Best Kerosene Lantern – Top Lights for Interior House and Outdoor Camping in 2022

If you’re searching for the best kerosene lantern, you don’t want to purchase the first one that comes along. Not all of them are built the same. There are a few key features you may want to consider before investing in one.

These may include things like how long a kerosene lamp burns and do all kerosene lamps burn for the same duration?

Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know on how to find the best kerosene lantern for the money.

How to Choose the Best Kerosene Lantern?

american camper kerosene lantern

Choosing the best kerosene lantern can be a daunting task. They all serve the same purpose but they all bring about some pertinent questions to ask before deciding on a final purchase. Some of these considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Which product design burns the longest?
  • What product is the best price for the money?
  • How much fuel does the product consume?
  • How many lumens does the lantern produce while burning?

Below are some of the main considerations you may focus on:

– Adjustable Brightness

Different uses will require a different level of brightness. Certain brands tend to burn more brightly but for a cost. Brighter light source means higher fuel consumption. Another thing to consider is the shelf-life of the oil used for fuel. It doesn’t last forever, unfortunately.

– Proper Fuel

Kerosene has the longest shelf-life. In a plastic container, the oil will last for about twelve months. If using a metal container for storage, the kerosene can last up to a decade.

The oil should be stored in a dry environment and, if used for indoor purposes, be sure to use in a well-ventilated area.

Paraffin oil is a cheap alternative to kerosene for a fuel source but it does have some drawbacks. It’s corrosive, combustible, but burns for a very long time. Whether paraffin or kerosene is used doesn’t matter.

Either way the wick for all lanterns requires a simple matchstick to light. Using improper fuels sources will only result in gumming up the wick with repeated use.

– Brand

For camping, always stick with Coleman brand because it produces the brightest light source. This makes it ideal for seeing clearly at night where there is no electricity for making meals or reading under the stars.

The downside to these lanterns is that they eat up a lot of fuel so bring plenty along if planning a long week in the countryside.

One nice thing to note about Coleman is the designs are all safe enough to use indoors as well. All Coleman products are coated with porcelain to protect against rust and deterioration in the metal from frequent use.

– Lamp Construction

Check the fine print to be sure the model has all of the features desired. The porcelain is really important when deciding on a kerosene lantern. Not only does it protect the outside, but the inside as well. It helps to keep the interior cool.

This helps to maximize the oxygen that passes through the lantern. If there is an improper amount of oxygen the lantern can’t burn.

The globe should be composed of clear glass to prevent light diffusion. A handle, called a bail, should always be provided for carrying or hanging.

Select a style that offers an adjustable setting for brightness. Most offer six different settings. Inspect the base and make sure that it sits steadily on a flat surface. Although not always possible to find, try to look for designs that are rustproof.

Who Makes the Best Kerosene Lantern: Coleman vs Dietz?

Between brands it’s a close tie with Coleman being the lead. Dietz offers amazing features, but Coleman wins first place due to the brighter light that’s emitted, but it uses more fuel. That’s powerful enough to read a book by it.

Dietz on the other hand, offers a longer burn time, but emits less light. So, you would be able to move around a room safely, you just wouldn’t necessarily have enough light to read by.

To say which brand is better really depends on the purpose. If you need it for a power outage, Dietz would be good enough. Coleman would be better for camping though because it’s a more powerful light. If safety is a concern, Coleman would always be the first choice.

Another thing to note is the porcelain coating Coleman adds to their models to make them rustproof. Each one is less likely to have defects and will stand the test of time through repeated use.

Dietz models used to be made in the United States, now they are made in China. They are still relatively well made; the only drawback is the brightness output is not as strong as a Coleman.

Also, they burn a lot longer than a Coleman model, (say for a good long twelve hours or so compared to three or four hours).

Again, the length of burn time depends on which brightness level the lantern is set for. The higher the brightness, the more fuel is used.

If searching for a way to save some money, the more economical choice would be the Dietz line. If more light is required for things like reading and cooking, use a Coleman.

Reviews of the 5 Best Kerosene Lanterns

1. Hot Sale – Stansport Small Red Hurricane Lantern for Camping

brightest kerosene lantern

The Stansport Small Hurricane Lantern is stylish in a candy apple red color. It stands eight inches in height and includes a bail handle for portability.

There is also an adjustable dial to select different levels of brightness. The clear glass globe is flawless and allows for pure light with zero diffusion issues. Ideal for camping, interior décor, parties, weddings, and more!


  • Lantern runs for up to twelve hours
  • Uses only nine ounces of fuel
  • Can be easily returned if damaged
  • If seal is broken, simply use some epoxy to quiuckly repair


  •  The higher the setting, the more fuel is consumed.
  • Using diesel fuel as a fuel source will cause the lantern to smoke badly

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2. Antique Buy – Valley Industries Hanging Hurricane Kerosene Lantern

hanging kerosene lanterns

The Valley Industries Navy Blue Hurricane Kerosene Oil lantern doubles as a hanging lantern or table lamp. It includes a long wick and funnel for ease of use. The outside is navy in color, constructed purely of metal and uses a clear glass globe.


  • Base diameter measures 5.5” in width
  • Does not leak when tipped, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor event
  • The lantern itself runs about 900BTUs per hour of heat
  • The air tubes around the fuel tank are well sealed
  • Wick can be changed out to a better quality as long as it is the same width as the one that comes with the product


  • Not found yet

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3. For Highway Traffic – Shop4Omni 2 Pack Red Kerosene Lantern and Emergency Light

outdoor kerosene lanterns

The twelve-inch red hurricane kerosene emergency oil lantern packs a useful punch for its little size. The body is made entirely of durable metal. All are built for long-term use, making it excellent choice for many different types of events such as emergencies, parties, weddings, and home decor.


  • Globe is made of clear glass to eliminate potential light diffusion
  • Wick is adjustable for easy lighting
  • Product is available in packs of two or twelve, depending on need


  • Paraffin oil can be used as an alternative for fuel, but will gum up the wick with repeated use and effect the ability to “suck up” the fuel properly

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4. Most Durable – Coleman One-Mantle Kerosene Pressure Lantern with Adjustable Brightness

coleman mantle kerosene pressure lantern

The Coleman One-Mantle Kerosene lantern is most useful for camping due to its incredible brightness. There is an adjustable dial for changing the brightness level and a bail handle for easy travel. A porcelain coated ventilator helps to fight against corrosion and rust.


  • Offers eight hours burn total time
  • Only uses two pints of kerosene
  • Globe is made of high-intensity glass to protect from cracking
  • Lantern casts about 700 lumens of light
  • Only uses a match to light the wick
  • Includes an adjustable dial
  • The product includes a #11 mantle and plastic bottle to help fill the pre-heater
  • Fuel tank is coated on the inside for additional protection


  • Kerosene is not included

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5. For Indoor and Outdoor – Dietz #76 Original Vintage Oil Burning Lantern

dietz kerosene lantern for indoors and outdoors

This kerosene lamp weighs just over one pound making it an ideal choice to take virtually anywhere. Measuring 10”x5.9”x10”, the lamp burns for 11 hours on just eight ounces of fuel. It’s equivalent to burning seven candles simultaneously.


  • Includes a half inch thick wick
  • Can be carried while full of fuel
  • Use as a light to read or cook by for a nice quiet evening at or away from home


  • Can spill if tipped
  • Can only use Kerosene for fuel

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1. Can I Use Kerosene Lantern Indoors?

While it is not the recommended way to light a home due to the potential fire hazard it poses, kerosene lamps can be used as a light source indoors.

Closely monitor each one to prevent fires from erupting. Just be sure it is a K-1 kerosene lamp. It contains a lesser number of hazardous emissions; however, the smell of the sulfur can give some people a headache when inhaled.

Common hazards to consider with this type of light source are:

  • fire
  • carbon monoxide exposure
  • sulfur dioxide
  • nitric oxides

These particles can cause things like cancer or aggravate asthma if used for a long-term light source.

2. How Many Lumens Does a Kerosene Lantern Produce?

A typical kerosene lantern used for indoor purposes will burn for three to four hours per day, but it depends on how intensely lit the lamp is set. A local made kerosene lamp only radiates roughly 10-15 lumens where a store bought model will yield 40-50 lumens.

As a general rule, 600 lumens is equivalent to a standard 40-watt lightbulb, or a 10 watt LED lightbulb.

Kerosene lanterns are a wonderful light source in emergency situations but if more (or a strong amount of light is needed) multiple kerosene lamps will be required to increase the brightness output.


Selecting the best kerosene lantern is a personal choice and really depends on the situation.

If safety is an important concern or if camping outdoors, always go with Coleman for the brightest light source. If the light is needed for a long period of time, Dietz would be the best option.

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