How to Pick the Best Closet Lighting for Different Purposes and Spaces?

Closet lighting is the most important part yet overlooked. Many people didn’t notice that adding the features to your closet can make your room look great and brighter.

Closet lighting can make a huge difference in looks, feel, brightness level, space and functionality.

In this article, we will explore the types of closet lighting to choose from, how to choose the right one, best closet lighting on the market, closet lighting ideas…

Let’s start!

walk in closet lighting

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Budget for Wardrobe: GE Wireless Battery Operated Closet Puck Lights (Click here to buy)

Appeal Looking for Walk-in Closets: Cuaulans Modern Crystal Hanging Light (Click here to buy)

Wall Sconces: LUTEC Cuba Bright Lamp for Modern Walk-in Closets (Click here to buy)

Door Activated: Amagle Flexible Light Strips with Dual Modes (Click here to buy)

What Benefits You Can Get from Closet Lighting?

  • The closet lighting can amplify the colors of the floor.
  • The finishes you used in the closet will create a great effect of bright light in that space.
  • Even if your room consists of windows, a closet with lighting will make a big difference in the brightness, feel and presentation of your room.

What Makes A Light Best For Wardrobe?

Light plays an important role in setting up closets. There are a variety of lights which are used in closets but the main question is about the best lights which are best suitable for closets.

Don’t worry! If you are considering lighting for closets, keep these three basic points in your mind:

Safe to use:

Features that make the closet light best to use:

1. Most of the closet lights must be fully enclosed with glass over it. This keeps hot bulbs from coming into direct contact with a flammable material like a blanket or clothing item. It also allows a safeguard for breaking bulbs.

2. These lights come with the adjustment and dimmable feature which helps in maintaining the brightness level of the lights.

3. Also, these lights are installed at a safe distance approximately 12 inches from the storage, so at the time of heating it does not catch fire.

Energy saving:

Features that make the closet light best in energy saving:

1. Most of the closet lights includes LEDs which consumes less energy in comparison to others which makes it energy efficient.

2. There are closet lights which includes sensors that helps in turning on and off, simply when a person is near the light it turns on and when the person is not there then it automatically turns off, which helps in saving electricity.

3. Also, there are closet lights which are battery operated and do not need electricity supply which helps in saving a lot energy.


The features that make the closet light best in brightness:

1. Most of the lights used in closet are LEDs which emits more bright light than others, a simple 7-15 watts LED light can be as bright as 25-watt fluorescent bulb or a 75-watt incandescent bulb.

2. These closet lights are flexible that is the reason they can be installed in any section of the closet to illuminate the bright light.

3. Also, these lights have the feature of dim lighting which also helps to maintain a leveled brightness.

Reviews of the Best Closet Lighting

Budget for Wardrobe: GE Wireless Battery Operated Closet Lights

touch lights for closets

Add light wherever you need it by installing the GE Battery Operated Lights. The lights are suitable for illuminating laundry spaces, garages, closets, cabinets, bookshelves, or pantries.

Because of the round shape design, these lights are an ideal choice for use in modern decors. The lights come in a package that contains two packs of lights for maximum light coverage.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Touch-activated lighting

If you need a set of closet lights that is easy to operate, I would recommend the GE Battery Operated Lights. These lights integrate an easy-to-control touch feature. Therefore, you can turn the lights on or off with a touch.

  • Energy-efficient LEDs

Besides that, the lights include LED light bulbs. The LEDs can emit 20 lumens of bright light for effective illumination of the space. Additionally, the LEDs can last for a long time to eliminate the frequent urge for bulb replacements.

  • Battery-operated

Each puck of the lights requires 3AAA batteries. Thus, the lights are an ideal choice for use by people who do not want to add clutter into their spaces. Plus, the fact that you are not required to hardwire them assures you of getting closet lighting that is easy to set up.

  • Easy to install

The GE Battery Operated Lights are easy to install. The set includes installation instructions for easy setup. Better, the installation hardware is included to eliminate the need for making another purchase. The closet lighting offers two mounting options including double-sided tape installation or keyhole mount options.

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Motion Sensor: Lightbiz Rechargeable Closet Strip Ligths

motion sensor closet light

The Lightbiz 78 LED Closet Light is an ideal choice for use in bedrooms, workshops, garages, storage rooms, closets, hallways, and cabinets. This light derives its power from a 2400mAh Li-polymer battery. The battery is USB rechargeable for portability and reliable illumination.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Bright LED bulbs

The closet light features 78 pieces of bright LED bulbs. The LEDs can emit 240lumens of white light, for a bright illumination that is suitable for lighting up dark spaces. Besides, LED bulbs can stay cool to the touch even after hours of illumination for guaranteed safety.

  • Easy to install

These lights can be installed in two ways. You can install them on ironwork surfaces or non-iron work surfaces. The lights include a 3M adhesive magnetic strip that is easy to adsorb on ironwork surfaces. Besides, you can install the light on non-iron products using double-sided tape and a metal strip.

  • Auto on/off mode

Besides easy installation, the closet light is easy to operate. It includes a motion sensor and light sensor. Once the motion sensor detects your steps, it turns the lights on automatically. After 20 seconds of not detecting motion, the sensor enables the lights to go off to save the battery power.

On the other hand, the light sensor detects the amount of ambient lighting. When the motion and light sensor mode is activated, the closet light can only turn on when motion is detected in the dark. However, in the motion sensor mode only, the closet light can turn on when motion is detected during the day or night.

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Stick on: Zeutch Battery Operated Motion Sensor LED Closet Lights

battery closet light

An ideal way to illuminate dark spaces lies in using the Homelife LED Closet Lights. These lights are multifunctional and suitable for illuminating workshops, corridors, baby rooms, closets, garages, oil depots, among other areas.

The ceiling light uses a passive infrared technology. This means that it can detect the motion of people in the dark for automatic light-up. If a motion is not detected for 15 seconds, the lights can turn off automatically to save energy.

Additional features and benefits

  • Durable and environmentally friendly

This LED closet light features an aluminum alloy casing. Besides durability, the casing enhances style, which makes the closet light suitable for use in modern decors.

Adding to that, the light has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery eliminates the need for frequent replacements to enhance the light’s environmentally friendly status.

  • Wireless installation

If you need the best closet lighting that is easy to install, I would recommend the Homelife LED Closet Lights as one of the best choices. The magnetic light can be installed easily without requiring tools. It comes with a magnetic 3M tape that allows you to attach it anywhere.

  • Rechargeable battery

For a portable and reliable closet light, the Homelife LED Closet Light is an ideal option. It derives its energy from a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery connects to a USB charging port for effective charging through a laptop, plug, or power bank.

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Flush Mount: Cuaulans Modern Crystal Hanging Light

closet chandelier

The perfect source of illumination, whether you want to light up your dining room, kitchen, living room, hallway, closet, or entryway is Cuaulans Modern Crystal Chandelier. The chandelier features a gold-finished design and a crystal shade.

This design enhances elegance for a stylish closet lighting suitable for modern decors. Besides that, the chandelier is versatile and designed to work with any type of E26 bulbs.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Gentle illumination

This chandelier works with four E26 light bulbs. These bulbs can cast a warm and gentle glow, for a soft light that won’t harm your eyes. Thus, the chandelier is an ideal lighting solution for people who require the perfect illumination for reading.

  • Elegant and Stylish

The Cuaulans Modern Crystal Chandelier responds to the need for an elegant and stylish closet lighting. This light features a high-quality metal frame paired with gorgeous crystals.

As a result, it can add a touch of luxury, which makes it an excellent option for use in modern decors.

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With Pull Chain: Lithonia Lighting Durable Steel Closet Light

closet light with pull chain

The perfect lighting for small areas including stairwells, pantries, and closets is the FMMCL 24 840 S1 M4 LED Flush Mount Closet Light. This light comes in a range of sizes, and you can opt to mount it on the ceiling or wall.

The closet light features a low profile design suitable for small spaces that require bright illumination. It comes with a prismatic acrylic lens that serves as an excellent replacement for traditional fluorescent lights.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Energy Star certified

If you want to save your hard-earned money, I would recommend installing the FMMCL 24 840 S1 M4 LED Flush Mount Closet Light. The light uses LED bulbs. These bulbs do not consume much power to help you save energy in the long run. Better still, the light is energy-star certified for reduced power consumption.

  • Long lifespan

The LED bulbs have a long lifespan. These bulbs can last for up to 50,000 hours or 45 years if used three hours a day. The closet light is also made of high-quality materials for guaranteed durability.

  • Easy to install and operate

The Lithonia Lighting is an ideal choice for a closet light fixture that is easy to operate and install. The fixture integrates an on/off pull chain. Using it, you can rest assured to have an easy time switching the light on or off.

Additionally, the fixture comes with an installation guide and the required mounting hardware. Thus, installing the light is a DIY project that is easy to complete within minutes.

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Dimmable: LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

closet ceiling lights

If you are looking for a closet light fixture that is easy to install, I would recommend the LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light. You can attach it to an existing 3” or 4” electrical box, a measure that ensures fast installation within 10 minutes.

Besides that, the lighting is an excellent option for an elegant ceiling light. The reason is the brushed nickel ringed design.

With a CRI rating of over 80, this fixture can emit an illumination that allows you to view the true colors of objects.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Dimmable illumination

For a multipurpose closet light, the LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is an ideal option. It emits a light that doesn’t buzz or flicker to protect your eyes from harm.

Additionally, the closet light can work well with a range of dimmers. You can use it with a 3-way switch dimmer for smooth control of the brightness from 10% to 100%.

  • Energy-saving design

This closet light can help you save up to 86% on the electricity bills. Ideally, the 16 watt ceiling light can emit a brightness that is equivalent to 120 watt traditional ceiling fixtures.

Thus, you can be sure to save a lot of money on energy bills without sacrificing the illumination.

  • Neutral white light

Another benefit of the LE LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is the ability to cast a neutral white light. In particular, the light emits a 4000K cool/neutral white light.

The emitted light is glare-free and evenly lit to provide your room with a natural light feel.

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Wall Sconces: LUTEC Cuba Bright Lamp for Modern Walk-in Closets

walk in closet lighting

Enhance the safety and security in your home after lighting it up using the LUTEC Cuba LED Wall Lamp. The wall light integrates a rotatable cube for easy direction of the light wherever it is required. The lamp can deliver 1100lumens of bright light for effective illumination of the space.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Adjustable heads

Meet multidirectional lighting needs with the help of LUTEC Cuba 3000K 1100LM LED Wall Lamp. This lamp features two moveable light heads. The heads can be rotated over 350°.

Thus, you can acquire this lamp when you need to achieve up-down or side light effects. Adding to that, the lamp accepts the vertical and horizontal modes of mounting to let you meet a range of needs.

  • Four glowing surfaces

Accentuate your indoor or outdoor spaces using this wall lamp. It features two heads, each comprising two glowing surfaces. The glowing surfaces can cast an adequate amount of light to let you get adequate illumination on the stairs and sidewalks.

  • Waterproof construction

The LUTEC Cuba 3000K 1100LM LED Wall Lamp is an ideal option for indoor and outdoor settings. The lamp features a high-quality aluminum material. As a result, it can resist both rust and corrosion. Additionally, the lamp features an IP54 waterproof design. Thus, it can work effectively even in wet environments.

  • Energy efficient

Finally, this is an energy-efficient type of closet light. The light uses LED bulbs. The bulbs can last for years to eliminate the need for frequent replacements. Better, LEDs do not consume a lot of power. In the long run, you can reduce the electricity running costs by up to 60% compared to using incandescent fixtures.

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Plug in: BIGLIGHT LED Track Light for Closet Mirrors

closet spotlights

The Biglight LED Track Light is a multifunctional type of innovative lamp head. It is easy to install, given that you can fix it using screws or a double-sided adhesive. The artwork light is powered by an AC adapter, and it includes a 6feet cord that provides a longer reach.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Remote controllable

For closet lighting that is easy to operate, the Biglight LED Track Light is an ideal option. It comes with a handy remote control. Using it, you can adjust settings such as the brightness easily and effortlessly. Additionally, the track light features three bright light heads. The heads can emit a 500-lumens, 3000K warm white light.

  • Timer function

Additionally, the track light integrates an auto-off timer. The timer can automatically turn off within 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Because of this, you can adjust the amount of time the light is supposed to operate to eliminate the wastage of energy.

  • Adjustable lighting direction

Best suited for lighting up a cabinet, painting, gallery, kitchen counter, or art, the track light highlights an adjustable lighting direction. In particular, the lamp integrates three light heads. These heads can slide left to right or rotate up to 310° for effective light coverage.

  • Dimmable illumination

Lastly, the track light can provide an adjustable illumination. The remote control includes a dimmer button. Using it, you can adjust the brightness from 5% to 100%, enabling it to meet different lighting needs.

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For Retrofit: Sunco Lighting Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

wired led closet lighting

For a cabinet light that will fit into small spaces, I would recommend the Sunco Lighting Slim LED Downlight. It is slim at 4”, enabling it to fit into small spaces. The lamp can fit into 2” ceiling spaces or around the joists. After installing it, you can rest assured to save the energy bills, since it uses 10 watts to emit a light brightness that is equivalent to 60watt traditional lamps.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Safe source of illumination

If you need a safe source to illuminate your space, I would recommend the Sunco Lighting Slim LED Downlight. This downlight is IC rated, which means that its junction box is thermally protected. Because of this, the retrofits do not overheat to avoid causing a fire.

  • Easy to install

Second, this lamp is easy to install. It comes while equipped with a junction box. This means that no can is required while setting it up, a measure that facilitates easy setup.

  • Eco-friendly

Lastly, the LED downlight features an eco-friendly design. Ideally, the light is energy-star rated to assure you it will not consume much energy. Also, it adopts an instant-on design. Because of this, it doesn’t flicker or buzz for eye comfort. The downlight doesn’t contain mercury, neither does it emit UV or IR for guaranteed safety.

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Foldable: Payton 6-Light Track Lighting

closet track lighting

Brighten up your space using Payton Foldable Track Lighting. This is a versatile light suitable for use in the hallway, kitchen, or entranceway. The track light is foldable. As a result, you can bend the arms at the joints to direct the light where you need it. Also, the light’s brightness is dimmable to let you acquire an illumination that will suit your lighting needs.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Minimalist design

This track light is an excellent option for modern decors. Its movable line can pair with exposed sockets. Additionally, the track light features a matte silver painted metal. Besides durability, the contemporary finish results in a minimalist design that accents all home decors.

  • Pivoting heads

If you need closet lighting that will allow you to direct the light as desired, this track light is an excellent choice. It integrates six pivoting track heads. As a result, you can adjust each head individually to cast the light as desired.

  • Easy to set up

To eliminate the need for additional costs during the setup process, this track light is easy to install. It comes with the required mounting hardware plus a canopy mounting plate. As such, you can install the light on sloped ceilings or vaulted ceilings without having to make additional purchases.

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For Bedroom Closet: Amagle Flexible and Door-Activated Light Strips with Dual Mode

automatic closet light

The Amagle is a smart LED light strip. The strip is easy to install since no tools are required during the setup process. The light strip consumes up to 2.4watts for energy savings in the long run. It uses LED bulbs that last for up to 10years if used one hour a day.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Dual mode operation

This light adopts two modes of operation. In particular, there is a manual mode and an automatic mode. In the auto mode, the lamp is controlled using a motion sensor. Once the sensor detects motion, the lights go on automatically, whereas they turn off when no motion is detected. In the manual mode, you can use the on/off button to turn the lights on or off.

  • Smooth installation process

You can mount the Amagle LED light strip wherever you desire. The strip features a 3M adhesive. To install the light, you are required to remove the 3M adhesive backing and stick the LED light strip on the closet.

  • Power saving

This lamp derives its power from four AAA batteries. It consumes up to 2.4watts to emit a brightness similar to that of 10-watt incandescent bulbs. Therefore, you can rest assured to save energy in the long run. Best of all, the LED light strip integrates an automatic shutoff feature to eliminate energy wastage when not using it.

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Which Lighting Is Best for Closets?

As we all know that there is a huge market online/offline which may confuse all of us before buying any product, and when it comes to buying the products for your home, we all get confused.

There is a huge variety of lights for closets and to help you, I am going to explain different lightings which will simplify your confusion and you will be able to choose the best lighting for your closets.

So, let’s begin….

 Strip Lighting 

Basically, it is a type of lighting in which long tubes are used rather than light bulbs.

There are small spaces like closets, pantries etc, where the overhead lights do not provide the lighting according to your satisfaction.

Also, these spaces normally don’t have electric outlets nearby, so for that purpose these strip lighting is used.

Now before buying these lightings you have to know some things about it for better understanding:


These strip lights are easy to install and space efficient.

The best feature of strip lights are they are flexible. Unlike bulbs, they can be attached to any curved surface, corners or turned into almost any shape you want.

These strip lights are cost effective (in long term) and have a great durability (long life expectancy) and also, they are waterproof.


In case of any fault, you cannot replace a single bulb from the strip you have to replace the entire strip.

It may produce low light in comparison to other light sources.

Many of the strip lights are attached to the surface via some adhesive paste due to which it can make marks on the surface after removing.

 Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is also known as downlight which is usually a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.

It is a source of ambient lighting and also used for special focusing in a room or hall (like for any piece of art).

Now before buying these lightings, you have to know some things about it for better understanding:


The major benefit of recessed lighting is that it can cover more area because these lights are spaced throughout the ceiling which helps in covering all the areas and corners.

These lights are best for highlighting objects.

This type of lightings comes in different kinds of colours so that you can use all of the colours to provide different effects to the room.

The room look more spacious than others and also have multiple functionalities like different brightness levels.


These lights are difficult to install you need to cut holes in your ceiling in order to install the recessed lights.

Also, you have to install numerous recessed lights in order to completely illuminate the room because they have a small coverage area.

These lights are basically installed permanently you cannot move the lights from one home to another.

 Track Lighting 

Track lighting are basically light fixtures attached anywhere on a continuous track device; this helps the wiring for the lights to individual light positions.

Now before buying these lightings you have to know some things about it for better understanding:


This type of lighting is easy to install and also it can be installed without full renovation.

Track lights are flexible, whether you need particularly bright lighting or dim lighting you can adjust easily.

Track lights also save space when compared to other types like floor or table lamps. As you have to install the track lights above you do not have to give up the floor surface which is big plus point.

It also has a modern design and style available and a variety of light colours and brightness level.


Track light make a ceiling look a little clustered, with lights not in the symmetrical patterns.

You do not have any control over the individual lights at the outlet, that is the reason you have to always manually remove the lights from the track or unscrew the light bulbs.

It is not convenient for small closets.


These are lights which are usually known for highlighting the essential things and driving attention towards the things.


These lights usually have long life span.

These lights can be turned on for very long hours without any fail.

Also, you can choose different kind of colours and beam angles.

These lights have the feature of highlighting the essential things with great touch of lighting.


To install these spotlights, you need to keep the lights in a certain distance apart to prevent the overheating and fires.

If you want to place these lights in the loft space, you have to place caps so that insulation material does not touch the lights.

Also, it is slight tricky to install a spotlight, you need a professional electrician to handle this.

 Motion Sensor Lights 

Motion sensor lights are based on the modern technology in which if motion is detected near the lights it triggers a response.


Motion sensors lights are very simple to install and these usually comes with a security lighting unit.

The lights automatically turn on when motion is detected near it.

It is energy efficient also when there is no one near it, it automatically turns off the light so that energy can be saved.


Any type of moving object can trigger the sensor and result in turning on the light.


These lights are basically do not require any cords you just simply need to plug them; these are actually battery operated and very easy to use.


These lights are based on batteries which are rechargeable.

You can place it anywhere you want.

Most of them come with PIR sensor.

No wire or cord is needed.


You have to charge it, every time you need to remember to charge the lights because these lights are battery operated.

Due to built in battery, these lights usually carry a bit of more weight.


These types of lights do not have exposed wires instead they are permanently wired to your home’s electrical system.


Hardwired lights have a single point of control which is very useful in simplified connections.

It is more compact without external wires.

Independent electrical source result in lower risk of disruption.


These lights require installation.

If the setup is not done correctly it can affect the performance of the light.

How to Pick Lamps for Your Closets?

bright closet light

It totally depends on your requirement the vision/plan on how you actually want your closet to look.

To find the best, first you need to understand different types of lighting and their pros and cons which I have already explained in the above section.

After the complete understanding of the different lightings, you need to consider some basic points due to which you will easily get the best closet lighting.

So, lets see what to consider:

Space/Room Size:

It is one of the most basic things that could be helpful in choosing the best closet lighting, most of you usually don’t consider this thing as such the regulations can vary.

But it is always a better idea to allow at least 12 inches of space between a light fixture and the items (storage/clothing area) to be extra safe.

Bulb Type:

After the spacing the question comes, what type of bulb should we use?

The answer is totally dependent on some scientific facts, as all of us wants a bulb which is the most energy efficient, can help to reduce the electricity cost, also durable and do have a long-life span with great modern style.

There is a variety of bulbs in the market but LEDs are the most efficient bulb for the closets due to its energy efficient, durable, and flexible feature it stands high in the priority list of the bulbs for closets.

They also generate a minimal amount of heat in comparison to others.

Lighting Types:

Best lightings which are mostly considered are the strip, track and recessed lighting.

As I have already explained each and every lighting type above and their pros and cons, it will be easy for you to choose the best lighting type for your closet.

  • In addition to my explanation above, you have to keep in mind that strip lights use LED bulbs which are more energy efficient and flexible.
  • Track lights are very useful if you want the lighting in specific space of the closet.
  • Recessed light can be useful to those people which are looking for more ambient and spotlight effect.
  • Apart from these three lighting types you may also consider cordless lights for your closets as these are battery based and are rechargeable which are very easy to use and adjustable.


For best experience and long-term benefit, you need to choose that kind of design which is more flexible, modern, adjustable and durable.

Ideally, for better lighting, you could install track lighting and light bars because these are adjustable and can be directed to specific positions whenever you need more light.

Also, installing recessed lighting around the top cabinet of the closet could impact the overall lighting scheme.


It basically depends on your spacing, ideally a small 30 to 80 square foot closet is illuminated with an LED light system of 7 to 15 watts of light.

So, you can easily identify with this calculation which is best suited for your closet.

Color temperature:

To get the most effective lighting you should consider something with a CRI of 90 or higher to get the best clarity and color quality.

Even in linear LEDs that are mounted above the hanging rods can allow color temperature anywhere between 2200K (the color of candlelight) and 5000K (the color of daylight).

How Much Light Do You Need for Walk in Closet?

It totally depends on the size of your closet. If your closet is 8-by-12 feet, then you will require at least two fixtures to properly light up the closet.

Which Is Better: Wired vs Wireless Closet Light?

Now you all will be thinking which closet light is better, wired or wireless? Let me clear it first:

A wired lighting is a system in which all the circuits are centralized to one location, on the other hand wireless is more based on processor and they can easily communicate.

    • Wireless is better option for people who are looking for budget price lighting system for their closets, because the cost of installation.

    • Planning wireless lighting system is much lower than wired lighting system. You can also control the entire lighting of your closet with your device anytime you want which is more effective nowadays.

On the other hand, wired lighting system allows cleaner wiring, centralized circuit system though all the planning and installation cost is higher but can more effective and durable in the long run-in comparison to wired system for your closets.


How Do You Add a Light to a Closet?

It depends on your closet space and size, once you have checked it, then you need to plan what type of lighting you want to install according to your requirements.

Ideally to add a closet light, if you are installing a system of lights with wires or without, then you have to be careful about the wiring path, it should be done properly. Also the switches should be closer to the closets so that you can connect the system.

For a closet to be brighter, it should have at least two light fixtures, you can also go for a overhead light source so that it can make it more brighter.

Also you could install small battey lightings for more effective lighting.

If you have a closet bigger in size, you can start with a LED strip lights and then add some recessive lights for specific parts for your closet and to finally, get more lighting effect you should add some small plug-in lights.

How to Make Sure Your Closet Lighting is Safe?

Some points you need to consider while installing any type of lighting in your closet which can help you to be sure about the safety:

1. If you have installed recessed lights with exposed incandescent bulbs or LEDs you should keep a distance of 6 inches between the lights and the closet storage areas.

2. Cover the bulb so that on over heating situation of the bulb the cover helps to maintain a distance between the objects in the closet and the hot bulb.

3. Also switch to fluorescent lighting because it is the coolest sunning bulb and is relatively energy-efficient.

4. Always use a pro LED linear lighting because it offers an even flow of light that uses 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

5. Properly plan your closet design keeping the electrical system connection of your home in mind.

6. Also avoid Battery operated lights because they put off very poor lighting and are inefficient unless the closet is small.


1. How many lumens do I need for a closet?

For a small closet you will need 2,000 lumens (150 watts) of light. Also, you can multiply the fixtures accordingly as the closet gets bigger.

2. Are outlets/light switches allowed in closet?

Yes. Switch controlled light and outlet are basically considered best for walk-in closets.

 3. What color temperature is best for the closet?

For clean and bright colors the recommended light source for closets must be in the temperature range of 4,000-5,000K with the CRI of 80-85 or higher.


15+ Closet Lighting Ideas

. Relocate your closet:

Always look for spaces according to your closet size and requirement mostly go for natural lighting areas in your house and according to the size relocate the closet at the best place.

. Bright coloring:

For best illumination of light always choose bright colours around the closet so that most of the light will be reflected.

. Use warm lighting:

For ambient lighting and pleasant effect always try to use warm paint and natural light. This will maintain a soothing and cozy effect around the closet.

. Track lighting for better effect:

To highlight your textile like work of art you can use track lighting on both sides of your walk-in closet.

. Using Dimmers:

For corners that do not have any lighting source make sure to cover and install them with dimmers so that extra push of light can be drawn from that area.

. Right wattage:

Always choose the wattage according to the requirement of your closet for better brightness levels.

. Natural lighting:

Mostly closets do not have any window opening but still if you have a space in which you are going to install the closet please make sure to have a window opening for natural lighting.

. Use LED light strips:

By installing LED light strip to every shelf of the closet creates more bright light than any other. Also, LED lights are flexible so you can install them according to your requirement.

. Bottom lighting:

The bottom of the closet usually consists of shoes, if you also use these bottom areas of the closet for shoes then install light in the bottom side of the closet also.

. Use vertical strip lights:

If your closet includes shelves then go for vertical lighting strips the reason for that is you don’t need to install lighting under each shelf.

. Use recessed lights:

For smaller closets which includes cabinets above the bank of the shelves you can install recessed lights above the countertop. These types of lights are great for task lighting and decoration.

. Lighting on hanging rods:

LED lights are very much flexible and adjustable, so for more light and effect you could place them on the hanging rods.

. Install mirror:

To reflect most of the light in the room where there is a closet keep in mind to install mirrors so that most light can be reflected form the light system which makes the room bright.

. Use of chandeliers:

For installing chandeliers, the height of the ceiling must be high and the closets must be larger in size because these type of lights are more bright and are very useful for large closets with high ceiling.

. High ceiling options:

If you have a closet with high ceiling then you have an extra option of really stylish lighting solutions like low-hanging chandeliers and pendant lights. These closets with high ceiling have more storage space that is the reason these types of lights are more effective in comparison to others.

. Narrow closet lighting:

We all have noticed that generally we have a long walk-in closet, so if you have long and narrow type of closet then go for Spotlighting or track lighting system.

. Wireless systems:

These type of LED lights help you to easily brighten your closet without any extra wires and cords. This type of lighting has motion sensor and automatically gets turned on and off when motion is detected.