A Comprehensive Review of Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

If you are a big fan of fancy home decorating items, you are probably going to love this Lepower wood tripod floor lamp.

It comes in a big variety of colors, and has three light setting modes and it comes with a hidden surprise.

lepower wood tripod floor lamp mid century standing lamp

Outstanding Features of Lepower Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Perfect for family with pets and kids

If you are looking for a lamp that’s family-friendly, this lamp is what you’re looking for.

It is very stable because it has a very well built three-legged stand, which makes it perfect even for a home where pets and children live.

Perfect for fancy and cozy backgrounds

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fancy look, look no more.

This lamp is very elegant and cozy. Its rounded linen lamp shade offers both a fancy and a cozy look, which makes it easy to adapt to any space and background, in both a living room or bedroom, as well as in a desk office.

The nature rubberwood tripod gives it more strength and aesthetic look. This strong design makes it wobble-free and safe to have around children and pets.

Which also makes it durable for a longer time period without any damage.

It has removable lamp shades

Lamp shades basically help to protect the eye from the bulb’s glare and direct light from the bulb in the lamp into the room. Also, you can match the lampshade related to your room decor.

For those who like changing different background colors in their homes, this lamp is your final choice.

As the lampshade is removable, you can use different shades for this floor lamp, from blue to pink and different shades of yellow, making it even easier to adapt to any background the room might have.

Reduce electricity cost

Now say goodbye to expensive electricity bills!!

As it is energy efficient because it mainly uses LED bulbs of 12W – 20W, which has a high brightness level than other bulbs and is efficient up to 90% than others.

LED lights have the advantage of consuming less electricity and giving brighter light even when you are using a less wattage LED bulbs that is the reason these LED bulbs are used and even recommended for this product.

It will help the users to get maximum light result with minimum electricity bills.

Easy to turn on/off

For those who are looking for a bedside lamp, to read at its light, you have found your dream lamp.

It is very easy to turn on and off with the help of the foot switch located on the cord of the lampshade, which makes it easy and fast to use even for the sleepyheads that finished reading before bedtime.


The cost of this product is around $70 which is very cheap. According to its price point, it is the best suited for everyone who is looking for a great product for their home, it is basically a product which has value for its money.

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Some Points May Disappoint You

  • Bulb not included

The bulb is not included in the package, meaning that once you receive your package you’ll need to go buy a bulb yourself.

  • Doesn’t come in one piece

You need to assemble the legs of the floor lamp, as well as the lamp shade yourself. Good news is you can always ask someone for help.

  • Not suitable as a primary lighting

Even if it does provide the basic light needs a room needs, the light is not very strong if you intend to use it as a main power source at night time.

What Did Other Buyers Say about It?

lepower tripod floor lamp with rubber legs

Most of the buyers speak highly on the durability, “Wood and the overall unit feels sturdy”, “the color is even, and the wood is smooth”

Also, one of the buyers said, “Amazing value! The assembly instructions are clear and it took about 20 minutes to fully assemble from start to completion.”

One of the buyers was so impressed with the built quality and amazing style and said, “Highly recommended! It comes with a shockingly small box and very easy to install and is cheap to buy”


To sum up, this lamp is perfect for:

  • Reading before bed
  • Charging your phone if there are no available sockets
  • Homes with children and pets

But it is not good for:

  • Those who can’t assemble furniture pieces by themselves
  • Those who want to use it as a primary lighting
  • In some cases, for those who want the cord to match the shade’s color

Check here if you go for such a floor lamp for the demands of both illumination and decoration.

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