11 Best Bamboo Floor Lamps for Interior Designing in 2022

While there are a lot of interior design practices that help in enhancing the appeal of your home and making it look more bright and pleasant, ambient lighting tops the list.

Proper lighting is quite essential to bring some life and essence to any house interior and attract people’s attention to the most impressive areas of your home.

Surprisingly, these days bamboo floor lamps have been preferred by more and more homeowners to embellish their homes.

These natural artistic lamps are sustainable and sturdy and can uplift the spirit of any space.

Known for their high quality and versatility, these lamps are a great choice to add more intimacy and a premium feel to your otherwise dull space.

Luckily, from lightweight and simplistic budget buys to artisanal handcrafted vintages, bamboo floor lamps come in as many styles as one can imagine.

Check out these top floor lamps and decide which one would suit your home interiors better.

1. Ikea Boja Floor Lamp

ikea boja floor lamp

The Ikea Boja Floor Lamp is made of braided bamboo that creates a decorative light pattern on your walls.

This “stick bamboo floor lamp” has a very slim stand that can fit anywhere besides your sofas or beds and give you a fuzzy and warm feeling.

This 58 inches tall lamp radiates soft yellow lighting that is perfect to create a romantic vibe in your bedroom.

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2. Jonathan Gold Brass Bamboo Floor Lamps

gold bamboo floor lamp

If you are looking for a modern and stylish lamp that along with you shining some brightness, also complement your contemporary home interiors, pick the Gold Brass Bamboo Floor Lamp.

Finished with high-end details, this bespoke LED floor lamp is the perfect addition to modern house designs.

The 5 classic white cotton hardback drum shades sit on top of the shiny golden brass stands that represent the perfect balance between artistry and elegance.

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3. Depuley Japanese Style Vintage Bamboo Tall Floor Lamp with 3 Arched Arms

bamboo arc floor lamp

For the eternal lovers of vintage character and style, Depuley’s Standing Farmhouse Floor Lamp is the right pick.

This unique and stylish retro vintage lamp is specially designed to give the warm and soft ambiance of the Japanese tradition.

The high-quality 3 lampshades can be easily rotated to spread the radiance wherever you like.

And with the sturdy base and 3-way dimmable switch, this lamp is ideal for your nighttime reading and soft and cozy lighting for good sleep.

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4. Marble and Bamboo Bali Arc Floor Lamp

vintage bamboo floor lamp

Delicately hand-crafted and artistically designed, this floor lamp adds a fine grace and culture to your family rooms.

The dramatic arc shape arm stands on a strong and sleek back marble base that can be easily and perfectly placed in your room corners.

The exclusive and finely textured lamp can effortlessly illuminate your family area and add some warmth to your studio space.

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5. Silverwood Black Floor Lamp with Woven Bamboo Shade

bamboo rattan floor lamp

This unique bohemian masterpiece finds the perfect balance between contemporary and modern lighting designs.

The unique hand-woven baskets encase a single bulb and suspend from a U-shaped stand, creating a layered lighting effect for your focused and peaceful reading sessions.

Place this eclectic stand alongside your mid-modern arts to give them a majestic finish.

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6. WINGBO Bamboo Style Stick Floor Lamp

bamboo style floor lamp

Inspired by the elegance of contemporary artistry and simplicity of the minimalistic trend, this modern and sleek white floor lamp can go with your mid-century and transitional room decor style.

The white cylindrical lampshade stands strong on the metal frame and has the classic chain-pull switch to take you back to the mid-modern century.

The quintessential look makes it a versatile and complementary addition for bedrooms, office spaces, and even dining spaces.

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7. Visual Comfort Bamboo Floor Lamp

visual comfort bamboo floor lamp

Despite its modest looks, this vintage lamp brings back the class and character of the mid-modern floor lamps.

The bell-shaped bamboo lamp shade encases a high-performance incandescent bulb that easily blends with your centenary-style home furniture.

If you miss the class and elegance of the mid-century, this studio floor lamp can bring it back to your home.

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8. LUXTORM Bamboo Tripod Lamp

bamboo tripod floor lamp

Bringing back the class and merging it with modern aesthetics, this floor lamp is an exquisite selection to enhance your wall paintings, portraits, and bookshelves.

This industrial standard metal tripod stand will be right by your long chair to give you a soft ambiance during your relaxing time.

The classic and rustic lampshade throws some beautiful highlights to your living room space and can be easily placed anywhere to brighten up your home interiors.

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9. LITFAD Large Bamboo Floor Lamp

rattan bamboo floor lamp

For people with a unique personality and distinct taste, this floor lamp is the ultimate lighting option.

This stylish and creative floor lamp has 3 hanging bamboo encased lights whose brilliance is enhanced by a bright glare from the bottom.

Place it anywhere in your bedroom, living room, or dining area, the result will be a majestic and nimbus warmth.

The unique and creative design makes it a really great selection to spruce up the appeal of coffee shops and restaurants.

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10. Mid Century Bamboo Floor Lamp

woven bamboo floor lamp

A statement from Spanish artistry, this lamp is exceptionally designed taking inspiration from the Art Nouveau style.

The complete body is made of high-quality bamboo making it stout and a classic choice for cultured people.

The Eames era floor lamp has European wiring and a tan finish that takes you back to the retro vintage era.

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11. Mainstays Bamboo Floor Lamp

mainstays bamboo floor lamp

The exotic and trendsetting floor lamp has a long cylindrical simplistic design that can blend with most interior decor styles.

The stylish white lampshade encases 3 CFL lights that give radiate a soft gleam to your living room/bedroom.

Pair two of these along with your sofa to create an eclectic looking indoors.

The delicate lighting of this easy-to-assemble floor lamp is great to relax your mood after a hectic day.

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