Best Tripod Floor Lamp to Enliven Your Interior Design in 2022

The tripod floor lamp is a pleasant lighting stand with a fantastic brightness that brings additional beauty to your home. It’s an innovation that attempts to reshape the ever-changing light world.

If you do not have a floor light in your home, the chances are that you may be missing an inspirational illumination that gives the home or office a desired feminine look.

The floor lamp introduces sophistication and inspiration to your home or office through its unique lighting.

A tripod floor lamp is an excellent appliance recommended for every home.

With the beautiful array of floor lamps out in the market, we deem it fit to provide you with a simple guide that will help you choose some of the best tripod floor lights you could find.

best tripod floor lamp reviews and buying guide

How to Choose the Best Tripod Floor Lamps?

1. Color

One of the things to consider when choosing a tripod floor lamp for your home is the color. Apart from the aesthetics the tripod lamp’s color gives the room, it provides various shades to the bulb and prevents you from glaring straight into the light bulb.

However, multiple colors of shades convey different meanings. You need to know the colors suitable to your room needs so that you don’t have a color mismatch.

It is essential to choose the right colors for your convenience. The tripod floor lamp comes in varying degrees of color shades such as grey, black, silver, gold, pink, etc., suitable to your office or room needs. You can adjust the lamp’s brightness according to your color preference.

1) Tripod floor lamps with black, white, grey, and silver are more suitable for minimalist rooms because they provide ambient lighting in different scenes for your bedroom, living room or study,

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2) The tripod floor lamp colors suitable for modern spaces are gold, pink, navy, and mustard because they are ideal for modern architecture and decoration. They fit in any room style, whether in your living room, bedroom, study room, or office.

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3) Over the years, bright colors have dominated the space. However, dark wood is gaining traction by the day. Dark wood is a piece of wood made of solid wood such as walnut, mahogany, teak, etc.

You can pair dark wood with lighter-colored accents, like white or neutral. It will help to create a softer look and keep the space bright.

>> Buy Lepower tripod floor lamp with a walnut base to add a soft and stylish look

2. Style

Tripod floor lamps can be mixed or matched, depending on the arrangement of your room.

Although mix-matching can provide beautifully combined light shades, it can also create a conflict of colors if not correctly matched. Your tripod floor lamps can function as a stand-alone light or combined with other lamps in the same family.

Though there are many tripod floor lamps out in the market, it is important that you select the style that accents your room or office décor.

Some tripod floor lamps come in a natural wooden element without compromising quality and modernity. Made from natural oak or walnut trees, the retro brings elegance and more beauty to your space.

>> Buy Brightech natural wood tripod floor lamp to spice up your vintage space

For studios, theatres, cinema movie props, and the likes, you need the adjustable height that can direct the light wherever is desired. Tripod floor lamps with brass, chrome, copper, and metal are perfect for the industrial space.

>> Buy PAZZO tripod floor lamp with metal build for industrial and farmhouse room

Unique, elegant bedroom tripod floor lamp for reading or soft mood lighting needs a modern and mid-century contemporary finish.

Tripod floor lamp with a heavy base prevents it from tipping even if pushed by kids or pets, which makes it safe for the kid’s room.

We will talk more about the crystal, acrylic, rattan, and feather tripod lamp in the benefits section as you continue reading.

3. Materials

It is necessary to consider the materials used in making the tripod floor lamp because it determines the quality and durability of the light. Some lamps come in metal or wooden materials.

Stand/Lamp Base

The tripod floor lamp base can be made of metal or wood.

The metal design combines brass, chrome, and copper, producing a solid metal base for the tripod stand.

The modern tripod lamps come in grey, gold, or black polished style metal finish, complete with chrome cylinder shade, which makes your room a delight and gives it the much-needed style.

Another benefit of the metal tripod floor lamp is that it provides stability to the tripod lamp and prevents it from tilting.

Versanora Metal Tripod Floor Lamp for Durability

versanora black tripod floor lamp

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The wooden design is made from hardwood such as oak, walnut, and other solid wood.

The wooden tripod floor lamps have many benefits. Apart from the natural solid polished wood base, it provides the room with a sense of nature and blends with the furniture, making an aesthetic appeal to your room.

It is ideal for minimalist homes due to its freshness. The solid wood ensures that the stand does not tilt when shaken.

Lepower Wooden Tripod Floor Lamps with a Display Tier

lepower tripod floor lamps for living room

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Some of the commonly used materials to make a lamp shade include fabrics, plastic, paper, metal, or other non-sturdy materials, requiring an internal framework.

Crystal tripod floor lamps add sparkle and elegance to your room due to their reflective nature. They blend with virtually everything in the room. Like gold, a crystal tripod floor lamp is a timeless trending design that adapts to any room setting.

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The acrylic tripod floor lamps, like the crystal, have their benefits. They act as supplementary lighting to the primary light source.

The acrylic shades bring style and grace to the beautiful design and protect the bulb from a light fixture. They provide homes, offices, bedrooms with some excellent décor.

The rattan tripod floor lamp is a novel appliance. The rattan is a caged textured design with a natural accent and is often operated by a footswitch. It gives your room a natural and scintillating elegance.

The rattan is a perfect gift for those seeking ways to bring natural, organic touches to their room. Its Australian and African origin gives it distinctive looks and makes a statement in any room.

>> Buy COSYLUX rattan tripod floor lamp for natural interior decor

A tripod floor lamp with a feather shade is a sleek, stylish, and captivating addition to your bedroom. The feathery ornament offers a colorful and elegant design to decorate your home with a globe feather shade and metal base.

Very ideal for the living room or bedroom, this lamp will liven up the entire atmosphere and add a soft note to your décor.

>> Buy Maxax tripod floor lamp with feather lampshade to soften your decoration

4. Types

Different strokes for different folks! Depending on usage, and depending on your home or office, there will be one or two types of tripod floor lamps suitable for your need.

Things to consider include heights, adjustability, rotation, portability, and even assemblage when choosing a tripod floor lamp.

Selecting the appropriate type of tripod floor lamp is sure to make a difference in your home.

The most common types of tripod floor lamps are: tripod floor lamps with shelves, tripod floor lamps with tables, and camera tripod floor lamps.

Choose the one that suits your purpose.

Depending on your need, the various tripod floor lamps provide convenience according to their specifics.

The tripod floor lamp with a shelf can be used to store books, making it convenient to easily access a book you’re reading. You can also display your fancy flowers on it for decoration. (Get the best buy)

The tripod floor lamp with a table can help you direct the light to the point of focus. It also helps to conserve space in your room. (Get the best buy)

The camera tripod floor lamp is ideal for studios, cinemas, hallways, offices, and even living rooms because it can set a cozy mood within these places whether for security purposes or ambiance creation. (Get the best buy)

5. Height

It is essential to consider the height of the tripod floor lamp to know what suits you. Although all tripod floor lamps are not of the same size, having an idea about their height would help you make an informed choice.

The tripod floor lamp is designed to stand on the floor and direct light to a certain level in the room.

The average height of a typical tripod floor lamp should be between 58 inches to 68 inches, approximately 5 to 6 feet.

However, some taller tripod floor lamps can stand as tall as 6 to 8 feet.

DEWENWILS 65″ Tripod Floor Lamp for Average Use

tall tripod floor lamp

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6. Using Places

The primary purpose of buying a tripod floor lamp is to provide alternate or secondary light to the room or office.

It is usually placed in the corner of your room or at the bedside. Some may be mounted on tables or an elevated platform. It would be best to consider the place or position where your tripod floor lamp would stand before purchasing one.

Choosing a tripod floor lamp is not an easy task, however, here are some factors to consider when buying one.

For a bedroom, living room or office, a tripod floor lamp with height adjustment options, and an extra tier for things storage is a good deal.

Depending on your home or office, you need a tripod floor lamp that suits a contemporary and modern style of home.

Another factor to consider when buying a tripod floor lamp is the quality of the materials. It should be of very high quality for durability, and as well as been easy to clean.

7. Brands

Selecting the appropriate type of tripod floor lamp is sure to make a difference in your home.

Brands like Lepower and Versanora are some of our very reliable products we will recommend to you. Feel free to try any of them. You can’t be disappointed.

However, each brand is known for its unique features. Check out some of their features and how they can benefit you.

The Lepower

1) Renowned for its robust and wobble-free build, it makes it an excellent choice for homes with kids and pets

2) Can blend with multiple interior designs

3) Comes with a footswitch for simple on/off function

>> Get the best Lepower tripod floor lamp

The Versanora

1) Minimalistic lamp with touches of industrial elements.

2) Lightweight metal legs, it does not tilt over.

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Tripod Floor Lamp Criteria Fit for Your Needs

1. Must Match Your Room

Besides the fundamental function of the tripod floor lamp – providing alternate light in the room – the aesthetic design is another essential function of the floor lamp.

It, therefore, follows that your choice of colors should match your room design. Colors that agree with your room or office should be considered when choosing a tripod floor lamp color.

The common colors of tripod floor lamps include Black; White; Brass; Chrome; Gold; Nickel; Gray; Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Other colors may apply.

You need to consider the color of the tripod floor lamp that blends with your room or office décor and gives you the beautiful design you desire. Some colors are suitable for living rooms, reading, and offices.

2. Dimmable Light

Not all tripod floor lamps are dimmable. However, you can install a foot-control dimmer. It would be best if you considered a dimmable tripod floor lamp to enable you to adjust the brightness of the light to your need.

A dimmable tripod floor lamp helps you increase or reduce the intensity of the light to suit your purpose. Makes it convenient for you to control the light from your comfort position.

One of the special features of the tripod floor lamp is its adjustable multi-level color light temperatures which range from 3000k to 6000k.

The 3,000K temperature can be adjusted to provide a warm yellowish light, which helps create a comfortable, calming ambiance – perfect for bedroom use.

The 4,000K temperature can be adjusted to provide natural white light, convenient for reading in the living room and office.

5,000K and 600K temperatures can be adjusted to provide cold white light, great for office use at daylight.

The tripod floor lamp is not only for lighting, the light temperatures help create a comfortable room temperature and also add beauty to your home or office.

Brightech Stix Modern Tripod Stand Lamp with Adjustable Pole and Dimmable Light

minimalist tripod floor lamp for modern office

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3. Convenient to Control

The popular control method of the tripod floor lamps is the multi-functional remote control. Another method is the use of an attached foot-control dimmer or the footswitch.

It would help if you had a remote control to adjust the brightness level of your light from the comfort of your bed or wherever you are positioned in your room or office.

Depending on your need, the remote control adjusts the light brightness to make it dimmable or very bright; this also helps modify your room temperature.

The remote control is the memory of the appliance. It also helps adjust the rotation of the tripod light to the left/right or up/down position. You can change light colors using the remote control without leaving your bed or sofa.

PAZZO Tripod Floor Lamp with Remote Control

remote control tripod floor lamp

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A footswitch tripod floor lamp is a switch attached to the floor light to enable you to switch on/off the lamp with your foot when your hands are occupied, maybe when holding some items in your hands.

VASAGLE Tripod Standing Light with Foot Switch for Hands-free Control

walnut tripod floor lamp with foot switch

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A tripod floor lamp with a pull chain is a tiny chain attached to the lamp, which allows you to turn on/off the lights from your convenience, and it gives a better room aesthetics.

SUNMORY Tripod Floor Lamp with Pull Chain Switch

pull chain tripod floor lamps for bedrooms

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How Much Does a Tripod Floor Lamp Cost?

Tripod floor lamps are popular in the interior design scene and their cost varies from under $50 to over $200.

You can get a standard tripod floor lamp with top-quality pole and lampshade materials, adjustable color/brightness settings, and a pulling chain or footswitch for under $70.

With $200, your tripod floor lamp options extend to classic vintage lamps with nautical designs, wall/rotary switches, and smart outlet compatibility.

Select the Right Tripod Floor Lamp Type to Enjoy Your Light

1. Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp – Set Mood

One of the eternal favorites when it comes to tripod floor lamps is the tripod spotlight floor lamps.

These are the most widely used floor lamps and are also known as the Photographers Floor Lamps. They come with a lamp that is usually adjustable and can be rotated a full 360 degrees. The stand is also adjustable in height.

They add a lot of depth and tone to the room and instantly enhance the look and feel of any room they are placed in. As these lamps give a lot of room to play with, photographers and visual artists love them and often prefer them in any room setting.

However, these spotlight floor lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of other purposes.

As they are highly adjustable, they can be used for a variety of intricate tasks which require good lighting and attention to detail.

They can be used for reading and writing and hence can be used by all kinds of professionals.

These lamps are also very easy to install, and can be installed in less than 5 minutes manually and do not require any additional pieces of equipment. After installing them safely, they can be connected to any power supply and instantly used.

Decoluce Spotlight Tripod Light with Adjustable Height

nautical floor lamp

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2. Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelves – Store Small Objects

Although tripod floor lamps are extremely beautiful, they tend to take quite a lot of space.

Tripod floor lamps with shelves are an exception to this as they can be used for a variety of different purposes. These lamps come with different tiers.

They effortlessly combine an aesthetic design with multifunctional storage.

They can be used to store a variety of small objects such as phones, books, clocks, and other pieces of decoration. Hence, these lamps are ideal for the modern home where space is limited and every inch matters.

DEWENWILS Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelves for Storage

tall tripod floor lamp with shelves

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These tripod floor lamps with shelves can be placed next to the sofa in the living room to add functionality along with providing ample light to read and write.

They can also be used in the corners of a room which will enable the light to be evenly spread across the room.

Get Your Space with Right Floor Standing Tripod Lamps

Tripod Floor Lamps are incredibly versatile and can be used for different purposes in different places.

Hence, it is important to consider the essential elements which must be considered before choosing the ideal floor lamp for different spaces.

1) Living Room – Consider the Style of the Furniture

Living rooms are one of the most vibrant spaces in a house and using a high-quality tripod floor lamp is one of the best ways to add life to the room. Living rooms are often the busiest rooms in the house and hence a bright and powerful tripod floor lamp must be used for it.

While choosing a tripod floor lamp for your living room, the style of the furniture used must also be considered.

If the living room has a brown or beige couch, a lamp with gold and brown accents would look great with it.

However, if the furniture has shades of silver in it, a floor lamp with silver accents would look better.

Brightech Eden Tripod Floor Lamp Available in Black/White/Brown for Living Room

stylish tripod lamp in living room

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As tripod floor lamps are usually quite bright, they can be kept in the corner of the living room so that it does not come in anyone’s way as well as adds even lighting to the entire room.

In case these lights are used for reading and writing, they can also be kept next to the busy chair where the light is being used the most.

2) Bedroom – Consider 48″ to 60″ Wood Tripod Lamps

Tripod floor lamps can also be used in bedrooms as a soft light to give the room a cozy feel.

Shorter tripod floor lamps with a height of about 48 to 60 inches work best for bedrooms complimenting the height of the beds.

Also, floor lamps with elements of wood can be used as they add warmth and texture to the bedroom.

Tripod floor lamps in shades of brown would look the best in such cases. These lamps can be used as the only light in the bedroom in which case they can be kept in any corner of the room to distribute the light evenly.

They may also be used as reading lights next to the bed in which case full spectrum tripod floor Lamps must be used.

Lepower 60″ Rubber Wood Tripod Floor Lamp for Bedroom

lepower tripod floor lamps for living room

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3) Office – Consider Bright Light

As office spaces are usually formal, subtle tripod floor lamps would work the best.

While selecting the tripod floor lamps, it must be ensured that bright lamps are chosen as ample light would be needed in an office space. These lights may be kept in multiple corners of the office depending on how big the office is.

However, if these lamps are used as reading lights, they may also be kept right next to the working space.

Tripod floor lamps with light colors such as shades of white and beige would prove to be welcoming for formal conversations as well as make the office look bigger than it actually is.

The materials used in these floor lamps can also play an important role in determining the office ambiance.

Generally speaking, lamps with a metallic base add a lot of style and class to an office setting. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match with modern tripod lamps having marble and brass in them to add elegance to your office environment.

Stone & Beam Tripod Floor Lamp with White Shade and Metal Stand for Office

tripod floor lamp with large shade

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How to Match My Space with the Right Height Tripod Floor Lamp?

The height of a tripod floor lamp is extremely crucial while choosing the appropriate lamp for your room.

Lamps with different heights serve different purposes. Every room is different and hence the tripod floor lamp used in it should be in accordance to the room.

In general, tripod floor lamps range from 4 feet (48 inches) in height to about 8 feet (96 inches) in height.

The most commonly used tripod floor lamps in the market are between 58 inches and 64 inches in height.

A tall tripod floor lamp can make quite a statement and must be used in a room where the lamps are meant to be the center of attention. These lamps are usually quite bold and are meant to provide ample light to the entire room.

Also, the ceiling height must be considered before choosing the right floor lamp for the room.

A room with a ceiling height of 10 feet or more should use a tall tripod floor lamp as that would look good aesthetically.

Additionally, the size of the room must also be considered. Tall tripod floor lamps look best in larger rooms having a size of 250 square feet or more.

>> Buy a 65″ tall tripod floor lamp from DEWENWILS for tall and large room

A 70-inch floor lamp must be used in a room with a high ceiling where the floor lamps are meant to give a bold look.

>> Buy a 70″ extra tall industrial tripod floor lamp for farmhouse space

On the other hand, a shorter floor lamp must be used in a room with a ceiling height of 9 feet or less.

A room with a size of 150 square feet or less should go for a shorter floor lamp.

In general, the height of a tripod floor lamp must be equal to or greater than the eye level of a seated person.

Hence, when a tripod floor lamp is used as a reading lamp, a shorter lamp must be used. These shorter lamps are usually more subtle and add an ambient feel to the room.

>> Buy DECOLUCE short tripod spotlight floor lamp with adjustable height from 37″ to 55″

Choose the Right Tripod Floor Lamp Brand for Your Home

Tripod floor lamps have been growing in popularity and sold by various brands.

However, we are going to be looking at three of the most popular brands making these lamps and why you must consider them before making your next purchase.

LEPOWER – Quality and Price Winner

Tripod floor lamps from Lepower are one of the better-quality lamps available in the market.

These lamps are extremely bright and powerful. They can easily fill a large space with light. Hence, these lamps are often used in larger spaces where the room size is 200 square feet or more.

They are also very powerful and highly efficient. As these tripod lamps are extremely power-efficient and available at affordable prices, they prove to be a great value proposition for customers looking to buy powerful lamps for their living space.

Customers love these lamps as they are made of high-quality materials. They have a unique look and feel due to which customers who prefer that style can go for them.

They are usually priced between $50 and $80.

lepower tripod floor lamp best buy

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VERSANORA – Aesthetic Winner

Versanora floor lamps are often high in demand and are one of the more premium tripod floor lamps available in the market.

These lamps are known for their modern design aesthetics and classic sense of flair.

The manufacturers of these lamps are well aware of all the latest styles and trends in the market which make Versanora floor lamps one of the trendiest tripod floor lamps available in the market.

They also have a very cozy and thoughtful design which is preferred by all.

People who would prefer premium and modern looking tripod floor lamps can go for this brand.

They are often priced between $50 and $110.

versanora black tripod floor lamp

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IKEA – Function Winner

IKEA is arguably the most well-received and famous brand when it comes to home appliances and lights. IKEA floor lamps are known for their sleek, simple and timeless design. They are made of high-quality materials and are also very functional.

They are light in weight which makes them easy to carry. Recyclable materials such as wood and metal are used which make these lamps extremely environment friendly.

In terms of colors, IKEA lamps use bright and inviting colors. White is the most used color followed by shades of grey, beige and other pastel colors.

However, they seldom produce tripod floor lamps now.

Choose Lamp Base and Lampshade by Material

There is a variety of materials through which manufacturers made the tripod floor lamps. But here we will discuss the best materials that enhance durability and place value. So have a look.

1. Lamp Base

To select the best tripod floor lamp it is important to select the right base material. Therefore here we have discussed the list of best materials to make a tripod floor lamp stand.

Oak Tripod Floor Lamp

The second base material in this list is Oakwood. It is the type of wood and has the following benefits

– The Oak tripod base is durable

– Tripod base has good water-resistant properties

– Oak base is wear and tear-resistant

– The tripod base with Oak has a polished surface

The people who want to buy premium durable quality tripod floor lamps should buy the lamps with Oak base. It is a hardwood material and can easily bear daily wear and tear.

oak wood tripod floor lamp

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Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Brass is a strong metal and is used to make many furniture objects. There are many benefits of using brass metal such as

– It is available at less prices

– The brass metal base is long-lasting

– It is rust or corrosion resistant

– Brass base has a stylish look

The brass base tripod floor lamps are best for people who are looking for cheaper yet durable lamps. In addition, these lamps give a stylish look to the place where you place them.

antique brass tripod floor lamp

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Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp

The next tripod lamp base material is chrome finish. We add chrome to the list because of the hardness and durability that it adds to the surface.
In addition, the following are some advantages of using a chrome base.

– Easy to clean

– Prevent corrosion

– The base surface is polished and shiny

– Have a high level of luster

– The chrome base has a light weight

The people who are looking for premium tripod floor lamps can select the chrome tripod floor lamps. This is because the process of chrome plating is expensive. Also, the base is shiny that can enhance the value of the place.

chrome tripod floor lamp with white shade

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Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp

The last base material on the list is Walnut wood. The reason is that it is a costly material but has the following advantages

– Walnut base has the durable quality

– The walnut floor lamps are wear and tear-resistant

– The quality of walnut base floor lamps is high

As we have discussed above, Walnut wood is costly. Therefore it is best for the people who want to buy expensive stylish lamps for your rooms.

lepower walnut tripod floor lamp

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Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

The first material in this list is natural wood. There are many advantages of using wooden tripod floor lamps such as

– wooden tripods have natural insulation

– The wood material is carbon positive

– These tripods are carbon positive

– The wooden base adds a natural look to the place

The people who want to add a natural look to the room can use tripod floor lamps with a wooden base. These lamps also add warm tones to the atmosphere and generate positive energy.

lepower walnut tripod floor lamp best buy

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2. Lampshade

After the lamp base material, now is the time to discuss the lampshade material. So have a look at the following list of materials to know which one is the best.

Crystal Tripod Floor Lamp

The first material in the list is the Crystal this is because it has multiple benefits. Here we have discussed the top advantages of crystal tripod floor lamps so have a look.

– The crystal lampshade has a distinct internal structure

– Attract good energy

– Produce light to a wide level

– The quality of crystal lampshade is high

The crystal tripod floor lamps are best for people who want elegant and reliable products for their homes. It is also suitable for people who are looking for durable lamps at an affordable rate.

Hsyile Attractive Tripod Floor Lamp with Crystal Lampshade

gisele crystal tripod floor lamp

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In addition, it is easy to clean the crystal tripod floor lamps if you use the following steps.

– Never use cleaners on the lampshade

– First, unplug the lamp then clean it with a dry cloth

– Before use remove the plastic cover from the crystal shade

– Make sure to use the soft cloth for cleaning

Rattan Tripod Floor Lamp

Due to the following advantages, we add rattan lampshade to our list.

– This lampshade is waterproof

– Available at an affordable range

– A rattan lampshade has an elegant look

– The size of rattan lampshade is compact

The rattan lampshades are the first choice of people who are looking for something natural for their homes. Also, they are easy to clean. So have a look at how you can clean them.

COSYLUX Rattan Tripod Floor Lamp for Both Indoors and Outdoors

bamboo rattan tripod floor lamp

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– Use a brush to remove soil and dust

– You can use a toothbrush to remove the debris

– Use the warm and soapy water to clean the lampshade

– Take help from the brush to spread the soap bubbles on the lampshade to remove dirt

– After cleaning place the lampshade under the sun so that it can dry easily

Tripod Feather Lamp

Feathers are the soft and best choice for lampshades because of the following reasons.

– Feather lampshades have a low cost

– Add a stylish look to the area

– You can use a variety of feathers on the lampshade

– Make the light of the lamp glowy

The tripod feather lamp is best for people who love nature. Also, these lamps are stylish enough to enhance the look of your place.

Maxax Pink Feather Tripod Floor Lamp to Add Vivid Feel

tripod feather lamp

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The best part is that feathers are easy to clean with the following steps.

– Mix cold water and soap to make a soapy mixture

– Use the brush to apply soap to the feathers

– Thoroughly clean the feather and place them under air so that they can dry easily

Copper Tripod Floor Lamp

Copper is the most used material in the manufacturing of tripod floor lamps. This is because the copper shade has many advantages including

– A copper shade is economical

– The material is durable

– A copper tripod floor lamp shade is safe to use

– The copper base goes with multiple tripod floor light stands

Copper tripod floor lamps are best for people who are looking for a durable product at a low rate. Also, it is best for people who want to use different light shades with the same base.

Ambiore Tripod Floor Lamp with Copper Lampshade

gold tripod floor lamp

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9 Popular Tripod Floor Lamp Colors to Brighten Your Interior Design

1. Black Tripod Floor Lamp

Apart from its business appeal, black tripod floor lamps offer the right room color for relaxing and relieving stress.

As the dim lights produced by such a lamp helps with resting your eyes, thus making sleep a lot easier and depression unlikely.

Another advantage is that black tripod standing light would also help with maintaining insulin resistance better than bright-colored lamps would.

Your black tripod floor lamp would go great with the common color or accent of your room. For instance, your black tripod lamp amplifies the appeal of a darker room with matching dark-colored furniture.

The bedroom is the ideal place for your black tripod floor lamp. Why? Because it offers dimmed lights which are a lot easier on the eyes. So waking up and or sleeping would be a lot of sight-safe.

versanora black tripod floor lamp

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– Black lampshades are great for homes with kids as it prevents stains. Being obvious.

– Avoid using this lamp for task lighting.

2. Grey Tripod Floor Lamp

Gray is a cool tone color that offers ample lighting which can properly maintain your mood while you perform tasks.

As it helps to improve concentration and productivity. It compliments rooms filled with brighter colors. Especially rooms where task lighting is important. So it would match perfectly with the bright accent of your sitting room or office.

The grey shaded lamp provides enough lighting to keep you concentrated while reading or performing any productive activity.

Which makes it great for your reading corner in the sitting room, dining, or special productivity desk (office desk).

modern grey tripod floor lamp

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– It would be out of sync with the room if the immediate colors are warmer or darker.

3. Gold Tripod Floor Lamp

Gold enhances the room and everything around it, as it offers a warmth feeling, signifies luxury, sophistication, and elegance.

It can also be a warm color (brown rust gold) or a neutral metallic color, which makes it somewhat versatile. So it would go great with both dull or bright colored/accent rooms.

The color gold offers a luxurious appeal, the best rooms to keep them in should be public. For instance, your gold lampshade would be best appreciated in your living room, office, or even a waiting room in a place of business.

gold tripod floor lamp

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4. White Tripod Floor Lamp

The white opaque or a translucent lamp shade is quite common because it offers a calming feeling.

Which makes it perfect for any room as well as many accents. White tripod floor lamps go great with most room styles as it’s a very versatile neutral color.

Also, the white-colored lamp shade appreciates most accents. So it would be easy for the lamp to blend in terms of style as well.

tripod floor lamp white shade

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– Keep far out of reach from kids to prevent stains

5. Silver Tripod Floor Lamp

Silver is a cool color that offers a very calm feel, as it’s a better alternative to Grey shades. It would go great with rooms with both darker and brighter accents.

Also, the calming effects of sliver makes this floor lamp shade suitable for rooms where you relax. For instance, your bedroom is the best place for your silver lamp shade.

>> Buy the silver lampshade replacement if you want to heighten your calming atmosphere


– Don’t place it next to gold, as it’s equally attractive.

6. Dark Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Dark wood brown offers the same elegance and sophistication that gold-silver has. It also offers a more traditional appeal which can go great for various room styles.

The dark wood brown design improves the style of any room. And it would complement an all traditional or wooden decor room.

However, The dark wood brown hue is a neutral color that provides a warm feeling, so it would go great with any room.

dark wood tripod floor lamp with cage

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– Would go well with furniture of wooden design

7. Navy Tripod Floor Lamp

Navy blue is a cool color that helps with easing your mood.

As such color is known to lower your blood pressure and heart rate as well. Any style of room would go great with the navy hue, as long as the room is mainly for relaxing.

Your bedroom is the perfect room for the navy tripod floor lamp. Given it’s a room where total relaxation is required, it should have a navy lamp to improve your experience.

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8. Pink Tripod Floor Lamp

The color pink is generally known to be the color of love and it’s also the color that helps to boost creativity.

Having your very own pink tripod floor lamp laying around your desk or near your comfy reading chair would do wonders for your productivity.

This tripod floor lamp would also go great with your daughter’s pink-themed room or your pink-themed living room. Because pink is quite attractive, as it’s harder for it to blend with other colors.

The best rooms for this style of floor lamp shade includes offices, classrooms (daycare schools), reading spaces, playroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.

tripod feather lamp

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– It fits better into a pink-themed interior or a vivid interior.

9. Mustard tripod floor lamp

Mustard being a variant of yellow offers a happy feel that matches what is gotten from sunshine. So having a mustard-colored tripod floor lamp shade will help improve your mood.

Given the mustard tripod floor lamp possesses a happy aura, the best style that would rhyme easily are informal styles (noncorporate).

Also, your mustard lampshade will go great in living rooms, offices, classrooms (daycare), and dining rooms.

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4 Top Trending Styles of Tripod Floor Lamps to Enlive Your Room

Tripod Floor Lamps are the current rave in interior decor and the top trending styles are:

1. Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Despite the ‘industrial’ in their name, this style of tripod floor lamp is perfect for homey lighting.

Inspired by the structural designs in factories and heavy-duty industries ,an industrial tripod floor lamp is a stylish mechanical-looking lamp.

These lamps typically have adjustable spotlight bulb positions. The characteristic design of this lamp style makes it a statement piece for your home.

Designed with details like gears, cages, and Edison bulbs, the industrial style brings a classic elegance with a soft glow.

Most industrial tripod floor lamps have black- and gray-themed wood and metal materials in their structure.

Perfect as a interior addition for cinephiles and edgy-chic designs, industrial tripod floor lamps are great for reading and mood-setting. They can be used anywhere from your study to your living room!

color changing tripod floor lamp for ambiance

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2. Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

Vintage styles are a huge influence in interior design and vintage tripod floor lamps are a nod to elegance.

With the retro style, this type of tripod floor lamp is a sample of antique elegance featuring classy designs.

Vintage tripod floor lamps typically have adjustable searchlight positioning in a mix of industrial and traditional trends.

In true vintage fashion, this style of tripod floor lamp is made with wood, aluminum, and copper materials.

Brown and brass colors are the common theme for vintage tripod floor lamps. The slightly rustic look of most vintage tripod floor lamps is achieved with the inclusion of handmade designs.

Perfect for minimalist and versatile decor, vintage tripod floor lamps are an ideal addition to the office, bedroom, or living room.

nautical floor lamp

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3. Modern tripod floor lamp

With edgy bulb-covering designs and steel tripod stands, this style of floor lamp is the cut of modern trends.

Featuring elements of minimalist chic style, modern tripod floor lamps are tri-stand lamps that add a soft edgy aesthetic to your home.

Commonly associated with the simplistic lampshade style, modern tripod floor lamps are versatile in design.

Some modern tripod floor lamps have rotatable shades, while others have minimal replicas of industrial lights and other unusual shapes.

The distinctive element in modern tripod floor lamps is the single-color theme that most of them are manufactured in.

Black and white-colored steel are quite common in modern tripod floor lamps with wooden stands being another common part of their structure.

modern grey tripod floor lamp

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4. Mid-century tripod floor lamp

Mid-century tripod floor lamp design styles are a reflective glance at the past, with vintage elements, while bringing in a futuristic touch.

Manufactured to fit into both vintage and chic interior settings, mid-century tripod floor lamps are an ideal addition to any home. These mid-century floor lamps are inspired by 20th-century architecture and furniture design.

A typical mid-century tripod floor lamp is created with metallic or wooden stands and perforated steel or sheet lampshades.

Different manufacturers put their twist on the design of mid-century tripod floor lamps, but they have unique blends of rustic and edgy aspects.

tripod searchlight floor lamp for mid century space

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Why Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp Is Helpful for Setting Mood?

Lighting is the best mood setter, but some lights do it better than others. Nautical tripod floor lamps are great for creating sea-inspired scenery and soothing settings.

With the warm overflow of light from the tripod stance, nautical floor lamps cast the perfect stay-in mood.

The antique marine design of most nautical tripod floor lamps provides a retro look that is highlighted by the soft glow of the light bulb.

These styles of lamps can be used in the early evening or late night to set a calm scenery aesthetic mood in your home.

They are perfect for reading, date night, and cozy moments.

Decoluce Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp with Spotlight for Mood Creation

nautical floor lamp

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Why Solar Tripod Floor Lamp Is a Good Buy?

Green energy is the current global trend, and with a solar-powered tripod floor lamp, you get eco-friendly lighting for your home.

Tripod floor lamps powered with solar power are perfect for your landscaping and patio decor.

They create a statement to the layout, but they also serve functional purposes. Using a solar-powered floor lamp on your backyard and patio is a great idea because it can recharge directly from the sunlight exposure.

Most solar tripod floor lamps have durable cases that are waterproof and dustproof.

With the durability of the solar panel case, exposure to rain, snow, or dust has no risk to the floor lamp while it is outside in your backyard or patio.

The fact that a solar tripod floor lamp requires solar energy to function doesn’t limit its use to the outdoors.

You can also use a solar-powered tripod floor lamp indoors. Just make sure the floor lamp has sufficient exposure to sunlight when it is not in use so that the power can be charged up for later use.

JJALIGHTS Solar Operated Tripod Floor Lamp for Outdoor Decks and Patios

waterproof solar tripod floor lamp

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How Can I Buy a Right Light Bulb for Tripod Floor Lamps?

Most tripod floor lamps on the market are not packaged with the bulb to light up the structure.

Getting the right bulb for your tripod floor lamp is important because it determines how functional and aesthetic the lamp can be for your home.

It is also advised that you should get extra light bulbs so that you aren’t caught in a tough situation when a bulb burns out and you have none to switch to.

By getting more bulbs, you can also switch your brightness levels at will. Some bulbs are designed with more than one temperature/brightness level and you need to be sure that it matches your floor lamp switch settings.

Some bulbs you can check out for your tripod floor lamp include:

1. A19 Bulbs

A19 bulbs are the most popular option for tripod floor lamps because of their unique shape.

The glass design of the bulb creates an overcast glow that can be reflected in any direction that your tripod floor lamp lampshade is positioned.

With their standard E26 base, A19 bulbs are a great choice for tripod floor lamps because most lamps are fitted with the E26 fixture.

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2. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are an energy-efficient and conservative option. They can emit energy better at lower power levels than other types of bulbs.

LED bulbs emit light directionally by focusing on a certain degree, which then lights up the space.

Their energy-saving quality makes them a great fit for solar tripod floor lamps because they can function with minimal power supply.

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3. Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs emit light through a process that involves a lot of heating.

For a tripod floor lamp that is used outdoors or indoors, especially during winter, getting an incandescent bulb can be energy-saving.

The tripod floor lamp will provide some heating through the incandescent bulb and that will save the cost of heating while relaxing indoors. Just be sure that the fixture of the floor lamp matches the base of the incandescent bulb you want to get.

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4. Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are the latest addition to smart home fixtures and you can get one for your tripod floor lamp.

With a smart bulb, you can turn on your lamp through your voice or phone.

Smart bulbs connect to your device through Bluetooth or WiFi and they are a great way to amuse your guests. Most smart bulbs also work with a normal wall switch but they need to be activated to work remotely.

Like other bulbs, smart bulbs have a range of bases that can fit into a tripod floor lamp.

Any tripod floor lamp can be compatible with a smart bulb, as long as the base and fixtures match. You can turn your tripod floor lamp into a smart lamp with a smart bulb.

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5. Dimmable Light Bulbs

With dimmable light bulbs, you get a range of wattage that reduces or increases the brightness of the bulb.

These are a great option for tripod floor lamps because they have an extra effect on the design of the lamp.

Most dimmable light bulbs require a dimmable switch to control the brightness/temperature level of the bulb. Check the manufacturers’ details or inquire with an electrician to find the right dimmable bulb match for your tripod floor lamp.

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Best Ways to Hide a Power Cord of Tripod Floor Lamp

Power cords are the bane of any lamp because they are essential for the lamp’s function but they can be annoying to the aesthetic.

It is also pretty easy to trip over the cord, especially with a tripod floor lamp that can be placed in the center of the room. Not to mention, if you have kids, you want to reduce any risk by making sure the power cord is well-hidden.

1. If your tripod floor lamp’s power cord is visible, you can hide it with some engineering or swift covering (Check the best buy).

2. You can use a double-sided tape known as alien tape or nano tape (Check the best buy) to attach the cord to one of the stands on the tripod.

3. You can also place the lamp in a corner and run the power cord behind the rug or floor covering if it can conceal the size of the cord.

Some floor lamps have hidden holes that you can use to conceal the power cord – if it does not, you can try any of these methods.