22 Best 3 Light Floor Lamp for Homes and Offices in 2022

3 light floor lamp offers you one of the best lighting options. However, choosing the right one can be a struggle with all of the many lamps available today.

This article gives you a concise but detailed overlook of twenty-two of the best 3 light floor lamps.

This list contains floor lamps that suit a variety of needs.

Whether it’s to set up a new craft-making room, light up your reading area, or just light up your room in general.

If you have been searching for a floor lamp to do any of these or maybe even more, then you can be sure that you will see one that fits your need perfectly in this post!

Don’t forget to pop into the comment section and tell us which floor lamp you loved the most.

1. Brightech 3 Spotlight Floor Lamp

Brightech very bright 3 light floor lamp

This futuristic spotlight floor lamp stands out amongst all others because of its unique design and miniature build.

Its small structure saves space and could also save you money because it is bright enough to light up your entire room.

Its rotating panels allow you to twist it in whatever direction you need to achieve the perfect lighting for your space.

To top it all off, this light does not heat up, which makes it safe for anyone who accidentally touches it.

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2. Lakumu 3 Cage Floor Lamp

3 light cage floor lamp

Sophisticated, chic, and retro are just a few words to describe this caged floor lamp.

Its teardrop-shaped cages offer a rustic feel and are perfect for anyone who wants to give their space a country vibe.

Unlike other floor lamps, this elegant model gives you convenience at your fingertips, or should we say toe tips: it has a step-on switch that makes switching it on and off a breeze.

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3. Stepeak 3 Crystal Floor Lamp

3 crystal floor lamp for sofa

If vintage is more your style, then this floor lamp is great for you.

The elegance of its crystal lamp shade creates a regal ambiance that transports your space back to the classic era of posh design.

Dimmable bulbs are also great for creating soft lighting for dinner dates.

Notice its human-like height; this height makes it an excellent choice because it lights up every corner of your room.

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4. Franklin Iron Works 3 Flower Floor Lamp

rustic 3 ligth floor lamp

Give your home a class old-timey feel with this impressive floor lamp.

The lily-shaped lamp shades scream luxury with their intertwined stems, and their bronze and gold finish only contribute to their striking appearance.

It also offers the convenience of a foot switch; you can’t go wrong with this floor lamp!

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5. Dellemade 3 Globe Floor Lamp

3 light globe floor lamp

Simple yet timeless, this floor lamp provides your space with an exquisite aesthetic.

The globes offer a soft-spoken design that still manages to catch the eye of anyone who walks in.

It is not dimmable but instead has daylight white LED bulbs that brighten up your room in just the right ways.

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6. DLLT 3 Light Adjustable Floor Lamp

3 arm standing lamp for office and study

Not only can you dim this floor lamp to whatever brightness level you desire, but you can also adjust its neck in the direction you need it to face.

The on and off switch on each head allows you to achieve a low light option or swing for a full light effect.

Whether you want max brightness in your living room or low light ambiance in your bedroom, this floor lamp will always be a great choice.

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7. Brightech Jacob 3 Head Brass Floor Lamp

brightech brass 3 light floor lamp

This contemporary floor lamp is bright enough to illuminate an entire room single-handedly.

Besides its rich brass color, it is available in two other captivating color options – classic black and glistening nickel.

Each option blends seamlessly into your home’s interior design.

It is made with energy-saving light bulbs to save you money and rotating heads that make it easier to do specific tasks.

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8. Adesso Trinity 3 Lamp Shade Arc Floor Lamp

adesso 3 mushroom floor lamp

This model takes arc floor lamps to a whole new level.

Its stylish design consists of three curved lampshades that hang from a stable pole and a marble pole that compliments most home decor.

The suspended lampshades are drum-shaped and can be adjusted to suit your design needs.

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9. Brightech Liam 3 Lantern Floor Lamp

3 light lantern floor lamp

This Asian lantern-style lamp goes with several decors. From retro and vintage to modern and urban, whatever your home decor, this floor lamp is an amazing choice.

It also has a dim light option for whenever you would rather relax in the soft, calming glow of low light.

This model is made with long-lasting, energy-saving LED bulbs that cut your light bill in half!

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10. Simple Designs 3 Light Black Floor Lamp

black 3 light floor lamp

If you were impressed by the first few floor lamps, then this one will also stun you.

Each light in this floor lamp has an individual rotatory switch that allows you to position the light in the direction you want.

It offers a lovely glow over whichever room you place it in.

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11. Coaster Home Furnishings 3 Light Chrome Floor Lamp

3 light chrome floor lamp

Stun your friends and anyone who walks into your room with this dazzling, elegant floor lamp.

Its dangling crystal beads serve as light shades that put the glam in glamour!

It can light up any room, but we recommend setting it up in your living room to give it a wow factor that will captivate you.

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12. Torondo 3 Light Gold Floor Lamp

gold 3 light floor lamp

If you value quality above all else, then this floor lamp is the one for you.

Firm, stable, and sturdy are a few words that can describe the quality of this floor lamp.

But this doesn’t mean that design lovers are left out because this floor lamp also has stylish teardrop-shaped cages coated with a radiant gold finish.

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13. BoostArea 3 Light Industrial Floor Lamp

Boostarea 3 light floor lamp for eyes

This diamond-inspired floor lamp offers a fascinating ambiance.

Caged in each diamond-shaped lampshade is an eco-friendly bulb. This means that not only are you giving your room the touch of elegance it deserves, but you’re also keeping the planet safe.

The icings on this bright cake are its three independent light switches that allow you to select which light you want on or off.

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14. Hykolity 3 Light Modern Floor Lamp

hykolity 3 light floor lamp with fabric shade liner

Its shades may be unmoving, but this adds to its superior firmness.

The light shades of this modern floor lamp remain unbending. It also offers convenience with its step-on switch.

Relax on your couch and lightly place your foot on it to turn it on.

It is an ideal floor lamp for anyone looking to revel in a cozy atmosphere.

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15. Brightech Ethan 3 Light Silver Floor Lamp

3 light silver floor lamp

Designed to suit the unique style of Art Deco, this silver floor lamp stylishly compliments several decor schemes.

It can be used to achieve a mid-century industrial or modern interior design.

Its adjustable heads provide flexibility and allow you to choose what corner of the room you wish to light up.

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16. Simple Designs 3 Light Torchiere Floor Lamp

3 light torchiere floor lamp

Torchiere floor lamps have always been a great option for people trying to achieve a completely illuminated space.

The light produced from this type of floor lamp is radiated upwards, which helps it cover your room in an intense, charming glow.

This floor lamp also has a bold bronze finish that gives it an elegant design.

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17. Brightech Saturn LED Tree Floor Lamp

modern appealing 3 light floor lamp

This innovative floor lamp is designed with three hanging LED ring lights, similar to angel halos or Saturn rings.

The ring lights give an angelic feel to your room.

Because of its unique style, it blends well with multiple interior design themes.

It also dazzles guests with its gorgeous brass coating and high-end design.

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18. Ikea 3 Bulb Floor Lamp

ikea 3 floor lamp with spotlight

Flexible, simple, and chic, this versatile floor lamp allows you to point each lamp head in the direction you would like to illuminate.

Each lamp head also has an individual light switch so you can decide which light you want on or off.

In addition, its clean white finish blends flawlessly with most decor schemes.

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19. Brightech Mid-century 3 Light Trilage Floor Lamp

Brightech mid century 3 light floor lamp

Achieving a mid-century design layout can be a handful. This floor lamp helps you do it in a matter of seconds.

It is easy to assemble, durable, and sturdy. It transforms your room into a modern masterpiece.

The LED bulbs of this lamp reduce energy consumption and save money, and the adjustable arms can be placed in any direction you want.

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20. Stylecraft 3 Light Floor Lamp

stylecraft 3 light floor lamp

Turn your dimly lit space into a brightly lit one where you can do various tasks.

From reading, sewing, or even just relaxing in a cozy ambiance. This floor lamp offers a stylish lighting option that suits most decors.

It is coated with a vivid bronze finish that gives a traditional aesthetic to your home.

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21. Adesso Tall 3 Bulb Lamp

tall 3 light floor lamp

The bulbs of this floor lamp are encased in the safety of modern-style bamboo stick cages.

The bamboo cages are shaped like barrels, adding an urban vibe to your living space. Illuminate your home with this antique-looking lamp; the shiny bronze finish helps take your home design to the next level.

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22. Stepeak Vintage 3 Light Floor Lamp

vintage 3 light floor lamp

This floor lamp pays homage to the gorgeous vintage lamps of the retro era. It is made with clear glass lampshades that cover your room in shimmering bright light.

It is perfect for achieving a minimalist design scheme and can be used to light up any room in your home.

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