10 Best Cuttable and Linkable RGB LED Strip Lights with Color Changing Modes

Nowadays, at restaurants, clubs, homes, and billboards, people are entertained and kept busy staring at the changing beautiful ambient colors RGB LED strip lights produce. The idea behind engineering RGB strip lights has made outdoor and interior décor quick and hassle-free.

Thus, eliminating minor mistakes and the headache of planning and manipulating ideas for decoration.

Further, RGB string lights are inexpensive and have been versatile designed to help you find the right balance and theme for your application. You can choose between the battery-operated and electric-corded depending on your needs and budget.

Below is general information on RGB LED strip lights that will help you to find the right one for your application. That include:

  • Benefits you can get from the RGB LED strip lights.
  • What to look for when buying these light strips?
  • Top RGB LED strip lights reviews available on the market.
  • How to use it?

rgb led strip

In a hurry? Look at these RGB LED Strip lights to add marvelous decor!

Budget Choices with Multifunctional Features and Remote Control, High Waterproof Rating for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Minger 16.4ft LED RGB Strips

Smart Phone Controlled 5050 LED Strip Lights Work with Alexa: Govee 32.8ft RGBIC Strip Lights

Hot Sale Color Changing LED Strip Lights for Bedroom, PC and Desk: DayBetter 32.8ft Remote Light

High Quality and Bright Light with Single Warm and Vibrant Colored Tune: Philips Hue 16ft Voice Control Light

Ultra Long and Includes All the Necessary Kit: Tenmiro 65.6ft Remote Controlled Strip

Music Syn Color Changing SMD RGB Strip Light with Bluetooth Connection: HRDJ 65.6FT String Lights

What Is RGB LED Strip Lights?

These are LED lights designed on a flexible ribbon circuit board with an adhesive back used to stick on the surface for decoration purposes.

These LEDs can illuminate red, green, and blue lights simultaneously at a programmed timing speed, and further, when these colors are combined, they can produce over 16 million colors.

The Brilliant Effect that RGB LED Strip Lights Will Bring

Below are the uses and essence of purchasing RGB lights. These include;

  • The light effects of RGB lights make an excellent display on commercial spaces made of glass to illuminate the display to highlight items inside.
  • They are used for balancing light effects to find the right theme that will blend with the outfit and the interior decoration of the party and events.
  • LED RGB strip lights are a great way to light the stairways and outdoor pathways to illuminate your way for safety and make them look broader and wide.
  • To light up and design the theater performance and concert stages to create backlight screens and podium.
  • To enhance the mood and the tone of the interior decoration, especially living room, bedroom, and outdoor nature, especially flowers and the lawn.
  • They are used for decorating and lighting up the festive season and holidays to lift the spirit and create unique Christmas and Halloween attire and theme decoration.
  • Since they are environmentally friendly, they are used to light the kitchen to highlight and enhance the taste of different parts of the kitchen, especially the cabinets.
  • They are commonly used for lighting up ceilings for attraction and create a warm ambient light that is friendly.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Decorative RGB LED Strip Lights

rgb strips for pc

RGB strip lights are widely for decoration purposes in the present day; however, it is a concern that there are types that have been poorly designed and engineered, which poses hazard risks to our well-being.

Hence, it is vital to have a helpful guide when going to purchase them.

The following buying guide will significantly help you get the best user-friendly and eco-friendly.

– What is the controller?

The ease and flexibility of controlling and operating the RGB light effects and its modes depend on the type of controller it is designed and programmed with.

Hence, it is good to decide on what type of controller is easy, reliable, and flexible with you.

Below are types of controllers (except for the manual switch) you can choose and find convenient for your applications. They include;

Remote control

You can quickly and automatically run the light modes, timer and switch it on and off the lights with the remote control.

However, the downside of using a remote control is that its efficiency and signal strengths get weaker with increased distance from the device.


Controlling your RGB string light is very easy, reliable, and flexible than remote control because you can even operate it while you are beyond 100km since it is compatible with its app.

However, the downside of using a smartphone is that it requires a stable internet connection and frequent App updates.


Wi-Fi is the best mode of operating the light since it allows you to operate the RGB light programs and modes while at a distance and anyway, but it has similar flaws like a smartphone (stable internet connection).

– What volt should I buy?

The amount of power input depends on the strip’s size and the amount of lumen the LEDs produce.

Therefore, if you settle for a color-changing strip light with high voltage input, expect to have a higher energy bill than those with lower energy input.

However, this does not mean you should settle for lower power input because of its efficiency on power.

Most commonly used RGB strip lights include 5v, 12v and 24v.

Still, you should consider its application to avoid getting inconvenienced in the long run.

– What is the power source?

Battery-powered RGB strip lights are efficient on power and inexpensive to run in the long run compared to USB-powered ones.

However, the downside of using battery-powered ones is that as time goes, they become dim and not appealing compared to USB powered one. On the other hand, you have to change the battery regularly.

The USB-powered RGB strip light doesn’t fade because of a constant supply of energy.

If you get one, the one that is both electric-corded and battery-powered is much advantageous because you will not be convenient when there is a power outage.

– Is it connectable/able to cut?

The RGB string light application does not come to an end where the string circuit board ends.

Thus, when looking for the best one, inquire for the one that will allow you to extend or link up to other strings for application extension purposes like creating a backlight for TV, ceiling board, stage, theater performance.

Most RGB strings lights have cuttable marks where you can cut to create an extension to other connections.

However, ensure you connect with the circuit board that is fully compatible with the latter because they have been designed and programmed slightly differently depending on the brand and power input.

– What is the service time?

Your need and applicability of the RGB string lights depend on the period you intend to use them.

For instance, for a short-period application, most pocket-friendly ones will work best for you, and it may serve you beyond the intended period.

However, for the long-term application, it advisable not to settle for it because of price, but keenly observe and inquire more about its features and quality of construction to the best that offers long-lasting durability.

If you do not know how long the RGB string light will serve you, please check the RGB LED light’s lifespan.

A good one has a lifespan of 25,000 hours and above, like Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Strip Light. (Click here to buy)

– Is it waterproof or shock resistant?

The risk of a short circuit with RGB strip lights can result from a type of materials used for construction, wiring fault, and humidity/water/moisture.

Therefore, when choosing the best RGB strip light either for indoor or outdoor use, you should consider its resistance against waterproof and short circuits.

Hence, it is recommendable for a waterproof RGB light to settle for the RGB light labeled from IP44 and above.

Settling for anything below IP44, you are required to be extra cautious because its water resistance is meager, which exposes you to electrocution risks.

Further, you should also check if the adapter is UL certified because they have short circuit protection, making it user-friendly and increasing the RGB string light’s durability.

– What brand is famous?

It is the Govee, DayBetter and Minger that win the primary market for producing RGB LED strip lights.


Govee is one of the best brands that sell the most advanced technology RGB strip lights compared to other brands.

Most of the Govee RGB strip lights kits do not require a smart hub; instead, you can manage/control its operation through the Govee app, Alexa, Google Assistant, remote control, and Wi-Fi wireless control.

Besides, RGB strip lights have built-in smart technology that independently controls the modes while illuminating every light with the same color and brightness making it better than those with addressable LEDs, illuminating LED light effects individually.

Further, what makes Govee RGB strip lights unique is the water leak detector, Bluetooth thermometer, smart plug, and you can even synchronize the strip lightly with music.


DayBetter is also another brand that focuses on manufacturing quality RGB strip lights.

Their lights offer more LED bulbs in its strip circuit board than other brands making them ultra-bright.

Most of their strip lights are remote-controlled and voice-controlled via Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. However, their remote controller is super powerful with a signal strength to operate even 25ft away, making them even better than other brands.

Besides, they even manufacture LED strip lights that are synchronized with music via voice control.

Lastly, their strip lights feature super strong self-adhesive heat resistance for durability and appropriate tack on the surface.


Minger is one of the brands that focus on manufacturing quality RGB strip lights that are pocket-friendly.

They are designed for easy to operate and control via Bluetooth wireless control, which allows you to synchronize it with music, Wi-Fi, remote control, App-controlled, and voice control via ALEXA, Google Assistant.

The advantage with the Minger light strip is that most of them are highly-waterproof rated, energy-efficient, and dual-powered, meaning they are circuit corded and battery-powered.

 – Where to use bright RGB led strip light?

The light intensity the RGB LED strip light produces determines its purpose.

Hence, if you decide to settle for commercial shelf lighting to correctly display the items being sold and lighting up to create a backlight display for stage concert and theater performance, the one that produces a bright light probably is your fit.

– Is it for indoors and outdoors?

When looking for indoor LED RGB string lights, even non-waterproof will work for you because the indoor condition has no harsh conditions like the outdoor.

However, if you intend to light up your kitchen cabinet, you should get a bit considerate to settle on IP44 because it offers moderate protection against water-resistance.

After all, water can easily splash on it while doing kitchen chores.

In contrast, for an outdoor one, the most suitable one is IP67 which offers great resistance against outdoor conditions and water resistance, and it has undergone multiple quality tests for durability.

– What material is the most durable?

The best material and the most durable is silicone glue strip light because they are used to make waterproof strip lights, including IP65 and IP67.

They are environmentally friendly, have low heat dissipation, and be used in the environment temperature from -20-50 degrees Celsius.

– What is the price range?

RGB string lights are pocket-friendly, with the cheapest one that might cost you approximately $20 and less.

However, it will cost you even $300 depending on its quality of construction, features, and durability. Hence, your preference and the purpose for its application have a significant impact on the price.

Reviews of the Best RGB LED Strip Lights for Rooms

Let’s look at the top RGB led strip lights and find the right fit for you!

Budget Option: MINGER 16.4ft 5050 LED RGB Tape Lights

rgb led strip with controller

MINGER LED strip lights to create a colorful kitchen mood and TV backlight to reduce eye fatigue and enjoy fine wines and smooth tequila shots in a relaxing ambiance decoration in your home.

Besides, you can set it anywhere, customize it to your preferred color effects and style, and unlimited for wide application.

Why MINGER LED strip lights versatile for your needs?

  • It features 20 primary colors {RGB included} and 6 DIY colors, which allows you to customize to different six lighting modes optional from Auto, Flash, 3 or 7 colors jump, 3 or 7 colors fading.
  • The strip is flexible, which allows you to bend and shape freely for broad application, either indoor or outdoor decoration.
  • Further, it features 150 bright light 5050 LEDs, meaning it is suitable for commercial purposes, guaranteed by its IP65 waterproof resistance.
  • You can easily choose the colors, adjust and operate all six modes via a 44-key IR remote even at a range of 10m away.
  • The LEDs’ power consumption is low {18watts}, powered by AC or DC {lithium metal battery 12V} and its ETL Listed power adaptor is friendlier, which has undergone rigorous tests for safety.

Boost your mood and benefit from this high-quality PC material construction that offers you lasting-durability and a better lighting experience.

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Plug and Play Choice: Govee 32.8FT Smart Controlled RGBIC LED Strip Lights

govee rgb led strip lights

Govee presents RGB light effects with built-in IC chips, and you can energize your party by synchronizing it with your favorite music to enhance the color effects with music mode.

Still, there is more about this RGBIC product that you should be aware of. They include:

  • You can efficiently operate and command the settings, customize color segments, timer functions, modes, and many more via Govee App, Wi-Fi wireless control, Alexa Voice control/Google Assistant, and remote control.
  • It features a smart IC that independently controls the LED module and displays multiple colors simultaneously while having complete control of your atmosphere.
  • The strip has 300 LEDs that are power efficient {48Watts} with 64 scene modes making it perfect for commercial, festivals, parties, restaurants, clubs, and home.

It is not about lighting effects but also attract your clients with these independently controlled RGB LEDs that can instantly transform your surrounding into vibrant rainbow-like color effects.

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Ultra Bright: Lepro 65.6ft LED RGB 5050 Strips

usb rgb led strip

If you don’t like it, make it better, Lepro RGB 5050 LED Strips gives you a chance to be creative to make what’s ugly to be better from your home, outdoor, and business party.

Why is Lepro your best shot for Fixing your Surrounding?

  • You can DIY it to your preferred decorative style, and it features strong 3M adhesive included with extra mounting brackets/clips. Hence, no need to worry about the strap falling.
  • It features 20 primary colors, 6 DIY colors, and 8 lighting modes that you can choose from for different purposes while adjusting the brightness from 10%-100%, which is also an excellent energy-saving option.
  • It is 65.6ft long, with 30 LEDs per meter, which produces ultra-high brightness, making it unlimited for wide application. Further, you can efficiently operate everything using its remote controller.

Don’t fall short on your theme creation because of light effects; employ Lepro RGB 5050 LED strips to make your projects complete and satisfactory.

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Super Long: Micomlan 82ft Music Sync Color Changing RGB LED Strip

rgb led strip 25m

Micomlan 25m with 500LEDs elevates lighting effects to your favorite playlist to make your world not just your habitat but where your soul gets peace and solace.

However, you will be surprised with how this RGB turns your experience beyond a colorful world.

This is attributed to the following features:

  • You can easily run 22 dynamic modes, music modes, adjust brightness, speed of the lighting effects, and all the uncountable colors via its Bluetooth App, IR remote controller, + 3 button witch + MIC modes.
  • Micomlan is multifunctional and can be integrated with music mode, which can play via your phone, and it has a built-in MIC that controls the light and color along with the music beats, thereby creative a melodious lighting effect.
  • This LED rope light lasts more than 50,000 hrs, and its durability is enhanced by its UL-approved power adaptor that has undergone multiple quality tests for safety and emits shallow heat, and has short circuit protection.
  • Further, it is only 24V, making it energy-efficient and reliable.
  • You can easily cut it after every 3 LEDs to adjust to your intended length and has a high-strength adhesive that is 0.8mm thick that firmly sticks on the surface.

The worth of your money is maximally utilized through the easy controller via different modes while enjoying light-pulsating effects in every music beat you are listening to.

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Hot Sale: DAY BETTER 32.8ft Cuttable and Linkable RGB LEDs

waterproof rgb led strip

Not only RGB, but DAY BETTER is an RGBW string light that is engineered for wide application either for home or commercial aesthetic purposes.

However, it is eligibility and significance for wide application are enhanced by the following reasons. These include:

  • It is colorful and features 300 LEDs colored adjustable RGBW light effects, other 16 colors with 6 dynamic modes and 2-speed modes for quick and slow which you can efficiently operate via its 44-keys IR remote controller at a maximum distance 5m.
  • It features a robust self-adhesive strip that is easy to install and can firmly attach to the mounting surface.
  • The LED string is cuttable after every 3 LED lights to allow you to link to external connectors for the light extension to other rooms, cabinets, or your needs.
  • The 5A adapter has an output of 60 watts maximum which is so energy-sufficient.

Bring the aesthetic electric colored lighting effects to wedding, party, and festive seasons to create an unparalleled scene that is inevitable.

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High End: Philips Hue 16ft Weatherproof White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Light Strip

smart rgb led strip

Set scenes to match your moods, gain peace of mind after a busy day and indulge your imagination with Philips outdoor light strip because its vibrant colors are flexible with the outdoor nature.

However, how pricey it may cost but it is worthy of investing on due to the following reasons:

  • It is fully waterproof to withstand all outdoor conditions like puddles of water and water jets from any direction.
  • It has a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours.
  • It is coated to create a single bright and vibrant colored light across the entire strip for a more aesthetic outdoor look.
  • You can easily bend and shape it for your application.
  • You can easily control and operate via your voice by connecting to Alexa, Apple home kit, Google assistant and pair it with other home automation devices like the Samsung SmartThings system.
  • It also includes clips and screws that allow you to easily set up to any surface and expand your hue system outdoor.
  • You can choose different colors to create ambiance colors and light settings that are comfortable and aesthetic to your outdoor surroundings.

Don’t walk in the dark pathway while PHILIPS hue white is designed with high-end features to withstand all outdoor conditions by highlighting your pathway.

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Perfect for DIY Decor: Tenmiro 65.6ft Led RGB Strip Lights Kit with Remote

rgb flexible led strip

Don’t run out of ideas while you can try; you can practice your imagination and experience to bring the best light effects in your projects with Tenmiro LED strip lights to limitless possibilities.

But understanding more about this product is the key to achieve your needs.

More about this product:

  • It has cutting marks that allow you to cut and link with other strips of lights to create the blending light effects you need.
  • It includes self-adhesive tape, 4 pin connectors, and gapless solderless connectors for easy installation.
  • You can easily adjust the brightness and speed and operate the 8 lighting modes via a 44-keys remote.

Don’t be boring; immerse yourself in a relaxing and warm light effect by changing your home into a colorful and different atmosphere you are not used to.

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App-Controlled: HRDJ 65.6ft 5050 SMD Music Sync Color Change Led Light Strips

rgb led strip lights with remote and smart control

With 28 dynamic modes HRDJ would be the best choice for creating the best lighting effect for your club, restaurants, and other commercial purposes since it is designed to work with the rhythm of the sound and music.

Further reasons to amplifier décor with HRDJ LED light strips.

  • As kids are afraid of the dark at night, this 65.6 strip light is easy to install and extends to other connectors in your home to ensure your toddlers do not stay in the dark.
  • It is electric corded and battery-powered, making it versatile and reliable when there is power outrage, and the party still goes on uninterrupted.
  • It is quick and hassle-free to install it by peeling and sticking to a clean and wiped surface.
  • You can easily control, adjust the brightness from 1%-100%, colors, and all the dynamic modes via remote controller and its App, which allows you to synchronize with music and lights for a better lighting experience.
  • It is featured with a timer that automatically turns on and off for energy-saving purposes.

HRDJ LED String lights to keep your clients entertained uninterrupted despite power surges, and it is energy efficient and compatible with 1 CR2 battery.

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Voice-Controlled: Keepsmile 50ft RGB Color Changing Led Strip Lights

programmable rgb led strip

While indoors, put unforgettable memory and smile on your family face with Keepsmile 5050 RGB color-changing LED strip lights at a pocket-friendly price.

Further, that smile won’t come with lots of stress since it is designed for easy installation and comes with a manual guide and App setting guide to make work easier for you while operating it.

Still, there is more to its feature and significance. These include;

  • You can either decide to plug into an extension or use a lithium battery to light up your home and business.
  • It is waterproof designed to withstand humidity and moisture, but the adapter and controller are sensitive to moisture. Hence, the need to hide them out of hygroscopic conditions.
  • Adjust the brightness, 8 lighting modes, and the other colors effectively via its App and 44-key IR remote controller.
  • You can also cut the string after every 3 LEDs and link to other external connectors for convenience.
  • The strip features a high-end self-adhesive that is durable and strong.

Decorate your ceiling, wall ornaments, kitchen, and bedroom and, create a TV backlight to transform your home.

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Music and Mic Mode: L8star 50ft Smart Led Strip Lights

outdoor rgb led strip lights

This battery-operated light is designed for indoor use because it is not water-resistant; therefore, you should avoid installing it in areas that are hygroscopic.

But, you can gain a lot from this product beyond the amount of money you invested in it. These include;

  • With the timing function, you can customize the lighting effects on time intervals and automatically switch on and off for energy-saving purposes.
  • Simply peel and stick on a clean surface to install it and ready for use.
  • You can easily control and manage its operation from different colors to 5 lighting modes via its App connection.
  • It has a built-in MIC that synchronizes with the music and watches color changing with the music beats.
  • The uncountable colors produced by the string lights are compatible with wide applications from commercial to decoration purposes.

Highlight and tone every feature in your surroundings to create a welcoming signature in your home, workplace, and parties with these 50m bright LED strip lights.

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How to Install/Cut/Connect RGB Led Strips?

Below is a procedure on how to install, cut, and connect the strap to the plug.

Step 1: Use a dry rag to clean the surface you intend to install the strip. Installing the strip on a dirty surface will make the adhesive not stick on the surface for long.

Step 2: Unroll the strip light, peel the adhesive tape and stick it to the installation surface.

Step 3: Ensure it firmly adheres without air bubbles.

Step 4: After installation, if the strip is still long, cut off the excess at the cuttable mark using a pair of scissors.

Step 5: After cutting, use waterproof insulation tape to fix the end cap to avoid short circuit or electrocution risks.

Step 6: Use a pin joint to connect the strip light and the power plug.

Step 7: Then use the strip connectors to connect two cut-down parts of the strip light.

Step 8: Link the controller to the connectors and connect the adapter.

Step 9: Connect the adapter to the main extension and turn it on.

What Is the Difference Between RGB and RGBW?

rgbww led strip

The significant difference between RGB and RGBW is that RGB only produces red, green, and blue colors, and when combined, they produce over 16 million colors, while RGBW is a better version of RGB but more powerful and is integrated with a White LED chip added to RGB to create RGBW.

However, there are still more differences between them. These include:

  • Light Color – RGB illuminates white color but not pure as RGBW produces because it has an extra LED chip that produces a stable and accurate bright white color.
  • Output Controller – RGB has 4 output controllers for lighting, while RGBW features 5 output controllers, making it hard to control because of extra function.
  • Price – RGB is not expensive compared to RGBW but flexible than RGB.