How to Make a Table Lamp Taller?

Table lamps are made in different sizes and shapes. They are built for a specific purpose which is to illuminate your house especially when it’s dark and can’t get enough light in your room.

Sometimes you get carried away by the design of the lamp or misjudge the appropriate height for your room, which can lead you to buy a table lamp that is too short to carry out its purpose.

This makes them not suitable for the specific purpose they are intended for thereby rendering them almost useless. This can be an upsetting situation.

Let’s take a look at how to make a table lamp taller to make them suitable for convenient use.

how to make a table lamp taller

What Height Should a Table Lamp Be?

While the style of your lamp choice is solely based on your personal preference, it is a general rule of thumb that your table lamp should be within eye level or about 24-34 inches tall especially when it’s intended for your living room.

For your bedroom, it is advisable to first make sure that the height of your nightstand is at the same level as your mattress.

Then, you should ensure that the table lamp is about 24-27 inches to make sure the shade is about where your chin is.

For a home office, your table lamp should be high enough to illuminate everything you are doing. This implies that it should be around 30 inches in length.

How to Make a Table Lamp Taller?

It is important to inspect your table lamp, and pay attention to the construction as well as the mechanics of the lamp, as this will aid you in devising a new method for making the lamp taller.

The most recommended method for increasing the height of your table lamp is through the use of a round pine bun foot.

It is best for people who make use of tables made out of wood or a table lamp with a woody base. It involves placing this structure at the base of your table lamp.

The round pine is made up of a quality round woody bottom. It includes a spherical rod in the center that can be used to secure your table lamp.

This is one of the best options because the wooden bun can be made in a variety of sizes and will provide a lovely touch to your fixture.

5 Creative Methods to Raise Your Table Lamp Height

While all of these other methods involve adding an object at the base of the table lamp, selecting the right item is key here.

1. Use Books

As strange as it may seem, putting books under your table lamp may be quite simple, inexpensive, useful, and even lovely.

Since these lamps are used for studying, and there are probably books arranged on the table, it will save time if these books can as well be used at the base of table lamps.

Choosing the books with the right kind of elegance is essential for improved aesthetic appeal.

2. Tripods

Making a specific type of tripod for your table light is one of the less frequent but still inexpensive options.

This procedure can only be utilized if your lamp is mechanically in good working order.

3. Stacked bowls or plates

In this scenario, stacked bowls perform beautifully. They have a lot of space and can hold a lot of stuff.

Don’t be afraid to stack several dishes on top of each other. They also add beauty and appeal to the whole setup.

4. Use of vase

A vase is also useful for adding height to a table lamp. It is however necessary to choose a vase with great width and good aesthetic properties to improve the beauty of your room.

5. Use of small models of tables

This will be placed on the nightstand but at the base of the table lamp.

This might cost you more money than most of the options here but it is one of the most appealing especially when done right.

Why Do You Need to Raise Your Table Lamp Height?

1. For Adequate Illumination

One of the main reasons to raise the height of a table lamp is to ensure adequate illumination of your room.

The rule is the higher the height of your lamp, the more it covers the room with light.

If the height of the lamp is too low, there will be poor illumination of the room, which can be extremely inconvenient and annoying.

A table lamp that is too tall however can ruin its aesthetic appeal, making the room less appealing.

So it is important to determine the most suitable height for your table lamp so that I can fit in perfectly in your room.

This will help greatly in achieving the purpose it is meant for especially in the living room or dark office where you need a lot of illumination for your late-night work.

2. For Improved Aesthetic Appeal of Your Room

A table lamp with its height optimized for your room will make your room look nicer.

It will provide more illumination which in itself is essential for a room to look good, and also it will always fit into the design of your room.


Ensure to take into account the color, form, and composition of your table fixture when looking for something to complement it.

It’s also crucial to figure out the exact height you’ll need to add to your table lamp so that you don’t make it too tall or out of the useful range.