Best Night Lights & Projector for Kids and Adults in 2022

Lights play an important role at night because we all need to see around. They create a conducive environment for doing various activities indoors and outdoors.

Night lights have been designed for different reasons and in various unique styles. Although nightlights provide required visibility and attractiveness, you need to ensure the emitted wavelengths are healthy to the eyes.

Despite checking on price during purchase, also consider its efficiency to energy consumption and durability. Nightlights can be used by kids, toddlers, teens, and adults depending on the type.

Night lights are available in various shapes and sizes. Some are available as portable toys that children can use to play with before sleeping while others are just plugged into the wall outlets.

In addition to that, some are available as projector nightlights which cast different colors and images on the walls at night. This is quite appealing, especially to young kids.

Thus, this article will discuss and discover:

  • The various types of nightlights
  • How to buy the best from the market?
  • Reviews of 17 best night lights on the market
  • The security tips for using night lights
  • How they can be used to get the kids to sleep

dimmable night light

Quick Picks of Best Night Lights

Night Lights Functions

Night lights are essential because they serve a couple of functions to both the kids and the adults.

  • One is that they provide you with safety by illuminating potential obstacles like fixtures and stairways.
  • Also, young children who are afraid to sleep in the dark usually get a better sleep when the night lights are present.
  • Night lights are also very useful to mothers who wake up at night to breast-feed and change their babies.

Is It Worth Using a Nightlight?

Of course YES! Here are some of the benefits or disadvantages you can be sure of by using nightlight:

  • Cost-effective than overhead lights: There is a significant difference in the cost of using nightlights compared to the normal overhead lights in a child’s bedroom because they are usually of low wattage.
  • Minimal sleep disruption: Using overhead lights at night will lead to a significant sleep disruption because of too much brightness. On the other hand, most of the nightlights have very minimal brightness that provides soothing visual stimuli, and hence your kid will fall asleep naturally without any disruption. Nursing mothers who wake at night to check and breast-feed their children also fall back asleep so easily in the presence of nightlights.
  • Better visibility: There can be a couple of obstacles in a room that may cause accidents at night. Such obstacles include the stairways and other items such as books, toys, and clothes. When nightlights are used to illuminate these obstacles especially in the kids’ rooms the chances of tripping over them are significantly reduced.
  • Helps to relieve stress: Some children especially those afraid to sleep in dark rooms experience separation anxiety when they sleep in different rooms from their parents. This may give them sleepless nights but when nightlights are provided, their stress is greatly reduced and hence they can sleep better.
  • Despite nightlights having some benefits, light exposure is a major drawback associated with them. The presence of light especially the blue and the white colors prevent melatonin hormone from being released in the body.

This hormone is the one responsible for causing sleep and hence if it is not produced you will suffer from sleeplessness.

The hormone works best in the presence of darkness unlike in the presence of blue or white light which cheats the brain that it is daytime and hence it doesn’t produce that hormone.

However, to have a balance and benefit from the advantages above, it is recommended to use red night light in the bedroom, which does not inhibit the production of melatonin hormone.

That is because red light has an exceptionally long wavelength compared to white and blue light.

What to Look for When Buying a Nightlight?

led motion sensor night light

You must consider the features of the best nightlights before you can buy them because they are available in various brands and models. Below are the factors that you should consider when buying nightlights for your family:

– The type of sensor:

Research on the market has shown that most of the nightlights have an in-built sensor that is either controlled by light or motion.

Those with light sensors turn on or off depending on whether light is present or not while motion-activated sensor nightlights turn on when someone enters the room and off when they leave.

Nightlights with sensor functions are quite beneficial, especially for the kids.

– The type of bulb in the nightlight:

The most suitable nightlights in terms of efficiency and fewer fire risks are the ones that have LED bulbs compared to incandescent or CFL nightlights.

However, more efficiency comes with higher price tags but it is worth it in the long run.

– Light color:

The color of the light emitted by the nightlights has a great impact on your sleep quality.

The most suitable color that does not interfere with your sleep is red or orange, unlike blue and white lights that give you a hard time before you can sleep.

– Location of the outlets:

You must look at the layout of your room or the kids’ room before you can buy the nightlights. The location of the electrical outlets in the bed is a key factor to consider.

Electrical outlets too close to the bed pose a higher fire risk or too much brightness and hence battery-powered nightlights or the ones with a longer power cord are most suitable in such situations.

– Dimension of the nightlight:

Based on the available surfaces in your bedroom and the location of the wall outlet, it is essential that you consider the most suitable length, width, height, shape, and weight of the nightlight when buying it.

– The lifespan of the nightlight:

Various nightlights have a different lifespan that you can predict with the help of the nightlight’s warranty and price.

The nightlights that perform for longer periods have a higher price attached to them while those that perform for shorter periods are associated with lower prices.

Buying cheaper nightlights require you to replace them more frequently than when you invest in expensive ones hence the overall cost will be higher if you focus on lights with a shorter lifespan.

– The cost:

When buying nightlights, the cost is an important factor that should remain in line with your budget for the lights.

However, most nightlights are relatively cheap and with $40 or less you can have a nightlight of your preferred brand.

What Night Lights to Use at Home?

modern night lights

  • Plug-in Fixtures

Plug-in nightlights are the most popular types of nightlights. They are available in different patterns, shapes, and sizes and are the cheapest of all the types of nightlights.

They require an electrical outlet of 120 volts and above to function. They also have a flat-profile design and they usually emit soft light that sticks around the outlet or just a little distance beyond.

  • Projectors

Unlike plug-in fixtures, projectors do not emit light that is concentrated around the electrical outlet. Instead, they work by displaying patterned images on the ceiling or the walls of the room.

Certain projector nightlights play music at timed intervals hence providing calming visual and audio environments that help the occupants of the room to relax and sleep without difficulties.

Projector nightlights are usually dome-shaped.

  • Tabletop Nightlight

Tabletop nightlights are placed on flat surfaces adjacent to the bed. Some look like the tabletop lamps but with added functions such as clocks and music players.

They are powered either by 120-volt electrical outlets or batteries. Some can also be controlled using smartphone applications.

  • Toy Nightlight

Toy nightlights are stuffed animals, dolls, and other ordinary toys that are fitted with nightlights. They are designed to sleep with kids in bed, especially newborns and infants.

17 Best Night Lights Review

In this part, we are going to review the 17 best night lights available in the market, their composition, benefits, and some down-to-earth aspects.

1. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light Machine – Top Rated

hatch baby rest smart nightlight

Hatch baby rest night light machine takes care of kids of all ages. It is very hard to make your kid fall asleep and also stay asleep. But Hatch baby night light has all the features that will help your little ones sleep in your modern nursery.

The night is a multifunctional device that combines a night light with sound as well as a time-to-rise alert and all these can be controlled from your smartphone. Additionally, you can customize brightness, color, volume, and sound level.

Furthermore, the nightlight is easy to use since you can program it to turn on automatically from your mobile device or opt to use it manually.

You are guaranteed that lamp will grow with your kid since the nightlight provides white noise and soft light for the midnight feeding sessions.

What’s better than a time-to-rise setting for the older kid? This is guaranteed. Hatch nightlight encourages better sleep for your kid and the sound and color combinations are ones that are recommended by experts.

Special Features:

– Wide range of custom colors.
– Ideal for your modern nursery.
– Controllable from your smartphone.
– Guarantees healthy sleep routines.

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2. Uigos LED Light Lamp with Light Sensor – Hot Sale

cheap plug in night light

Uigos LED light lamp is perfectly designed with a smart sensor that acts towards any lighting fluctuations.

This night light grows automatically when light conditions are low or when your room gets enough darkness.

There is no need to walk towards the lighting switch to turn it on and off. It provides moderate room illumination enough to see as you walk around. After setting it into lighting mode, you leave it for the sensors to operate.

Since you don’t have to flip any switch to illuminate your house, you can perform your tasks without worrying.

In that case, this night light is ideal to use in areas such as children’s rooms, stairways, closets, kitchens, bedrooms, restrooms, and any other place you may require extra light.

Special Features:

– It is portable and wireless.
– It uses minimal power to function.
– It is suitable and safe to use even around children.
– It operates automatically, no need to put power on and off.

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3. Doreshop Dimmable Night Light with Adjustable Brightness – For Hallway

led night light plug in

The dimmable night light is perfectly designed for kids. This night light can automatically detect dusk as well as the dawn and act effectively. It immediately turns power on or off in response to the ambient light.

It is possible to make adjustments to the brightness depending on your scenarios to a maximum of 100 LM.

This light is suitable to use for children as its blue light is low. This makes it hazardous-free as it is capable of avoiding harmful blue light.

With this kind of night light, you don’t have to worry about your kid falling at night in their room. You can illuminate your kid’s rooms to make them comfy at night.

Special Features:

– It turns on and off automatically.
– Adjustable brightness depending on the scene.
– Better sleep due to low blue light.

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4. VAVA Home Night Light with Charging Pad – Portable Body

nursery night light

VAVA Home night light is made for kids. It is designed with ABS and PC shade materials.

This night light is a modern style containing LED type source of light with anti-blue light. That means your child’s eyes are cared for.

Although it is rechargeable battery-powered, it can last for about 6 hours with great levels of brightness. Its charging pad is very stable to avoid easier damages and toppling.

This night light can provide a cool to warm white light color. You can operate it easier, by double-tapping the logo to set about 1 to 1.5 hours enough to comfort your child to sleep.

It is perfectly applicable during breastfeeding time as well as a diaper changing without having to wake up your child. You can also use it during camping and hiking.

Special Features:

– Provides night light safe for your kid’s eyes.
– You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
– It is easier to customize the light.
– It has an appropriate charging base.

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5. Emotionlite Plug-in Light with 360 Rotation – with Personalized Direction Light

wall night light

Emotionlite night light is designed in a modern way with circular shaped, plastic shade material and warm white LED light color.

This kind of night light contains an in-built sensor that is dusk to down type. The sensor automatically reacts in response to the sufficiency of the ambient light.

With Emotionlite plug-in light, you can perfectly illuminate a specified area of your choice. This is made possible because this light has a swiveling head that can give a 360 degrees rotation.

Special Features:

– It can automatically turn lights on and off.
– Low cost of power consumption.
– It is easier to achieve the desired position of illumination.

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6. BRIGHTWORLD Himalayan Salt Moon Night Light – Ensures Safety

moon night light

BRIGHTWORLD Moon kids Light is a globe-shaped night light that is made up of ABS or PVC materials. This globe kid’s lamp is about 5.9 inches and comes with its well-designed wooden stand. It contains multiple colors where one light can have around 16 different colors. Since it is battery powered, it uses a Lithium Polymer type of battery that is included on purchase.

This night light provides a moon-light type with a 3D effect on magical color change. You can change colors using a remote control or via touch. However, the remote control gives 16 colors and assists in dimming control, while touch is limited to 7 colors. This moon-light lamp is a perfect present to give to your kids especially on their birthdays.

Special Features:

– It is easier to control using a remote or touch.
– It has a USB rechargeable battery that is long-lasting.
– Cool decorative light.

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7. Luckkid Battery Powered Star Night Light Projector – with Timer

star projection night light

It is a multifunctional night light lamp projector that is globe-shaped. This night light is designed with plastic shade materials, white-colored, and five different films in a rotatable style.

This light uses AA batteries as a source of power. You can also use a USB cable connection.

The Star Projector lamp is available in three colors. The colors are equivalent to displayed brightness and results in six projection effects.

The night light offers you five themes; magical planet, Sea World, birthday, Constellation, and starry star. All of these themes are rotatable.

You are capable of changing the brightness degree as well as color effects.

Special Features:

– Gives imaginative relationships once pinned on the room wall.
– Provides five films that are rotatable.
– It’s multifunctional, as a night light or as a projector.
– Nice decoration.

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8. BlissLights Sky Lite Galaxy Projector – For Adults Bedroom

galaxy night light

BlissLights Sky Liter is a green-colored star projector designed to use LED type sources of power.

The projector has six hours in-built auto-timer and can operate at temperatures ranging between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. It forms a blue nebula cloud with many fascinating stars transforming indoors into a galaxy.

The light has a button that makes it easier to commence or end any motion, rotate light effects, and brightness adjustments.

This kind of night light is suitable for lighting up a home theater, parties, gaming rooms, a dinner for two, bedroom night light, and more.

Special Features:

– It’s simple to control.
– Creates a relaxing environment due to its soothing effect.
– Instant Projections once turned on.

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9. Litake LED Cat Silicone Touch Control Light – with Warm White Light

animal baby night light

Litake LED Light is a white-colored night light designed with silicone and ABS materials. It has a cat shape and cute style.

The Litake light requires three pieces of an AA battery, type source of power, and a LED type of bulb.

It has 7 adjustable light colors as well as warm white light with perfect breathing mode.

It is capable of projecting lovely cat cartoons night light. The silicone covering is washable and has no harm to adults and kids.

Once it is turned on it can stay for an hour before getting off. It requires touching to switch on.

Special Features:

– It is portable due to its compact size.
– Its covering is washable and harmless to everyone.
– Has 7 adjustable light colors.
– Designed with high-quality silicone materials.

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10. Gladle Magnetic Night Light with RGB Colors – Rechargeable Items

globe night light

Gladle Magnetic Night Light Lamp is designed for kids to use at night. It is made up of ABS and silicone materials.

This kid’s bedside night lamp requires one rechargeable battery that is internal and Lithium-ion type.

It has a cool and warm adjustable white color with assembled length and width of 3.7 inches.

This light has an in-built sixty minutes auto-timer. Depending on your need you can adjust its lighting to brightness or dimmable.

With this night light, you can stick it at any point due to its in-built magnetic and included a back-adhesive plate.

The light is ideal for breastfeeding, kid’s bedrooms, kid’s gifts, Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Special Features:

– Its battery is long-lasting.
– Safe for use by kids as it is made up of BPA-free silicone material.
– It’s highly durable and portable.
– Delivers eye-soothing effects to newborns.
– Easily adjustable to colorful and dimmable lights.

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11. Chunace 16-Color Bathroom Toilet Light – Motion Activated

motion activated toilet bowl nightlight

This toilet Light plays an important role in preventing accidental splashing on your restroom floor or missing the toilet completely at night.

The toilet night light is made up of white shade material that is plastic and highly polished. It is battery powered with LED bulb type.

The nightlight has 16 colors that are adjustable to brightness and dimmable. It has an in-built sensor that has a high capacity of detecting any motion within 5 feet, this makes the toilet bowl glow instantly.

It comes with 5 brightness levels thus possible to make personal illumination choices. This light makes bathroom trips comfy and party kind as it creates a cool environment.

Special Features:

– It detects movements and has a light sensor.
– Provides 16 colors rotation.
– It has 5 brightness levels of illumination.
– It makes the bathroom safe and comfortable.

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12. Droiee LED Soft Nursery Bed Night Light – Eye-Care Light

cute silicone night lights

LED Soft Nursery Bed Night Light is designed for kids to avoid bright light distractions at night. This nightlight is made up of white-colored plastic materials.

The nursery bed nightlight provides the brightness that is enough for walking around at night without blinding.

It is integrated with LEDs and it illuminates your room while saving on your electricity cost.

LED Soft Nursery Bed Night Light is perfect for use in a kid’s bedroom, kitchen, restroom, or any desired room in your house.

Special Features:

– Easy to operate, turning on and off.
– High-efficiency use of energy.
– It is a high-quality brand.
– Safe to use at night.
– It’s highly portable.

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13. ZoyinGifts Unicorn 3D Optical Illusion Night Lights – Unique Nightlight

unicorn night light

Unicorn 3D Optical Illusion Lights is a modern style nightlight, made up of acrylic shade materials that are Unicornry fairly in color.

This nightlight is easier to control as you can use touch or a 24 keys remote provided. Its remote is multifunctional, as it does the following, turning on and off the light, 16 pure color switches, turning it into four colorful modes, and dimmable.

The nightlight brightness is safe for the eyes. The colorful unicorn night light is applicable in areas like baby rooms, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, living rooms, bedrooms, clubs, and more.

Special Features:

– Kids friendly.
– Highly durable.
– Efficient consumption of energy.

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14. Zokea Color Changing Dinosaur Night Light – Attractive for Boys’ Room

dinosaur night light

Dinosaur T Rex Night Lamp is perfectly designed for your kids as it is safe for the eyes. This night lamp is made up of black PC materials as well as transparent acrylic kind.

It is usually a T-rex 1 in color. The lamp has 7 changeable colors – white, purple, red, blue, cyan, green, and yellow. All desired adjustments are made possible via the use of a remote or touch.

It is nice to use for decorative purposes in the kids’ room, bedrooms, and more.

Special Features:

– Easier to use due to the provided remote control.
– It has 6 auto-off timer setting options.
– Eye caring, you can adjust the brightness to dimmable.
– Have a long lifespan due to its optical acrylic material.

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15. Cloud b Turtle Night Light Projection Soother – For Kids

best baby night light soother

Twilight Turtle Blue Light is designed as a soother for kids’ deep sleep. This toy-like nightlight is capable of changing your entire room into a perfect starry night sky.

The cloud B turtle light projects three soothing colors – amber, blue, and green- into the room creating a conducive sleeping environment.

It is made up of a plastic-type material as well as an in-built 45 minutes timer.

Special Features:

– It minimizes dark fear.
– It has an automatic switch off.
– Automatic three-color cycle.
– Excellent nightlight soother for kids.

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16. Emagine A Bedroomm Red Night Light – Good for Sleeping

red night light for bedroom

Sleep Aid Night Light is excellently designed to improve your sleep. It is made up of ABS materials, red in color, and round shaped.

Sleep Aid Night Light is designed in a horseshoe style with an in-built auto-sensor. The sensor acts with a response to the sufficiency of ambient light.

This nightlight uses an AC source of power and an effective toggle switching style. The light is excellently made with a suitable light wavelength of enough room visibility.

The wavelengths emitted are healthy, right for sleeping, and they are harmless to the eyes. In case you require more visibility use amber kind or red for less

Special Features:

– Provides clear visibility.
– High energy efficiency.
– Enhance healthy sleep.
– Automatic switching on and off.

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17. Yinuo Mirror Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Lantern – For Doorway

solar night light lantern for porch

Solar Lantern Night Light is a waterproof dancing yellow flaming designed for outdoor lighting. This kind of nightlight requires you to place it under the sunshine without worrying about cabling and batteries.

The solar lantern light is made up of ABS plastic materials, classic style, and rectangular. Since it requires sunlight and has a solar panel, it is much more energy-saving.

This light has an in-built automatic sensor that switches it on and off in response to the ambient light.

It gives the outdoors an attractive look. These lights can be placed at any place like the wall, pathways, porch, stairways, tabletops, and more.

Special Features:

– It’s waterproof.
– High efficiency in energy consumption.
– Easier installation.
– It lasts for a longer time.

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Security Tips on Using Nightlights

Some of the night products bought are associated with product safety risks which are the reasons why such products are recalled. Below are some of the safety issues that come with some nightlights:

– Poisoning:

Some nightlights have methylene chloride which is a very toxic material used as a paint stripper. When you inhale this material or your skin comes into contact with it, you can get a very disastrous poisoning.

The best way to avoid this kind of poisoning is to safely dispose of broken nightlights immediately.

– Fire risk:

The nightlight models which use incandescent or CFL bulbs emit some of the electrical energy as light and some as heat.

The heat released can melt these particular nightlights and cause a fire. Fires caused by nightlights are rare but at least several cases are reported every year.

These fires spread and cause losses when flammable materials like bath tissue and bedsheets are ignited.

There are a couple of security tips that you can use to minimize nightlight-related fires.

One, you should ensure that there is a considerably enough safety distance between the nightlights and the combustible surfaces like the bed, carpet, and curtains.

Secondly, you can use LED nightlights instead of those that use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. LED night light bulbs use less electricity because of their low wattage and they emit little or no heat. Lastly, you should not use materials that easily catch fire to cover nightlights. Such materials can be paper or cardboard.

– Electric shock:

When nightlights are exposed to water or dampness, they can produce an electric shock to the kids or any other person who touches them. However, the chances of electric shock can be minimized by doing a couple of things:

One is by ensuring that they are used indoors places away from water. So, avoid using them in garages, near pools, or hot tubs.

Additionally, minimize the chances of nightlight shock risk by powering them from the main socket and not extension cords.

How to Use Night Light to Get Kids to Sleep?

night reading light

Night lights, unlike the overhead lights do not look like the daylight. They provide dim light with favorable colors that help to keep your child in a sleep-time mode.

They also offer a great solution for the kids who are afraid of a darkroom and hence they sleep comfortably even without the presence of the parents.

What Are the Other Methods to Help Children Sleep Fast?

Apart from the use of the nightlights, below are other methods that you can use to help your kids sleep faster:

– Limit the time they spend on screens:  

Most electronic devices such as televisions, smartphones, computers, and tablets emit a considerable amount of blue light.

When kids are exposed to this light before they go to bed, they will have difficulties sleeping because their exposure to the blue light inhibits the production of melatonin hormone whose function is to trigger sleep.

To avoid this, make sure that the kids do not spend time on screens one or two hours before they go to sleep.

Instead, encourage them to read books or draw on paper.

– Regulated temperature:

Cooler temperatures in your child’s bedroom are essential for normal and proper melatonin production. Therefore, only use enough layers to cover your child since too much heat will interfere with their sleep.

–  Establish a well-followed bedtime routine:

Bedtime routine mentally helps your child to prepare for sleep. A bedtime routine can involve engaging in essential activities such as bathing and hence your child has a schedule to follow before going to bed.

– The child should stick to the same bedtimes and wake-up times:

The right time for a kid to sleep should be determined according to their natural habits.

For instance, a child who has a habit of waking up too early should sleep earlier than the child who wakes up late.

This timing should be followed strictly to ensure that the child has enough hours of sleep.

– Give the child the right foods that trigger sleep:

You should not give your child caffeinated foods and drinks such as sodas before bedtime. Some of the foods that do not negatively affect sleep include nuts, bananas, leafy greens, and dairy products.

– Avoid rocking your kids to sleep:

Although rocking your child creates a temporary soothing effect that helps your child sleep, it can cause sleep-onset association disorder.

This disorder can make a child wake up at night and panic if there is no one to rock them.

A doll is a good security item that your child can sleep with and act as a good alternative to rocking.


1. What Is Night Light?

A nightlight refers to a small light fixture, either electrical or battery-powered, that is placed in dark areas especially at night to provide comfort and convenience.

It is very energy efficient compared to regular lights. A nightlight provides you with just enough light whose brightness cannot wake you up.

2. What Color Night Light Is Best for Sleeping?

The color of the nightlight that you use has a significant impact on your sleep quality. The nightlight that emits red or orange light is the best for sleeping.

This is because unlike blue and white lights, red and orange light does not affect the production of the sleep-triggering hormone, melatonin and hence you get more quality sleep.

3. Can I Leave a Night Light on All Night?

Leaving nightlights on is safe as long as you take a few precautions and you are using the right nightlights.

The best nightlight to use is the one that has LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs. The LED nightlights do not overheat and hence cannot burn your kids and pets, neither can they cause a fire.

However, you must keep them away from materials that can easily catch fire like bedsheets.

3. Is It Good to Sleep with a Night Light?

As we have discussed above sleeping with nightlights provides you with comfort and convenience and therefore it is good to sleep with one.

A nightlight helps a child who is afraid of darkness to sleep and also offers convenience to the parents who wake up at night to check on their kids. They will not stumble over objects.

4. Can Night Lights Cause Fires?

Nightlights rarely cause fires, but defective ones cannot only cause a fire but can also cause electric shock especially to the kids and pets.

Also, nightlights that have incandescent or CFL bulbs can easily cause a fire when they overheat.

It is therefore essential to buy LED Lights instead of incandescent ones. Replacing the defective ones is equally important.

5. What Is the Difference Between Light (Dusk to Dawn) Sensor and Motion Activated Sensor on Nightlights?

The light sensor on nightlights usually detects the presence of light or darkness for them to work. At night, the light sensor detects low light intensity and turns on while during the day it detects high light intensity and turns off automatically.

Motion-activated sensor nightlights, on the other hand, turn on when someone is in motion and turns off when motion stops. Motion-activated sensor nightlights are the most suitable when you don’t need the light all night.


In conclusion, nightlights are essential components to complete a home. This is because they provide a range of benefits such as eliminating trips and falls during the night and also contributing to the décor of your home with lovely sunset colors.

Different nightlights have different purposes which makes them unique in their point of placement. In case you need them for your kid you have enough information about your desired light before purchase.

It is therefore important to buy nightlights that have the most suitable features, especially the color, so that you and your kids can benefit from them.

Always ensure to check its wavelength and if it’s healthy for the eyes.

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