Where to Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom?

Floor lamps have become quite a source for adding cozy warmth to the ambient of bedrooms. 

Floor lamps present versatile lighting choices that can illuminate your bedroom in an aesthetically effective manner.

Floor lamps have the ability to enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom, hostel room, guest room, or any other and offer the warmth that aids in escaping the noisy hustle-bustle of the modern world.

This article will help you to understand where to put floor lamp in bedroom so that it provides lighting functionality and warmth with ease.

There are no hard fast rules for placing a floor lamp in your bedroom but it is provided in such a way that it fulfills its purpose in a fit fashion.

where to put floor lamp in bedroom

Is It Necessary to Put a Floor Lamp in the Bedroom?

Yes, it is quite necessary to put floor lamps in your bedroom. 

Bedrooms are soothing places where people like to spend time after hectic routines or tasks.

People need coziness, warmth, and pleasant from their bedrooms.

So, floor lamps help bedrooms to generate an ambiance that offers all these factors.

Lighting functionality is also a vital feature of lamps and they are used to brighten up a dark room.

Floor lamps also add feelings of roominess to your bedrooms and make them appear larger than their actual size.

Floor lamps are a cheap and useful alternative to overhead lights which require complex installation and higher costs.

Mobility is another important function of floor lamps and you can adjust them based on your purpose, use, and requirements.

Floor lamps largely influence the environment of rooms and the mood of occupants.

So, floor lamps make rooms therapeutic to agitated or bad moods. 

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Bedroom?

1. In dark corners

Some corners in a bedroom are always dark as they are away from windows.

A floor lamp is an effective remedy to illuminate these dark corners of your room.

Overhead lights don’t reach every part of a room and hence floor lamps are a necessary option for brightening things up.

Similarly, all rooms don’t have windows and there is a lack of light.

So these are the cases where an extra lamp is required to be placed in the corner where it adds to the beauty of a room.

2. Next to bed

The most common for placing a floor lamp in a room is on either side of the bed you are sleeping in. 

Floor lamps can be propped on the nightstand for illumination. This is usually preferred in a scenario where occupants of the bedroom harbor habit of reading before sleep or doing work in bed. 

Furthermore, the surface space of these floor lamps is low and they can easily sit in either corner of a bed. It also helps to produce a strong, soothing ambiance.

While installing the floor lamp on the sides of a bed ensure the direction of light is good.

For instance, the tall floor lamps sometimes cast light upward and there is not enough light for late-night reading activity.

3. By reading chair

Most of the bedrooms have a reading corner where floor lamps can sit on a study table. It helps in doing late-night office work or reading.

Thus, floor lamps have a tendency to turn an ordinary nook into a cozy and warm reading spot. 

It must be ensured that floor lamps should be 1 to 1.5 feet away from the side of a sitting chair.

The direction of the light source is also decided based on application.

4. By couch

Most of the house has a couch in the corner or by windows and that can be a perfect spot for placing the floor lamp.

Tall floor lamps with a base can be placed right beside couches or behind the sectional.

Usually, these lamps are tall and placed in such a direction that the light of lamps falls directly on the head of a sitting person.

A person can use this couch for various purposes like reading or doing any other activity which requires light.

Furthermore, it gives rooms a magical glow and adds beauty to the atmosphere of rooms.

5. By shelves

Sometimes a couple of floor lamps are placed on the sides of a bookshelf or any ordinary shelf containing decorative items.

This ensures that the decorative properties of the rooms are preserved.

Different colors of light can be used for producing a touching and glowing environment.

Floor lamps should be placed in such a direction that light highlights the contents of shelves.

6. By portraits and painting

The bedroom contains paintings and portraits that enhance the aesthetics, decoration, and delicacy of the room.

This ensures that the atmosphere of the room is stellar.

Tall floor lamps with a base can be used for highlighting these paintings at night.

6 Bedroom Floor Lamps Ideas

1. Multicolor globe floor lamps

Glamorous effects in bedrooms can be produced by installing using multicolor globe floor lamps.

These floor lamps are placed on either side of the bed to produce a stylish and warm look.

Multiple color lamps produced a unique and romantic environment in bedrooms that tend to please occupants.

These colors can be coherent with other elements of bedrooms to enhance aesthetics.

2. Multi-directional light

If you want to seek comfort in your bedroom then multi-direction light is another vital aspect that should be considered while placing these floor lamps.

Single floor lamps with light radiating in different directions can be suitable for lighting up rooms.

Floor lamps with LED light bulbs are preferred for this type of floor lamp.

3. Different textures

It is vital to add different textures to your bedrooms. The design scheme of floor lamps should be such that it adds a beautiful look to your bedrooms.

Usually, the feature floor lamps like the color of light, base, accents, etc. are picked based on the design schemes of your room.

4. Arc floor lamps

Using arc floor lamps on reading spots, drawers, or shelves gives a classical look to bedrooms. 

These floor lamps can be placed next to chairs or chest drawers casting a light overhead.

That adds a classical flair to bedrooms while enhancing the aesthetic elements of rooms.

5. Tripod lamp with three-pronged base

Sometimes bedside lamps are considered a bit wobbly and it disturbs the sleep of occupants. So, a tripod can be used for supporting the lamp.

The base of a tripod floor lamp is such that it accommodates the tripod. 

A three-pronged base should be picked as it adds beauty and refines aesthetic looks.

6. Matching style lamps

There can be multiple floor lamps in a single room and it must be preferred they have matching looks. 

Their looks should be not mixed up to provide continuous light to your bedroom. 

The choice is not restricted to using matching style lamps but they gave chic look to bedrooms.

Floor lamps Positions Rules in Bedroom

As it is mentioned before, there are no specific, premade rules for placing floor lamps in a room.

Floor lamps are placed in the desired place based on purpose, application, and aesthetic qualities.

1. Ensure mobility

Ensure that lamps are not placed in parts of rooms where traffic is heavy and people pass frequently through that specific part of your bedroom.

This can cause them to trip over and cause serious damage. Sometimes kids can bump into these floor lamps.

So, make sure floor lamps are placed in such a way that they don’t restrict movement.

2. Adequate height

While placing the floor lamp ensure that its height is suitable enough to distribute light uniformly and it is stable.

Usually, the eye level of a sitting person is taking reference.

Ensure the bottom of a lamp is not lower than the eye level of a sitting person.

It can be equal or a little bit higher than the eye level of a sitting person.

The height of floor lamps should not be more than 50 to 65 inches.

3. Stable support

The floor lamps placed in the room should not be wobbly and they ensure they are stable enough to support their weights.

If they are not they can cause some serious damage and injury as well.

The remedy for this is to provide a base that increases the gravity of the floor lamps. This ensures they are stable enough to support their weight and stand poised.

4. Shade shape of floor lamps

Picking up the right shade shape of floor lamps can be considered a vital rule.

If you are wishing to give your room a modern, contemporary look then think simple and streamlined. You should pick thin bases with drum-shaped shades.

If you wish to impart a classical look to your bedroom, then you should pick tapered shades as they mix with the décor of a room quite well.

5. Colors and textures

Texture and lamps can influence the way the style of your interior is perceived.

If you want to enhance the color texture of your room then you should pick bold colors and decorative textures i.e. floor lamps with beads or tassels.

Make sure the color and texture you choose must boost up the appearance of a room. 

While placing the lamp, a contrast of colors should be a better option.

For example, a brass lamp should not be placed on a brass side table.

6. Symmetrical scale

While placing a floor lamp in your bedroom, ensure that scale is not unsymmetrical and you must keep it in mind.

It must be made sure that the location of the room is appropriate for the size of a selected floor lamp.

You should be mindful of scale.

7. Sufficient light

Make sure the floor lamp installed in a room is giving sufficient light to all corners of your bedroom.

8. Uniformity in shade and base

While placing lamps, ensuring that the shade and the base of a floor lamps mimic each other.

For example, if the selected lamp has square shades, then ensure the shade is also square.

Similarly, a bulb-shaped base goes in coherence with a drum-shaped shade.


Floor lamps are an important part of a room interior and they should be placed with great care.

They can help to enhance the environment and the aesthetics of your room and vice versa.

Make sure you have selected the right floor lamp for your room and read the necessary information before placing them in your room.