How to Set Timer on LED String Lights?

LED string lights look really beautiful. Many people use them for decorating purposes, especially on particular occasions.

These lights give a very nice ambiance and vibe to the place.

But the only thing with these lights is that they don’t come with power saving or an auto shut-off feature.

However, they do come with an in-built timer but you have to set the timer on your own.

So in this article, we are going to discuss everything related to the programmable time, how to set timer on LED string lights, and much more.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

how to set timer on led string lights

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Starting with the very first and most important question that is,

Can You Put a Timer on LED String Lights?

No, you can not put a timer on any LED lights. You can only set it if your LED lights have an inbuilt timer.

How to Set Timer on LED String Lights?

Setting the timer on led string lights is very easy. You need to do a few simple steps that are written below.

Method A: Timer Button on the Battery Box of String Lights

If your LED string lights have a timer on the battery box, then it will be very easy for you to set it.

Most of the LED lights come with a switch button timer on the battery box.

If you see a switch button, all you need to do is slide it to the middle and the timer will work for 6 hours on and 18 hours off.

Method B: Timer Button on Remote Control

This method is applicable when there is no switch and off button on the battery pack.

If your LED string lights are remotely operated, then start by turning them on.

Either your LED remote light has a timer option or an hours option on the remote.

If your remote has a timer option, it will remain on for 6 hours and remain off for 18 hours because most of the timer LED string lights provide that much on and off timings.

You can also check your timer LED string lights description for the exact on and off timings.

Whereas some brands offer different on and off timings that are also mentioned on their remotes.

For example, koopower lights come with 3 different timings which include 4 hours on 24 hours off, 6 hours on 18 hours off, and 8 hours on 16 hours off.

How Does the Timer Work on Fairy Lights?

As soon as you start the timer, it works for 6 hours, then automatically shuts off. If you close the lights or the power goes out, the timer will also end.

You can set a timer and check if the lights are controlled by the remote by pressing the mode button or dim button.

Wrapping it All Up!

I hope that all your queries related to setting up the LED string lights timer will be solved after this article.