathroom and update the look of your bathroom walls with its clean-lined metal arms and elegant globe lights that are hand-painted. The elegance construction of this bathroom vanity light is further defined by the following features;

  • It is compatible with dimmable bulbs and works best with 3x E12 Base Type B, Max 40W Bulb, and is UL listed.
  • It is easy to install and ready for use. You can mount it either as your up light or downlight.
  • It has a dimension of 19.5” by 6” by 7.5” and the diameter of the backplate is 5” making it the perfect light for your bathroom and bedroom mirror.

Don’t feel restricted only to install it in your bathroom but also fits best in your living room, dressing room, staircase, loft, and corridor.

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DK177 LED Twig Lights – Romantic Decorative Light

battery operated bedroom lights

Improve your outdoor creativity and vitality with this cute battery-operated LED branch light that is 30inch in size and features 20 warm light bulbs. The twig light easily allows you to bring out the exquisite indoor and outdoor beauty appearance because it is designed with the following features.

  • The handcrafted twig lights have 5 flexible stems that allow you to easily shape them to create your natural look. Hence, you can use it to light up Christmas, Halloween, hallway, galleries, and fits anyway in your room.
  • It is easy to use and also friendly since it emits a warm white light and is powered by 2AA batteries without an AC connection.

Surprise your loved one with these flower vase decoration twig lights to enhance their mood and enjoy a quiet night outdoor together.

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What Other Battery Operated Lamps?

– Strip Lights

This is a long strip of LED light that is peeled off from its liner and mounted to a virtual surface.

You can easily design it to your desired shape and style and mount it on the surface for decoration purposes and is flexible for any application.

– Grow Lights

This is a compact and flexible light that is used to provide light for the growth of indoor plants.

Further, a grow light is used for decorating indoor plants because it features LED lights that are energy-efficient and emits lower levels of heat that cannot affect plant growth.


1. How Long Do LED Battery Operated Lights Last?

LED battery-operated lights can last from 50,000 hours up to 200,000 hours. However, their durability depends on the type of LED and its construction. The reason for their durability is because they do not have working parts that will heat up and break over time.

2. Are Battery Security Lights Any Good?

Yes. Battery-operated security lights are built to withstand outdoor conditions, they have low power consumption and are reliable in the event of a blackout making them durable, economical, and secure compared to electric operated lights.



Battery operated lights are inexpensive and cost-efficient power backups that will keep everything running smoothly without the inconvenience and are durable.

Hence, they are mostly used for decoration, lighting homes, and security purposes.

Furthermore, you can choose from a specific design that would perfectly fit multiple applications in your home, but it all depends on your budget and needs.