A Complete Guide on the Best Brass Oil Lamps

Have you ever thought about how much inconveniencing it could be if you had no lights in your house?

From security concerns to less comfort, you will barely want to live somewhere with no lights. At this point, brass oil lamps step in, as they provide more than enough light.

However, the biggest concern is whether you know what these lamps bring to the table. Here are a few insights.

Benefits of Buying a Brass Oil Lamps

best brass oil lamps reviews

Various benefits come with having a brass oil lamp. Thanks to their merits, these lamps have become relatively popular for a long time now. Here are the advantages of having one.

No smoke residue – There is no denying that smoke residue in the environment can be detrimental to your health. Unless you take the time to address it, it could readily end up fatal.

Thankfully, brass oil lamps assure you of little smoke residue produced, cushioning you against health complications. Besides, they tend to be much friendlier to the environment.

Odorless – The oil used in these brass oil lamps is often odorless. Since no fragrance is produced, these lamps will usually be suitable even for people with allergies. It also assures you of unrivaled comfort as a result.

Burn for long – It is no secret that these lamps will often outshine candles. But besides that, they tend to burn for a much longer period. That means they assure you of not only enough light and convenience but also value for money.

Suitable for emergencies – You can barely overlook how functional these lamps are. Usually, they come in handy whenever there are power outages. This way, you will have no reason to worry about your safety or security in the long run.

Decorative pieces – Who would not want to live in elegant spaces? These oil lamps assure you of unique classiness, which could readily improve your interior décor. Usually, you will be free to hang them on the wall.

How to Choose the Best Brass Oil Lamps?

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There is no denying that choosing the right oil lamp could be a relatively daunting process. Unless you understand what aspects to consider, it will be hard to get something that suits your needs.

Usually, observing the following variables will come in handy for you.

1. Sturdy Brass

It is no secret that selecting the right material will always be the best way to attain the utmost reliability and durability. Usually, it will be right to focus on robust materials at all times.

While the focus is on brass, ensure that it is of the best quality. With sturdy materials, you will be confident of not only longevity but also value for your money.

2. Design

The design of your chosen oil lamp should always be a priority. Usually, it will be best to aim at a relatively unique shape, highlighting interior décor.

It will also be best to pick an oil lamp with a design that can comfortably fit any environment, including the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Also, let the lamp be light and easy to handle. That means it has to be quite simple too. You will also need to ensure that it has a relatively heavy base. This cushions it against getting knocked over.

3. How does it burn?

Most people will always prefer an oil lamp with controllable light and free from smoke.

For that reason, ensure that you select a lamp that has a fiberglass wick and can burn without producing any odor. Does it pollute the air? If it does, avoid it.

4. Size

Oil lamps come in different sizes. That means you have to decide which size suits your needs.

Ensure that the chosen size can comfortably provide enough light to your room.

For instance, the bigger the lamp, the more likely it produces more light.

5. Versatility

You will often want something that complements your interior décor yet be as functional as possible. That means your chosen lamp has to be decorative and functional, allowing you to use it wherever and whenever.

Usually, now would be the right time to pay attention to portability and weight. A portable and lightweight oil lamp will be much easier to install anywhere. It is also likely to fit any décor.

6. Price

You can barely overlook the significance of sticking to a budget. It is no different when choosing your brass oil lamp. Take the time to identify which lamp will not hurt your budget in the long run.

Usually, the price tends to differ with the brand and the quality of the lamp. While you need something that you can effortlessly afford, ensure that it is of premium quality.

What Are the Types of Brass Oil Lamps?

Various types of brass oil lamps have emerged, and you have to be sure about which one is ideal for you. In this light, you must have a few insights into what these lamps bring to the table. They will include the following.

i. Aladdin Brass Oil Lamps

You can hardly overlook the uniqueness of Aladdin lamps, thanks to their round wicks. This round wick comes in handy in providing even and non-flickering light. Usually, these lamps can offer up to 60W of light once heated.

Usually, it produces enough heat to make its mantle glow. That means the brightness of your lamp will depend on how much heat has been produced. You will also find these lamps as table lights, bracket lamps, or hanging lights.

ii. Wall Mount Brass Oil Lamp

These are oil lamps that you can fix or install on the wall. Usually, they tend to be directed upwards and outwards. It is no secret that these lamps highlight elegance and modernity.

Usually, these oil lamps are ideal for bigger rooms, as they illuminate a much longer distance. What is more, they are robust and relatively durable, assuring you of value for money.

iii. Hanging Brass Oil Lamp

If you intend to have a lamp on the ceiling, this will be your ultimate choice. Typically, this lamp hangs from the ceiling and is suspended by a cord or a chain.

Most often, people choose to use multiple lamps simultaneously, as it assures them sufficient light. Hanging brass oil lamps are suitable for kitchen countertops and the living room. You could easily choose whichever appeals to you the most.

iv. Cruise Lamp

A cruise lamp is a relatively old-fashioned iron lamp that comes with a rush wick. Usually, it comes as a triangular candlestick that you can install almost anywhere in the house.

It has been around for centuries, thanks to its reliability. If you are looking for a classic and more rustic appeal, this will be a suitable lamp for you.

v. Battery Lamp

Did you know that there are oil lamps that use batteries too? From unrivaled portability to enhanced convenience, this is an option you can hardly overlook.

Thanks to battery-powering, you are confident of having sufficient backing whenever you run out of oil. In most cases, you will be free to place these lamps anywhere in the house, thanks to the minimalistic design.

vi. Argand Lamp

It is almost impossible to overstate how popular this type of oil lamp has become. Since its development in the 1780s, this lamp can comfortably produce between 6 and 10 candelas.

Thanks to the complete combustion it offers, you will be confident of unrivaled brightness. Besides, this lamp will barely require frequent wick trimming. Remember, this wick is often cylindrical.

vii. Tiffany Lamp

The Tiffany lamp is one of the most modern and prevalent options that people have.

It comes with a glass shade, which could feature different designs. While this option tends to be a little pricy, it assures you of elegance and enhanced durability.

Its base is steadfast, and you will fall in love with its superior craftsmanship. These bases are also interchangeable with other shades, allowing you to highlight your interior décor.

Reviews of the 4 Best Brass Oil Lamps

1. Best Cheap – Govinda Aladdin Genie Tabletop Brass Oil Lamp

brass paraffin aladdin lamp

This exotic item is not only functional but also decorative. Thanks to its versatility, it will be an excellent addition to your home or office.

It comes with an embossed floral design, making it suitable for decoration. You will also appreciate how elegant its design tends to be.
The brass material used to make the Aladdin light one of the most robust. It boosts not only its appearance but also longevity.

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2. Best for Entryway – YISURO Rustic and Vintage Wall Sconce with Glass Shade

small brass wall sconce

If you are looking for vintage light fixtures, this is the ultimate choice. This product comes with a 2-in-1 design, allowing you to choose between hardwired and plug-in options. It also means you can install it almost anywhere. Its brushed surface comes in handy in enhancing aesthetics.

This light is adjustable, thanks to its dimmable nature. Usually, you will rely on its easily accessible knob to adjust the brightness to your suitable level.

It boasts sturdiness and durability, thanks to the robust metal materials used. This rustic metal used is barely susceptible to corrosion.

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3. Best Tall – Vaiba 20″ Slim Kuthu Vilakku Brass Oil Lamp for Home Decor

brass kuthu vilakku 20 inch oil lamp

Are you looking for an oil lamp you can use for religious reasons? Here is the ultimate choice. This product is made from robust brass material, assuring you of unrivaled longevity. Its brushed finish makes it relatively appealing and suitable for various spaces.

This oil lamp has a unique design, featuring the shape of a peacock. This attractive design makes it suitable for different functions. It also makes it easier for you to install it anywhere and even use it.

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4. Best Hanging – StonKraft Pair of 2 Brass Lamps with Hooks

antique brass oil lamps

There is no denying that this oil lamp has proven to be the best for interior décor. Thanks to its unique design, you will be free to install it and use it for any event.

Its shape comes in handy in highlighting a pious and cleansing aura, making it an excellent addition for heritage impression.

Usually, this product comes as a pair. It also comes with a solid base that assures you of unmatched longevity. This brass material also comes in handy in reducing vulnerability to various elements.

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Who Makes The Best Brass Oil Lamp?

From different craftsmanship to distinct durability levels, brands will always assure you of varying oil lamp qualities. Unless you understand which brand provides you with value for your money, it will be hard to make logical decisions in the long run. Thankfully, Vermont is the most reliable brand for you.

Vermont prides itself on robust constructions. Their lamps are often nice and sturdy, making them ideal for outdoor use too. Thanks to the reliable wicks they use, you will also be confident of one of the brightest glows.

It is no secret that Vermont produces elegantly designed oil lamps. Their superior craftsmanship implies that the oil lamp will be both functional and decorative.

Check the best rated Vermont mini brass oil lamp to spice your room!

How Much Is a Brass Oil Lamp?

There is barely a one-dimensional answer for this, as different brands price their products differently. This amount will depend on the quality and durability of the oil lamp too.

However, you are likely to spend between $50 and over $200 on a good brass oil lamp. As long as you prioritize quality, you will be sure of the best returns in the long run.


It is no secret that brass oil lamps are not only elegant but also durable. Their eco-friendliness and convenience remain unmatched too. With these lamps, there will be no reason to worry about sudden power outages.

You will also appreciate how much they blend with your interior décor. Get yourself one today!

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