Best Den Haan Oil Lamps – Review and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Den Haan oil lamps are among the earliest oil lamps manufactured by the Den Haan Rotterdam Company, established in the early 1920s. The nautical decorative oil lamps are made from different materials, including stainless steel, copper, and brass.

These are the best decorative oil lamps that can give your home a taste of elegance and ambiance to your home’s interior design or garden. They are always made in different sizes and shapes to fit each person’s likes and preferences regarding various decoration activities.

If you are new to the decorative oil lamp markets, it can be overwhelming and daunting to find the best oil lamp to decorate your place.

Therefore, you will need to understand some of the essential things to get the best pick for your home.

Brief History of Den Haan Brand Oil Lamp

In the early 1960s, there was a great demand for oil lamps by different consumers who demanded various oil lamps and lanterns; this is when then Den Haan Rotterdam Company came with the idea and manufactured the first oil lamp.

The first oil lamps they manufactured were used in ships for navigation purposes, while others used them for lighting.

Today, the Den Haan oil lamps are still useful for providing emergency lights if there is a total power breakdown.

However, most people use the oil lamps for decorative purposes; this is due to the feel of the light they produce, bringing about a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

With the continuous invention and technological growth, the oil lamps and lanterns have been advanced further to use electricity as an alternative fuel source.

Why Buy Den Haan Oil Lamps?

best den haan oil lamp reviews

There are many different oil lantern brands in the market, each with extra functionality, price, and model, among many other features.

You need to understand why among all those brands, Den Haan oil lanterns remain outstanding and among the best choices you should go for.

The following are some of the reasons for buying this brand:

  • They are durable

Durability is the main thing everyone looks for in oil lanterns; Den Haan oil lanterns are made from the most rigid metals like copper, steel, and brass; therefore, buying them guarantees you ages of use without damage.

Moreover, these lamps’ design or model is made to accommodate any condition; they can correctly function outdoors and indoors.

The Den Haan oil lanterns made from steel are specially crafted and coated to prevent the steel from staining and aging.

Copper and brass are rust-resistant; therefore, even in most harsh environments, the lanterns can still survive.

  • Can be used for both décor and lighting

Suppose you are looking for an oil lantern that you can sometimes use for emergency lighting and other times switch from lighting to performing Christmas and birthday decorations.

In that case, you should consider the Den Haan Brand oil lanterns. They are a perfect suit for your interior design beauty, and they can also help you in lighting, especially the outdoors at night.

They are made to be stable and upright, enabling them to survive harsh conditions even if they accidentally fall. They use the round wicks, which allows them to produce steady light flames.

  • Use both electricity and oil as the source of lighting

Den Haan oil lamps are the greatest invention lately; when they were first manufactured, they used oil only as their primary fuel source; electricity was not widespread at that time.

However, they produced Den Haan lanterns with time and continuous inventions that can use electricity as an alternative fuel source. This feature makes the oil lantern more preferable and safe for lighting indoors.

Therefore one can choose to use electricity to light them indoors and alternatively use kerosene for outdoor activities.

What Are the Common Features of Den Haan Oil Lanterns?

Being manufactured by one company means that the oil lanterns share something in common at one point or another. The following are the main standard features that all Den Haan oil lamps possess:

– Versatile

Den Haan oil lanterns are all made to be versatile, meaning they can do various things and function differently. They can be used for lighting in camping and all other outdoor adventures because they are made of strong metals that can withstand any harsh conditions.

Also, they are compacted to ensure that the flame remains steady and does not go off even in the presence of strong winds. One can use them for decorative purposes; they are a perfect fit for any décor in your interior house.

With the many different decorating ways available, you can get the best and fantastic outlook for curtain decoration in Christmas with a relaxing atmosphere from the beautiful lights using Den Haan Brand oil lanterns.

– Made with a protective globe glass

The Den Haan oil lanterns are made uniquely; the globe area is made with extra protective metals and wire-like structures for protection. These are meant to improve the inner glass’s safety, which protects the flame from going off during strong winds.

This protection feature assures the oil lantern owner of extra security even if the whole lantern falls; therefore, this minimizes excess costs that can be used to repair any damages.

Moreover, the inner glass is easy to clean since no more smoke accumulates inside the lamp; they are all well ventilated to ensure their safety and wellness.

How to Pick the Right Den Haan Oil Lanterns?

Getting the best oil lantern can be challenging currently because most of this generation do not know much about lanterns; therefore, they mostly rely on the suppliers’ information.

The following are some essential tips that can help you pick the best Den Haan oil lamp:

  • Check the material used

As mentioned earlier, Den Haan Brand Oil lamps are made from three primary materials, that is; copper, steel, and brass.

Therefore if you are looking for a lighter and non-rusting oil lantern, you should consider picking copper-made Den Haan oil lanterns.

what is the best den haan oil lamp

Copper is known for its unique rust-resistance features, and how light it is’ makes it easier to carry around, especially during outdoor adventures.

If you want a heavy and stable oil lantern that can be placed mostly on the table, you should consider the massive brass-made oil lamps.

They are always heavy and therefore cannot fall easily from surfaces, unlike copper and steel.

  • Understand where you want to use them

Despite Den Haan oil lamps being versatile and can be used in various places for different functions, it is vital to understand the main area you want to use.

Get a clear understanding of the core function they will be performing.

If you are using the indoor for lighting, you should consider picking the lanterns that do not use kerosene; it will be better even if you buy the ones using electricity. Burnt kerosene is harmful to human health; therefore, calling for more carefulness.

However, if you plan to use them for décor or outdoor lighting exclusively, you can pick the kerosene users.

  • Determine their prices

Price is one of the most important things you should always focus on when it comes to buying Den Haan oil lamps.

Higher priced oil lanterns do not guarantee high quality in some cases, and the cheapest oil lanterns are not of the most inferior quality.

Therefore, you should always consider working on your budget, make sure the oil lantern you pick does not by any chance suffocate your pockets. However, it would help if you ever got the value for your money.

If you are working on a higher budget, be assured of getting the best and highly coated Den Haan Oil lanterns that mostly use kerosene and electricity for lighting.

On the other hand, where you are working with a low budget, you will likely get a single-fuel oil lantern, probably using kerosene as the fuel source. What is essential is finding quality within your budget.

Top 2 Den Haan Oil Lamps on the Market

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What Is the Average Price of Den Haan Oil Lamp?

Prices of Den Haan Brand Oil Lanterns vary from one brand and model to another; it is possible to find an oil lantern for as low as about $20 with the same but fewer features like any other oil lamp.

Furthermore, the prices can be as high as $300 and above on the most advanced oil lanterns; the oil lanterns of this category always have many features and their models are more royal than the cheaper ones, this is where you will find the more versatile and multi-purpose Den Haan Oil Lamp.

With any budget ranging from $20 to over $300, at least you can go home with a Den Haan oil lamp that will suit your purpose.

Final Thoughts

Almost all the Den Haan oil lamps have a nautical history; this was their beginning before more creativity and invention came with the advanced technology.

Having all the information needed to find the best Den Haan oil lamps, you can be sure to get what will meet your desires.

It is vital to note that quality is never measured by price; therefore, you don’t have to do all you can’t; working within your financial capabilities will give you the best.