How to Choose the Best Floor Lamp for Sectional Sofa?

A floor lamp is a one-piece of furniture that can be kept in the corner of the room or adjusted beside sectional sofas to brighten up the overall interior of the room along with lifting the ambiance.

A floor lamp for a sectional sofa is specifically used to brighten up a corner of the room as it’s dark usually, the other benefit is to enhance and put emphasis on a section of interior design.

Without the presence of a floor lamp, the room might not appeal to be much inviting.

Floor lamps are also a great source of natural light which is a great source of vitamins.

This post discussed how to get the best floor lamp for sectional sofa.

best floor lamp for sectional sofa reviews and guide

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Floor Lamp for Sectional Sofa

Some people prefer the vintage style while others adore modern floor lamps with sleek interiors to support the ambiance of their studies, libraries, bedrooms, common rooms and drawing rooms.

But there are some factors which should be considered when you opt for a floor lamp for a sectional.

1. What Types of Floor Lamps to Use?

There are two popular types of floor lamps available in the market including the overhead hanging floor lamp and the omnidirectional standing floor lamp for sectional sofa.

The overhead hanging floor lamp is suspended by a metal rod from the ceiling. They are often called pendants mostly with a bowl-shaped diffuser.

They are placed in the sectional areas where an equal balance of brightness is required like while doing dinner or over study tables.

The omnidirectional standing floor lamps give off light in all directions; top, bottom, and all sides.

The lamp is fixed on a stand to give light, these lamps brighten up a larger section of the room.

They also add to the beauty of the room, their styles vary and they can be placed either in corners or mid of the room of beside sectional sofas.

You should always note that the size and height should be according to your room, the lamp should never make the room look overcrowded.

The lampshade and design should match the interior of the room, even the color combination is much important as colors can lift the mood and ambiance of the room.

2. What Types of Lampshade to Choose?

A lampshade is primarily used to cover the bulb and also dim the brightness of light in the sectional sofa area.

Lampshades also contribute to beautifying the room. It saves the eyes and room from the direct glare of the bulb and the heat of the bulb.

Because of the lampshade, concentrated light is directed in a specific direction which is essential to be used around sectional sofas.

On the other hand, if there is no lampshade on the lamp, then the light of the bulb will expand in the whole room, the light will be sharp and uncomfortable to the eyes.

3. Does Floor Lamp Material Matter?

Most of the floor lamps are made up of brass which is considered the most common metal for floor lamps regardless of the style.

Other than this, floor lamps are also made of wood, marble, rattan and glass which are used for the sectional sofas areas.

Brass lamps are suggested because they are easy to clean and provide light without any reflection that reduces glare and eyestrain. Most importantly, they give aesthetic vibes to your living room as they come in numerous beautiful designs.

The floor lamps constructed of wood are easy to move around and are mostly used by people who want to opt for a traditional setting in the room.

While on the other hand, floor lamps made up of metals give elegant and sophisticated style to your room, they are contemporary and match every style of sectional sofa and room d├ęcor.

4. How Many Floor Lamps Should Be Used?

Floor lamps are suitable for lighting up all types of sectional sofas including C shaped, U shaped, L shaped and modular sectionals.

The floor lamps can be placed either beside or behind the sofa depending upon their type and size.  

According to experts, one or two-floor lamps are enough for one living room. The number of floor lamps depends upon the size of the room.

For the fact that if many floor lamps are placed in the same room, they will overcrowd the room, look messy out of place and use extra electricity than needed.

5. Is Diffuser a Must-Have Option?

The purpose of a diffuser is to scatter the light evenly around the room.

Using a diffuser in your lamps is good if you have to carry out multiple activities as the light given off will be smooth and will brighten up a larger sectional area.

A diffuser will help keep off unnecessary shadows. The light is softer and uniform around the room.

You can call it just the perfect blend of light to make the room elegant.

sectional floor lamp with diffuser

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How Tall Should a Floor Lamp Be Behind a Sectional?

The height of the Floor lamp which has to be kept around the sectional sofa should be considered during purchase.

The height should be approximately 58-64 inches from the floor.

In case it is needed around the sofa, then the bottom of the shade should be at a level parallel to person’s eye level.

The floor lamp of this height provides reading light or sewing light. If precision to carry out minute work is needed then this height is ideal.

For What Occasions, You Need to Buy a Floor Lamp with Foot Switch?

A footswitch is a device that is used to turn on and off the device and also to make and break the current circuit.

You can buy a floor lamp with a footswitch when your sectional sofa is off-center and you need to rest or read a newspaper or book while lying on the C-shaped or L-shaped sofa.

But if you have modular sectional sofas then no need to buy a floor lamp with a foot switch as the light can be turned on once to illuminate the whole room.

floor lamp with floor switch that goes under sectional

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Arc Lamps over Sectional vs More Traditional Floor Lamps

1. Arc Floor Lamp

Arc lamps are fancy and dramatic, they are perfect to light a bigger portion or area over a sectional sofa.

They are great to brighten sectional sofas of every size.

There are many types of arc lamps according to their shapes, design and use, for example, regular arc floor lamps, arc floor lamps with single hanging heads and arc floor lamps with multi-hanging heads.

Regular arc floor lamps have conquered living rooms for a long time, they are still in fashion and if placed over a chaise sectional sofa, they provide warm light to the people sitting on the sofa and make the room welcoming.

arc floor lamp over sectional

Arc floor lamp with single hanging head gives off directional lights and can be perfect to use over sectional sofa if you prefer to lay down and read. If placed behind a L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise, they make the room look spacious.

Arc floor lamps with multi hanging heads are best if you want your living room to have a dramatic look and feel.

The multiple hanging heads are adjustable and can be positioned such that they provide individual light to all people sitting on the sectional sofa, it can brighten a larger area around the U-shaped sectional sofa or modular sectional sofa.

A multi hanging arc lamp placed over a pit sectional sofa should be high enough so that nobody hits the head while getting up.

But multi hanging arc floor lamps are the best options to invest in if you have a larger room with a big sectional sofa.

multi head sectional floor lamp

2. Traditional Floor Lamps

A regular floor lamp is the most adorned lightning source in a living room possessing a sectional sofa of any type.

With a sectional sofa in a living room, its hard-to-get adornments don’t make the room overcrowded and give the sofa a classy look, so a traditional floor lamp serves the purpose just right.

Traditional floor lamps come in a wide range of designs and compliment the structure and overall look of your sectional sofa.

The lampshade can be made to match the material of fabric of the sectional sofa. This will make both the ordinary pieces look like a masterpiece set.

If your sectional sofa is taking a lot of space and is making your room look crowded, then it’s best to add a traditional floor lamp, it will create a heightened mirage to appear it bigger.

A traditional floor lamp will provide warmth and welcoming lightning approach to your sectional sofa if elegantly placed beside it.

If you want to lighten up the study or sectional sofa areas, then you should opt for the arc floor lamp. It is best for reading or other purposes and provides the light uniformly at the desired place.

What Types of Floor Lamp Looks Good over Sectional Sofa?

There are many floor lamps available but all have different places to perform exceptionally.

1. Corner Floor Lamp – for L-Shaped Sectional

corner lamp behind sectional

Corner floor Lamps are the new norm nowadays. They are a blend of traditional floor lamps and technology-based smart LED systems.

The best part is you can switch on the RGB white clear light or opt for the multicolored lights with numerous patterns if you have guests over.

When these lights are placed beside or behind L-shaped sectional sofa but against the wall, they reflect colorful lights on the wall and the people sitting on the sectional sofa making the environment more happening and fun.

2. Arc Floor Lamp – For Chaise Sectional Couch

Arc floor lamps have been in style for many years, with evolving era, their designs are also evolving. They are a perfect fit for any contemporary interior.

An arc floor lamp is a good choice if you want to place it around a chaise sectional sofa, as it will make the sofa a theatrical appearance and make it more alluring. The brightness is just perfect for a chaise sectional sofa with adequate warmth.

3. Multi-Head Floor Lamp – For Modular/Pit/U-Shaped Sectional

A multi-head floor lamp has more than two heads to give the same or different colors of light in various directions.

It has many benefits as it adds a modern touch to the room, provides multiple sources of lights over a sectional sofa, takes lesser space which is convenient as a sectional sofa already takes up so much space in any room so the other embellishments in the room should be sleek and usually is energy efficient as well.

If you have a modular, pit or U-shaped sectional sofa, then a multi-head floor lamp is a wise option as due to the multiple sources of light, every person will get an appropriate share of brightness to carry out their works.

Best Sectional Floor Lamps Ideas

Here are some of the best sectional floor lamps ideas to help you make your lounge or drawing room more appealing, beautiful and brighter.

1. Use Torchiere Floor Lamp to Light up Sectional Sofa in Black Corner

sectional sofa with torchiere floor lamp in black corner

These lamps look and work like a torch.

They are equipped to give off focused light so they work best if placed in a black corner of the room, they will light up the space of the sectional sofa, kicking away the gloomy darkness hovering the sectional sofa.

Unlike other lamps, their light comes from the upside making the overall room brighter.

They are appropriate to be used around sectional sofas.

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2. Get a Column Floor Lamp for Your Sectional Off Center

column floor lamp for sectional couch

The modern column floor lamps are just the perfect accessory to add to your living room to lighten up any corner behind the sectional sofa of any shape or size.

The column floor lamp provides general brightness all over the room, especially lighting up any sectional sofa or heavy piece of furniture in their range of light.

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3. Choose an Arch Floor Lamp for a Curved Sectional Sofa

sectional overarching floor lamp

As the name suggests the arms of these lamps are in forms of arc which hover over a sectional sofa.

If multi-head arc floor lamps are used, then the position of the light can be adjusted as per your requirement over the curved sectional sofa.

If placed behind a curved sectional sofa, the arcs of the lamp coordinate well with the cure of the sofa, providing a rhythm to the interior of the room and providing a uniform light all over the sectional sofa.

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Best Brands to Make Durable and Stylish Floor Lamp for Sectional Sofa

1. Pottery Barn

Chelsea, Atticus, Winslow, Easton forged-iron, Nella are some of the Pottery Barn floor lamps series with amazing features used at sectional sofa areas.

These floor lamps are considered unique due to their unique crafting and being energy efficiency.

Chelsea floor lamp has amazing features like it has a body of steel with a bronze finish, a tempered-glass tray and a weighted contoured base. The lamp of Chelsea includes a large tapered gallery shade in white. There are double pull chains by which bulbs are activated, which operate individually or in tandem.

Atticus is made of brass with a hand-applied bronze finish. It has an inline dimmer switch and a clear code. It can be cleaned easily by dusting with a soft, dry cloth.

Easton forged iron is made up of aluminum, brass and mild steel. There is an on/off switch located on the lamp holder.

Winslow is crafted of hand-finished aged steel with antique brass accents. The on/off switch is on the socket and is imported whereas its base is weighted for stability.                                            

2. Bridgeport Designs

Bridgeport Designs sectional floor lamp series includes Zeus which have unique features of oversized adjustable arc floor lamp and has a solid marble base.

It has an extra-large shade with a light diffuser and this light shade diffuser adds a soft glow. It has a 104″ extra-long dark brushed steel adjustable arm and 20″ oversized handmade gray custom shade with dark brushed steel metal trim. 

Jupiter has similarly dual sockets for the perfect lightning effect by Bridgeport designs. It has an oversized white marble base and the shade light diffuser adds a soft glow.

Zeus floor lamp is solid, sustainable and offers a longer warranty period thus Zeus is better in the longer run.

Where Do You Put a Floor Lamp with a Sectional?

A floor lamp can be placed either beside the sectional couch or behind the sectional couch.

It depends on the purpose you are using the floor lamp for.

1. If part of the sectional sofa is touching a wall, you can floor lamp that shines the light right down onto the seating area.

2. Some floor lamps have swinging arms, so you can pull them out to place the light as per requirement.

These lamps can be placed beside a sectional sofa to adjust the lighting.

3. If you have an L-shaped sofa, the lamp is best to install behind the couch as it’s versatile, movable and easy to connect.

4. If you are using a floor lamp for reading, then it should be placed behind the sectional couch.

5. But if you are placing the floor lamp to light up the room, then it can also be placed in any corner of the room.

How to Repair a Sectional Floor Lamp with Stripped Threads?

A sectional floor lamp can be repaired by removing the shade or top of the floor lamp.

Usually, there is a nut that has attached the lamp with the base or top.

If the lamp has an open glass top, then the nut will be around the socket.

If the problem is in the wire or socket then the wire can be replaced or the socket can be changed.