Best Adjustable Table Lamps for Study in 2022

When studying, table lamps play a major role in providing illumination. These devices come in different designs and they should be easy to turn on. Table lamps for studying may also provide a great decorative element for aesthetics.

Hence, when choosing one, it’s imperative to keep certain factors in mind.

This article provides the essential details about purchasing the best table lamps for study.

You’ll learn how to make the appropriate choices from observing factors like style, lumens, watts, CRI rating, and more. For better comprehension, this write-up offers you all the details you need.

best table lamps for study reviews and buying guides

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For Small Study Tables – LEPOWER Clip-On Light with White and Yellow Light (Click here to buy)

How to Choose the Best Study Desk Lamps?

When selecting the best study desk lamps, there are essential factors that you need to consider as a buyer.

These factors should help you make the best choice and enjoy the use of the table lamps after purchase. Here’s what you need to know:

Cord? Cordless Design?

You may decide to choose between a cordless design or those with plugs. Note that cordless desk lamps have their advantages, while those with a cord also have their upsides.

One of the major pros of purchasing a desk lamp without a cord (also called rechargeable table lamps) is that they are more energy-efficient due to the lack of a connection to the home’s metering system.

Which Light Colors are Eye Friendly?

When selecting a table lamp for study, you need to select one with eye-friendly lighting.

In most cases, the two suitable colors for studying are white or yellow light.

However, it’s more advisable to select the white light for studying because it could be brighter in darker environments.

Is the Brightness Adjustable?

Adjustable brightness matters because every individual has a unique vision type.

Hence, the lumens should always have an adjustable setting.

In most cases, an average of 25 to 50 lumens per 10.8 square feet of your book surface is great enough.

However, you should be able to adjust to any suitable setting.

Ideal Lumens and Watts?

The most ideal lumens for table lamps should be approximately 450 lumens.

Note that 450 lumens are suitable for reading and studying because it’s neither too low nor too bright.

In terms of watts, you should ensure that the table lamp has a minimum of 12 watts for the best experience. You may still choose from lumens or watts, depending on personal preference.

Does it Have a High CRI Rating?

A CRI (Color Rendering Index) is the measurement that determines how the colors appear under a specific light source when compared to sunlight.

For most light sources, a suitable CRI rating for studying is between 80 to 90.

Hence, if your table lamp falls between that range, that’s a good value.

Suitable for Kids or Adults?

When selecting a table lamp for kids, you should consider the color of the stand and other attractive designs.

Devices for kids should be more attractive to encourage them to use. Ensure that the lamp you select for your kid or even an adult is flicker-free and glare-free.

What Style to Choose?

There are different styles of table lamps available. Major examples of table lamps include the modern, vintage, and industrial ones.

The style you select depends on your preference.

Note that the modern ones are the commonest types, while the vintage ones are antique. Note that the industrial lamps conventionally use the halogen light source type.

Clip-on Table Lamp or Tabletop Lamp?

The clip-on table lamps don’t have a flat base like the conventional tabletop lamps.

The most suitable application of the clip-on table lamps is when there’s a high number of things on the table.

When the table is full of items, using the clip-on table lamp is the best option.

Is Phone Charging Available?

There are unique brands that produce table lamps with the ability to charge your mobile devices.

The phone charging feature is more suitable when there’s a power outage that demands improvisation.

Note that these table lamps may support wireless charging or conventional charging via USB cable.

What Material is Best To Match Your Décor?

Every table lamp is made from specific materials that may be suitable or unsuitable for your home’s interior décor.

Examples of major materials to look out for include glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, brass, and paper.

If you have regions of the home that match the material, it may be great for décor.

What Are the Extra Features to Review?

Apart from the material, adjustability, and other significant features, there are other factors to review.

One of them is the price of the tabletop lamp you want to purchase. Ensure that the specifications of the lamp you’re buying match the price.

Another major factor is the lamp size, which may be dependent on the size of your table.

Best Table Lamps for Study Reviews

When selecting the best table lamps for study, it’s essential to know the different brands to pick.

Note that most reputable brands produce durable lamps with all the fundamental features that users need.

Here are some of the major table lamps for study:

Modern Style – TaoTronics LED Touch Controlled Desk Lamp

taotronics modern study table lamp

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is a contemporary-style lamp made from durable plastic and metal.

Due to its durability and plastic structure, the device is highly versatile and sustainable. The plastic material makes the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp more portable compared to the conventional ones.

One of the major features of the TaoTronics LED is also the built-in touch controls available. With the touch controls on the lamp, all you need to do is slide your fingers along the touchpad to set the brightness level and color or lightning modes.

When using the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, it’s essential to use the adjustability feature appropriately for covering more surface area of the home office.

  • Uniform Lightning

Thanks to the LED bulbs, the TaoTronics provides significant lighting to all areas of the home office.

There are also various lighting customization options for the table lamp, which helps users in creating the best ambiance.

Note that you can combine 5 different color modes and 7 various brightness levels on the TaoTronics.

  • Energy Efficient LED

The TaoTronics lamp comes with an energy-efficient LED that saves power for long-lasting use. Using the device may help in reducing electricity bills for as low as 75%.

Since it’s a LED lamp, it doesn’t consume as much power as the conventional incandescent or halogen bulb.

  • Unique Design

With the unique design of the LED lamp, users can make any suitable adjustments when it’s in use.

You have the freedom to cast the appropriate spotlight, tilt its head up to 135 degrees, and swivel for 45 degrees.

The fully adjustable angle makes it possible to cover the whole table for better functionality.

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Most Versatile – Wanjiaone LED Smart Desk Lamp with LCD Display

table lamps with clock for study room

The Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp is a dimmable and perfectly adjustable light source for study.

Thanks to the design and technology of the desk lamp, it can meet your fundamental lightning needs, especially for studying or reading.

With the adjustable brightness setting, the Wanjiaone can also provide lighting for the entire study room.

In terms of portability or compactness, the Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp has dimensions of 6.69 x 4.53 x 13.39. Hence, this makes the lamp easy to fit into your bags and most small spaces.

One of the unique features of the Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp is the phone holder design for a better study experience. The phone holder is toward the base of the lamp and it’s highly convenient for different mobile phone dimensions.

Overall, the Wanjione is the appropriate desk lamp for you if you want to study comfortably.

Take Note:

  • Dimmable and suitable for the Eyes

There are three different light modes in the Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp that make it suitable for your different moods.

Each of these light modes features 5 brightness levels to prevent an overbright or dim environment.

For the sake of the user’s eyes, the different levels of brightness are all flicker-free. For this reason, you can use the LED desk lamp for long hours without experiencing eye problems.

  • Battery-Controlled Lamp

The Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp uses a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2000mAH. Due to the battery type, users benefit from a more stable supply of power.

You can also charge it hundreds of times and enjoy its high energy density and low self-discharge rate.

Since it’s a battery-powered table lamp, there’s no need to plug it into an AC supply and you can carry it anywhere.

  • Multi-functional LCD

One of the reasons why the Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp is called a smart device is due to the available LCD.

Users can monitor the time, use an alarm clock, check the calendar, or monitor the temperature of the room with the thermometer.

For this reason, you don’t need to leave your study table when trying to check the time, calendar, or temperature of the room.

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For Well Desk Organization – Wanjiaone Study Table Lamp with Pen Holder

study table lamp for students

The Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging is a modern device with unique features. When using this lamp, the user will observe that no glare reflects on the screen.

When using the lamp, you can also enjoy the smart LCD screen. On the lamp, you can see the current time, date, and the pen holder.

You may decide to use or turn off the LCD screen by using the dedicated button.

The Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp is a gooseneck device, which means that you can position the light source at any suitable angle via the shaft.

There’s no need to move the entire lamp in the home office when using this gooseneck desk lamp, the shaft is all you require.

Take Note:

  • Colorful Lights Available

The available color lights make it possible for users to adjust the different lightning modes to create a suitable atmosphere for individuals.

When trying to use the different colored lights, users need to press down the spectrum ring for two seconds. This feature makes it possible to have more aesthetic lighting at night.

  • Applicable for Multiple Functions

As a desk lamp, the Wanjiaone device is equipped with several features that make it a perfect choice for studying.

It includes a durable pencil holder, 256 color-changing base, and an LCD screen for the best experience when studying.

  • USB Port

For charging and other related applications, the Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp has a 5V/2A USB charging port that helps individuals to keep other devices functional in the absence of power.

You can use the Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp for your smartphones, laptop, and other suitable devices.

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Appealing Design for Kids – Uniwit Battery Powered Eye Care Table Lamp with Adjustable Light Intensity

rechargeable table lamp for study

The Unwit Desk Lamp is a specially designed device for kids. It’s attractive and appealing to children of different ages.

Thanks to the design and choice of color, it’s a great lamp to encourage your child to study.

With the material’s plastic design, it’s easy for individuals to carry the lamp from a specific location to the other since it’s lightweight.

It takes approximately two to three hours to charge the lamp fully for use. Note that three different brightness levels can be selected, depending on how much lightning you need to study.

Unlike some conventional kid desk lamps, this product is safe for the eyes. It doesn’t cause frequent LED flashes or dizzy lightning.

Take Note:

  • Two-in-one Design

The two-in-one design makes your kid able to use the device for both a desk lamp and also a pencil holder.

There’s a compartment at the base of the lamp that can take a significant number of pencils and other writing materials.

  • Energy Saving Technology

There’s an energy-saving technology that ensures users can choose between three different brightness levels.

If you need a long-lasting light source, the most suitable option may be the lowest brightness level, which makes the desk lamp last for up to 12 hours.

If you use the highest brightness level, it can only last 4 hours.

  • Flexible Gooseneck

Thanks to the flexible gooseneck, it’s easy to adjust the Unwit Desk Lamp in any direction that suits you. You can make necessary adjustments to its angle or height for the best position.

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For Small Study Tables – LEPOWER Clip-On Light with White and Yellow Light

study table lamp with clip

The LEPOWER Clip-On Light is specially designed to save a significant level of space on your desk.

It uses a wide and firm clip to keep your working conditions perfect for productivity. It’s a modern style LED lamp and uses a metallic material for durability.

Take Note:

  • Eye Protection

The LEPOWER Clip-On has lightning that is highly suitable for the user’s eyes. Constant usage of the desk lamp doesn’t cause any damages to the eye since the brand ensures a non-flickering design.

  • Adjustable Arm

With the adjustable arm, you can determine the direction of the lamp’s lightning.

Proper adjustment of the lamp will ensure that your entire table has enough illumination to study perfectly.

Note that you need to clip the lamp in a direction that doesn’t cause shadow casting.

  • Clip-On Design

One of the advantages of the Clip-On design is that you can manage space on your table.

When studying, you don’t need to leave out any additional space for the lamp. In terms of interior design, the clamp lamps also provide a good decorative effect.

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Why Do You Need to Buy LED Study Table Lamp over Halogens and Incandescent Bulbs?

table lamp for study with battery

LED Study Tabletop lamps are very energy efficient. These lamps also produce the longest-lasting power compared to most other light sources.

Due to the functionality of the LED (Light Emitting Diode), you can enjoy them in cold temperatures.

Most conventional LED lamps can last for up to 50,000 hours, which is forty-two times longer than the incandescent bulbs and thirteen times longer than the halogen bulbs.

When using your LED study table lamp, you will benefit from a better level of power consumption.

The bulbs in the LED Study Table Lamp are also shatterproof and shock resistant, without any brittle filament.

One of the disadvantages of purchasing a halogen or incandescent bulb over the LED ones is longevity.

For the halogen ones, users only enjoy 3,600 hours of power, which is less efficient than the LED. Note that incandescent bulbs can only last for approximately 1,200 hours.


1. What Is the Price of Study Table Lamps?

The price of study table lamps can range from $10 to $50, depending on the brand, features, and quality of the product.

Before purchasing one of these lamps, it’s imperative to have a budget that falls within the price range of the product.

Most standard table lamps with an average price tag provide users with full control of their lighting needs.

2. Where Should I Put My Table Lamps When Studying?

When studying, the best position of your table lamp is where there is no shadow casting on your books.

Hence, if you are left-handed, you should place them on your right-hand side. However, if you are right-handed, ensure that the table lamp is on your left-hand side.

What Are the Best Table Lamps for Studying?

After reviewing the different table lamps for studying, you should have an idea of what may suit you best.

The best table lamps for studying are the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp and the Wanjiaone Study LED Desk Lamp. The two products are long-lasting and made from LEDs with brightness control.