Best Decorative Waterfall LED Curtain String Lights in 2022

Lighting and decorating your spaces are not things you can tackle carelessly. Owing to the sensitivity of the entire exercise, you really need to make use of the best curtain lights. How possible is that save for you to be furnished with the necessary insight to that end?

We draft and dedicate this article to answer the following fundamental questions about the subject:

  • Best curtain lights to buy on the market
  • How to choose the best LED curtain lights?
  • LED curtain light usages
  • Lighting plan for your windows with LED curtain lights

curtain fairy lights

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Unique Design with Moon and Star Drops: Hezbjiti Star Moon Curtain Lights (Click here to buy)

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Extendable: TORCHSTAR 9.8×9.8 FT Window Curtain Light (Click here to buy)

What Are Curtain Lights?

These are strings of light-emitting diode bulbs that are attached and hung on the window curtains or the walls in some predefined patterns.

The strings are set in such a manner as to emit the light output of varying colors and similarly varying times.

The best LED curtain lights are highly versatile in the sense that they may be used well both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, they also come about with varying modes to allow you to accrue different end results that closely mirror your unique expectations and lighting needs.

Mostly, they are used for the matters of decorations and adornments.

LED Window Curtain Lights Pricing

Different curtain lights similarly have varying features and degrees of sophistication. These variations have a say on the pricing of the items altogether.

Below is a breakdown of the pricing of many LED lighting apparatus we have:

Curtain lights are cheap decorations to retrofit your house. They are affordable and lie in the range of $40 or even less.

Reviews of the Best LED Curtain Lights

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light – Hot Sale

Of all the lighting gears we have, this appears to be most suited for the highest varieties of usage. You may use it indoors, outdoors, for weddings and parties.

curtain string lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

8 modes setting – It gives off all of its benefits via a network of 8 mode settings. These let you choose the precise setting that closely mirrors your unique purposes and events well.

High brightness – Each piece of lighting bulb that makes up the item delivers a higher level of brightness for you. They scatter every darkness to give you the most reliable visibility possible.

Waterproof – All the parts and components that make the item up are waterproof. This makes them able to endure any possible water damages that may be leveled against them with ease.

Here’s what you might not like:

Assembly – You will need to assemble this item right before use. Woe unto you if you lack the necessary assembly and handling skills!

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LE 594 LED Curtain Lights – Hanging Lights for Patio

If your search for the right set of lighting apparatus is mainly dictated by exterior usage, you may have this one for your trial and eventual usage.

waterfall curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

594 bright soft white LED lights – A combination of 594 LED lighting apparatus add up to make your usage and enjoyment of the necessary ends greatly achievable.

8 lighting sequences – With this item, you have the freedom to tap into some 8 lighting sequences. Seven of these are blinking while one is on the constant setting.

Low profile clear light strings – By and large, the item maintains some low profile. It is hence suitable for blending with the interior décor of your rooms.

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KJOY Rainbow Curtain Lights – Color Changing

Wishing to add some pomp and color to your events? You have a great companion in this wonderful gadget. It is indeed suitable for parties, weddings, and bedroom areas.

window curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

High-quality and safe – On the whole, the item is higher in quality while also safer at the same time. Count on it thus to uphold your comfort and engagements throughout the usage thereof.

Seamless controls – A combination of 24 key buttons and remote controls enable seamless operations of the gadget. They take away the hassles you may usually face when attempting to reap its benefits.

USB operated – You also have the added benefit of charging your electronics and other gadgets via its included USB port. This of course increases the sum total ends you may reap from it.

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Hezbjiti Star Moon Curtain Lights – Unique Design

Wishing to leverage maximum convenience and peace of mind when attempting to spruce up your events? Get hold of this item and stand next in line to reap those associated benefits!

half moon and star curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Advanced lighting source – It derives its illumination power from an advanced lighting source indeed. This makes it well capable of delivering a higher quality of lighting outputs.

Great decoration lights – For all practical purposes, the item manages greatly decorative ends for you. It is able to blend well with your décor and the other elegant items you possess.

Remote controls – You also have the added benefit of being able to engage the item remotely from afar off. This is thanks to the remote control aspect of the item.

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OPOLEMIN Window Curtain Lights

Some practices and occasions demand that you change the colors and the patterns consistently. Only by you tapping into a specially designed item of that kind may you reap the associated benefits.

snowflake curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Rainbow curtain string lights – In its entirety, the item comes about in the form of the rainbow string lights. These measure 16 in total. They are able to shower your events with the brightest outputs.

Many features – Each bulb that makes the system up contains many features that up the experience of any user. These features also cut down the hassles you may have to endure as you use the gadget.

Romantic brightness – Further to the above, each bulb delivers some romantic levels of brightness to the users thereof. They add value and romance to the events considerably.

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Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

An elegant or eventful activity like a wedding cannot pass by without the use of the similarly elegant set of string lights. We are pleased to let you know that this one twinkles to allow for greater decorations.

curtain twinkle lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Easy single-touch controller – Even though the item is packed with tons of features, it is nonetheless simpler to operationalize thanks to the easy single-touch controller.

Versatile LED string lights – A set of highly versatile LED string lights form a vital part and aspect of the item. They spray the rays of light far and abroad to impact every corner of the room well.

Magnetic zero risks – Unlike many other gadgets of its kind, this one does not suffer from the interferences that stem from the nearby magnetic fields.

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LE LED Curtain Lights – Delivers Pure Cool White Light

Work in an area that is hot and humid? You want to tap into a lighting gadget such as this that delivers pure cool white light. It is unlikely to cause you to heat up and sweat excessively.

curtain lights on wall

Here’s what you’ll love:

306 bright cool white LED lights – A sum total of 306 bright and cool white LED bulbs adorn the entire length of the gadget. They ensure that each corner of the room is impacted wholly and sufficiently.

7 blinking modes and 1 steady-on mode – For your elevated convenience of use, this item has 8 modes, 7 of which are blinking while one is steady-on.

Safe and heat-free – Most of these bulbs do overheat when used for a longer time. Not the case with this one. Instead, it stays safer and free of any incidences of overheat even when used for long.

Here’s what you might not like:

Limited brightness – The pure white light is never really that bright. You will still have to strain to have your way in it hence.

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Meliven 300 LED Curtain Lights

Get your hands on this lighting apparatus to greatly improve the décor of your interior spaces. It is packed with tons of features that elevate the beauty of your interior spaces greatly.

christmas window curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Bright LED curtain lights – In total, all the bulbs that form a part and parcel of this lighting apparatus are bright and excessively visible. They hence decorate your interior exceptionally well.

Multifunction – You are by and large able to reap many benefits and functions from this item. It serves many illumination and allied tasks than other bulbs do.

Timer – What’s more? The item also has a timer that facilitates automatic engagements by the timing and operating independently of your own input and effort.

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KPROE USB and Remote Control Fairy Curtain Lights

Of all the lighting apparatus we have, this seems to have the highest number of color options. They are 16 in total and are suitable for every occasion you may have in mind.

multicolor curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

16 colors and 4 lighting modes setting – Ranking tops among the many benefits it potentially has to offer are the 16 color options and the four lighting mode settings.

Timer functionality – A timer functionality also forms a vital part of this set of curtain lights. Its role is to enable automated engagement of the gadget.

IP 44 waterproof rating – Rounding it all up is the excellent waterproof rating that spares the item from the damages that potentially arise when exposed to water.

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MAGGIFT 304 LED Curtain String Lights

Generally speaking, this item is intended for many tasks and associated purposes. It is by far the most multipurpose item that exists under our reviews.

outdoor curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Indoor/outdoor safe use – The item is by and large suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. You have the pleasure of maximum profits to accrue from it.

Connected up to 3 sets – It is also capable of attaching to three sets in totality. On account of this, the item is likely to impact a larger area.

Un-removable LED – Unlike those of other curtain lights of its kind, the LED bulbs of this one may not be removed. They hence last longer and are more reliable.

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Honche Led Curtain String Lights USB – For Room Warmth and Comfort

Sometimes receiving the light output in and of itself may never be sufficient. You want a lighting item that is also capable of warming your rooms, such as this one!

garden curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Waterproof and wide application – Its entire packaging is waterproof and enduring any possible water damages. It hence finds wider usage in outdoor environments.

Perfect window decorations – Due to its small and compact stature, the item is great for the decorations of the windows and the other cramped up spaces.

Safe-to-the-touch – Even though it produces some warmth, it is, on the whole, safer to the touch as it hardly burns or endangers the skins.

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TORCHSTAR 9.8×9.8 FT Window Curtain Light – Extendable String Light Kit

Some places are too large and far off to be impacted using the normal set of lighting apparatus. For them, you have to tap into an extendable item of this kind.

white curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Longer lifespan – On the whole, this item lasts a whopping 40,000 hours. For this reason, it is capable of taking you further and longer without faltering at all in between.

Widely applicable – You are in the position to dedicate this item for many uses and applications. Its use hence brings about great savings in times of money and the effort needed.

Easy and extendable – Lastly, you also have the privilege of extending the set of string lights by attaching it to many other pieces back to back.

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Echosari Solar Powered 200Led Net Light Mesh Fairy Light – Good for Your Gardens and the Outdoor Settings

Gardens are larger and more spacious than most other areas. Because of this, they demand lighting items that are similarly expansive and able to reach far off.

solar net curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Energy-efficient – The lighting equipment is energy efficient in the sense that it manages an uninterrupted 8-hour run time when fully charged.

Solar-powered – Other than deriving its power from the mains electricity, this item also does so from the solar panels that are embedded as part and parcel of its construction.

Easy fixation – When weighed against the alternative lighting gadgets, this is truly easy to fix into the ground and subsequently make use of.

Here’s what you might not like:

Strictly for outdoor usage – If you may occasionally want to operate indoors, this item is not for you.

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KNONEW LED Icicle Lights – Reliable Décor for Many Festivities

Have a career in the matters of events coordination and festivities? You want to try this decorative gear out. It is good for many events like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

waterproof curtain lights

Here’s what you’ll love:

Connectable – One beautiful aspect of this item is that you can connect it back to back to enable you to reach out to a wider area of space.

8 modes icicle lights – Each lighting item comes in the form of icicles. These allow for the 8 modes of operations that generate the necessary patterns.

IP44 waterproof rating – Thanks to this rating, the item is able to withstand water damages and ensure unparalleled operations throughout.

Here’s what you might not like:

Strenuous operations – You really have to possess the necessary technical expertise to handle operate the item.

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Merkury Innovations Battery-Operated Pink and Purple Curtain Lights – For Girls’ Bedroom

Are you constantly on the go! If at all you are, you may need to tap into this lighting gadget that is useful while on the go. It derives its operational power from the batteries.

curtain lights pink

Here’s what you’ll love:

Super bright LED – Each bulb that makes the item generates super bright LED light output. The end result is effective illumination of your spaces.

Battery power – We have stated repeatedly that the item derives its illumination power from the batteries. You may hence use it while on the go with ease.

Covers a wider space area – Given its ability to attach to and work alongside many other bulbs, it is capable of covering a wider space per time.

Here’s what you might not like:

Fewer operational cycles – On the whole, the item is delicate and less capable of serving you repeatedly for a longer duration of time.

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How to Choose The Best LED Curtain Lights?

To choose the best LED curtain lights, you have to ask and answer the following pertinent questions:

– How much area is expected to light up?

The amount of space you intend to impact determines to a great extent the kind of lighting apparatus that may be relevant for you.

As a general rule, you need one watt per square foot of space. This figure ensures that you receive sufficient light that is neither too bright.

– USB vs. battery vs. plug-in

These items derive their illumination power from varying sources. These include but are not limited to the USB, battery, and plug-in.

  • Generally, the USB is useful for indoor areas with lower power demand.
  • The battery source is useful for on-the-go applications while the plug is good enough for landscapes and garden areas.

– What are the lighting modes?

In the course of dispensing the illuminating power, these items make use of the lighting modes. These are ways and means of channeling the light outputs.

They give off a combination of colors and patterns that may be relevant to your needs.

Be sure to settle on a piece of lighting that is able to generate many complex patterns.

– Is it waterproof?

If you must make use of your curtain lights outdoors, the same has to be waterproof. The purpose of this is to ensure zero damages to the item and maintain its structural integrity all along.

For a set of lighting apparatus to be waterproof, it has to bear epoxy resin glue, PU glue, and the Silicone glue exterior coating.

– What color should I buy?

There are three main types for your consideration. These are the yellow, white, and the RGB color-changing tune light.

The yellow tune is mainly used for enhancing the décor of parties, white for peaceful events, and the color-changing tunes for celebrations and patterns.

– Is it easy to install?

The ease, or lack of it, with which the items may be installed also counts. A great item needless to say has to be really easy to set up for eventual usage.

Many forms of installation exist. These are plug-and-play, attachments to other lighting apparatus, and then plug into the power outlet.

Make a suitable choice depending on where you are and your needs.

– Is it able to attach an extension cord?

Chances are that you will also have to make use of other vital pieces of electronics.

Thus, the set of lighting apparatus you pick for the job has to bear the ability to pair, attach to and work alongside many other extras.

This is only possible if the item concerned has the ability to attach to the extension cords.

– Is it easy to control?

In the course of deriving the necessary ends from the item, you no doubt have to control it appropriately.

For your own comfort and utmost peace of mind, your lighting apparatus has to be really easier to control.

It also ought to be controlled by the remote control and the manual switch.

– What light patterns should I choose?

Different settings demand similarly different light patterns. You may also want to look for a lighting gadget that has the ability to generate the patterns you have in mind.

Some of the leading examples of these patterns are the star, flower, and snowflakes, to mention but a few!

– What extra features are helpful?

A host of additional features have to be abundantly present on the item to facilitate its use and operations.

Chief of these is the dimmable, timer, and memory function.

They greatly facilitate the operations of the item while also ensure maximum convenience of engagements.

Led Curtain Light Usages

where to use curtain lights

These lighting gadgets find use in many places and occasions. Here below are the leading places and occasions where you may use these items:

– Gazebos/Patios

Gazebos and patios are larger in scope and overall size. They subsequently need lighting apparatus that is brighter and wider in scope.

That stems from the need to scatter the illumination far and wide while also tackling the excessive layers of pitch darkness.

– Bedroom

You may hang the curtain lights in the bedrooms. Here, you mainly use them to cool the area and make the same largely conducive for the matters of sleep.

Mostly, the color blue of the lights will generally suffice here.

– Doorways

In the doorways, you may have to fix these lighting apparatus mainly to add some beauty and overall aesthetics to the said areas.

At this place, the lighting apparatus has to be brighter and able to develop numerous patterns that are breathtaking to the eyes.

– Porch/Deck

Porches and decks are also large. Because of this, they need lighting apparatus that is brighter and wider in scope.

Nonetheless, the lighting gears that are used here are mainly for decorative purposes rather than for the purpose of tackling the pitch darkness.

– Christmas/Wedding Courts

The Christmas and the wedding sessions are generally characterized by pomp, color, and overall elegance.

These sessions hence require brighter and highly decorative lighting gears. In this sense, they are mainly used for enhancing the exterior décor of the places concerned.

Lighting Plan for Your Windows with Led Curtain Lights

To determine the number of curtain lights for your room, you have to figure out:

Room size and configuration

How large and configured your interior room is determines to a large extent the kinds of plans you may implement.

As hinted above, you need one watt per square foot of space. To determine the number of bulbs you may need in your room:

  • Determine its overall size/dimensions
  • Multiply this by one to ascertain the sum total number of watts you may need
  • Find out the wattage of each bulb that forms part of the string light
  • Divide the total wattage by the figure above to find out how many bulbs you might need for the job

Patterns and lighting ends

The kinds of light patterns you want to make use of also count here. Pick a lighting gadget that is complicated and able to generate similarly complicated patterns with absolute efficacy.

The curtain lights for the job have to be appropriately equipped for the job.

How to Hang Curtain Fairy Lights?

To hand your curtain fairy lights, you need to follow the steps and procedures below:

  • Cut out a piece of zip wire to your desired length
  • Lay your wires straight out beginning from one end
  • Place the pieces of tapes where you want to hang the lights
  • Fix one female inline zip along with the tape marker on the string
  • Follow this by fixing the male zip plug at the end of the wire
  • Attach the light bulbs onto the strings
  • Plug the string in the power source and switch on.


1. Are Led Curtain String Lights Safe to Use?

YES, they are!

They are equipped with all the parts and safety features necessary to prevent shocks and overheating.

Those that derive their power from the mains electricity also have the added advantage of being protected from voltage surges and spikes in the flow of current.

2. How to Plan for LED Curtain Lights?

  • Know the size of the room or space.
  • Determine whether to use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Find out the planned source of power.
  • Gauge your operational expertise.
  • Think of storage issues when the bulbs are not in use.


Alright, there you have them! We have really belabored the best LED curtain lights and buying guides. The onus is now on your part to move with haste and acquire at least one from the list above.

Simply read in between the lines to make a suitable find. We wish you great success in all that!