How to Choose the Best Floor Lamps For Dining Room?

Dining rooms are commonplace for family activities such as having meals or treating your friends. Proper light could raise people’s appetite and set a warm, welcoming atmosphere. To amaze your visitors, why not choose the best floor lamps for the dining room!

Floor lamps are both budget and convenient. Not like chandeliers, when lighting up your dining rooms, floor lamps don’t empty your wallet or bring a hole to your ceiling.

best floor lamps for dining room review and guide

With this guide, you can pick the best floor lamps for dining rooms.

Besides, there are 5 floor lamps already prepared in this article for you to choose from.

In a Hurry? Look at These Top Picks!

With 3 Light Sources for All-Rounded Light, Suitable for Dark Dining Rooms: Lakumu Tree Floor Lamp

With Extendable Arching Neck, Suitable for Small Dining Rooms without Overhead Light: Major-Q Large Arc Floor Lamp

Artistic Taste, Industrial Lamp with focal light for dining tables, Adjustable Height for Different Use: Brightech Wyatt Balance Arm Floor Lamp

Can Floor Lamps Really Brighten A Dining Room?

Of course!

Floor lamps have a wide brightening area and bright light though they look like oversized table lamps.

For instance, torchiere floor lamps make light bounce off the ceiling and lit every corner like ceiling lights.

What’s more, dining rooms are not like living rooms which require abundant light to be airy. The main function of lighting is enhancing the mood.

A stylish floor lamp can enhance the mood with soft light.

What Types of Floor Lamps Are Suitable For Dining Room?

Unlike other rooms you should consider brightness level first, dining rooms require ambiance. Therefore, lamps for dining rooms should be able to provide ambient light.

Besides, to make sure that your families and guests could enjoy the delicious meals and share in photos, lamps are better able to light downward to the dining table. Food looks more appetizing under sufficient light. 

Based on these two factors, there are several types of lamps suited for dining rooms. 

1. Torchiere – For Small Dining Room

Torchiere lamps light up your rooms indirectly. Light goes upward and bounces off from ceilings.

Therefore, torchiere lamps could brighten your whole room and set a good mood.

Torchiere lamps usually feature a slim pole and minimalist design.

If your dining rooms have limited space and require the main light source, we recommend you place a torchiere in the corner.

2. Tree-style Lamps – For Highlighten

Tree floor lamps feature tree structures. Several branches extend from the trunk, and each one holds a bulb at the end.

Tree lamps can illuminate different directions with soft light at the same time. Usually, you can adjust branches to light up all around.

If you want to emphasize one decoration in your dining room, you can place a tree lamp beside there to give accent light right on it.

Thus, your guests notice your beautiful interior design and start a pleasant conversation.     

3. Tripod Lamps – For Round Dining Tables

Tripod lamps stand on tripods instead of round, flat bases.

These lamps don’t use traditional, slim poles and feature the beauty of unity, they could also provide cozy light for a good mood.

From a geometrical aesthetic feeling, tripod lamps suit round dining tables. This combination could give you the best decorative effect.

4. Arc Lamps – For Dining Room Corners

Arc lamps feature curved necks and big lampshades.

Light can pour down on dining tables directly by angled necks, and the oversized lampshades can diffuse the light nicely and set a relaxing mood. 

If you are looking for the best substitutes for pendants, we advise you not to miss arc lamps.

You also can place your lamps in the corner. Their long-curved stem can make light reach your dining tables.

How To Choose Your Dining Room Floor Lamps?

To find the best floor lamp for dining rooms, you should consider the conditions of both space and lamps.

For space, you should think about the size of rooms and dining tables.

For floor lamps, you should consider the placed position, usage, and functionalities.

1. What do you buy it for?

  • For bright light

If you decide to purchase a floor lamp to illuminate the dining room, you should pay attention to the brightness of floor lamps.

Choose LED floor lamps because they usually offer more lumens than lamps using other bulbs.

  • For stylish

If you want to enhance the style of your dining room, we recommend that styles of lamps stay the same with your dining room.

Otherwise, it might be incoherent with your interior decoration.

You can pick floor lamps according to your dining table, which usually settles the main tune of your decoration style.

For example, you can choose a metal torchiere lamp for modern, and minimalist style dining rooms.

If your dining tables are wooden, traditional style floor lamps are more recommended!

  • For ambiance

It is no secret that candlelight dinner symbolizes romance and statement.

Thus, the ideal color temperature for dining rooms ranges from 2700K to 3000K. The light within this temperature is close to candlelight.

Low color temperature light tends to be warm and a bit dusky. Cozy, warm light can offer a pleasant atmosphere.

While high color temperature makes your food and your face look pale and lose the mood.

2. Where do you plan to put it?

  • In the corner

Sometimes your dining room doesn’t leave too much space.

Be sure that the floor lamps you placed in the corner won’t block the walking path.

Either you choose an arched lamp or a straight stem floor lamp, its head should on a high place. 

  • Beside the table

If you place the floor lamp beside your table, be sure that the lamp’s head is above you and your partners’ heads when sitting down.

Otherwise, it might be an obstacle when you deliver food or talk to each other.

Besides, focal light might glare your eyes if your tables’ material is quite reflective.

Choose indirect light lamps for glass tables like torchiere lamps.

Or you can buy a beautiful table cloth to cover the surface.

dining table floor lamp

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3. How about your room size?

To light up a space, you should know how big it is first. No one wants their surrounding fulfilled with darkness when eating.

So, you should consider the size of the room when choosing floor lamps.

For large dining room, usually, the dining table is at the center of the room, to reach the outlet on walls you need to choose lamps with long cords.

For an average size, the length of the cord should be no less than 60 inches.

Also, if your dining room owns a high ceiling, position a tall torchiere lamp in the corner for up-lighting, otherwise, the ceiling might be dark and your room looks dull.

For a small dining room, floor lamps can reach the outlet with no difficulty. Instead, you should consider lamps’ size and occupied space.

Arc lamps require more space due to their long-curved necks and large base, so if you have a small-sized dining room, choose slim, standing floor lamps with smaller bases.

This LIGHTACCENT mother-daughter torchiere lamp takes little space. It also provides brightness and sets a pleasant mood.

4. How about the capacity of your dining table?

Lampshades trim the illuminating area by blocking light.

To well-lit your dining table, the bottom opening space of lampshades is better to reach 1/3 the size of the desktop area.

Also, according to the capacity of dining tables, suitable shapes of floor lamps are different.

As for a small dining table, if the capacity is no more than 4 people, a normal standing light lamp can give enough brightness.

For a larger table that can hold 5-8 people, more focal light should reach on to illuminate your food.

Arc lamps and balance arm lamps are both good choices, if you prefer mental style lampshades and adjustable height, we commend you to pick this one!

arc floor lamp for dining table

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5. Is it dimmable?

Dimmable settings are highly recommended for those using dining rooms as multi-purpose places.

When children doing homework or you are dealing with bills, lamps should offer adequate light to avoid eye-straining. Yet for dinner time, the light should dim down to create moods.

Color temperature control is also recommended if you want to switch the dining room’s atmosphere between romantic and welcoming.

6. Does it have a rotating head?

Sometimes you may want to brighten another place so you have to move lamps around or order a lamp for different directions light.

Floor lamps with rotating heads can save up your sweats and cash. You just need to rotate its head and thus you can get up light or light anywhere you want.

7. Do you need extra lamp functions?

If you place lamps in the corner, we recommend you lamps with remote control. Thus, you could switch it at the seat without walking over. 

Or if you want even smarter lamps, you can buy smart bulbs to be compatible with the app controlling or voice controlling.

Best Floor Lamp For Dining Room Reviews

Now you get the hang of rules that how to pick floor lamps for your dining room.

To save your time for picking ideal lamps from thousands of choices, there are the 5 best floor lamps you can choose below.

Brightest of all: Lakumu Tree Floor LampFor All-round Lighting

multi head floor lamp for dining room table

This tree floor lamp provides 360° lighting and no lightness angle. Its industrial style is very suited for vintage and modern styles.

What you benefit from it:

  • It lights up your dining room: Three LED bulbs offer bright light for your dining room.
  • It frees your hand: The step-on switch allows you to turn on lamps when holding plates.

What you may prefer:

  • Suited for high ceiling rooms

What you may dislike:

  • Not easy to install

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Most Budget: Major-Q Large Arc Floor Lamp with Bendable Arm

major q arc floor lamp for dining area

An elegant, good-quality arc lamp usually costs a lot of money, except this beautiful lamp from Major-Q.

It is very stylish with its big drum lampshade and definitely a good decoration for your dining room.

What you benefit from it:

  • It can be put anywhere: With a 64 inches long cord, you can easily put this lamp at the center of the dining room.
  • It brightens your dining table with soft light: The big drum lampshade diffuses the light well, the light reaching your table is cozy and warm.
  • It makes your room magnificent: With its elegant design, this extra towering lamp, your dining room could give your guest a deep impression

What you may prefer

  • Won’t tip over

What you may dislike

  • Not dimmable

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Ideal for Small Dining Room: LIGHTACCENT Mother-daughter Floor Lamp For Multi-direction Light

dining table floor lamp

This lamp provides both up light and directional light. if you have a small dining room, we are sure this is the most suitable for you. The minimalist design makes it fit in any room.

What you benefit from it:

  • It brightens both your dining table and ceiling: The main light is up lighting to brighten the ceiling, while the extra light could light downward.
  • It enables you to dim light: The main light has a 3-way switch, which allows you to dim the light.
  • It focuses on user-friendly design: This lamp provides the independent switch for each bulb. You can switch the lighting model freely.

What you may prefer

  • Adjustable focal lighting

What you may dislike

  • Bulbs not included

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Best Focal Light: Brightech Wyatt Balance Arm Floor Lamp For Adjustable Height

arc floor lamp for dining table

This floor lamp owns high flexibility with a balance arm and rotating head, which allows you to change the light area easily. Its modern outlook matches with various styles.

What you benefit from it:

  • It provides strong focal light: The metal, nontransparent lampshade focuses light to your dining table stably. 
  • It provides a wide range of lighting area: You can rotate the head to light up where you want without moving it around.

What you may prefer

  • Works with smart outlets
  • With adjustable height

What you may dislike

  • Not really suitable for retro rooms

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Best Ambient Light: Brightech Emma Tripod Floor Lamp For Cozy Light

brightech tripod floor lamp to decorate dining room

Candlelight is the essential element of romantic dating. As for modern society, tripod lamps take over these tasks.

What you benefit from it

  • It provides a romantic mood: With the big shade and elegant outlook, it sets the best mood for your dating.
  • It suits small dining tables: This lamp only provides ambient light, with the sturdy tripod, it could stand stably beside the table. If you have a small dining table, this is your best choice.

What you may prefer

  • Easy assemble

What you may dislike

  • Not suitable for big dining room

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Other Things to Note

  • Your children and pets might play chasing games in the dining room. For their safety, the lamp base should be sturdy and won’t tip over frequently.
  • If your floor lamps have extra light sources except for the main light source, for better dining area lighting control, they should better have separate switches for controlling them independently.
  • Foot switches are convenient for using floor lamps in the dining room. When your hands are occupied by food, a footswitch allows you to turn on/off lamps by lightly stepping.


1. Can I put a floor lamp in the dining room?

Yes. A perfect floor lamp can illuminate your dining room well and set a good mood.

2. Which floor lamp is the best for dining room?

Basically, arc lamps are the best choices. You can put it beside the table or in the corner.

The curved neck allows it to hang over the table, and its drum lampshade can diffuse the light well to offer ambient light.

Anyway, it all depends on your taste and your room’s interior design.

3. Can floor lamps go on the dining table?

Not suggested.

The height and size of floor lamps are not suited for putting on tables.

If you want to put a lamp on your dining table, try elegant buffet table lamps.

Bertie buffet lamp has warm ambient light. It is convenient and functional for dining room lighting.