How to Hang String Lights in Classroom?

A classroom is a place where ideas inspire and children become creative. Thus, creating an encouraging and beautiful environment is necessary.

While there are a lot of ways, one simple way to make your classroom interesting and add some appeal to it is by decorating it with string lights.

With a myriad of options available, you can easily find several kinds of LEDs and holiday decorations to enhance your teaching space.

Decorating your classroom by hanging string lights is an interesting thing to active all the students.

Let’s learn how to hang string lights in classroom.

how to hang string lights in classroom

Classroom String Lights Layout Suggestions

From whiteboards, chairs, and tables to cupboards, display boards, bins, and shelves, classrooms have a lot of components in it that can be decorated in different manners.

Mainly there are five types of light layouts you can use to decorate your classroom elements.

1. Zig-zag

Zig-zag patterns are most used whenever you want to hang string lights across the room.

You can also use this one with clip lights to hang your student memories and achievements around the corner or back of the classroom.

2. Perimeter

Best suitable to cover whiteboards and boundaries of display boards.

You can also put them across walls and window frames to make your room more bright.

3. Linear

This layout style is best for complimenting the bookshelves and cupboards.

If you want to hang dinosaur or space theme lights, the best way is to put them linearly in the middle of the wall.

4. Cross

The cross layout is suitable to cover up a big space on a wall or divide your display boards into shiny sections.

5. Sunray

Sun Rays can be a great way to give a light ray effect after the sun is down. The best place to hang them is by the windows.

How to Hang String Lights in Classroom?

The first thing you need to do before you start hanging is to check which kind of lights are available to you and decorate ideas where they can be used best.

For example, clip string lights will be best suitable to highlight the memories of school trips or class competitions.

Step 1: Gather all the tools

  • Commercial grade string lights
  • Screwdriver, hammer, and wire snips
  • Stainless steel cable, cable clamps, and eye hooks 
  • Ladder
  • Black zip ties
  • Black extension cords 

Step 2: Select your lighting

Start with gathering all kinds of string lights you have available with you. Theme lights, wire rope lights, curtain string lights, star lights, colored lights, etc.

Step 3: Measure the space

Measure the perimeters and length of all the elements and add a couple of feet to each measurement so that lights are not completely taut when you hang them.

Step 4: Decide how you want to hang them

Now that you have measurements and lights strings with you, decide how you want to decorate the classroom.

Style, layout, theme, light types – plan everything and write it down before you start with hanging.

Step 5: Determine where you’ll hang and connect them

The final prerequisite is to locate the points where you’ll attach the strings and where you’ll connect them.

Step 6: Hang the string lights

As everything has been planned out, you can start hanging out.

With all the attach points and measurements figured out, the work will be done quickly and efficiently.

What Type of String Lights Are Popular Used for Classrooms? 

  • Lighted Clips:

The lighted clips are the most preferred option to highlight the student’s achievements.

  • Paper Lantern String Lights:

The small paper lantern lights can add a variety of colors and they are safer and more durable than other options.

  • Theme Lights:

From illuminating dinosaurs, flamingos to autumn leaves and snow icicle lights, theme lights help in lighting up the space based on the occasion and celebration.

  • Luminous Letters and Numbers Boxes:

Kids love lights and letters, lightboxes that give out a positive message are a great attraction for them.

These twinkling quotes will be easy to read and will settle in their subconscious mind too.

  • Shiny Twinkling Stars:

Apparently, all of us do remember the poem, Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder…  Therefore, it’s no wonder you’ll find the starry lights in most of the classrooms.

  • Duck and Kitty lights:

Rubber duck and kitty lights add casual fun to the classroom space. As the shell is made of rubber, they are safer and long-lasting.

  • Rope Lights:

When you want a single type of light to cover the whole space, rope lights are the ideal option. You can buy them cheap in bulk and easily install them to add some brightness to the space.

String Fairy Lights in Classroom Ideas

Here are some ideas to design your classroom with fairy lights:

  • Cover the whiteboard perimeters with yellow rope lights.
  • Attach the twinkle lights in a linear manner up on the ceiling.
  • Take the paper lantern lights and attach them across opposite walls, 2-3 ft higher than the average student height.
  • Stick ducks or other theme lights in front of tables and the teacher’s desk.
  • Hang the student’s memories and pictures using lighted clips.
  • Use colored lights to make the borders of the display boards shine.
  • Cover the windows with curtain lights in a sunray pattern.


Hope you have understood the assignment of how to hang string lights around in a classroom.

Just keep in mind that children might be tempted to pull one of these shiny ornaments.

So place them at a level where it’s out of their reach but uplifts their mood.