Where to Put Floor Lamps in Living Room?

There is no specific rule for where to put floor lamps in living room, all you have to remember is that this is the area with the highest foot traffic.

As a result, you’ll need to put your lamp somewhere out of the way. Nobody will accidentally crash with your prized lamp, causing it to be damaged.

Floor lamps are tall, standing lamps that cast light at a higher level, allowing you to change the look of your living area as well as the amount of light it receives.

They may be used to create three different forms of illumination: task, ambient, and accent lighting.

The type of light emitted by a floor lamp is frequently determined by its location.

where to put floor lamps in living room

How Many Floor Lamps Are in Living Rooms?

Floor lamps are a nice touch to any living space, however, it is typically advised that you use one.

Any more than this may appear strange. This creates a balanced, structured appearance that is pleasing to the eye while also providing adequate lighting for all areas of the living room.

If you’re going to add a floor lamp to your living area, it’s best to keep it simple.

You can get away with two if the living room is larger, as long as they are on opposing ends of the room.

Don’t try to organize the floor lights by grouping them. The following are important considerations:

  • The living room’s size and the type of floor lamp
  • The floor lamp’s brightness

It is determined by your lighting requirements and the size of your room.

Some folks keep two lights in each room. Depending on your lighting requirements, two lamps with general and ambient lighting, such as scones, will illuminate your room.

If you don’t want to add wall-mounted lights, you may compensate for the scones with floor lamps.

Again, it all comes down to your illumination requirements.

Some individuals dislike overhead illumination and hence add extra lights.

Remember that your room’s lights do not have to match, but they should be similar, so you may mix and match your lighting designs.

Dimmers may also be used to modify the illumination in your space.

As a result, having too many lamps does not imply that your space will be overly bright.

Where to Put Floor Lamps in Living Room?

Today’s modern technology floor lamps are so adaptable that they may be used almost anyplace.

Before settling on one, consider the other light sources in your living area, such as windows or French doors, ceiling lights, and other lamps, to create stability.

Search for any gloomy nooks or blank spots in your home where such a floor light could provide atmosphere.

1. In front of or alongside your television

Placing a floor light next to or behind your TV may seem counterintuitive, but it decreases light and blurry vision.

Placing a faint floor lamp behind or behind your TV increases contrast, particularly in a dark environment where other light sources are turned off.

2. In the center of the room

Significantly bigger living rooms do have the benefit of giving furniture and decorations to be placed further away from the walls.

If your sofa is in the middle of the room and you want to set a floor light alongside or behind it, you may do so by installing a floor power outlet.

This prevents you from stumbling over electrical wiring.

3. Behind the sofa

Behind the sofa is a common location for a floor light.

If your sofa is set back from the wall, a floor lamp in between adds depth and a wonderful studying light over your shoulders.

Floor lamps behind the sofa provide a lovely atmosphere and light.

4. In the hallways

Your home’s corridors are a spot where you pass through your route from one room to the next.

As a result, they don’t require any additional lighting; the primary ceiling light will be enough.

If you want to add floor lamps, furthermore, it’s best to do so for interior decoration.

5. Beside a desk

Whenever you work or read at a desk in your living room, you’ll have to focus on better task lighting.

Position your floor lamp next to it, preferably with a flexible head that allows you to focus light down onto the surface.

6. Next to a reading chair

To decrease eye strain, place a floor lamp next to a reading chair with the bottom of the shade at eye level.

A discussion space may be created by placing a floor light between two seats.

The Best Floor Lamp Types to Put in Living Room

It is critical to select a floor lamp that not only appeals to you but also complements the environment in which you wish to place it.

Floor lamps are practically always the solution when it comes to adding warmth and softness to your living area, improving the overall mood, or bringing in additional light for especially at night use.

On a more practical side, select if you want an angled head or a height-adjustable standing lamp, or whether you want to buy an Arc Floor Lamp, Tree or Multi-Way Floor Lamp, Torchiere Floor Lamp, or Stick Floor Lamp.

1. Arched Floor Lamps

Because floor lights are a great alternative for tiny areas, arch floor lamps are a great choice.

Space-saving arched floor lamps may be utilized in small living rooms.

Arch floor lamps add elegance and scenes to a space.

The concept of pulling the light up with its extended arm provides adaptability by allowing them to be positioned where they are most needed.

In an arc floor lamp, a curving arm sends light downward. With a weighted base and a long arm, the arc floor lamp is suitable for use with a sectional sofa.

They don’t take up much space and maybe tucked away in even the tiniest of areas.

They provide a cost-effective and straightforward way to throw light into gloomy areas from above without the need for ceiling lights.

2. Tree or Multi-Way Lamps

Tree lamps or multi-way lamps have numerous lights on a single pole, similar to a tree.

To get enough light in a modern living room, get a tree floor lamp and place it in the middle of the room.

Because you can put each bulb at a variety of angles and illuminate what you need, these lights are a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a single source to light many directions.

3. Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere lamps are excellent decor lights and are ideal if you’re searching for a floor lamp that will boost the total brightness in a living room.

The top of the torchiere floor lamp resembles an inverted lampshade, shining light upwards rather than downwards.

Torchieres are incredibly space-efficient, with an inconspicuous form and a small footprint, both of which contribute much to their appeal.

These sorts of corner floor lamps are available in a variety of designs, ranging from modern to traditional, and may be used in any environment.

The light from torchiere floor lights reflects off the ceiling, creating a soft diffused glow.

4. Stick Floor Lamps

Stick floor lamps can be used to illuminate a dimly lit area in living rooms.

These are positioned near larger pieces of furniture, and the best locations for them to be are in the room’s corners, where they will provide light and reduce the chance of their toppling over.

These are tall, sleek floor lamps with a sturdy base and a thin metal rod that complement any design.

Although it is usually used to light a sitting area, the stick floor lamp is both functional and appealing.


1. Can you place the floor lamp behind the couch?

Floor lights can be placed behind sectional sofas since they are adaptable, portable, and simple to install.

They also take up minimal room and maybe hidden beneath or beside the furniture.

Some of these are constructed with moveable features, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it.

2. Should you put floor lamps next to the TV?

Although it may seem unlikely to place a floor light next to or behind your television, doing so decreases bright light and eye strain.

In a dark environment with no other light sources, casting a gentle light behind or alongside your TV provides contrast.

3. Where should a floor lamp be placed with a sectional?

Floor lamps, which can fit into tight places, can be used behind corner sofas.

It will also help you get more usage out of your furnishings if you have this concentrated lighting near a sectional sofa.

You should consider whether or not you require an adjustable floor lamp, which can be adjusted to various heights. Angled heads can also be found on some of them.

4. Can you put the floor lamp in front of the window?

It’s a good idea to put a light near a window.

Place a floor lamp opposite the window if you generally get a lot of light through the window during the day to keep the lighting in the room consistent at night.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your room, placing a floor lamp near or in front of a window might create the appearance that you do.

When a floor lamp is placed near a window, it might bring attention to it.


Floor lamps are the most adaptable and simple to use in almost any setting.

Floor lamps are the finest choice for keeping up with style trends in your living room although they can be quickly relocated and switched about while re-modeling.

Therefore, if you want to turn your living area into something warm, inviting, and pleasant in no time, purchase yourself a floor lamp and enjoy the charm unfold.