Minimalist and Cute Wall Plug in Night Lights and Projectors with Sensors

Are you afraid of sleeping in the dark or you have children who find it hard to sleep in dark rooms? Plug in night lights, with compact size and sufficient light, are your best choice of lighting to use at night.

They provide a soft glow that will allow you or your child to sleep until the morning light.

Are you an avid sleeper who wants to enjoy maximum comfort while asleep? We would wish to first and foremost congratulate you on landing on just the right page. Your solution is found in the use of the plug-in night light.

In this article, you shall:

  • What you can benefit from plug-in night lights?
  • Familiarize yourself with the leading considerations of buying these items
  • Top plug in night lights reviews
  • Different types of these nightlights and their usages

plug in night lights

In a hurry? Look at these top plug-in nightlights!

Vont Plug in Night Light with Simple Design and Smart Sensor – Hot Sale Nightlight for All Spaces

J Devlin Glass Art Decorative Stained Glass Tree Night Light – A Piece of Art Decor for Modern Rooms

PurSalt Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp with Rotatable Plug – Helps Purify Air and Provides Omnidirectional Light

Elsent Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor – Shine Comfortable Red Light for Sleeping

Lohas Compact Plug-in Nightlight with Changeable Light Colors – Convenient with remote control

STAR MOON Fragrance Ceramic Wax Melt Night Light – Adds Some Warmth and Scent to the Interior Spaces

DLLT LED Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor – Most Effective Outdoor Security lighting Equipment

What Is Plug-in Night Light?

A plug-in night light is a small light fixture that is plugged into a wall electrical outlet. It is placed in dark areas or places that tend to be dark when the night falls.

Is it energy efficient? You might think that since it is running all night, the electrical bills will pile up even more. No, this is not the case with this night light. It only consumes 0.5 watts. It is therefore very energy efficient.

A night light functions to provide you sufficient light when you sleep but not so bright to make you wake up in the middle of the night.

It withdraws the need to switch on overhead lights when breastfeeding or tending to your young child.

Why a Plug-in Night Light Is Good for Sleeping?

Plug-in night light provides enough illumination to help you see in the dark without disturbing your sleep.

It has many features that make it easy for you to select one that will suffice your needs. Also, it adds a sense of style to your rooms.

Get other benefits below:

– They are cheap

Plug-in night lights are cheaper compared to the other types of night lights such as portable and projector night lights.

Additionally, they use less energy even though they remain on until morning. It only uses 0.5 watts of power.

Therefore, it is incomparable when compared with the overhead lighting. The overall cost of using it is quite cheaper.

– They have light sensors

Most plug-in night lights have light sensors. It can measure the intensity of light. At night it senses low ambient light, then triggers the light and it turns it on. When morning comes, it automatically shuts off the light.

– They have motion-activated sensors

This is best if you do not want the light to remain on throughout the night. The motion sensor detects motion then goes ahead to trigger the light and switches it on.

When there is no motion the light goes off. This type of light can be used in the hallway to light the stairs.

– Stress relief

Children often experience separation anxiety if left to sleep alone. The presence of a night light will alleviate this problem and assist them to sleep.

Having a night light on will remove their fear of darkness and easily fall back to sleep if they woke up in the middle of the night.

– Better vision

Night lights enhance your visibility at night, especially in kids’ rooms which are usually filled with toys and boys almost everywhere. This will help guide your foot when going in to check on them.

Additionally, they can be used in the hallway to prevent you from tripping and falling on the stairs.

– Less sleep interference

Night lights produce a smooth glow that will allow your kid to sleep naturally. Most night lights use LED light bulbs that create gentle visual stimuli.

Besides, they also help parents go back to sleep after checking on their kids.

Exposure to bright overhead lights will cause sleep interference. Therefore, it is necessary to have a night light in your home.

How to Choose the Best Plug-in Night Light?

led night light plug in

With all the many types of plug-in night lights available in the market, it is such a daunting task to select the best. Your worrying days are over. Here are some of the features you should look for before purchasing a plug-in night light.

– Brightness

A plug-in night light’s function is to help you sleep. For this reason, the light should be bright enough to help you see in the dark but not too bright to disrupt your sleep.

Brightness is a very important element when it comes to purchasing a plug-in light.

How will you know if it is too bright? It is quite simple, just close your eyes, and stare at the light. If you can still see the light, then it is too bright.

Night light technology continues to advance just like every other item in the market. Manufactures produce night lights that feature a range of settings such as brightness-adjustable functions.

Many come with a 3-stage setting: low, medium, and high. Consider purchasing a plug-in night light with such a function.

– LED light bulb

Many types of light sources are used when making night lights. It is in your best interest to know what kind of light bulb a plug-in uses before you purchase.

LED light bulbs are the best option. It produces low heat, and it is very safe. A plug-in night light integrated with LED light is an exceptional choice. They have a long life span and are energy-efficient.

– Style

Plug-in night light comes in several shapes and styles. Therefore, you should opt for a style that blends well with your interior decoration.

The most common designs in the market right now are the moon, projector, and regular small plug-in night lights.

  • The plug-in projector illuminates the whole room including the floor, ceiling, and walls.
  • The moon plug-in on the other hand resembles the real moon.
  • The regular small plug-in is a compact size and the most common among the three.

Choose a style that will best suit your lighting needs.

– Color of the light

The light color is a very important feature that most people tend to ignore. The light color affects your sleep. You should choose a plug-in with the recommended colors.

Red, yellow, orange, and green are the best colors for a night light.

Studies indicate that white and blue lights affect sleep patterns. They inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone that triggers the sleep cycle. You will have a hard time sleeping when using these lights.

But if you are looking for a plug-in night light for reading, the white light maybe better compared with yellow/red hues.

Additionally, researchers suggest red hue and orange are the best for use in the bedroom.

To enjoy a wide range of color selections, consider choosing a night light with color-changing features.

– Operation

Practically, there are two modes of operation when it comes to the plug-in night light, manual, and sensor operations.

Manual operation is just a normal on and off switch system. You have to switch it on when you want to use it and off when not in use. If you desire to control the plug-in night light choose one with a manual switch.

Sensor activated operation. Here there are two types of sensors, motion, and dusk to dawn auto sensor.

A motion-activated plug-in sensor works by detecting the motion then automatically turns on the light. When there is no motion it turns off. This is the best option if you do not need light throughout the night. It can be used in the hallway and the bathroom.

Dusk to dawn sensor detects the amount of natural light. It turns off during the day. At night, it detects the dimness level and automatically triggers the light to turn on. If you want a plug-in that you won’t have to turn off in day time and remains on throughout the night, then this is your best option.

– Is it for adults or children?

Plug-in night lights have different features.

Those meant for children have additional features such as a sound machine, thermometers, phone control. All these features ensure that your child is safe whenever they are sleeping.

Sound machines produce certain sounds that are ideal to make your child easily fall to sleep.

Define the recipient of the night light before you resolve to buy.

– Size

This is a vital consideration when you want to buy a plug-in night light. It comes in many sizes but it has a small compact design for better fitting in the wall outlet. The room should be illuminated sufficiently. Therefore, select a plug-in that is proportional to your room’s size.

Plug-in Night Light Reviews

We start it out with a review of the plug-in night lights:

Vont Plug in LED Night Light for Versatile Places – Hot Seller

sensor night light plug in

Overview: By and large, this is the most versatile lighting apparatus. You may fix it in your bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, toilets, and hallways. It is also great for children and adults alike.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Perfect brightness – It is designed in such a way as to bring about the perfect brightness. Indeed, the brightness levels of this lighting gadget are not too strong or too dull to your eyes.

Smart illumination – Using this appliance, it is possible for you to accrue the benefit of smart illumination. The item contains sensors that trigger automatic operations.

Energy-efficient – Even when you have to use it for too long, you won’t pay too much in the form of utility expenses. Its energy-efficient bulbs reduce the rate of consumption and associated utility expenses.


  • Fixes in many rooms and places
  • Compact enough to carry around easily
  • Has a dusk-to-dawn sensor for seamless operations


  • Lacks special features that enabled customized applications

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J Devlin Glass Art Tree Nightlight – Your Ultimate Traditional Room Decor

decorative plug in night lights

Overview: Have some decorative purposes to meet? You have this apparatus for your choice and subsequent usage. It brings about some nature themes and decorations when engaged for use.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Stained glass pieces – Each piece that makes up the night light is stained for added aesthetics. It is this act that in fact ups the decorative nature or aspect of the night light.

Original and exclusive design – Overall, the item comes about in an original and exclusive design. The mix of these two arrangements adds to its longevity and overall enjoyment.

Meticulous arrangement – All the constituent parts and materials that make up the apparatus are meticulously arranged to ensure awesome looks and greater beauty.


  • Serves many kinds of rooms
  • Its bulb is clear and legible for you
  • Blends well with many competing décor items


  • Limited functional values

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Pursalt Himalayan Salt Lamp with 360° Rotatable Plug Head – Best for Purify Air

salt lamp plug in

Overview: Sometimes it could be that you want to spray the rays of light to the four corners of the room. If that be the case, the lighting apparatus you pick has to be rotatable at an angle of 360°.

Here’s what you’ll love:

7-watt light bulbs – It attaches to some light bulbs that bear the 7-watt rating. These bulbs conserve energy while also enabling the achievement of extra bright light outputs for you.

360° rotatable wall plug – As stated, these items do rotate at the angle of 360° to spray the rays of lights seamlessly to the four corners of the typical room.

Amber glow – When activated for use, the lighting gadgets emit some amber glow that is spectacular to behold. The glow is also not too bright as to imperil the health of your eyes.


  • Certified by the Electronic Testing Laboratory
  • Sprays the rays of light round and about a room
  • Takes up less space to mount


  • Quite weighty and bulky to carry around

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STAR MOON Fragrance Ceramic Wax Melt Night Light – Adds Warmth and Scent

ceramic plug in night light

Overview: Could it be that you also want to add some warmth to your rooms when lighting the same? If so, attempt to make use of this apparatus as it also glows warmly when lighting.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Decorative and functional – In a nutshell, this item is both decorative and functional in an equal streak. Your choice of it hence is capable of bringing about greater returns on investments.

Elegant hollow flower pattern – An elegant hollow flower pattern dominates its exterior. The pattern adds some beauty and overall elegance to the gadget and the rooms where the same is used.

Rotatable plug base – Its base is rotatable and able to hence spray the light output far and abroad. This trait also cheapens the processes of engaging and operating the item.


  • Exudes some warmth when lighting
  • Easier to clean thanks to the ceramic materials
  • Comes about in an extremely beautiful pattern


  • None

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SerieCozy LED Night Light with Smooth and Automatic Operations – Eye Care Light

plug in hallway light

Overview: For prolonged operations, you need a gadget that is able to work independently of your own input and controls. Have a look at this as it handles that task exceptionally well thanks to the dusk-to-dawn sensor.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Eye-protection technology – The gadget cares for your eyes. This, it does, using the included eye-protection technology that minimizes strains, fatigue, and irritations.

Trustworthy safety lighting – Apart from your eyes, the gadget is also safer on the whole to handle. All its materials are fire-retardant and less likely to spark any flames.

Dusk-to-dawn sensor – Rounding it all up is a dusk-to-dawn sensor that senses and regulates the operations of the item independently of your own controls and direct engagements.


  • Exudes the light outputs automatically
  • Operates with minimal input on your part
  • The diffuse light output is unlikely to hurt your eyes


  • Its range of light is somewhat limited

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FuWinet Owl LED Plug-in Night Light – For Small Children and Nursery

baby night light plug in

Overview: Have some small children to care for? You want a special lighting gadget that is engineered and intended wholly for loved young ones. How about you trying this one out?

Here’s what you’ll love:

Mini-LED light sensor – It is smaller than your average lighting apparatus thanks mainly to the mini-LED light sensor that occupies a strategic portion of it. This makes it easier to handle and workaround.

Cute owl-shaped light – Its exterior appearance is not left out either. It comes about in the shape of the cute owl that tinkles the eyes when beheld. Use it also for the decorations of the interior rooms.

Light sensor – A light sensor wraps the list of the many top-notch features it bears. This one detects the levels of ambient illumination to determine the controls and operations of the gadget.


  • Has a longer lifespan of about 50,000 hours
  • Applicable in many places and rooms
  • Senses the ambient illumination to reduce the effort you might expend


  • Inappropriate for the larger rooms

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Elsent Red Night Light Plug-in LED Wall Lamp – Best for Sleeping

plug in red night light

Overview: Just if you have a larger area to impact per unit time, you may want a gadget that is similarly comprehensive in nature. None comes close to let alone this beat one in that game.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Energy-efficient – Even though it generates extremely bright light output, this gadget’s power rating is a paltry 0.5W. Thanks to this vital arrangement, it is less likely to impose excessive utility bills on your part.

Non-polarized plug – Its plug is not polarized. For this reason, you may plug it downward or upwards as per your wish. That way, it won’t block the second socket that is affixed in the outlet.

Longer lifespan – All factors considered, the item does have a longer lifespan. Hardly does it demand frequent replacements as is the norm with many alternative apparatus.


  • Detects the levels of ambient illuminations automatically
  • Switches itself on and off without your help
  • Good enough for many places and locations within a room


  • red light only

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Projectables Disney Princess 6-Image LED Night Light – Projectors for Girls

plug in projector night light

Overview: In case the space you have is too large and expansive, you might have to lay your hands on projector lighting. This has the ability to spray the rays of light too far and too wide conveniently.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Multi-position – You have the leeway of fixing this gadget in whichever position and setting that is appropriate and relevant for your use. This stems from its multi-position stature and character.

Safe night light – All in all, the item is packed with loads of safety apparatus that combine to keep you well taken good care of. Even when used for longer, it does not cause any unnecessary harm.

Projection night light – We have already explained that the item scatters the rays of light far and abroad. This makes it suited for lighting up larger areas with absolute ease.


  • Its reach is somewhat wide and expansive
  • Comes in some beautiful stature and overall design
  • May be fixed in many positions


  • Expends much power input compared its counterparts in this page

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AUVON Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Night Light – An Adjustable and Safe Light

plug in night lights for bathroom

Overview: In some instances, you may have to set precise levels of brightness to coincide with the needs you have at that time. For that feat, we recommend an adjustable apparatus of this kind.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Passive infrared technology – A passive infrared technology stands out as the premier trait and aspect of this apparatus. It aids with navigation when the ambient levels of illumination are very low.

5 useful modes – To juggle your way when adjusting the brightness, you have some five useful modes to make do with. They enable precise operations on your part considerably.

Safety and energy-efficient – When everything is taken into consideration, the item is safer and truly more efficient. Many people who have used it before have noted great success.


  • Delivers some mild warmth as well as light
  • Saves considerable amounts of energy
  • Lets you adjust the levels of brightness


  • Warm white light only

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Off the Wall Toys Glitter Lava Night Light – Orange Hue and Warm Ambiance

cute night lights plug in

Overview: Is your place too dark and beyond the impacts of normal lighting apparatus? Get your hands on this awesome gadget and use it as it delivers some exceedingly bright illumination.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Replaceable 4-watt bulb – A replaceable bulb that bears the 4-watt rating stands out as the superior trait of the gadget. The bulb conserves energy while also exhibits exceedingly bright light output.

Metallic silver finish – Its exterior on the other hand features the metallic silver finish that sparkles to behold well. Thanks to this finish, you are able to enjoy some aesthetics as well.

UL-rated – Lastly, this bulb bears the Underwriter’s Laboratory rating, a fact that makes it safer and more reliable to make use of. This is not to mention the standard AC wall plug that comes along.


  • Glitters to the eyes when beheld
  • Serves decorative purposes exceptionally well
  • Very safe to handle and make great use of


  • Glass shade

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LOHAS RGB Plug-in Night Light Plug-in – A Dimmable & Color-Changing Light

modern night light plug in

Overview: Some occasions and events demand that you change the colors appropriately. This is a feat that is only achievable if you choose to work with a color-changing lighting apparatus of this kind.

Here’s what you’ll love:

RGB color-changing night lights – As explained above, the gadget has the ability to change its colors considerably. That makes it good enough for decorative tasks and occasions.

Remote controller – For your added convenience, the apparatus is accompanied by a remote controller. This lets you engage the item from afar off conveniently.

Memory function – Closing it all is a memory function that saves and regurgitates the commands at a later date independently of your own inputs and controls.


  • Has a timing function for your convenience
  • Changes its color considerably
  • Manages wider usage across many areas


  • May confuse a new user

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GE Ultrabrite LED Light Bar – For Maximum Brightness

cool plug in night lights

Overview: As its designation implies, this is the brightest of all the lighting gears we have around. You hence have it for your consideration if yours is an area that is too dark.

Here’s what you’ll love:

100 lumens of light – It is overall capable of giving forth a whopping 100 lumens of light outputs. This is sufficiently capable of illuminating the hallways and other areas of the rooms.

Auto/on/off switch – An auto/on/off switch exists as a core part and parcel of this item. You use this to engage and operationalize the item as per your required degree of convenience.

Safe and dependable – For all practical purposes, the item is safe and dependable in that it bears the Underwriter’s Laboratory certification not to mention made of parts that endure the test of time.


  • Negates the need to constantly replace your lighting bulbs
  • Ideal for many areas of your room
  • Complements your home décor


  • Not dimmable

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DLLT LED Motion Sensor Flood Light Outdoor – Outdoor Security Light

outdoor night light plug in

Overview: Seasons come and go in a typical year. To be on the safe side, you have to prepare yourself with an item that is waterproof and hence capable of enduring the wet seasons as well. Choose this one!

Here’s what you’ll love:

Flexible and adjustable – By and large, this gadget is both flexible and adjustable at the same time. You may as a matter of fact tilt its head within a range of 120° and 160° left or right.

Wide-angle illumination – Given the fact that it swivels, the item may also manage some wide-angle illumination for you. It in fact swivels to an angle of about 145°.

Waterproof IP65 rating – An IP65 waterproof rating rounds up the list of the top benefits it potentially brings about. This in fact is the one that safeguards it from the associated water damages that come along.


  • Able to sense the movements of nearby objects
  • Scatters the rays of light to a wider angle
  • Stands up to water damages thanks to the waterproof makeup


  • Only works for outdoors

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What Are the Usages of Different Types of Plug-in Night Lights?

plug in night light with lampshade

There are many types of plug-in night lights in the market with different sizes, shapes, styles, and features. Here are some of them:

  • Regular night light

A regular night light is small and compact. It does not block other outlets.

It provides enough illumination and allows uninterrupted sleep.

A regular plug-in integrated with an LED bulb is the best choice since it is energy-efficient and long-lasting.

If you have a large room, the regular night light is not your best choice of a plug-in.

  • Plug-in Moon Lamp

This night light resembles the moon in every aspect. It has the same shape, color, and appearance as the moon.

It is built from satellite data feeds of the moon using 3D technology. This lamp is built from non-toxic and odorless material. Thus, it is safe for kids.

Manufacturers use LED bulbs in most moon lamps making them energy efficient.

Additionally, you can adjust the colors and control the brightness of the moon.

A plug-in moon lamp is a great addition to your home. It not only provides enough illumination to your room but also improves its decoration.

  • Plug-in Lava Night Light

Who doesn’t love a lava lamp? There is always some magic that comes with a lava lamp.

Now you can extend that experience has been extended into a plug-in night light.

This lamp provides hypnotic illumination and is perfect for your bathroom. It adds an element of color to your rooms while providing enough light to let you see through the darkness.

Most lava plug-in night lights use LED light bulbs which are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Off the Wall Toys is a good energy-efficient lava lamp for decorating your living rooms, hallways…

  • Projection Night Light

This is another type of plug-in night light. It projects light in dark spaces for maximum comfort and safety.

An important feature of the projection night light is that it has many lighting modes you can select from to showcase various stunning patterns on the floor, wall, and ceiling.

It is most suitable in the kids’ room. If you wanna one for soothing your children, go for Projectables.

Others come with built-in sounds and speakers for an outstanding user experience. The light used is safe and will not disturb your sleep.

Additionally, it serves to decorate your room with its appealing burnished finish.

Where to use the night light?

Plug-in night lights are installed in dark areas and are purposed to serve you at night. It can be used in the hallway, kid’s room, adult bedrooms, and in the bathroom.

It is meant to provide you enough light to prevent you from falling. Additionally, it allows you to check and change diapers on your young children.

Where should you place the plug-in night light?

It is important to look at the layout of the room where you want to put the plug-in and the electrical outlets. Plug-in night light uses electricity, thus, it must be put in a place with an electrical outlet.

If the plug-in is for the bedroom, it should not be too close or too far from the bed as the light may be dim or bright respectively.

The ones used in the bathroom and stairway have no problem with the distance provided it delivers enough light to help you see.

Is Plug-in Night Light Safe?

Plug-in night light is generally safe provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and observe simple safety tips.

Some of the safety tips include:

– Do not use it if it seems faulty.

– Plug your night light into a standard electrical outlet.

– Do not hold it with wet hands.

– They are not waterproof, therefore, should not be used in damp locations.