An Ultra Guide on the Best Dietz Oil Lanterns in 2022

The Dietz Company has been outstanding in making Dietz oil lanterns that fit for both outdoor and indoor activities since 1840. There are various models and styles, each made with a different mindset and for multiple uses.

They can be used for lighting, camping, and decorations, among other purposes. The oil lanterns are always known for their ability to be lit all through despite any stormy weather.

They were used by sea boats for railroad signals, and even farmers used them to find their way to the buns during the snowstorm periods.

This article is an ultra guide for you to help you make informed Dietz oil lanterns options.

Brief Introduction about the R.E. Dietz Brand

The R.E. Dietz Company is the sole manufacturer of the Dietz Oil lamps; in 1840, Robert Dietz bought a small lamp and oil company in Brooklyn, New York.

He produced the first oil lamp in 1856 from his father’s advice, and it was meant for use in railroad signals. At that stage, the lights used oil as their only primary fuel source before coming up with more ideas of using kerosene and other lamp oils.

In the early 1920s up to 1960, the Dietz Company had grown much fame for its interest in automotive lighting.

It was the first lighting company to produce roadwork warning lights, road torches with larger wicks and lighting abilities.

After concentrating much on the oil lamps and lanterns for road signals, they later invented transitions road warning lights, which used standard 6V Lantern batteries which replaced the Dietz Oil Lamps in railroad signals.

Why Buy Dietz Oil Lanterns?

dietz little wizard oil lamp antique

Dietz oil lanterns are the new old gold thing in town; a lot of people choose these kerosene lanterns compared to the others. It is always as a result of the following reasons:

  • Durability

They were first used in the early 1800s, and that was the first time they were invented.

They are made to be resistant to strong winds. The outer frames are always made from strong metals such as brass, which do not easily rust, steel, tin, among other rigid metals.

Therefore, considered to be among the long-lasting oil lanterns. The globe is made to be tall enough to ensure proper efficiency for users; this enables the lantern to spread light in more extensive areas without strain.

Most Durable Dietz Kerosene Oil Lantern Resistant to Rain and Wind

  • Available at affordable prices

Generally, the Dietz Company produces oil lanterns and lamps at relatively low prices.

The Dietz oil lantern is available at prices that can be afforded, with as less as $30, and above or even below, you can find a good lantern oil that can suit your decoration and indoor or outdoor lighting purposes.

Furthermore, they come installed with the wick; thus, you will not have to incur other extra charges of buying wicks separately.

Also, the maintaining costs are low since the lanterns burn kerosene at a lower rate.

  • They can be used in various activities

Dietz oil lanterns are available in different models and can serve many purposes.

Their first invention was meant for them to be used for railroad signals, in the sea by boats, lighting in the farm buns as they were resistant to storms.

They used oil as the source of fuel before it was later upgraded to kerosene.

They are currently used for multiple activities, including indoor and outdoor lighting, house and Christmas decorations, camping, and many other outdoor adventures.

  • Dietz oil lanterns are easy to use

The use of any equipment or product determines its effectiveness and efficiency. Using Dietz oil lanterns is very simple since it does not involve any complications.

When filling the lantern, you will be required to remove the filler cap and use a funnel to pour kerosene or the fuel of your choice into the fuel pot. Then allow the wick to soak on kerosene for almost an hour.

Therefore, raise the globe and then raise the wick for about a quarter of an inch. Light the wick and lower the lantern lever; you can adjust the wick to your desired size.

Finally, when extinguishing the lantern, drop the wick or raise the globe and blow off the flame.

Top 8 Best Dietz Brand Oil Lanterns

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What Are the Common Features of Dietz Brand Oil Lanterns?

dietz hurricane lantern

The R.E. Dietz Company is the manufacturer of the Dietz oil lanterns; this means at some point, all their lanterns have some standard features; these features include:

  • All Dietz oil lanterns use kerosene as their primary source of fuel

Before the advancement in the lanterns and lamps industry, this lighting equipment used oil, of which oil wasn’t user-friendly, and in some cases, it produces so much smoke.

Later on, the Dietz Company started creating lanterns that use kerosene as a source of fuel.

All the Dietz lanterns used for different purposes and environments use kerosene as their main source of energy.

However, they can alternatively use clear lamp oil, which is not much recommendable.

  • They come in a simple design and ready for use.

All the models, shapes, and sizes of Dietz oil lanterns come when fully installed with everything. The globe and the wick are readily installed; the only thing one should only add is kerosene.

Moreover, the oil pot is wide enough to allow the wick to soak well in kerosene, providing the brightest lighting for any occasion.

The wick with the globe protection can stand strong winds without going off for longer times, the reason why most Dietz oil lanterns are used in almost all outdoor adventures.

How to Pick the Dietz Kerosene Lantern?

dietz kerosene lantern

When out there on the market trying to find the best Dietz oil lantern for the first time, it will be overwhelming.

There are so many models in different sizes and shapes; this can be confusing, especially if you know nothing about oil lanterns entirely.

The following tips will help you pick the best Dietz Oil Lantern that can suit your needs:

  • Understand where you want to use it

As discussed earlier, Dietz Oil Lanterns can be used in many different places such as c

  • Camping;
  • In boats;
  • For indoor and outdoor lighting;
  • Decorations, among many other purposes.

Clearly understanding where you are planning to use the lantern will help you choose the best one for that purpose.

For camping and boat purposes, there are unique Dietz oil lanterns designed for those purposes. They are made with a healthy plate material that makes them wind-resistant to strong winds.

A long burning period means they can accommodate you for up to 12 hours when camping or sailing.

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For lighting purposes, be it indoors or outdoors, you should consider choosing Dietz oil lanterns that do not produce a foul smell when burning.

Look for an oil lantern with an easy-to-use cone burner that will not cause any form of an accident during lighting.

Furthermore, look for a Dietz oil Lantern that burns to produce enough bright light and easy-to-regulate wicks.

When doing decorations using oil lanterns, one thing you should consider is the versatility, how the Dietz oil lantern will blend with the situation and the venue, since the oil lanterns are available in many different colors as well as models.

Dietz Bronze Oil Lantern for Vintage and Traditional House

  • The source of fuel for the Dietz oil lantern

Dietz oil lanterns use kerosene, standard lamp oil, and clear citronella oil for lighting. It is crucial to understand that kerosene is not safe for use indoors.

Therefore, if you want to get a Dietz oil lantern for indoor purposes, consider picking the ones that do not use kerosene, or if they use kerosene, you should put it outdoors.

  • The Price of the Dietz Oil Lantern

Talking about price, one should focus on their budget; try picking an oil lantern that won’t violate your pocket.

As much as the price directly affects the quality and specifications, it doesn’t mean that the lowest-priced oil lanterns are of poor quality; it only means that the cheaper ones have fewer features.

As the price increases, more features come in, and even places of use increase. If you are on a budget of below $35, you can get indoor and outdoor lighting, camping, and some outdoor adventures Dietz oil lanterns made from common metals.

With a $35 and above budget, there are more options where you can choose from various sizes and shapes, models, functionality, and many others. The materials making such oil lanterns can be precious and more expensive than the others.

  • Availability of spare parts of the Dietz Oil Lanterns

It is good to pick an oil lantern whose spare parts can be readily available to ensure efficiency and continuous use.

For instance, when camping or on your adventures, you can accidentally break the glass, or the filler cap can get lost.

Without glass, the flame can easily blow off due to winds, and without the filler cap, the fuel can spill out.

Therefore, picking a Dietz oil lantern whose spares can be found easily is one key thing you should consider so as to avoid inconveniences.

What Is the Average Price of Dietz Brand Oil Lantern?

Dietz Brand Oil lanterns’ prices tend to vary depending on sizes, shapes, and the materials used to make the plate and the frames. In some other cases, the prices vary depending on the supplier’s interest.

Despite all those factors, there is an average price that Dietz Brand Oil Lanterns should range in, the cheapest Dietz Oil lantern costs around $20, they have fewer features, and in some cases, they tend to be smaller than the others.

An expensive Dietz oil lantern costs up to over $100; they have more advanced features, like the burning time and the amount of fuel they consume and they are larger in size.


The Dietz oil lanterns were a great invention; their multiple uses makes them more preferable than the others.

Most of them can consume small amounts of fuels and burn for a longer time. They are available at relatively affordable prices, and their quality is up to the standards.

It is crucial to learn a few simple skills to ensure complete safety when using Dietz oil lanterns, like lighting, cleaning, and filling oil. If you want to use your lantern for decorations, you will have to match the event.

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