How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp for Artists in 2022?

Adequate lighting is one of the crucial factors for any artist who spends his time painting, writing, crafting, etc. Besides, it is even difficult to find perfect fixtures whose lighting is neither too strong nor too dim to help efficiently. 

For this reason, we did in-depth research and compared several desk lamps, to provide you with the best desk lamp for artists.

Now, you don’t need to struggle to find the best lamp as we did for you.

Moreover, we have included plenty of viable information as well that will help you in your selection.

Let’s get started:

best desk lamp for artists reviews and guides

In a Hurry? Look at These Top Picks:

Compact Build, Easy to Take, With Rechargeable Battery, Great for Outdoor Nighttime Drawing: LENCENT Book Light

With Pen Holder for Great Table Organization: Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp

Protect Your Eyes from Fatigue and Problem: Neatfi Bright Desk Lamp for Artists

How to Choose the Best Desk Lamps for Artists?

1. How many lumens are required for artists?

To prevent eye strain, you need to get a desk lamp with the right brightness.

To ensure ideal lighting, bulbs that are at least 600 lumens best for artists.

2. Do I need to buy a table lamp with flexible arms/necks?


Arms and necks adjustability lets you direct the light beam wherever you want when painting or drawing. It is a useful feature, however not necessary.

3. Should I buy magnifying table lamp for the artist studio?

Magnifying table lamp will be a great addition to the artist studio.

Such lamps allow you to work with precision and help you easily view minor details. They are good for mitigating eye strain.

>> Check Brightech LiteView Pro Magnifying Table Lamp with Gooseneck

4. Single brightness settings? Dimmable light?

Why settle for less when you can have plenty of options in a desk lamp.

Desk lamps come with various adjustment controls which include accent lighting, brightness and color variations, dimmer control, etc.

Due to the compact build, you can move it around easily. So, when you are doing your artwork, change it to white light for more productivity.

While, change it to a warm glow if you prepare for relaxing.

Hence, choose the one that suits you the best.

4. Is CRI rating important?

Through Color Rendering Index (CRI), you can measure the accuracy of an object’s color under a given light source.

With desk lamps for artists, CRI rating is very crucial as artists must be able to contrast while crafting, reading, writing, etc.

Ideally, CRI ratings between 85 to 100 are best for artists.

>> Buy BenQ Desk Lamp with CRI Value over 95

6. Light bulbs to choose from?

Usually, LED bulbs are used in table lamps. Such lamps are ideal for task or general lighting and produced a nice cool and productive glow.

They utilize 20-30% less energy compared to their predecessor.

7. With shade? Without shade?

We would recommend that you should buy a lamp with shade.

Because no lampshade can be uncomfortable for your eyes as light is directed in all directions.

Moreover, when you are drawing, a lampshade will ensure optimal lighting.

If you prefer to no shade lamps, attention to buying a table lamp with an led filter.

8. With cord? Without cord?

This again depends on your personal preference.

If you need a bulb with a rechargeable battery, then buy table lamps without a cord.

Such lamps can be more versatile and portable than lamps with cords.

9. What makes the desk lamp eye protection?

Firstly, to ensure desk lamp eye protection, look for the one with at least 400 lumens.

Such lamps produce enough light suitable for reading and writing.

Secondly, you need to consider CRI and color temperature. We have mentioned above what CRI ratings are best for artists.

Lastly, you need to buy a lamp that does not flicker.

10. Is it portable?

Portability is not an essential factor in a desk lamp, especially when you are an artist. Yet, it is a useful feature to have. If you want a portable desk lamp, then buy one with no cord.

11. Tabletop base? Clamp base?

A desk lamp with a tabletop base is suitable if you have plenty of space on your drawing table.

If you don’t have enough space on your desk, then you should buy one with a clamp base.

You can fix such lamps near your workplace place. Remember that desk lamps with clamp bases are fixed at a particular position and out move them around frequently.

Hence, if you need more portability, then lamps with tabletop bases are better.

Why Natural Daylight Is the Idealist Light for Artist?

Natural daylight is the idealist light for artists because it provides the artist with greater control over his art. In natural daylight, an artist can easily view contrasts and identify subtle color changes.

According to the report published by the scientists at Lighting Research Center, natural daylight help artist boosts their productivity and comfort. Moreover, it also assists in providing the mental and visual stimulation essential to balance circadian rhythms.

Optimal utilization of natural daylight can also save money and lead to substantial energy savings. However, subtle evidence for daylight being a reason to boost human health and productive evidence remain scarce.

With the help of available research, a conclusion can be made that natural daylight factors in taming solar heat gain and glare and can possibly boost artist mood, satisfaction, and productivity.

Also, compared to artificial lighting, natural daylight is considered better for artists. Hence, natural daylight is the idealist light for artists.

Reviews of 6 Top Desk Lamps for Artists and Craftsman

1. Hot Sale – AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

artist desk light with convenient phone charging

If you are looking for a desk lamp that complements your mood apart from its efficiency, then you must check out this one!

What You Will Like:

  • Gentle On The Eyes

This lamp by AFROG comes with exceptional WHO eye caring technology to prevent eye strain and fatigue.

The eye-caring technology is designed to give flickering free lightning that will help the artist to focus better.

Its ambient sensor helps in detecting the ambient light required in the environment and adjusts automatically.

It is an ideal choice for the artist as it gives a suitable level of screen brightness without the loss of image quality.

  • Powerful Charging With Auto-Off Timer

It gives powerful charging so that you can complete your tasks easily. This desk lamp comes with an efficient wireless charger along with a USB charging port.

It also comes with an auto-off timer of 30/60 minutes without worrying about turning it off.

  • Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

The most effective part of this lamp is that it offers multipurpose functionality as compared to others. 

It comes with a 5V2A adapter to the wall along with a touch dimmer.

Moreover, there is no glare reflects on the screen as it is a modern design.

What Do Reviewers Say:

Most of the users are satisfied with the great combination of features the lamp offers. Moreover, they also love the multifunctionality of the lamp and how it’s a true value to their money.

The user writes, “This desk lamp is much better than I expected! The pad makes an already great desk lamp even greater!

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2. With Natural Light – Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

best task lamps for artists

If you are looking for a desk lamp with customizable features then you must check out this one!

What You Will Like:

  • Sleek Modern Design With USB Charging

This desk lamp comes in a great sleek modern design with a traditional gooseneck.

The efficiency of the lamp is what makes it among the list of best desk lamps for artists.

It comes with a USB charging port that gives the best of its functionality.

  • Reduce Eye Strain And Fatigue

One of the most effective features of this lamp is that it comes with eye strain reducing technology.

This feature is ideal for the artists as their work is detailed which may harm their eyes easily due to continues use.

It has mimicking natural daylight along with a flicker-free lamp.

The lamp is equipped with an Optic lens in order to control glare. This feature helps in reducing eye strain and fatigue.

  • Customizable Settings

The best part of this desk lamp is that you can experience the customizable settings by choosing between the intensity levels.

It comes with 8 different levels of intensity along with 3 color temperatures from warm white to daylight.

What Do Reviewers Say:

The reviewers loved how the lamp reduces stress and helps in enhancing color accuracy. The lamp is easy to use and can be adjusted easily.

Another user writes, “Reduces visual stress, helps your brain and body since it is just like natural daylight!”

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3. High Lumens – Neatfi 2200 Lumen LED Task Lamp with Clamps

clip on desk lamp for artist

If you are looking for a lamp that comes with a clamp, then you must check out this one!

What You May Like:

  • Durable And Long Lasting

The lamp is built with a durable material that can easily last for a longer duration. It comes with a simple power button in order to adjust the brightness by 100%-25%.

And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about changing the bulb frequently.

It features the long-lasting integrated power of LED that uses less energy as compared to other lamps.

  • Easy To Operate

It comes with easy diagram instructions that make the lamp easy to operate. The most effective part of this lamp is that you don’t need additional tools, unlike many others.

You can easily attach the clamp to the workbench as it does not leave any visible trace.

It also features a 20” wide shade with a multi-position head joint and adjustable 32” arms with a long sphere.

  • Stylish Clamp On The Lamp

Moreover, the lamp comes with a stylish clamp that gives your workplace an aesthetic feel.

The cool design of this LED lamp complements the home decoration and the best part is that it can be fixed easily.

The adjustment of this lamp helps in saving space. It is easy to function and adjust the position of the clamp.

What Do Reviewers Say:

The reviewers loved the quality of the lamp and how the clamp is easily adjustable. They also like the level of brightness the lamp gives and stays in direction.

Another user writes,” It is a very bright light great for hobby crafts, decently sturdy.”

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4. With Stepless Dimming – Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp

artist daylight desk lamp

If you are looking for a high-quality desk lamp then you must consider this one!

  • Durable Metal Body

This lamp is built with a durable sleek surface and metal joints.

It is designed to give longevity along with an eye care technology.

This is a good choice for an artist as they have a lot of stuff to deal with at a time.

  • Step less Dimming

The lamp has step-less dimming along with a memory of brightness. It helps in adjusting the lamp easily and easy to personalize the settings.

All you need to do is touch the icon in order to adjust the brightness according to your requirement.

  • Eye Care Technology And Contemporary Design

It has advanced eye care technology that is designed to protect the eyes from straining and harsh rays.

Moreover, the illumination of this lamp is close to the daylight along with a diffusion panel that emits soft light without flickering.

It has the Ra85 high CRI LED that gives perfect illumination to what an artist may love to experience. It can cover a larger area as it has a higher lighting height.

The lamp has a unique contemporary design as it is built with a high-grade aluminum alloy arm.

It also has a string metal arm that helps in giving the perfect lightning and saving the desk space.

What Do Reviewers Say:

They love their experience with the lamp and how efficient it is when it comes to its functionality. It is easy to use and install the lamp and the illumination is perfect for most of the tasks.

Another user writes,” The lamp works great and has almost all of the adjustability that I  was looking for. The mounting piece has holes on the top and bottom allowing you to flip it.”

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5. Great Organization – Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp with Pen Holder

desk lamp for pen holder for artists and drafting

If you’re fond of reading and looking for a perfect ambient desk lamp that works exceptionally, then have a look at this one!

What You May Like:

  • Multifunctional Desk Lamp

You would be amazed to know that this lamp comes with 7 in 1 compatibility. It is specially designed to give the most of its duction for several purposes.

This desk lamp comes with a USB charging port along with a 256 color-changing base, calendar, LCD screen, and much more.

The USB port has a 5V/2A power that can easily charge your phone without using extra electricity.

  • Colorful Light

The lamp comes with a colorful light by the simple touch on the spectrum ring. It can also be adjusted in order to change the color base that creates a variety of atmosphere at the night.

The most effective part of this feature is that the color would cycle automatically.

  • Gooseneck Design

Moreover, the lamp comes with an adjustable gooseneck design that is free to move.

This feature is a good choice for an artist if he/she is willing to work in different directions.

What Do Reviewers Say:

Overall customers are satisfied with the lamp and they also mention that it can be a good choice for kids as well. They love the sleek design with lots of storage that mostly lamp does not consist. The functionality of the lamp is what is worth their money.

Another user writes,” A Desk lamp with decent lights, flexible neck. clock and fun LED colors.”

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6. Compact for Travel – LENCENT Mini Rechargeable Book Light

book lamp for art desk

If you are looking for a lamp with a large battery capacity, then you must check out this one!

What You May Like:

  • Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Battery

This lamp comes with an exceptional built-in lithium battery that is good to go anywhere. As an artist, if you want a day off from home and looking forward to working in an open environment or anywhere else then this is an ideal pick!

This lamp can easily travel with you as it is rechargeable. It can also be charged with the help of USB charging devices.

You can also check the battery power by just clicking the indicator.

  • 360 Flexible Neck

Moreover, the lamp has a 360-degree flexible neck to move freely according to your desired position.

It is a good thing for an artist if they want to optimize the lighting source conveniently.

Its flat base makes the lamp easy to stand or it can be used as a standing lamp.

  • Clip-On Design

The best part of this lamp is that it has a clip-on design which can be a good companion for computers and books.

However, it allows the reader to read in bed easily by clipping the bed light on books, tables, or desks.

It has a soft silicone surface that protects the pages from being damaged.

What Do Reviewers Say:

The customers are satisfied with the combination of features it offers. They love the levels of adjustment to the brightness as they can easily switch it according to the need.

The reviewers also mention the different colors and the combination of intensity.

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What Are the Best Desk Lamps for Artists?

All of them are exceptionally efficient for lightning the task area. However, our personal favorite is AFRoG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp as it has everything an artist is looking for in a desk lamp.

We love how functional the lamp is at such an affordable price.

Besides, Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp is another good option for artists as it is built with high quality and has the perfect ambiance.