Best Floor Lamps for Bright Light – Top Brightest Standing Lights for Homes and Offices in 2022

  • Bothering about how to light up a dark, windowless living room or room without overhead light?
  • Looking for bright standing lightings that can protect your eyes while reading?

Why not choose a floor lamp with bright light?

Compared to wired system ceiling light, choosing floor lamps means lighting your house with bright light instantly. Floor lamps don’t take desktop space when you use them for reading.

In this article, we selected the best floor lamps that will meet your demands for bright light. We also prepared a detailed guide to help you choose the most suitable lamps for you!

best floor lamps for bright light reviews and guides

Here’s our quick pick!

Brightest of All: Brightech Trilage Arched Tree Floor Lamp

Most Suitable for Living Room: Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Bright Floor Lamp

Highly Recommended for Elder Reading: Brightech Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Bright Light Floor Lamp

To choose the brightest floor lamp, knowing how to pick the shape is not enough. A floor lamps’ light is affected by many features.

Also, when choosing a bright floor lamp, you should consider lumen, color temperature, type of light as well. The lampshade also should be in consideration since light will go through it.

1. Lumens

Sometimes you have so many lighting fixtures in your home, but it still looks so dark. Or when you focus on reading, the lamp is so bright that your eyes begin straining. It might be because the brightness level of your room is not appropriate.

To describe how bright the light is, we use lumen to measure. According to different places, the needs of lumen are different.

For the bedroom, it does not need too much light. The whole lighting in your bedroom should be controlled under 4000 lumens in total to not affect your sleeping quality.

Also, if you want a bright floor lamp nicely put next to your bed, choose one with 450 lumens.

As to the living room, to light up one 20m² living room you need 2000 lumens in basic, if you want an energetic and bright environment for your activity area, the maxim lumens should be as higher as 6000 lumens.

If you want to light up your living room with a bright floor lamp, it is suggested to buy a floor lamp with 400 lumens.

As to reading, 600 lumens is enough for seeing text clearly, but when choosing floor lamps, the lumen of floor lamps should be higher than 800 lumens since light will scatter.

Bright Reading Floor Lamp – Dimunt LED Tall Torchiere with an Adjustable Side Arm

bright torchiere with a reading arm

This lamp not only can light up your living room through 2350 lumens light, but it also provides vivid light options.

It can meet your different demands for brightness: This lamp has advanced dim light, which owns a wide range from 10% to 100%. Therefore, you can get the most suitable light at a different time in one day.

It offers you extra flexible lighting: The extra reading light equips with a gooseneck, so when you enjoy the whole-room brightness this lamp gives, you can read books with its small light.

It demands your light color preference: Both of the lights support 3 color modes, 3000K warm white color, 4500K cool white color, and 6000K daylight color. You can choose the color as to your own preferences.

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2. Light Type

Besides lumen, types of light also affect the brightness level of lamps. Mainly there are 3 types of light used in bright floor lamps, up light, ambient light, directional light.

Up light and ambient light both are large area lighting.

Up light goes up to the ceiling and bounces off, thus it will brighten the whole room.

Ambient light has less range and is suited to set the mood of corners. Usually, these two types of light brighten or give the mood in the living room and bedroom.

Usually, torchiere floor lamps have done a great job on up lighting, and Arc lamps are good partners for sofa areas with ambient lighting.

Directional light is often used for tasks and reading because intense and narrow light makes people more concentrated.

Task floor lamps and pharmacy floor lamps are the first picks for a reading lamp.

3. Color Temperature

The color your floor lamps give depends on their color temperature. The higher it is, the light tends to be colder and make you more concentrated.

Here we prepared a chart of the recommended color temperature of common scenes when using your bright floor lamps!

Living room Bedroom Reading Working
Color Temperature 4000K-4600K 2700K-3000K 2700K-4000K 5300K

A bedroom is where people take a rest, so it is important to create a warm and comfortable lighting atmosphere. Bright floor lamps with color temperatures ranging from 2700K-3700K features warm yellow and sets the mood of sleeping and napping.

For the living room, if you want it to be brighter and more energetic, choose the temperature between 4500K-5000K. If you want a cozy, warm feeling, the light color should be under 3500K.

For studying and reading light, your bright floor lamps should be 5000K-6000K. Lamplight in this temperature is close to daylight and in this light reading text and working is much more efficient.

4. Bulb Choices

There are 5 types of bulbs widely used in bright floor lamps. Here’s the chart of common parameters.

Bulb Types Incandescent Halogen Fluorescent & CFL LED
Lifespan 750h-1000h 4000h-10,000h 6000h-15,000h Over 20,000h
Color Temperature 2500K-3000K 2700K-3100K 2700K-5000K 2700K-6500K
Visual Effect Warm white Warm White/Cool White/Daylight

As in data shows, Incandescent and Halogen bulbs’ light color basically is warm white. These bulbs are widely used in the living room and bedrooms.

If you want a cool white or daylight color, you should choose a bright floor lamp with Fluorescent, CFL or LED bulb.

As for lumen and wattage, it is well known that the higher the wattage, the brighter the light. But high watt means power and more electricity bills. Meanwhile, different bulbs are efficient differently.

For example, Let’s see how many lumens these bulbs give out under the same watt.

Bulb Types Incandescent Halogen Fluorescent & CFL LED


Total Lumen 1430lm 1740lm 5540lm 9410lm

As you can see that under the same wattage, LED bulb gives much higher lumens than others.

In conclusion, the brightest floor lamps generally use LED bulbs since they give off a higher output of light than other types of bulbs. Besides, LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 20,000h.

If you prefer a smarter home life, those smart bulbs like Philips Hue that are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant would be in your consideration.

5. Lampshade

Usually, lampshade decreases the light casting from the bulbs since it shades your eyes.

A bright floor lamp should be equipped with a lampshade that is helpful for light transparency.

Some special types of lampshades make lamp light focus on specific areas otherwise the light will be spread out.

The lampshade also has various shapes but what affects how much light you can get is the transparency of its material.

If you want a warm, cozy diffuse light to get the mood, use lampshades like fabric, paper, or linen. Of course, if you just want bright light, choose lampshades with good transparency such as glass, plastic, or acrylic.

For Dark Rooms with High Ceiling – LIGHTACCENTS Torchiere with Plastic Lampshde for Brightest Light

tall bright floor lamps

This minimalist modern style torchiere lamp is definitely worth its costs. This tall, slim lamp is a good choice for brightening a room with no overhead light.

It saves your money: It is rare that you can find such a good floor lamp for under $50. If you have several rooms with no lighting, this lamp is the best budget choice to light them up.

It will light up your ceiling: 71 inches in height makes this lamp great to increase ceiling light. If your room has no overhead light and being dark, this lamp will solve your problem.

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Choose Right Floor Lamp Types to Get Bright Light

In basic a floor lamp usually includes a base, a standing pole, lamp head, and a shade. Designers create various forms of floor lamps to focus on different functionality.

1. Tree Lamps and Torchiere – To Offer You More Brightness

Sometimes you don’t want your floor lamps to have only one direction light for some reason, and only one bulb apparently is not bright enough for the room.

Tree floor lamps literally have 1-3 branches at different heights and each with a bulb lighting in a different direction, some also have 5 or more arms extending from the top of the pole.

Each end of the arm hangs a small white or colorful shade covering a bulb. These arms are typically designed as goosenecks for you to change the direction of each head.

Top-Rated Floor Lamp for Couch Area – Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

bright floor lamp for dark room

It can set a good mood for your dark living room: These big drum lampshades soften the light, then the lamp sets a welcoming mood with warm, ambient light.

It provides perfect bright light for your couch or sofa: The downward arms and large drum shade provide soft and bright light hovering around your couch, which makes it a perfect place for relaxing and reading.

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Torchiere (Torch) lamps provide light up to the ceiling, with help of the ceiling, your room will be fully brightened by reflected light.

Therefore, they do not improve brightness level by directly increasing the number of bulbs.

One special type of torchiere lamp is that its head shape like a flat round and with no lampshade, using LED bulbs provide amazing bright light to our living room.

With Upward Light – O’Bright Dimmable LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

super bright floor lamp

This O’Bright LED Torchiere floor lamp is the final choice for those pure brightness seekers. The minimalist design makes it blend in modern style room.

It lights up your whole room: Its 3000 lumens brightness level makes it able to light up your whole room by itself. It’s time to brighten your dark apartment.

It remembers your favorite light: With its memory function, you can preset preferred light settings. When you coming home, you won’t need to set again to enjoy the desired brightness.

It can blend into your home lighting system: This lamp has full compatibility with wall switch, smart plugs, so you can control it together with other light fixtures.

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2. Task Lamps and Magnifying Lamp – To Promote Your Efficiency

Lamps fit in any aspect of our life. Even when reading or sewing, they could be helpful and useful.

Task lamps have special lamp heads to make sure bright light is only in one direction, which allows you to read or work concentratedly.

Most of them have a gooseneck for you to change the direction of light without moving the whole lamp.

Bright Daylight – Brightech Litespan Bright LED Floor Lamp for Office Tasks or Home Reading

bright led floor lamp for tasks

This Ltiespan floor lamp provides bright and high contrast light for reading. The gooseneck design lets the lamp focus the light anywhere you hope.

It saves energy: This lamp uses highly efficient LED bulbs. it could shine a bright 950 lumens but only draws 12W of electricity. Thus, you don’t need to worry about electricity bills

It will reduce eye-straining: 6000K daylight color light is high contrast white color, which allows you to watch every print on the paper clearly. Under this color your eyes will feel comfortable for focused reading.

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Pharmacy floor lamps are old-fashion kinds of task lamps. Its leaf-shade design narrows the light area which highlights the brightness for tasks at hand.

Besides, the brass or bronze texture gives your living room a different décor feeling. (Check the Brightech pharmacy floor lamp for bright light)

Magnifying floor lamps always feature a magnifying glass on the top which is surrounded by bulbs. Thus, you can see clearly through the magnifier.

In general, these lamps are shorter in height for seating down using them.

If you have low vision or aging eyes but look for a bright floor lamp for sewing, reading and other detiled work, magnifying floor lamps never disappoint you.

Zoom Details – Brightech LightView Pro Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp for Readers and Craftsman

brightech magnifying floor lamp

This LightView magnifying floor lamp has been used by needlework and cross-stitch lovers. If you are looking for a floor lamp for old people in your home, this one will meet your requirement.

It allows you to see the details clearly: The magnifier lens is extra wide and with 1.75x magnification. So, you can the details clear at the distance of 13 inches.

It enables old people to enjoy reading: The hand-free design allows old people can read with both hands instead of holding a reading glass. The base is really heavy so they can adjust the gooseneck without tipping over.

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3. Arc Lamp and Column Lamp – To Match Your Taste of Style

Arc lamp features a lampshade or light of the lamp downwards. It is always being placed over a seating. Arc lamp is versatile for styles, like industrial, modern or rustic.

If you want a bright and decorative floor lamp for your living rooms or guestrooms, arc floor lamp is a positive choice.

>> Buy the Brightech arc floor lamp with a marble base to shine bright ambient light.

Column lamp barely sees the parts of a standing pole, more like a big paper lantern. A column floor lamp will fit your appetite for the Asian style.

If you are looking for a bright floor lamp to match your traditional interior design, Chiphy super bright column floor lamp is highly recommended.

There is also another special kind of column lamp that only one LED lamp tube standing on the base, usually tending to be modern style.

4. Floor Lamp with Shelf and Table – To Bring You Convenience

Bright floor lamps with shelves or tables aim to meet your requirements who have a small space but want a bright light for illumination and also a piece of furniture to store objectives.

Floor lamps with shelves not only save your desktop space but provide more space for your room! These floor lamps are usually equipped with USB and charging ports to bring more convenience to daily life.

Floor lamps with table sound no different from desk lamps, but they also offer free extra charging ports and space for putting your bedtime reading book.

2 in 1 – Brightech Madison Floor Lamp Attached with Nightstand for Modern Bedroom

extra bright floor lamp with a table

This lamp is an ideal lamp for bedsides. If you are looking for a multipurpose lamp, this is your best choice.

It saves space: With its table and small shelf, you can store your books, DVDs, and various small objects.

It brings convenience to your life: The charging function is convenient to charge your phone or other electronic devices.

It is safe for children room: The lamp part is attached to the table so it is safe for kid room use either.

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Not mention to those high-tech floor lamps, which allow you to manage your room lighting system by phone apps or smart assistant.

Choose Bright Floor Lamp Based on Different Rooms

Lamps we picked out not only consist of brightest led floor lamp but also other bright lamps for different styles and using areas.

So many positions as a choice for placing the new floor lamp?

Here we prepare a chart to quickly, and easily understand where to put the suitable floor lamps you just bought.

Living Room – Pick Arc and Torchiere Floor Lamps

Commonly, you can put your floor lamps in the living room. To brighten the room, you can put one bright torch lamp at the corner where avoid your walking path.

Putting one arc lamp behind the couch to create a welcoming light atmosphere is a good idea.

Also, you can place 1 or 2 floor lamps next to your TV, and they can reduce visual fatigue when you enjoy TV shows.

Floor Lamp with Bright Light for Living Room

Couch Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp
Corner Floor Lamp by LIGHTACCENTS
TV Brightech Helix Modern LED Floor Lamp for Living Room

Bedroom – Consider Multifunctional or Smart Floor Lamp

The bedroom is another place you can find floor lamps. Floor lamps in the bedroom are used as nightlights or bedside lamps.

If you want to leave the lamp turning on when sleeping, the lamp you choose should be able to provide warm, dim light.

For a bedside lamp, you can pick a multipurpose table floor in which you can charge your smart phone and store your books.

Bright Floor Lamp for Bedroom
Bedside Brightech Madison Floor Lamp with Built-in Nightstand
Corner Govee RGBIC Corner Lamp for Ambiance

Reading Nooks – Choose Arc Lamp and Magnifying Lamp

To form a good reading habitat, we recommend that put a lamp aside the desk when you are in focused reading. The lamp should have height or angle adjustable settings, which allows you to easily focus the light where you want.

For relaxing reading, you can put one lamp in your reading nook to bright the whole area. Arc lamp is highly recommended because it provides nice ambient light and a warm atmosphere.

For old people who love reading the newspaper on a comfortable sofa, you can pick one magnifying floor lamp so they don’t have to hold a reading glass all the time.

Bright Reading Floor Lamp
Next to Desk Brightech Litespan Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading
Reading Nook Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp
Sofa LIGHT IT! by Fulcrum 20072-401 Floor Magnifier Lamp

Bonus Tips for Bright Floor Lamp Selection

Almost all of the floor lamps have a switch to turn on or off the light, but recent floor lamps have developed many useful adjustable functions.

Here are our tips on how to choose functions.

1. If you want a bright floor lamp for your living room lighting, choose one lamp with stepless dimming and color temperature control for different time of daylight situation.

2. If you are a party or mood lover then you cannot miss the new trend of RGB color switch function.

3. Swing arm and balanced arm do the same function as gooseneck to let you adjust the height or direction of light, but if you like industrial or old-fashion style, they are your choices.

FAQ About Bright Floor Lamps

1. Are LED bright floor lamps safe?

Yes. LED bulbs don’t overheat while giving out bright light so they are safe for pets and kids.

2. Can I change the floor lamp bulbs for a brighter light?

Of course. As long as the bulb is not integrated, the answer is yes!

3. Is there any famous brand of bright floor lamps?

Yes. Brightech is one of those famous floor lamp bands and their lamps are in high quality but with an affordable price.

Though you have gotten hang on with picking skills, you still want an extra guaranty. There is the brand choice we offer!

Brightech is a great choice if you’re looking for inexpensive, modern lamps with a long lifespan. Many of their lamps cost less than $100, so it is a budget-friendly retailer.

As for bright light, most of Brightech’s lamps use LED bulbs and are capable of 1000 lumens or higher, which definitely reach our requirement of brightness.

Stylish Design – Brightech Helix Modern LED Floor Lamp for Living Room or Dining Room Corner

bright light floor lamp for living room

This lamp has a unique shape and strong functionality. Putting one in your living room will definitely draw your guests’ attention and start the topic.

It is a good décor for your room: This modern pole lamp is a beautiful lamp for room interior design. It can fit in any style and offers good ambient light.

It has a long lifespan: Though the LED bulb is built-in, under normal use (about 3 hours a day) it can work for 20 years. Therefore, you do not need to change bulbs.

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