10 Best Asian Floor Lamps for Vintage & Modern Rooms in 2022

Floor lamps are one of the best ways to add some character and style to any space. Along with throwing a shade on the special features of your home interiors, they also work as great aesthetic additions themselves.

And when it comes to the best, no other floor lamps are as sophisticatedly and creatively designed as the Asian floor lamps.

Known for their style and sturdiness, Asian style floor lamps can add a new life and vibe to any interior.

Let’s check out what’s so special about them and which one you should pick for your home decor.

What Type of Room Décor Calls for an Asian Inspired Floor Lamp?

When it comes to designs, the oriental style floor lamps have limitless options which mean no matter whether you have a simplistic farmhouse interior or modern stylish decor, these lamps can be easily added to the space.

For example, if you prefer the functionality and craftsmanship of the Scandinavian style, then the best you should have is a drawer floor lamp with square light on top. These lamps will add more functionality to your home.

If you have a classy home where you prefer fewer colors but fresh, airy palettes and natural textures – you should go for standing accent lamps that can give a fine finish to the space. Other than this standing accent lamps and column floor lamps will go really fine with mid-century homes.

Finally, if you want to go more traditional, go for classic tiffany lampshades for your indoors.

Top 10 Best Asian Floor Lamps Reviews

1. Brightech Liam Chinese Lantern LED Floor Lamp

chinese lantern floor lamp

An aesthetic addition for contemporary bedrooms, this oil-rubbed bronze-colored modern floor lamp gives the space a peaceful accent.

These 3 bright dimmable lamps can be matched with various home decor styles including retro, vintage, industrial, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

With this sturdy and modern 74-inch tall floor lamp, you can say a forever goodbye to harsh brightness.

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2. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp with Drawer for Storage

brightech maxwell led shelf floor lamp modern standing lamp for asian style rooms

This easy-to-place and versatile floor lamp is an immaculate addition for people who love the Japanese decor style.

This special edition lamp has got a set of shelves that are perfect for your books, Alexa, or vases.

Its discreet and modern design is ideal for narrow and small places and will look great by your bedside or in your living room.

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3. Brightech Parker Oriental Style Modern & Contemporary Column Floor Lamp

oriental style floor lamps

Classically designed and contemporary styled, this tower lamp brings gorgeous and uniform lighting to your indoors.

The 48-inch column floor lamp radiates soft light all around the place which makes it a great injection for your large bedrooms and biophilic interior designs.

This mid-century Asian style lamp has a soft linen cylinder shade that contains 2 long-life warm bulbs and is a safe and impressive choice for nursery rooms.

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4. Light Accents Japanese Rice Paper Floor Lamp

asian rice paper floor lamps

This robust and high-quality Japanese-style floor lamp will look elegant in your bedroom, dining room, and other modern house decors.

The polished chrome finish on the lamp’s base with pure white Japanese-style paper lampshade makes it an ideal corner lamp to provide ambient lighting to the bedrooms.

The diploma floor lamp set comprises two 12 inches wide and 50 inches high stylish lamp that is sturdy for radiate bight light in your area.

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5. WerFACTORY Antique Pullchain Tiffany Floor Lamp

antique oriental floor lamps

Wanting that traditional tiffany lampshade with a pull chain that brings back the Japanese taste and character to the space?

Choose this floor lamp.

With 2 way switching, handmade crafts, and high-quality material, this stained glass lamp is also available in shorter heights to put on your bedside tables.

Put it in your bedroom, or office space, its ingenious design will definitely add a new style and taste to the otherwise dull space.

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6. Brightech Chinese Look Modern Arc Floor Lamp

modern asian floor lamp

The tall thin body of this industrial style arc floor lamp can be easily adjusted into the corners throwing some dazzling hanging lighting on your sofas and beds.

The singularly designed hanging lampshades can complement any type of home interior and give off a bright warm light to create a cozy, comfortable, and well-lit space.

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7. Brightech Montage Standing Accent Floor Lamp with Durable Brass Build

brass asian floor lamps

This upright montage accent floor lamp can go with numerous living room decors and spread a warm and cousin lighting to the room.

The 5-foot-tall dimmable Alexa & Google Home compatible lamp stands strikingly and supports smart on-off anywhere and everywhere.

The study lamp is very easy-to-assemble by itself and the brass finish can go very well with mid-century modern and contemporary home furnishings.

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8. Regency Hill Traditional Rustic Floor Lamp with Red Natural Mica Shade

asian floor lamp

Made for the rustic charm and simplicity of the farmhouse style interiors, this rustic bronze mica shade features the classic twin on-off pull chain switches and high-quality bulbs.

Due to the natural occurrence of mica, every single lamp piece has some slight variation in light patterns.

This 57 ½ inches tall mission floor lamp has a bronze finish that adds a glowing radiance to your space.

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9. Adesso Japanese Look Bright Floor Lamp with Dual Lights

oriental style floor lamps with bright light

A perfect blend of modern and Japanese styles – this lamp gives a really unique vibe.

Thanks to the distinct light patterns formed by the twisting frame made up of stacked black cane sticks and black metal poles, this stix style Asian floor lamp gives off a soft and textured light to enliven any space with some gorgeous aesthetics.

The miniature ball-style design prevents a lot of scratches and damage to the carpeting, wood, tile, and other flooring surfaces keeping your indoors well-lit and attractive for a long time.

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10. Adesso Industrial 3-Head Floor Lamp

oritenal arched floor lamps

With quality workmanship and antique bronze finish, this floor lamp is specially designed for home decors that prefer more natural essence and color patterns.

The 3 barrel-shaped well-lit lamps gorgeously hang on a sturdy base and can be adjusted to evenly light up the whole area.

The long 82-inch lamp with elegantly hanging paper lampshades will add more charm to your corners, entryways, bedsides, and other interior settings.

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Whether you are going for simplistic farmhouse style or want some mid-century classic lighting in your home. These Asian floor lamps can easily fill up the void in your space and brighten up the area to add some new life to it.