Best Hardwired, Wireless, Plug-in Under Cabinet Light Bars, Puck Lights & Strip Lights

As the title states, this is the lighting of the darkest like night areas or mini more illuminated regions, for example, pantry shelves, under cabinets and crowning the countertop areas lacking the general lighting of the room.

Under cabinet lights are a worthwhile investment and comes with various benefits – They are energy-efficient and versatile lighting added to complement the overhead lighting.

The use of overhead lighting, which creates shadows or pools of darkness thus resulting in poor lighting layout is now an ancient of the past through the use of under cabinet lighting.

Besides illumination, they have made it easier to add a splash of style into the aesthetics of the under the cabinet as well as your space.

Also, they are energy-efficient and durable, thereby saving on your pocket.

This article will provide you with different information concerning them, that includes:

  • What must-have features you need to look for in under cabinet lights?
  • 10+ best under cabinet lights reviews
  • Different usages of different types of these lights
  • Reputable under cabinet light brands and their pros
  • How to install/use such lights?

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Impacts Wider Area Exceptionally Well, with 2 Levels of Soft Warm Brightness Settings: GE Premium 36-Inch Light Bar

Compatible with Amazon Alex, Apple HomeKit, Google Home: Philips Light Strip for Smart Home

Dimmable Light and Touch-Free Installation for Simple Users: Black+Decker Motion Sensor Light Kit

Compatible with Multiple Control Methods – Remote Control, Phone Control, Wifi Control: LE Under Cabinet Rope Light with Changing Colors

Say Goodbye to Battery Change, Rechargeable Wireless Magnetic Under Cabinet Light: Hiboitec White Lighting with Automatic Light

Ultra Bright and Eye-Care Light, Able to Stick in on Any Surface: OxyLED Safe Light Bar

5 Things You Can Get from Under Cabinet Lightings

under cabinet led lighting

Ideally, there are various reasons why you need to use under cabinet lighting. They include

– It provides you with extra illumination

The under cabinet lighting gives you the extra illumination while complementing the main lighting.

– It provides focused light

This light helps in providing you with focused lighting, ideal for highlighting backsplash as well as work area illumination.

– They are energy efficient

The under-cabinet lightings are designed with energy-efficient technology which helps in saving your energy bill.

– It helps in eliminating shadows

Despite having a very bright ceiling light, shadows will still form in different parts of your room which might hinder clear vision, especially in your workspace. Having an under cabinet light helps in eliminating these shadows.

– It adds style to your decor

Besides illumination, under cabinet lighting also aids in adding style and look to your space. Create a warmer and contemporary feel in your room with this easy to install and affordable lighting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Under Cabinet Lighting

how to choose cabinet lighting

Just like any other product, it is important to have key information about the product in your mind, to make the best decision while buying.

Typically, there are multiple models of under cabinet lighting from various manufacturers, therefore, choosing the best is quite daunting.

However, to ensure that you take the best lighting home, we have provided you with the key features to consider when choosing the best under cabinet lights.

  • Voltage

Voltage is one of the key factors to consider when talking about under cabinet lighting. Generally, under cabinet lighting can be divided into types based on the voltage: normal/high voltage (120V) and low voltage (12V or 24V).

Usually, these two types have no difference in terms of light quality, durability, and energy-saving, however, the low voltage lighting has several advantages over the other.

With the low voltage lighting, you can use small and compact light fixtures allowing you to fit most lights in limited space under the cabinet.

Also, it produces less heat than the high voltage hence no overheating and comfortable space.

  • Dimming capability

Dimming capability is also very important in under cabinet lighting.

Some of the latest models boast a dimming feature to allow you to regulate the brightness of the lights.

However, it is advisable to buy a dimmer and fix it in your under cabinet lighting, even if it means going the extra cost.

The dimmers play an important role in controlling the lighting and on the other hand, it helps in energy saving.

Also, dimming capability is very important for individuals with eyesight issues, the bright light might cause painful glare to such people when in need of low brightness.

Dimmers also help in creating mood lighting in your space.

  • Wiring

Under-cabinet lighting can also be divided into two based on the wiring type: hard-wire and plug-in.

With the hard-wire, installing the lighting involves connecting the lights to the house wires directly, which might require the services of a professional.

On the other hand, the plug-in type involves connecting the lights to a wall socket, which is very easy for DIY. Also, the plug-in lighting is cheaper than the hard-wiring.

However, some manufacturers produce their lighting with both options, hard-wire and plug-in. This can be a better option but at an extra cost.

Finally, there is battery-powered under cabinet lighting which is more convenient.

If you aim at convenience, click to buy Lighting Ever which is powered by either battery or USB plug.

  • Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has turned out to be the priority in residential lighting. Besides, it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Generally, there are various energy-efficient light fixtures used in under cabinet lighting.

The most energy-efficient option is the LED fixtures that use the least energy without compromising illumination. They also produce less or no heat and are easy to dim.

Halogen and fluorescent light fixtures are other energy-efficient options, especially fluorescent that produces almost no heat, but are not dimmable. Halogen is the hottest lighting, hence the least energy-efficient.

Xenon light fixtures are another option, although less energy-efficient but not comparable to the old incandescent lamps. They are dimmable and produce a nice warm glow, but they emit a little heat.

  • Heat output

This is another crucial factor to consider. Excessive heat output can turn dangerous to various items in your kitchen or the soft fingers of your baby.

Just like we discussed on the energy-efficient part, LED and fluorescent lighting have the least or no heat output, hence the best.

How Many Under Cabinet Lights Do I Need?

Depending on your light demand, type of lighting, and space, then knowing the number of lights you need becomes easy.

As we highlighted back then, you should consider the lumens value per LED, for a group of them may be rated having the same power and voltage, but what to take hid of is the light uniformity demand, that is the unevenness of the light.

Light-emitting diodes having greater lumens display a greater amount of light on the work surface, thus lumens rating should be a fact to consider. For dark regions, it’s highly advisable to use fixtures with a greater lumen.

Space factor should be considered while planning for this installation. You should take measurements of your countertops to achieve the most uniform power illumination favoring your desired area.

The length of the counter or space can help in determining the number of lights needed for a specific installation, depending on the length of the lights.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

Generally, the number of lumens required depends on the place of installation and the use.

Lighting for kitchen or task-related should have lumens ranging from 1000 – 2500 lumens. However, the number of lumens is also dependent on personal preferences.

Under Cabinet Light Reviews

For your maximum visibility, you want a lighting apparatus that may shine and generate the light output regardless of where you fix the same.

If the only place you have is the area under the cabinet, we are pleased to notify you that you have landed in just the right place.

Here, we shall say everything about theunder cabinet light gadgets in the following manner:

  • Review the leading under cabinet lights
  • Showcase their strong points and major benefits

Brilliant Evolution 6 Pack Battery Operated LED Puck Light – Remotely Controlled

wireless under cabinet lighting

This lighting gear has the special advantage of being able to be controlled from afar off. It suits someone who has a large room or is prepping for a party.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Selectable dimmer – A selectable dimmer stands out as the premier trait or parameter of this gadget. It is the one you use to vary the levels of brightness that is desirable for you.

Optional auto-off timer – Coming along as an option is the auto-off timer. This is the one that regulates the flow of the power and lighting output independently of your own input and controls.

55 lumens output – In total, the gadget gives off a whopping 55 lumens of the light output. This is sufficiently bright to illuminate an entire room without any form of ambiguity at all.

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GE Slim LED Light Bar with 3 Levels of Brightness Settings – Impacts a Wider Area Exceptionally Well

inside or under cabinet light bar

Hunting for multipurpose lighting gear? We would want to draw your attention to this one. It is able to impact the studio, offices, home, and kitchen areas.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Linkable – You have the leeway to link this lighting apparatus to well over 30 fixtures. This way, you can impact a larger amount of space per unit of time.

Long-life LEDs – Each bulb comes in the form of long-life LEDs. They not only last longer but also ensure prolonged and unimpeded spates of usage.

36-inch LED premium fixture – In total, the lighting apparatus measures a whopping 36 inches, a fact that makes it appropriately great for tackling and impacting larger areas per unit time.

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Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Strip Light – with RGB Colors

under cabinet led strip lighting

This item is compatible with the various voice assistants and is hence less of a hassle to operate. Make do with it if all you want is to stay ahead of the game insofar as its controls are concerned.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Hassle-free connectivity – Unlike many other alternative lighting apparatus, this one does not require the use of physical wires. As such, it is less of a hassle to operationalize.

Optimal design – As part and parcel of its design, the item has a coating round about it that generates one bright and vibrant color output across the whole strip.

Ultimate entertainment experience – Other than merely lighting your rooms and ambiances, this item also has the ability to entertain you. This is made possible by the ability to sync with your infotainment devices.

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BLACK+DECKER Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Light Kit – Easy to Install

motion sensor under cabinet lighting

This is much more than a lighting apparatus. It doubles up as a motion sensor that is hence capable of serving security roles and alerting you of impending danger.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Slim design – In its entirety, the item comes about in a truly slimmer design. This sees it fit those areas that are otherwise too cramped up for an ordinary gadget of its kind.

Motion sensor – A motion sensor exists to allow you to detect motions and other issues that may pose security threats to your home and compound.

10 adjustable settings – You will tap into its 10 adjustable settings to vary the nature of the light output and the circumstances where you may have to use one for yourself.

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LE Wi-Fi LED Tape Lights Controlled by Multiple Ways – Best Smart

RGB under cabinet light

The world has moved on. As a shrewd homeowner, you have to proceed with it. Only by you tapping into a smart lighting apparatus of this kind can you achieve this very end.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Exceptional voice controls – As explained above, the item manages exceptional voice controls. You may as a matter of fact use it alongside the Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, and the Dot.

App and remote controls – You may also engage it from very far away thanks to its ability to respond to the remote controls and the apps. That gives you some leverage or freedom of use.

Syncs with music – Lastly, it also synchronizes with a variety of musical apparatus and instruments. These include speakers, built-in microphones, and small portable gadgets.

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HIBOITEC 3 Pack Wireless Rechargeable Light Bar – with Magnetic Base

rechargeable under cabinet lights

Closets are generally tiny and squeezed. To impact them, you may have to look up to a similarly compact and efficient lighting gadget, such as this!

Here’s what you’ll love:

Automatic switch – Its switch is automated rather than manual. On account of this, the switch spares you from the hassles you may often have to endure when attempting to engage its parts.

Larger battery capacity – It draws its power from the included 1,000 mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery. Take hold of it for your prolonged engagements and zero time wastage.

Two-ways to install – You have two options to leverage when installing it. This of course translates to some freedom of action and overall wellbeing on your part.

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GetInLight Hardwired Only under Cabinet LED Lighting – Your Dimmable Lighting Solution

hardwired under cabinet lighting

Different lighting circumstances require similarly different levels of brightness. It is only a matter of fairness that you pick on an item that dims and brightens as per your unique needs.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Multiple knock-outs – Throughout the entire length and breadth of the light are some multiple knock-outs that serve to greatly facilitate the installation of the item.

Dimmable – We have already explained that the item dims and brightens in response to the unique lighting needs you may desire to meet at that time.

Higher color accuracy – Overall, it does not compromise the quality of the colors as they are perceived by the naked eyes. That of course leads to greater visibility on your part.

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LE LED Plug in Under Cabinet Lighting – Linkable for Large Kitchen

dimmable under cabinet lighting

Is your search for the right under cabinet light mainly dictated by the use in kitchens? You have this one for your own consideration and subsequent usage.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Sufficient brightness – The item is generally well able to deliver to you sufficient levels of brightness. This sees it scatter away all the darkness to make you behold the objects clearly.

Energy-saving – Even though the bulb is bright, it still saves a great deal of energy on your part. You hence won’t have to spend too much to have your way as is ordinarily the case.

Daisy chain linkable – In closing, you may also link this light with the other like-minded lighting apparatus to form a chain. The end result of this is the wholesome impacts of an entire room.

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OxyLED Cordless Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light Bar – Stick on Any Surface

wireless led under cabinet lighting

For your own convenience, you need a lighting apparatus of this kind that is able to stick just about everywhere and anywhere. It is really great for someone on the go or who has many places to serve.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Automatic sensor – An automatic sensor stands out as the premier part and component of the gadget. Its role is mainly to detect movements and then act appropriately along the way.

Ultra-bright LED closet lights – For all practical purposes, this item is really bright enough. The levels of brightness scatter all the darkness to make you behold the images clearly.

Detach design – Thanks to its detach design, the item is able to facilitate your transportation to the remote locations of use without too much ado on your part.

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LEDIARY Recessed Light with Cold White Light – Durable Aluminum Construction

screwfix recessed under cabinet lights

Overview: Have a cramped-up space? Lay your hands on this particular LED lighting apparatus. Its recessed nature ensures that you save the highest amount of space as need be.

Here’s what you’ll love:

30° beam angle – Due to the recessed nature of the lighting apparatus, it is able to scatter the rays of light at an angle of 30° from where you are.

3-color temperature – Then again it is able to give off three kinds of colors for your maximum convenience of choice if and when you need the same. These are warm white, natural white, and cold white.

High brightness and Energy-saving – When all factors are taken into account, the lighting gadget saves a great deal of energy while also bring about higher levels of brightness.

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Kichler LED Direct Wire 2700K Light – 30-Inch for Large Cabinet

direct wire under cabinet lighting

Want to leverage some warmth while also illuminating your interiors? We have this specific lighting apparatus to recommend to your usage and ultimate applications.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Built-in transformers – Contained in the apparatus is some built-in transformer that allows for smoother installation and engagement of the gadget thereof.

Many finishes – You have the freedom to choose stainless steel, white, and bronze finishes. That arrangement enables you to pick the color that mirrors your own aesthetic needs.

Integrated LED light source – The item draws its power from the integrated LED light source. On the strength of this, it allows for uninterrupted engagements on your part.

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Westek Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light – Contains a Seamless Outlet

under cabinet fluorescent light

Fluorescent lighting items such as this are friendlier to the eyes and less likely to cause any harm. As such, they are good for those who have eyesight issues.

Here’s what you’ll love:

White finish – Its exterior comes in the form of a white finish. This finish is also able to match the white or the light wood cabinets. Thus, it serves great aesthetics indeed.

Built-in 10-Amp convenience outlet – Some convenience outlet that has a capacity of 10 amperes is built into the system. It serves to up the flow of current and the proper functioning of the gadget.

15-watt – The lighting gadget bears the 15 watts of light output for you. It hence provides enough lighting for your spaces and gets rid of all darkness you may contend with.

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LE LED Under Cabinet Puck Light Kit with 3000K Warm White Light – for Ambiance

portable cabinet light

Wishing to add some beauty to your interiors? Pick and make use of this equally elegant piece of lighting apparatus. Its breathtaking appearance lets it perform the decorative ends you need.

Here’s what you’ll love:

3,000K warm white light – The item produces exceedingly bright and warm lights that serve to bring about two ends in one packaging.

Natural accent lighting – Its external appearance is not left out either as it too can add some beauty and décor to the places and locales where you choose to fix the same.

Flood beam – When triggered for use, the item does deliver the light outputs in the form of a flood beam. This way it reaches far and wide while also delivering great visibility.

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T01L LED Wireless Closet Light – with Super Bright Light

interior cabinet lighting

Of all the lighting apparatus we have, this is the one that produces the brightest light outputs. You should consider it for those spaces and areas that tend to demand too much light from you.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Unique design – It comes about in a unique design that lets it swivel to scatter the beams of light in multiple directions. This of course leads to a greater degree of convenience on your part.

Seamless mounting – You have the freedom to mount this apparatus in many positions thanks to its seamless mounting capability.

Auto/On/Off 3 modes – For your further convenience, you have these three modes to tap into and utilize in the course of your operations.

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What Is the Best Type of Under Cabinet Lighting?

easy under cabinet lighting

Generally, there are various types of under cabinet lighting. The following are some of the best types.

1. Linear Light Bar

The linear light bar is the most popular type of LED under cabinet lighting. It features a long-lasting and sturdy construction consisting of a diffused cover and aluminum housing.

The linear light bar features a slim design that easily fits in limited space beneath the cabinet or counter, and on the other hand, it is easy to install: no wiring required, just plug and play.

This type of lighting has the dimmable capability for better control of the lighting.

It is available in various lengths ranging from 6 – 48 inches. The light bars can be easily connected using the end-to-end connectors or the linkable extension cords.

2. Strip Lights/Tape Lights

This is a type of LED under cabinet lighting that is well-known because of their flexibility, which makes them ideal for small and inaccessible cabinets recess.

Unlike the linear light bar, the strip lights do not have aluminum housing which enhances their great flexibility.

Instead, the construction consists of a back adhesive cover and a light strip. This provides the strip lights with a pretty thin and slim design that allows them to fit in unusual spaces.

Unlike the light bar, the strip light comes as a continuous roll with field-cuttable joints to allow DIY cutting. They are easy to install and connect: just peel the adhesive cover and stick it on the cabinet.

On the other hand, most of these lights lack the dimmable capability and require a dimmer, which is sold separately. Also, the lights can get dusty easily and dim, as they lack a light cover.

3. Puck Lights

These are round in shape LED under cabinet lighting, with an appearance similar to the hockey puck. The low-profile lights are ideal for lighting the cabinet as well as the display.

Due to their round shape, these lights produce pools or spots of light instead of even illumination.

Most puck lights are either battery-powered or plug-in, making them easy to connect and install, which involves sticking the adhesive tape.

For uniform illumination, the lights should be installed between 8 – 12 inches apart.

4. Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

This is the last type of LED under cabinet lights but the most versatile and long-lasting. However, they are not as easy to install as the other types and the process can be challenging to some.

Generally, most of the hardwired fixtures are 120 V and are connected directly to the house wiring.

The hardwired lights are dimmable, but with the use of LED drivers that are dimming compatible. Also, they allow color temperature adjustment from warm to cool white.

Generally, these lights provide uniform illumination and more brightness, while they are also linkable.

What Lighting Technology Can I Choose?

how to choose cabinet lighting

1. LED Lighting

As incandescent lamps fade away in most homes, the LED lighting continues to take over-popularity.

Usually, the LED lighting is the most renowned type of under cabinet lighting, with a great reputation attributed to its high energy-efficiency, durability, and low heat output.

The LED lighting technology involves the use of several light-emitting diodes to emit light, unlike the incandescent bulbs that used wire filament.

These diodes do not produce heat which makes them more durable and energy-efficient. They are easy to install and 90% efficient than incandescent lighting.

The LED lighting is also dimmable, thereby providing better control of the light intensity, as well as enhancing energy-efficiency.

2. Fluorescent

Fluorescent lighting is also famous due to its low heat output and high energy-efficiency, which also translates to a longer lifespan.

Unlike the past years when fluorescent bulbs used to take time to switch on after flipping the switch, the current fluorescent lighting lights immediately with no flickering or hum.

The slim fluorescent strips are the best fluorescent under cabinet lights, with about 0.5 inches diameter to allow easy mounting and fitting in small spaces beneath the cabinet. Regardless of the small size, the fluorescent strips produce plenty of light.

Other ideal fluorescent bulbs for under cabinet lighting are T4, T5, and T8 bulbs.

One drawback of fluorescent lighting is that it makes use of mercury which can be hazardous when exposed.

3. Halogen Light

Halogen lighting can be considered in the category of xenon lighting, but the main difference between the two is that halogen lighting contains halogen as the inert gas in the bulb.

However, both halogen and xenon lighting are incandescent, they are less energy-efficient and produce more heat output than LED and fluorescent lighting.

But, it has a bright and vivid color that produces perfect and bright illumination, making it an ideal option for individuals looking for warm and bright lighting.

Generally, halogen lighting is the least energy-efficient type of lighting among the four types and produces the most heat output.

However, it is also considered an energy-efficient lighting option as it is not comparable with traditional incandescent lighting. Due to this, halogen lighting has the least lifespan compared to xenon, fluorescent, and LED.

4. Xenon lighting

Just like halogen lighting, xenon is a type of incandescent lighting and is named after the gas used in the bulbs: xenon bulbs consist of xenon gas in the bulb enclosure.

Generally, the working principle of xenon lighting involves the use of a thin tungsten filament to produce light. The filament is electrically heated and light is produced after the filament is hot enough.

Despite being incandescent, xenon lighting is much more energy-efficient and more durable than the old incandescent lighting.

However, it is less energy-efficient than LED and fluorescent lighting and produces more heat output making them less durable.

On the other hand, xenon lighting is a great option for individuals looking for warm and bright lighting, making them among the most famous under cabinet lights.

Usually, this type of lighting can be obtained in two types, linear and puck, just like LED and fluorescent lighting.

Also, both plug-in and hard-wire connection options are available for xenon lighting.

Who Makes the Best Under Cabinet Light?

1. GE

GE is one of the most popular under cabinet lighting brands known for its great reputation for many years. GE brand has been at the top of the market for producing high quality, versatile, and energy-efficient under cabinet lights among other lighting products.

The premium brand produces a variety of quality under cabinet lights to meet your preferences.

The company produces various energy-efficient under cabinet lighting with various lengths and features.

Some of the products are available in various colors, color temperature adjustment, and dimming capability to provide you with exclusive control of the lights.

GE under cabinet lighting is high-quality, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and affordable at various prices to cater to different classes of customers, without compromising quality or performance.

2. Philips

Philips is a top-leading and renowned brand in the lighting market. Philips brand began producing the traditional under cabinet lighting and other types of light bulbs and through much technological advancement and innovation.

Philips brand produces versatile under cabinet lighting with exclusive technology for better control and perfect illumination while saving on your energy bill.

The energy-efficient Philips under cabinet lighting comes in a variety of types, lengths, installation, connection, adjustment, and control, for customized lighting in your room.

For advanced control, some Philips under cabinet lighting is compatible with smart home technology allowing you to use voice control to control the lighting.

Also, they can use tandem control together with other Philips smart bulbs to help save on your cost and energy used for the lighting system.

3. Black+Decker

Black+Decker is another versatile and worth buying under cabinet lighting. The Black+Decker brand is a popular company known for the production of pro-quality lighting and other home tools.

The Black+Decker company aims at producing the best under cabinet lighting in the market with better user-friendliness, energy-efficient, and affordable price tags.

The brand has done amazing work to produce light bars for your kitchen or workspace from dull to bright and vibrant.

How to Install Different Types of LED Under Cabinet Lights?

installing under cabinet lighting

Generally, there are three ways of installing LED under cabinet lights. They include:

  • Plug-in

This is one of the easiest ways of installing LED under cabinet lights. This method simply involves plugging the light’s wire head into the wall outlet and switching on the switch.

It is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

With this type of installation, the under cabinet lights come with an extension cable and head to connect to the wall outlet.

  • Battery Operated

This is the simplest mode of installation. Just like the name, battery-operated LED under cabinet lights are battery-powered, meaning that you do not require any power source.

Usually, these lights come with their battery installed in them.

Installing these lights involves attaching them to your preferred place and switching them on without connecting to any electric power.

This type is ideal for areas far away from electric power or without electric power.

  • Hard-wire

This is the most challenging mode of LED under cabinet light installation and might require the services of an electrical technician.

Hard-wire installation involves connecting the LED under cabinet light directly to the house electric wires inside the wall.

Usually, this mode is more permanent unlike plug-in and battery-operated options.

Dos and Don’ts When Use/Install Under Cabinet Light

Just like most home products, under cabinet light also has its dos and don’ts when using them. They include

  • Mount the lights on the front side of the upper cabinet.
  • Use under-cabinet lighting fixtures with lenses to minimize glare on polished countertops.
  • Install the fixtures with a length equal to the counter or workspace length to provide even illumination across the entire workspace or counter.
  • Use dimmers to control the brightness appropriately.
  • Choose a backsplash with a light color to reflect more light.
  • Do not place or use under cabinet lighting more heat output close to heat-sensitive substances.
  • Just like any electrical appliance, do not place the under cabinet light close or in contact with water.
  • Ensure that hard-wire lighting is installed appropriately and follows federal or local laws.
  • Do not leave battery-operated under cabinet lighting running all night to increase the battery lifespan.
  • Avoid using bare light tape over polished countertops to avoid glare.


1. What is under cabinet light?

This is a type of lighting added to a kitchen or on cabinets, that aims at improving the most glare surroundings like countertop areas prone to poor lighting.

It consists of fixtures of either stripped designed light-emitting diodes or puck lights.

Generally, there are various types of under cabinet lighting based on the type of lighting, just as we mentioned earlier.

They are commonly installed below cabinets so at ease in undertaking chores for example while at the kitchen chopping your desired meal ingredients.

2. Are you under cabinet light worth it?

Yes, if it was not for the under cabinet lighting, you are sure-fire that the aesthetics of the well-built building cabinets wouldn’t add into a splash of style to be longed for.

Also, the extra illumination and elimination of shadows in your workspace make them more worthwhile.

The installation process has fully aided in preventing accidents caused by catteries while chopping, as the areas are filled with pools of darkness.

For the case of pantries, under cabinet lighting aids in quick access into the shelves once someone requires something.

The lighting system has extremely wiped off the creation of shadows and backsplash pools.

Most premises having been installed overhead lighting limits the illumination of areas below the cabinet thus advocate for the under cabinet lighting.

3. Where should I place my under cabinet lighting?

For a proper installation, offering proper or extensive illumination, one should position the fixtures in a position facing towards the front to create a wide illuminated area for the preparations required for example at the food counters.

If in any case there is the presence of a lense or light diffuser, place it towards the backsplash as it could create a very terrific futuristic feel, thus causing fixture un-authenticity.

For glossy areas use a lens or a light diffuser, these areas providing smooth lighting create reflective surfaces.

4. Can I install under cabinet lighting by myself? Will I need help?

Yes, you can install under cabinet lighting by yourself.

Depending on the type of lighting, it is either very easy to install or quite challenging. Having selected the right LED strip, measure the length of your cabinet against where you are planning to install your “under cabinet lighting, then it becomes quite easy to install it by yourself.

The strips may be of diverse installation methods including the use of backing adhesive, mounting screws, and lastly use of magnetic strips to connect to a surface.

For the smooth surfaces, the adhesive strips may be applied where one pills out the cover and attaches the cable onto the surface.

For the rough concrete surfaces, screwed in clips may be applied to undertake the installation. For the magnetic case, both surfaces must be magnetic for ease in holding the installation.