How to Choose the Best Lighting for Computer Desk in 2022?

Proper desk lightning is crucial while working behind the computer. It can help to prevent eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

If you spend a lot of time behind the computer screen, it is likely that you are also multitasking and you need good lighting.

A proper desk lamp will illuminate a broad area around your workspace. This means that you can avoid unnecessary head, neck, or eye strain.

There are several lamps in the market. But how to get the best lighting for computer desk? This guide will help you make the right choice.

best lighting for computer desk

What Is the Best Type of Lightning for a Computer Workstation?

Natural lighting through your window is not exactly the best option for working on a computer.

However, not all types of artificial light are good for working on a computer.

Here are some determinants of a good computer lamp:

1. Eye Friendly

This is the main requirement that a computer desk lamp should fulfill.

This depends on the color temperature range and glare-reducing capability of the lamp.

It’s also imperative that the lamp is a non-flickering type.

2. Easy to Use

You should be able to install and use a good computer desk lamp intuitively. A good product should be portable and easy to recharge.

Some lamps are easier to use because of extra enhancements. This could be a more accessible switch or multiple USB ports.

3. Provide Enough Illumination to Cover Your Desk Space

A computer desk light should produce wide and divergent rays of light.

A good computer lighting source must provide enough brightness to cover your workspace.

It should also have adjustable brightness levels for casual reading.

Top 4 Lamp Types for Computer Desk

There are several types of lighting for a computer workspace. You can choose to install a swing arm desk lamp beside you or the clip-on lamp.

Here are some of the most popularly used types of computer lamps available in the market:

1. Overhead Lamps – Provide Aesthetics and Proper Illumination

Overhead lamps are usually attached to the ceiling above. They can give light to a wide space in your workstation.

This is because they occupy a central position in the room.

Common types of overhead lights include recessed lights, track lights, and chandeliers.

Overhead lamps strike the balance between aesthetics and proper illumination.

2. Tabletop Lamps – Reduce Eye Strain

A tabletop lamp can generate enough lightning for computer jobs, contrary to popular opinion. 

It produces dilute and soft rays of light. They also cut down on glare which causes eye strain.

Cordless tabletop lamps are also available for better flexibility and movement.

3. Monitor Light Bar – Occpies Few Space

Monitor light bars are affordable. They do not take up much space on your work table. They come in handy if you are using an external mouse and keyboard.

Light bars are usually compatible with both straight and curved screens.

They also have multiple brightness levels and an auto-dimming feature.

4. USB Computer Lights – Increase Portability

Some people might prefer a small lighting medium to a big one. A USB computer light is a small and efficient device.

This device can have 10-100 LEDs that give out light. USB lights consume a small amount of power and are versatile.

You can plug them into your computer while in use.

Which Lamp Meets Your Purposes?

Most lamp manufacturers keep versatility in mind whenever they design their products.

Most computer desk lamp structures are general purpose-driven.

However, some types of lamps are better suited for a range of tasks.

Here are some of the types of lamps you can consider for different purposes:

1. Streaming – Consider Ring Lights

An LED desktop lamp will be convenient for streaming. It is especially good for people who are just starting live streaming on social media.

Your setup can be as simple as a lamp fixed to a webcam.

You can also use an LED ring light. There is no need for an expensive setup.

2. Gaming – Consider RGB Lamps

The vibe for gamers is unique. You don’t necessarily need a sharp white light while gaming.

Most gaming enthusiasts buy lamps that can produce a variety of colors to fit the mood.

A monitor light bar with variable color temperature settings will do the job perfectly.

3. Computer Workstation – Consider High CRI Lamps

You will need a solid and bright light for your workstation.

Get a desktop lamp that has an adjustable height, brightness, angle, and temperature settings.

It will also be great if you can get one that has a high CRI value that provides high color accuracy, especially for CAD work.

6 Best Lighting for Computer Desk Reviews

There are several types of swing arm desk lamps, monitor light bars, and clip-on lights in the market. It can be difficult to make the best choice, given the wide array of products.

Here are some of the best lamps you can use for your computer workstation.

1. Baseus Space-Saving Aluminum Monitor Light Bar for Computer

The Baseus Aluminum Monitor light bar is lightweight and has a dimension of 3.62 x 2.59 x 17.71 inches.

You can power this light bar with your computer via a USB cable-C.

It has powerful LEDs that can illuminate your keyboard and workstation setup.

best lighting for computer workstation


This Aluminum Monitor light bar is suitable for a wide range of tasks. It can be suitable for gaming, office working, conferences, and studying.

You can power it with a USB hub, wall charger, or your computer.

It works well with brands like LG, Trio, Acer, Dell, Spectre, and other brands.

No Screen Glare or Flicker

The three-color modes on this device include warm light (2800k), mix light (4000k), and cool white light (5500k). The warm light works well for reading.

The Baseus Monitor light bar also has a light memory function that can restore previous brightness and level color temperature settings.

Compact Design

This light bar has a decent structure that doesn’t take up the whole space on your work table. It doesn’t require any special installation.

All you have to do is clamp it to the top edge of your monitor.

It is perfect for a flat monitor thickness within the range of 0.3 to 0.8 inches.

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2. LEPOWER Clip-on light

The LEPOWER Clip-on light is another excellent and compact choice for a computer desk.

It comes in a premium black color with other accessories. This Clip-on light uses LEDs as its illumination source.

You can power this lamp by connecting it to your wall socket or computer USB port.

best clip on desk light for computer work

Soft to the Eye

The light does not produce any flickering effect that causes eye tiredness.

To switch on the clip-on light, press a single button. The color temperature levels available are 3000k, 4000k, and 5500k.

You can step up the intensity by hitting two buttons on the switch.

Strong and Flexible Design

The neck is made from a durable metal tube.

The handle will not wobble around when you are trying to adjust the light. The gooseneck is also easy to twist and turn in any direction you need.

You can fix the light on any word thickness within 2.36 inches.

The lamp holder can also rotate through a complete revolution. The foam pad will also keep any scratches from your furniture.

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3. BenQ Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

The BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp is a good eye strain-resistant tabletop lamp.

Its material is metallic with a brushed steel finish.

best office lighting for computer work to protect eyes

Highly Flexible Design

The BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp is aesthetically appealing and flexible.

A light cap made from aluminum alloy releases the heat generated by the LEDs to the surroundings.

The torque spring is made from zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is known for its strength, durability, and stability.

Evenly Distributed Lighting

This swing arm desk lamp produces a consistent and flicker-free light.

It is perfect for use as a gaming lamp, desk lamp, or study lamp.

The evenly distributed color tone protects you from eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Automatic Illumination Sensing Attribute

Another unique feature in the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is a built-in ambient sensor.

This sensor works by monitoring the illumination level in the room. It will adjust the lamp’s brightness automatically to match your needs.

BenQ e-Reading LED panels can give you more than 40,000 hours of lighting.

Wide Angle Coverage and Mood Lighting

It can produce sufficient light to illuminate an area of 35 inches. The illumination angle is 150% wider than the conventional desktop reading lamp. Its illuminance value is 1800 lux.

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4. V-light Bankers’ Lamp with Replaceable Bulbs

This V-light lamp has a unique shape and design. It has a full metallic body with an antique bronze color. This awesome has a green-colored shade material. It only comes in an antique bronze color. The shade material can either be metal or glass.

best task lighting for home office

Easy to Maintain and Soft to The Eye

This affordable desk lamp has a simple power cord for electrical power. The green glass or metallic shade encases the energy-saving bulb.

This setup reduces the harshness of the bulb and produces a cool, glare-free light. If the bulb goes out, you can replace it with a new one.

Easy To Operate

This special banker’s style lamp is classic, simple, and aesthetically appealing.

This lamp’s square base will make it stand firm on your work desk.

This lamp comes with a pull chain to switch on the light easily.

You can rotate the head of this classic lamp within 180 degrees to the direction you desire.

Suitable for Different Use Cases

This V-light is made in the form of a unique banker’s style lamp. You can use it in an executive suite or your home office. The lamp is tall enough to allow you to multitask at your workstation.

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5. AmazLit CLED-026C Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This swing arm Aluminum alloy-made lamp has a brushed finish and a Minimalist Linear shape. This desk lamp has a luminous intensity and wattage of 900 lumen and 10 watts.

It provides stepless dimming and a wide range of color temperatures.

desk light for computer games

Energy Efficient and Memory Attribute

This lamp has a memory function that keeps track of your last temperature and brightness settings.

This desk lamp also has 98 LEDs that consume 80% less energy compared to conventional bulbs. These LEDs can also work for up to 50,000 hours.

You can also control this desk lamp via wall street.

Strong Metallic Support Structure

This architect lamp has a long and flexible neck coupled with a strong metallic clamp. The entire setup can twist in different angles and directions on a three-dimensional axis.

The metal clamp also has silicone pads, it will not leave any dents or scratches on your table.

It can work with up to 2.1 inches of tabletop space.

Soft to the Eye and Automatic Delay Option

This lamp provides a spectrum of color options and good brightness levels.

This AmazLit lamp has been integrated with automatic lights-off technology. You can set the timer clock to 10 minutes before sleeping.

You can be sure that the lamp will go off within that time.

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6. I2 Gear USB Computer Lamp

The i2 Gear USB lamp is perfect for laptop work, coupled with other side activities.

This product has a unique and simple design. All you have to do is plug it into your computer while working.

portable usb computer light

Portable Design and Flexible

This small USB laptop light has a strong and flexible silicone gooseneck that you can turn in any direction you wish. You don’t need any batteries.

The panel has 14 LED bulbs with three brightness level settings.

Its compact structure means that you can carry it in your baggage and handbag wherever you are going.

Wide Range of Compatibility

This small lamp can work well on type A USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports of your computer.

Apart from use for serious work, you can use it during casual reading and relaxation.

This flexible gooseneck lamp is compatible with MacBook, HP, Chromebook, Acer, and other brands.

Good Alternative for A Keyboard Backlight

You can bend the lamp in such a way that it will not cast a shadow on your screen.

It has a length of about 18 inches that can extend properly over small, medium-sized, and large keyboards.

For people who don’t have keyboards with a backlight, this lamp will be a perfect alternative.

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How To Choose the Best Lighting for Your Computer Desk?

There are some factors to consider to get the best lighting for your computer desk.

  • Do you want a versatile product that can help you multitask on your workstation?
  • How do you plan to install the lamp to suit your workspace?

The answers to these kinds of questions will help you make a proper choice.

1. Is Warm or Cool Light Better for Computers?

The location of your workspace determines this factor. Warm colors tend to be better while working on a computer.

They are usually less harsh on the eyes.

A very cool color will give out a light that is similar to your computer screen light.

2. What Is the Suitable Lamp Height for Monitors?

Any horizontal point that is 4-11cm below the top portion of your screen should be in line with your eyes.

Visualize or measure a length of 15 inches from the bottom of the lampshade to the desk’s top.

This is a good height for focusing the light on your computer and reading materials.

3. Should I Buy One with An Adjustable Light Intensity?

It is essential to buy a lamp with adjustable light intensity.

You will be able to set the intensity to the right level to keep you stimulated and active. It will also prevent glare on your computer screen.

The good news is that almost all modern desk lamps allow you to adjust their brightness intensity.

4. Is Appearance/Design A Necessity?

Appearance or design is important because it should match your interior décor. However, other important factors to consider include durability, versatility, and functionality.

Some people don’t care about an object’s physical appearance while others do.

If you find a beautiful lamp that will function efficiently, that is a double combo for you.

5. Should I Buy One with an Adjustable Light Angle?

You should get a lamp with an adjustable lighting angle. The neck should be flexible so that you can direct it wherever you want.

It should have a high degree of rotation on a three-dimensional axis. Your personal preference also matters in making this choice.

What is the Best Lighting Position for Your Computer Desk?

The setup and lighting of your workstation can have a defining effect on your productivity. Your workstation furniture should suit your needs.

As for lightning, it will go a long way to reduce body aches and eye tiredness. You can either use an overhead lamp or a small lamp on your desk.

If you are using a desk lamp, position it such that the light does not get into your eyes. It should not cast a shadow on your workspace.

  • If you are left-handed, place the source of light on your right side.
  • If you are using an overhead lamp, tilt your monitor downward a bit to prevent glare from the light above.

How to Reduce Eye Strain While Working on Your Computer?

Eye strain or computer vision syndrome happens when we spend too much time with our computer screens.

When you type or read for extended hours, the moisture layer on your eyes will evaporate faster.

Here are some measures that can help to reduce eye strain.

1. Always Use Proper Lighting

Excessive illumination coming from sunlight through your window can cause eye strain.

Close your blinds or drapes to cut off external light. Extra bright interior lights can affect your eyes.

Reduce the number of fluorescent tubes or light bulbs you are using. If possible, cut off any form of overhead fluorescent light.

Use a floor lamp or desk light that can produce less harsh LED light.

2. Adjust Your Computer’s Brightness Settings

The right computer brightness settings will go a long way in reducing computer vision syndrome.

The brightness of your computer screen should be almost equal to that of your surroundings.

Too high or too low screen brightness is not beneficial.

Use a large font size and mid-point contrast while typing or reading text documents.

The best combination is black text on a white background.

3. Adjust Your Computer’s Color Temperature

The color temperature of your computer describes the range of visible light emitted from it.

Blue light has a short wavelength. It is more likely to cause eye fatigue compared to longer wavelength lights.

The best deal is to minimize the color temperature of your display.

Those colors are less harsh on your eyes.

4. Blink Intermittently

It is crucial to blink while working on your computer screen.

Most people don’t do this enough while looking at their phones, laptops, or desktops.

A good rule of thumb is to blink slowly 10 times every 20 minutes. It will help your eyes stay moist.

5. Take Frequent Breaks

Take a walk from your workstation during regular intervals. It will cut down the chances of body pain and eye fatigue. Stretch out your hands and legs during those breaks.

Apply the “20-20-20” rule.

Stare away from your computer for 20 seconds to an object about 20 feet away within 20 minutes.


1. Is It Better to Have Light While Working on My Computer?

Yes. You should use some form of artificial lighting while working on the computer. The light from your screen is not enough to illuminate your keyboard.

Artificial lighting is better than natural light because it helps you to focus the rays of light on your workstation.

At night, you must use an overhead or desk lamp.

2. Is It Bad To Have A Light Behind My Computer?

It is not bad to have a lamp behind you while working. Placing a lamp behind your monitor can go a long way to reduce eye strain.

It means you are raising the average ambient lighting intensity of the room. You will also get a better feel of the room’s contrast.

3. How Many Lumens Are Bright Enough for Computer Work?

The number of lumens depends on the type of task you are doing. Anything in the range of 400 to 600 lumens is ideal while working on the computer. A 40-watt bulb will produce this amount of brightness.

What Is the Best Lighting for A Computer Desk?

There is no ultimate best source of lighting for your computer workstation. It depends on your personal preferences and home’s setup. Both the Baseus Aluminum Monitor Light Bar and the LEPOWER are great and affordable choices for laptops and computers that you should consider.