Best Nightstand Lamps and Bedside Lights for Reading and Relaxing in 2022

When the evening comes, it gets pretty annoying when you realize that you will get out of the bed only to switch off the light. The trip from the bed to switching back is so annoying as you get from the confines of warm covers.

For this reason and much more like convenience and illumination when reading a book brought along a nightstand lamp. With the best nightstand lamps in your bedroom, you get to chill and relax without thinking of hoping out.

Below we look at in-depth information on the nightstand lamps, including:

  • Benefits of Using a Nightstand Lamp
  • Bedside Table Lamp Parts and Their Functions
  • Types of Nightstand Lamps
  • Choosing Considerations
  • Best Reviewed Nightstand Lamps on the Market
  • Best Nightstand Lamp Size and Height

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Highly Recommended Touch ON/OFF Desktop Lamp – Aukey Dimmable Table Bedside Lamp with Changed Colors

Eye-Care Light for Readers, Able to Memorize the Last Settings – TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish LED Metal Desk Lamp

Dual USB Charging Ports for Device Charging When at Bed – Comzler Bedside Table Lamp with Warm Light

Unique and Special Base for Decorative Purposes – Stone & Beam Table Lamp with Shade and Heavy Base for Bedside

Smart Tabletop Lamp that Compatible with Alexa, Google Home – Echo Glow Multicolor Mini Table Lamp for Smart Home

Versatile with Wireless Charging, Clock and Bluetooth Speaker – Ampulla Warm Bedside Lamp with Display

Cute Dog Lamp with Wooden Build and Touch Dimmer for Kids – HROOME Modern Bedside Lamp for Nightstand

What is a nightstand lamp?

best nightstand lamps for reading and studying and relaxing

It consists of a certain size of lamp that produces light next to a bed while placed on a nightstand.

It’s a kind of lamp that aids the user near the bed to illuminate while reading a novel, surfing on the internet, or merely relaxing.

The nightstand lamps come with a variety of designs, styles, and colors to fit your preferred needs.

Also, there are a variety of types as one can get a floor standing lamp, hanging pendant lamp, bedside, etc. that makes you achieve the desired way of lighting the bedroom.

Why do you need to buy a bedside table lamp?

A bedside table lamp is an accessory you would want to miss. This is because of the benefit accrued from having it in your bedroom.

Below are the benefits you ought to enjoy from buying it.

– Saving energy

Unlike the large light used in the bedroom consuming excess energy, the bedside table lamps consume only less electricity in the production of bright light and are very energy efficient.

Within the bedside table lamp, you will save excess cost as the charge of the bill will drastically decrease.

– Beautiful appearance

When you buy that bedside table lamp with a unique design and style for your bedroom, it will make your room beautiful.

Having it around would make you add a crucial item for lighting but also as a complement to your room’s decor.

– Illumination and adding texture

To those who find it hard the source of light seems far away from the bed.

A bedside table lamp does the work by ensuring that your room is illuminated and you can easily do the work and study without straining your eyes.

– Convenient to turn on

Having a larger bed or a twin bed would obstruct the light switch making it annoying to turn on. However, having a bedside table lamp comes so much in hand as it is close enough to operate.

Since the cable with the switch is close to where you are, you would end up turning the lamp on conveniently with the eyes closed.

How to choose the best nightstand lamps?

mid century modern nightstand lamps

Reading that favorite novel, surfing through the internet, or simply relaxing after a long day in the bed requires the provision of enough lighting.

Choosing a nightstand lamp can be very confusing due to the high number of these products in the market while having so many features to choose from.

Come along, let me help you maneuver through how to get the best nightstand lamps.

– Size

This is a point that gets people to scratch heads for not knowing what the perfect size of the lamp is. It worth noting that the size of the nightstand lamp you pick is determined by the room it sits in.

The bigger the room is equivalent to having a bigger lamp in size while a small room will look great in a small room.

Also the nightstand it put in should be a little big to fit without straining the space left.

And when it comes to height, take a lamp where the bottom of the shade will be at the eye level when seating or relaxing.

– Style

This is a question you might be asking yourself if a nightstand lamp has a style of its own and that’s true, it does.

At times, the lampshade brings an appealing look although mostly the body of the lamp is seemingly the one defining it.

The design and color preferred by you can bring along a stunning house.

  • Spice up that modern bedroom with a sleek glass lamp or a country bedroom with a traditional ginger lamp.
  • A palm tree lamp for a tropical room or seashore or shell for a coastal setting.

– Wide range of colors

Since time immemorial, people have been using neutral lighting in their housing. However, with a nightstand lamp, you finally have an opportunity to choose what kind of color you would love to illuminate your room.

If you are an explorative expert on colors, take a nightstand lamp that has a wide range of colors.

– Lampshade

Determine the right size of the lampshade so that you can get the best size and balanced lamp. To get the right lamp, the lampshade has a lot of say which is not only related to the pattern of shade and style but also the ergonomics and proportions of shades.

Jumping on to the measurements, the diameter of the lampshade should be approximately two-thirds of the height of the lamp’s body.

According to the width of the shade, it should be twice the width of the widest part of the lamp.

The narrower the base of the lampshade would consequently reduce the illuminated area. This is a major point to note before making a purchase.

Also, some come with white or off-white shades which easily let the light through. On the contrary, others are colored which portrays a way to add an accent to your décor.

When buying, consider this according to your favorite activities in the bedroom like reading and choosing the best features.

– Attention to details

There is a wide range of nightstand lamps in the market whereby some you can change their shades and some not.

At one point, you might move the lamp into the kid’s room where you can change the shade into a kid’s room while in your bedroom change it to be neutral.

Besides, as many lamps come with old CFLs but the LED lights are preferred due to energy saving.

– Types to adopt

Many people vary on opinions of which type is the best to be a nightstand lamp. Although many may prefer bedside table lamps as the best, others may take pendant over nightstand lamps as the best kind.

This way, you won’t feel coerced to buy a particular type that will not be appealing.

When buying the nightstand lamp, take charge of what you want and check on specific just to be sure of buying a product worth your money.

Best Reviewed Nightstand Lamps

The soft light directed at your bed will often help you to sleep better. However, unless you choose the right nightstand lamp, a good night’s sleep will remain a mirage.

Here are the best options at hand.

Hot Sale – Aukey Touch Dimmable Table Bedside Lamp with Changed Colors

best selling touch nightstand lamps

This modern bedside lamp has become relatively popular, thanks to its spectacular design. Its 360-degree touch control base allows you to switch it on and off without too much hassle. It also enhances its responsiveness and smoothness of operation.

Its adjustable lighting allows you to select the most appropriate brightness whenever necessary.

Usually, you will toggle three brightness levels, including light-soft, bright, and moderate. With this, you can select a brightness that matches your needs.

This product is relatively easy to operate. Its responsive touch control allows you to change whichever setting without too much strain.

Special Features:

  • Impressive and lightweight design
  • It comes with a sensor
  • Conveneint touch control
  • Colorful display

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For Device Charging – Comzler USB Bedside Table Lamp with Warm Light

bedroom nightstand lamps with usb charger

If you are looking for a minimalist or classic table lamp, this will be the ultimate choice. Its sleek design makes it an ideal choice for decoration and portability. Besides, this design ensures that you get ambient light.

This product boasts unrivaled safety standards. It comes with a non-slip mat at its bottom, ensuring that it does not slide off the table. Its robust construction means that you do not have to worry about electric leakage or poor contact.

This lamp comes with built-in dual USB charging ports. It also features a pull chain switch, which makes the light relatively straightforward to use. Besides, you will be free to charge your iPads and phones at any time.

Special Features:

  • It has a minimalist design
  • Compatible with CFL, LED or halogen bulb
  • Able to charging your devices

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For Readers – TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish LED Metal Desk Lamp

led night table lamp for reading and relaxing

Nothing could be a better choice than this product if you are looking for longevity.

It is made from various long-lasting materials, including aluminum metal. This metal is resistant to different elements, including rust and scratches. This way, you are sure of getting better value for money. Besides its robust construction, you will fall in love with the exquisite design it highlights.

This lamp allows you to select from multiple colors and brightness options. Ideally, there are five color options and six brightness levels, assuring you of the convenience you desire.

This light is excellent for reading, working, and relaxing. What is more, the light is eye-friendly. That is because it is transmitted sideways, and it is glare-free.

Its memory function is critical for unrivaled consistency in temperature and brightness settings. It also has a rotatable base, allowing you to adjust it to any position.

Special Features:

  • Unmatched memory function
  • It assures you of versatility, including night function
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Glare-free light

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Decorative Piece – Stone & Beam Table Lamp with Shade and Heavy Base for Bedside

contemporary nightstand lamps

This product boasts various long-lasting materials, including metal, fabric, and polyresin. These materials guarantee you a robust structure. They are not only scratch-resistant and rust-proof but also longevity.

Further, its brushed finish helps highlight its beauty. It is boldly-styled, meaning you can use it as décor.

Special Features:

  • Heavy base that can’t be fallen
  • Match any rooms

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Luxury Build – Tomshine Silver Crystal Table Lamps for Master Bedroom

crystal nightstand lamps

This lamp provides you with unrivaled versatility. You can use it almost anywhere, including the bedroom, bedside, and task desk. Well, all this is thanks to its minimalist design.

This product comes with a thoughtful design, allowing you to place it on any furniture without worrying about scratches. Its hollow-carved design will readily appeal to your eye.

Its ease of operation will strike you. This lamp comes with a readily accessible button, which you will press to turn the light on or off.

You can hardly overlook the safety standards that this table lamp has. Thanks to the high-quality materials used to construct it, this product cannot expose you to danger.

Special Features:

  • Its design is a beauty to behold
  • Assures you of a vast range of application
  • It is relatively affordable

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With Smart Functions – Echo Glow Multicolor Mini Table Lamp for Smart Home

smart minimalist nightstand lamp

Sometimes, all you need is a lamp that can serve children accordingly. Ostensibly, that is what you get from Echo Glow. It comes with Alexa, which helps regulate the brightness levels and color options by voice. Such convenience is all you need when around children.

This product comes with a rainbow timer, allowing you to enjoy a colorful evening. The color changes could also help children when it is time to do a specific thing, including sleeping and waking up. What is more, its dynamic modes allow children to have a dance party.

Undoubtedly, this product is certified for human beings. Its setup is straightforward, and its responsiveness is excellent. This product is designed to connect and glow with other Alexa-enabled devices if that is not enough.

Special Features:

  • Easy to control with your voice
  • It assures you of multiple colors and brightness levels

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With Wireless Charging – Ampulla Warm Bedside Lamp with Display

bedroom table lamp with wireless charging

Advanced technology and multiple accessories could be a priority. If this is your goal, the Ampulla Horizon assures you of the dual waveguide technology.

Its TWS technology and Bluetooth 5.0 help deliver full-range sound wafting and lingering. Besides, it has a passive bass radiator that can only make things better.

This product has a True Wireless stereo, which provides you with an immersive music experience. Ideally, it comes after forming two Horizon lamps through the TWS technology.

This lamp comes with multiple modes, including a light sleep mode. This mode allows the speakers and the lights to go off after about thirty minutes.

You will also access other incredible features, including step-less dimming, a digital clock, and a wireless charger. This setting makes it suitable for children too.

Special Features:

  • It assures you of better energy efficiency levels
  • Its wireless connectivity makes it easy to operate
  • It has a light sleep mode

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For Kids – HROOME Modern Cute Dog Wooden Bedside Lamp for Nightstand

wood dimmable nightstand lamp for kids

This product is a suitable choice for anyone looking for eye-friendly nightstand lamps. Thanks to its multiple color temperatures and brightness levels, this is an option you cannot overlook.

Its 3-gear dimmer touch control allows you to select whatever color or brightness you desire. This touch control is straightforward to operate, assuring you of unmatched convenience.

You will fall in love with the premium materials used on this item. Typically, it comes with Asche wood, which is a robust anti-decay option. Its longevity remains unrivaled, and it is easy to cut and polish.

Besides, this wood provides you with a natural texture that highlights timeless beauty, making it a suitable choice for interior décor too.

Shaped like a dog, this nightstand lamp has a unique design. Its dimmer switch is on the head, making it readily accessible and convenient.

Special Features:

  • Its control buttons are relatively accessible, providing you with convenience
  • It has a wooden construction, which enhances longevity
  • Affordable
  • It has a sensor activation option

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Traditional Style – Ashley Ceramic Table Lamp with Soft Light

pottery barn ceramic nightstand lamps

This lamp can double up as a decorative element too. Its sleek design exudes class and elegance. It is shaped like a vase, and its shape can provide an unrivaled ambiance. Thanks to its design, versatility is achievable.

This light assures you of soft illumination. With proper lighting in small spaces, it becomes easier for you to engage in whatever activity you have at hand.

This product is relatively easy to assemble and operate. It comes with a three-way switch made from ceramic and fabric. Quickly accessing these buttons provides you with the convenience you desire.

Special Features:

  • It is suitable for contemporary and traditional décor
  • Provides soft, ambient lighting

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For Girls’ Bedroom – Ambimall Pink Touch Control Table Lamp with Outlet

pink nightstand lamp

While it looks small, this nightstand lamp is one of the most reliable options at hand. Its touch control base makes it straightforward to operate.

It provides you with three levels of brightness and multiple color temperatures. As such, you can select a brightness level depending on your needs.

This product comes with built-in USB charging ports. These ports allow you to fast-charge your phones without worrying about safety issues.

Did you know that it is a dimmable lamp? That means it will be friendly to your eyes, thanks to its non-flicker and non-glare nature.

Its chic design is striking. It highlights modernity and elegance. Whether you want to use it in the bedroom or living room, its versatility will stand out.

Special Features:

  • Its illumination is friendly to the eyes
  • Fully dimmable and suitable for children

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Hanging – HMVPL Modern Pendant Lighting Fixture over Nightstand

hanging nightstand lights

There is no denying that some people prefer vintage-looking products. HMVPL is one of them. This industrial and one-light mini pendant light will effortlessly accent your room.

Whether you want it in your dresser, bedroom, living room, or kitchen, the results will be similar. You could also use it outdoors.

Its robust construction assures you of unrivaled safety. Thanks to its premium materials, the lamp will last for a long time. Its long cord makes it ideal for both low and high ceilings.

This product comes with a minimalist design. Its dimmer switch is on its cord, allowing you to access it without too much trouble.

Special Features:

  • It has a charming vintage design and bright light
  • It is made from metal and linen, which provide enhanced safety

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Wall Sconce – Larkar Mid Century Dimmable Vintage Lamp

cheap wall mounted nightstand light

This item is all you need if you are looking for a 2-in-1 lamp. You could either install it as a plug-in or a hardwired light.

A hardwired option comes in handy if you want a lasting appeal. On the other hand, plug-ins are temporary.

Its gooseneck design helps to enhance its versatility.

Besides that, it has a switch on this cord, making it easier to switch the light on or off. The button is usually on the backplate. What is more, changing its bulb is a seamless process.

The robust construction of this vintage lamp is impressive. Since it is made from metal, this lamp can comfortably last for a long time.

Special Features:

  • Its antique style highlights elegance
  • Robustly constructed assures you of enhanced longevity
  • Flexible gooseneck

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Most Versatile – Brightech Maxwell Shelf and Nightstand with Attached Light for Small Bedroom

Brightech tall nightstand floor standing lamp

This product boasts advanced technology. It is compatible with Alexa, Apple, Google, and smart home technologies. This aspect makes the lamp relatively easy to control. Thanks to this technology, controlling the light by audio is straightforward.

You can barely overlook its versatility. This lamp is a bookshelf and floor lamp combo.

Controlling the light is easy, thanks to its pull-chain. This pull allows you to switch the light on or off.

This item comes with a minimalist design. This design portrays elegance, and it is easy to fit in any place.

Special Features:

  • Its voice-control abilities are astounding
  • Compatible with different technologies
  • Save space
  • It comes with a long-lasting battery

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What are the parts of nightstand lamps?

ikea style nightstand lamp and parts

  • Lampshade

This is a part at the upper part of the nightstand lamp. It is a cover that soften and directs the light of the lamp.

The function of the lampshade is to protect you from the bulb’s glare, and the direct light from the bulb in the lamp across the room.

Although many presume that it is a decorative element, the main purpose is diffusing and redirecting the light to ensure maximum effectiveness.

For instance, in a common form of the lamp like a floor lamp, the lampshade uses cloth or paper with a loose weave to regulate and soften the high amount of light from the bulb in a horizontal direction.

  • Light bulb

It’s the pat that produces the light which illuminates the room.

The best light bulbs to see on the nightstand lamps are either LED or halogen light.

Despite being energy efficient they also have as they have the right Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). They produce warm lights with a variety of colors.

Besides, with a production of between 400 to 850 lumens, it is perfect for relaxing and calming for better sleeping. These bulbs’ colors also vary from glowing, producing yellow, red, green, etc.

  • Lamp body

Stem – this is a thin glass that makes the exterior of the bulb. This part is called the globe whereby it contains the filament that gives off light. This metal base is screwed into a socket as it holds filament.

Frame – this is a part that encloses the light bulb. It covers the light bulb from being affected by any external danger that could let the bulb crash. The frame makes up the shade and also determines how much will be distributed to the surrounding.

Base – this is a lighting element that is attached to the lamp body. Mostly, the base part is wide and fairly heavy. It is relied on keeping the lamp upright and a floor lamp is used for anchorage. Despite the lamp base being functional, it is also aesthetic and can be made from any material.

  • Power cord

Also known as line cord and mains cable. It’s an electrical cable that connects the nightstand lamp with electricity through a wall socket or an extension cord.

The current in which the flow of electrical charge powers the lamp. The current flows into the cod through a hot wire and returns to the source through a neutral wire.

Most lamps are made of two wires.

Types of nightstand lamps

nightstand table lamps

  • Bedside table lamp

This is a kind of nightstand lamp that is placed at the table beside the bed. This kind of lamp comes in a variety of designs and styles to make sure you get the lamp you desire.

Also, they came in small and large sizes to suit your table as a large lamp would look out of place in a table while too small would be inappropriate over a large table.

Table lights with lampshade provide a soft glow while illuminating the room in that they are perfect for a relaxing study and perfect to help your body settle.

  • Pendant light over the nightstand

Many people were used to having pendant lights in their kitchen, living room, and so on. However, you can enjoy this dramatic hint of lights over your nightstand in the bedroom. Get used to this feeling of the concrete dome on either side of your bed.

The pendant light dangles above over your bedside table and on the bedside table to provide you with enough lighting while making your room elegant to relax and wake up to.

You can hang these clusters of copper orbs from your ceiling to make your room have a different touch and appeal.

  • Wall mount

It’s a nightstand lamp that is mounted on the wall in your bedroom. The wall-mounted lamp is located in the bedroom thus preserving the valuable floor place for a room with limited space.

Also, the lamp is used in brightening each corner while bringing classical subtle style. This kind of lamp comes in a variety of designs which will suit your preference.

Among them includes the scones, spotlight, picture light, and much more. This lamp is gaining lots of popularity as its elegance matches your room décor.

  • Floor standing lamps

These types of nightstand lamps stand from the floor while illuminating directly to the bedside. They come in different styles including a tripod, arc floor, and upright. Also, they are available in woods and copper-colored metallic.

According to your choice, take any floor standing lamp that falls to your preference, could be traditional or modern.

The merit of these lamps is that they can be moved from one area to another while convenient for lighting a small or large space.

What size lamp is best for a nightstand?

Getting the right size for a nightstand is paramount as not only does it have a good fit but also complements the décor of the room.

To know what the best size of a bedside lamp is, you have to focus on the bedside table.

To have a perfect fit of the lamp on that nightstand, measure one-third of the width of the table to have the right fit for a nightstand. This way a bigger table will have a large lamp that complements it while a sizable nightstand will be parallel to that of the lamp.

Choosing the right bedside lamp height is important if you love reading. Having a taller lamp could have your eyes in contact with the lights while shorter will produce less light to enable you to read conveniently.

How to decide the best height for nightstand lamps?

The height of an ideal bedside lamp is mostly determined by the height of a nightstand or a table the lamp sat on.

To know the height of the lamp while the nightstand is about the same height as the top of your mattress, look for a lamp with a height whereby the top will be even with your chin level.

This will help in easier reading and light tasks while sitting and light won’t be glaring to your eyes.

For instance, for a nightstand that is as tall as 25 to 30 inches, the lamp should go up to 30 inches to match the headboard.

If the nightstand is a few inches lower than the top of the mattress, buy a lamp that is height proportional to covering the space.


1. Do my nightstand lamps need to match room décor?

It merely depends on your choice.

However, it is recommended to match it with the dressers or any other furniture in the space to compliment each other. This compliment makes your room look amazing and your room has style.

2. What color nightstand lamp is best for sleeping?

Colors can affect you psychologically, including relaxation, stimulating your mind, and sleeping.

For a nightstand lamp, red color is the best to acquire. This is because it has low temperature with less evidence of depressive-like symptoms linked to the brain. The color will make you fall asleep sooner without straining.


Gone are the days when you had to wake up to switch off lights and complain of the inability to read due to lights not being enough.

As the nightstand is the right solution to those problems and more. Grab yourself the best nightstand lamps that you won’t regret.

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