How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp for Artists in 2022?

best desk lamp for artists reviews and guides

Adequate lighting is one of the crucial factors for any artist who spends his time painting, writing, crafting, etc. Besides, it is even difficult to find perfect fixtures whose lighting is neither too strong nor too dim to help efficiently.  For this reason, we did in-depth research and compared several desk lamps, to provide you … Read more

What Size Lampshade for Floor Lamp?

what size lampshade for floor lamp

Purchase of a lamp or a lampshade is a difficult task, given that the market is literally flooded with them. With various parameters, shapes, and sizes, purchasing ones that are not mismatched, ideal size, and shape are easier said than done. This post discussed what size of lampshade for floor lamp and much more. The … Read more

How Tall Should a Desk Lamp Be?

how tall should a desk lamp be

Whether it’s studies or crafting activities or the office, one needs an excellent desk to carry out these jobs. But, it is just not about desks. The most vital object is a lamp on that table as it provides sufficient lights to carry out the job. But do you have to be careful while selecting … Read more

How to Make a Table Lamp Taller?

how to make a table lamp taller

Table lamps are made in different sizes and shapes. They are built for a specific purpose which is to illuminate your house especially when it’s dark and can’t get enough light in your room. Sometimes you get carried away by the design of the lamp or misjudge the appropriate height for your room, which can … Read more

How to Choose the Best Swing Arm Desk Lamp in 2022?

best swing arm desk lamp reviews and guide

The swing arm desk Lamp is by far the best desk lamp for people who work from home, and it can be adjusted in various ways to suit your needs. It has an adjustable arm that allows you to position the light exactly where you need it, so you can get the perfect reading angle … Read more

Where to Put Floor Lamps in Living Room?

where to put floor lamps in living room

There is no specific rule for where to put floor lamps in living room, all you have to remember is that this is the area with the highest foot traffic. As a result, you’ll need to put your lamp somewhere out of the way. Nobody will accidentally crash with your prized lamp, causing it to … Read more

How to Set Timer on LED String Lights?

how to set timer on led string lights

LED string lights look really beautiful. Many people use them for decorating purposes, especially on particular occasions. These lights give a very nice ambiance and vibe to the place. But the only thing with these lights is that they don’t come with power saving or an auto shut-off feature. However, they do come with an … Read more

How to Hang String Lights on Vinyl Siding?

how to hang string lights on vinyl siding

String lights are a great way to add some extra ambiance to your home, and they can be used indoors or outdoors. If you want to know how to hang string lights on vinyl siding, there are a few things you need to know. How to Hang String Lights on Vinyl Siding in 7 Steps? … Read more

Best Railroad Lanterns – Comprehensive Guide and Type Comparison

adlake lantern

Railroad lanterns were used during the past times by the rail workers for several purposes. They were used for lighting and communication, mainly when trains were being directed during operations. Railroad lanterns could communicate different signals among workers, stations, and trains. The loud sounds produced by trains in motion made communication through speaking difficult since … Read more

How to Choose the Best Floor Lamps For Dining Room?

best floor lamps for dining room review and guide

Dining rooms are commonplace for family activities such as having meals or treating your friends. Proper light could raise people’s appetite and set a warm, welcoming atmosphere. To amaze your visitors, why not choose the best floor lamps for the dining room! Floor lamps are both budget and convenient. Not like chandeliers, when lighting up … Read more