An Ultra Guide on the Best Aladdin Oil Lamp: Top Reviews, Choosing Tips & Operating Instructions

Aladdin is a mysterious, magical, and legendary story that our parents used to tell to soothe us into falling asleep back in the day. But the story has grown into reality through the designation of it being the lamp used to light up our homes, costumes, and source of decoration for many events such as Halloween, Christmas festival, birthday, and many more.

This article will highlight the best Aladdin oil lamp to help you understand in detail about it.

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Advantages of Using an Aladdin Oil Lamp

best aladdin oil lamp reviews

– Portable and Versatile

Aladdin oil lamps are uniquely designed with a round base that allows you to hold it. In contrast, some have been designed with handles and are generally lightweight, making it easier to walk with it while illuminating your way in the dark.

Aladdin oil lamp is the best lighting option when there is a power outage because they feature a mantle with an incandescent to produce much brightness equivalent to an electric bulb.

Therefore, it is the best backup plan for lighting your home.

– Decorates the Interior of Your Home

The Aladdin oil lamp is uniquely designed and is alloyed or polished with some metallic minerals like gold, silver, and bronze to make it look appealing and beautiful in the room.

Furthermore, they even create a mysterious and magical atmosphere in the room; hence, good for interior decoration and can fit anywhere in the house.

– Long-Lasting

The Aladdin oil lamp is constructed and coated from high-quality metal that is rust-free and non-corrosive, making it long-lasting and durable from generation to generation.

Besides, it will save you on the cost of regularly replacing the kerosene lantern.

– Friendly to Use

Its portability and efficient burning to produce a bright light equivalent to an electric bulb make it reliable during camping in the forest.

The Aladdin oil lamp is designed with enough ventilation that supplies efficient air to the burning wick, producing little soot compared to other traditional oil lamps. It is thus friendly and does not pollute the environment.

– Economical

The Aladdin oil lamp does not consume a lot of oil since it has a wick whose main purpose is to heat the mantle, so s to produce the light needed.

Besides, it features a good ventilation system that ensures the oil’s efficient burning, which utilizes oil consumption.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Aladdin Oil Lamp

antique aladdin oil lamp

Aladdin oil lamp is known for its decorative and aesthetic look, but there is more about it and its importance before you purchase and for you get all the benefit there are factors or guides to consider before you purchase it, these include;

  • Construction Material

Most of the Aladdin oil lamps are either constructed from either metal or ceramic material. They are both good, but it depends on your budget, durability, and aesthetic value.

Therefore, it is good to consider the one made from alloyed metal because it can withstand high humidity rust-resistant, non-corrosive, durable, and long-lasting.

  • Size

The site has a great deal and impact on the size of the room and where it is placed.

Therefore, the bigger the size, the brighter the room because when the room is bigger, it will require powerful illumination for the room to be visible; hence, the smaller the oil lamp, the dimmer the room would be inconvenience the purpose it was intended for.

Furthermore, the bigger the glass chimney, meaning; the brighter the light will be projected.

  • Ventilation

The best Aladdin oil lamp’s metal collar should feature enough opening to increase airflow inside the lamp for efficient combustion of the wick to produce bright light and flame to burn in uplight direction without much soot.

Furthermore, the ventilation also prevents the production of carbon monoxide from the lamp.

  • Adjustability

The best Aladdin oil lamp should be featured with an adjustable knob to allow you to increase or reduce the flame to make the room visible and brighter enough to walk across the room without tripping or stumbling and help you work efficiently at night.

  • The Quality and Size of the Glass Chimney

The chimney of the Aladdin oil lamp should be constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand temperature change and do not heat faster.

Some chimneys break or crack when there is an abrupt or sudden change in temperature since they absorb heat so fast and quickly.

The chimney should be high enough to block wind from blowing off the flame, which might be dangerous when the flame comes into contact with anything flammable.

  • The tank

The Aladdin oil lamp tank should be wide and deep enough to hold more oil to avoid being inconvenienced when their power outage or electricity default in the middle of the night.

Besides, the big tank will also help the wick burn brighter because the oil is sufficient and will prevent you from refilling it regularly.

  • Design

The Aladdin lamp design is also a crucial feature that adds an aesthetic value to your home even if it is not in use because it makes the room look luxurious, exotic, legendary, and mysterious and provides a magical atmosphere in the room.

Besides, you can use it for decorating the house during a birthday party, festivals, Halloween party, and costuming.

  • The mantle

The burner is the metal piece placed on the Aladdin oil lamp’s collar that holds the mantle and connects the wick to the oil tank to act as the mechanism that works on mixing the oil and the air to get the desired flame.

However, if the mantle is bigger or wider than the burner’s standard size, it will cause air and heat to escape inside the oil tank, which could be hazardous.

Therefore, you should consider an Aladdin oil lamp with a mantle of standard size that perfectly fits the burner.

Well, fitted mantle produces a bright light that you desire.

Aladdin Oil Lamp vs. Aladdin Electric Lamps

Which is better to use, an Aladdin oil lamp or electric lamps? We make a comprehensive comparison that you need to know before buying.

– Aladdin Oil Lamp

Aladdin oil lamp has a burner designed to mix air and fuel to the correct ratio that creates a blue flame using a wick.

The wick is designed to flow fuel evenly and heat the mantle using the burning wick to around 2000 degrees, causing the mantle to glow and produce a bright light equivalent to an electric bulb.

Besides, the Aladdin oil lamp features a chimney that helps to draw the hot burning air out to allow the right amount of fresh air to flow inside for efficient oil burning, prevent other elements that may cause the flame from being blow off by the wind, and to maintain the pure blue flame.

Furthermore, the Aladdin oil lamp has an adjusting knob that allows you to increase or decrease the flame to your desired brightness.

– Aladdin Electric Lamp

Contrarily, the Aladdin electric lamp is designed in shape as the Aladdin oil lamp, but it functions differently to produce the incandescent light. The Aladdin electric lamps use electricity to heat the mantle, and its brightness can be adjusted using a fitted button.

However, some of the Aladdin electric lamps have been made to multifunction, meaning it allows you to use oil whenever the power goes/ when your experience power outage and the advantage of using an electric Aladdin lamp is that it works efficiently both indoors and outdoors because it other elements do not interfere with it burning process.

Reviews of the 5 Best Aladdin Oil Lamps

1. Best with Bright Light – Purism Style Porcelain and Glass Table Oil Lamp

What We Liked

  • Vintage decorative lamp
  • Burns both oil and kerosene
  • Glass chimney projects more light
  • The flame burns in an uplight direction
  • Ventilated top for efficient airflow and burning

What We Didn’t

  • It requires much care handling it

aladdin kerosene lamp

Purism style Aladdin lamp is one of the best lamps essential during a power outage, and it is uniquely designed to use either kerosene or mineral oil made from petroleum.

Its base is 24mm and is made from ceramic featured with the flower to be aesthetic and decorative, and it does not rust or corrode; hence, it can last longer in places with high humidity. The ceramic is hassle-free whenever you want to clean it by wipe cleaning with a wet cloth.

The kerosene lantern stands 5.75 inches tall featured a glass chimney that’s aids in brightness and directs the soot upwards.

The top of the wick features a metal collar that holds the Chimney, and it has ventilation for efficient airflow for the wick to burn brighter and the flame to burn in an upright direction.

Furthermore, you can flame brighter/dim by adjusting the wick using the handheld knob located at the side.

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2. Best Vintage – Sunmall Legend Antique Magic Genie Tabletop Aladdin Lamp for Decor

What We Liked

  • Constructed with alloyed zinc that is rust-resistant and durable
  • Gold polished, curved ending and floral engraved surface for indoor décor
  • Best and perfect gift for wedding, birthday, kids, and wife
  • Can prop with many costumes and photography

What We Didn’t

  • Some customers may not like its vintage looking

aladdin mantle lamp

SUNMALL Aladdin lamp Magic Genie is one of the best gifts you can give to your family, bride, and girlfriend due to its magic genie fairy tale, vintage and mysterious magic decoration outlook.

The vintage lamp is made from a rust-resistant premium zinc alloy, and the surface is engraved with floral to look luxurious. It is designed with carved endings to display a mysterious and legendary look to boost your exotic feelings.

Furthermore, the magic genie is embossed with gold polish to increase its mystery aesthetic for personal decoration and fine taste to brighten everyone’s eyes in your house.

Therefore, it is recommendable for weddings, props for photography, retro incense burners, Halloween costumes, and party costume.

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3. Best Cheap – Rubie’s Old Plastic Aladdin Oil Lamp Under $10

What We Liked

  • Pocket friendly
  • It is simple and lightweight
  • Blends with all costumes
  • A functional lid can be used as storage for jewelry

What We Didn’t

  • Made from plastic

aladdin paraffin lamp

Rubie’s Genie lamp is one of Rubie’s costume company’s best costume products for Halloween, Easter, party, Christmas, Mardi gras, birthday costumes, and accessories.

The Genie lamp is constructed with solid gold plastic, and it has a functional lid. The functional lid that opens and closes and looks real is that you can decide to be creative with your partner to entertain your kid while wearing Aladdin fairy tale costumes.

Furthermore, due to its function, it makes it suitable for storing jewelry or other small items.

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4. Best with Lid – Spooktacular Inexpensive Plastic Gold Aladdin Genie Lamp

What We Liked

  • Pocket friendly
  • Meets the US toy standard. Safety test approved.
  • Functional lid
  • It is made of high-quality material.

What We Didn’t

  • None

antique aladdin kerosene lamps

Spooktacular is constructed from high-quality premium plastic material with maximum endurance for durability and reusable use.

The Halloween Genie plastic gold lamp is designed with a unique and typical designed functional lid that opens and closes for more fun.

Spooktacular Genie lamp is among the best accessory for kids and adults for enhancing costumes and events for any genie, Arabian, sultan, or harem costumes.

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5. Best Luxury – Sunmall Brass Vintage Aladdin Kerosene Lamp

What We Liked

  • Constructed with alloyed zinc that is rust-resistant and durable
  • Gold polished, curved ending and floral engraved surface for indoor décor
  • Props with many costumes and photography
  • Provides a luxurious look and exotic feeling

What We Didn’t

  • None

red ruby aladdin beehive lamp

The vintage lamp is made from a rust-resistant premium zinc alloy, and the surface is engraved with floral to look luxurious. It is designed with carved endings to display a mysterious and legendary look to boost your exotic feelings.

The magic genie is embossed with gold polish to increase its mystery aesthetic for personal decoration and fine taste to brighten everyone’s eyes in your house.

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How to Assemble Your New Aladdin Oil Lamp?

Please read these instructions before assembling your new lamp.

1. Carefully unwrap all parts of your lamp.

2. If your lamp is equipped with a shade and tripod (shade holder), please note that tripod attaches to lamp between burner and bowl.(Fig. 1)

aladdin kerosene lamp parts

3. Screw burner into bowl by turning it clockwise.

4. Remove Lox-On mantle from box by handling the wire frame.(Fig.2) Do not touch mantle fabric. Fit mantle to burner gallery- the upper detachable part of the burner which also holds the chimney when assembled.(Fig.3) Lock mantle into place by turning it clockwise.

aladdin lamp shades glass
kerosene mantle lamp

5. Insert lox-on chimney into gallery (fig.4) and secure in place by gently turning clockwise. The chimney should not fit snugly, but should have a slight looseness to allow for heat expansion when lamp is lit.

Do not over tighten. Chimney is prone to breakage if over tightened. If you have trouble fitting the chimney into the gallery, you may have to bend the metal tabs on the gallery outward slightly.

aladdin glass lamp

6. Place shade on tripod arms.(Fig.5) If shade fits too tightly, bend arms of tripod down slightly to accommodate shade.

aladdin hurricane lamp

7. If your lamp is equipped with an electric converter and you wish to use the electric converter, follow the same instructions for assembly as those for the kerosene burner ( steps 2 and 3 ).

Then screw in the light bulb you have chosen (a 60 watt bulb is suggested for the electric converter). Insert the chimney as described in step 5 above. The tripod will fit between the converter and the lamp bowl in the same manner as described above for the kerosene burner.

How to Use an Aladdin Oil Lamp?

Using an Aladdin oil lamp is not easy if you have never used it before, you can learn theoretically by following the following process:

  • Remove the shade if fitted. Then remove the gallery, Chimney, and the mantle.
  • Adjust the wick until it sticks out about ¼ inch.
  • Light the wick with a matchstick and wait until it spread around and burns evenly on the wick.
  • Keenly replace the gallery and ensure it is down and secured in place for it to burn with blue flame; if not secured, please secure it.
  • Put the mantle back to the top of the burning wick.
  • Turn up your wick until you see a little glow on top of the mantle.
  • Let it heat up properly for about ten minutes/ until a yellow sooty flame bursts out on the mantle’s outer edge.
  • Then adjust it until the mantle is about ¾ glowing and put the Chimney back to the top.
  • After you are done using the Aladdin oil lamp, turn the wick down, then blow across the top of the Chimney but do not blow down into the lamp.

Instructions for Lighting and Operating Your New Aladdin Lamp

1. Fill bowl with aladdin lamp oil or a good grade of fresh, clean, refined kerosene. Never use gasoline or other dangerous fuels in your aladdin lamp. The use of scented lamp oil is not recommended since additives in these oils can clog the wick and interfere with the correct operation of your lamp.

2. Allow the wick in the burner to soak in the kerosene at least one hour before attempting to light your lamp. This is very important since the wick must be adequately soaked with kerosene to burn properly.

3. With a lit match, burn off the protective coating on the mantle by removing the chimney and touching the match to the bottom of the mantle.(Fig.7)

aladdin burners

Do not touch the mantle with the match stick itself, since this will damage the mantle. The protective coating will burn off in a flash of flame when the coating burns off; this is normal. Replace the chimney in its original position over the mantle on to the gallery.(Fig.4)

aladdin glass lamp

4. Now you are ready to light your aladdin lamp. Turn gallery counter-clockwise and lift gallery, mantle and chimney as a unit off the burner. (Fig.8a) Make certain that the outer wick tube is not removed and remains securely attached to the burner.

Do not remove chimney from gallery. After the coating has been burned off the mantle, always keep the gallery, mantle and chimney intact as a unit.

aladdin oil lamp antique

5. Turn wick up about one-eighth inch above the outer wick tube and light wick. (Fig.8b)when flame has covered entire top edge of wick, carefully place gallery, mantle and chimney unit on burner and lock into place. Do not allow gallery to drop into position as this could injure the mantle.

6. Turn wick up slowly until part of the mantle glows white and then allow it to stand for several minutes at this level to warm up. Never turn lamp up to brightest light immediately after lighting as this will cause the lamp to overburn and begin to smoke in a short time.

After several minutes turn lamp up to a level of about 75 percent (3/4) of the brightest light output. After the burner has fully warmed up, the heat generated will cause the mantle to increase the intensity of its glow.

7. A correct lighting condition exists when you have an illuminated mantle without points of orange flame breaking through the mantle. If points of flame break through the mantle, the wick is turned up too high and should be adjusted downward.

8. To put out light, turn wick down just below wick tube until flame disappears. Blow softly into burner (fig.9) or across top of chimney(fig.10) to insure flame is extinguished.

Raise wick to check that lamp is extinguished. Never leave your lamp unattended while it is operating. If you must leave the room, extinguish the lamp.

aladdin student lamp
aladdin genie oil lamp

9. Do not clean wick unless it has a formation of carbon crust on it. If it must be cleaned, remove gallery assembly and turn wick down until the top edge of the wick is even with the wick tube flange. Then remove flame spreader from inner wick tube.(Fig.11)

Insert wick cleaner into wick tube.(Fig.12) Turn wick up until it presses gently against the cleaner. Turn wick cleaner clockwise slowly until wick is smooth. Never permit cleaner to ruffle or gouge wick as this will produce a ragged wick and high points of flame when lamp is lit.

paraffin lamp mantle
aladdin corinthian lamp

10. When replacing wick, please refer to instructions supplied with replacement wick.

Tips of Using Your Aladdin Oil Lamps

1. Never use gasoline or other dangerous fuels in your aladdin lamp. Use aladdin lamp oil or a good grade of fresh, clean, refined kerosene. Be sure that the container in which you keep your kerosene is kept clean at all times.

Every time you install a new wick (or every six months), empty the lamp bowl, clean it, and put in fresh aladdin lamp oil or kerosene. If you want to use lamp oil , aladdin lamp oil is especially formulated for best operation of aladdin lamps. It can be obtained from your dealer.

2. Soak new wick at least one hour before using lamp.

3. Handle chimney, mantle and gallery as a unit. This protects the mantle. Do not remove chimney from gallery except to clean chimney or to install new mantle and burn off mantle protective coating.

4. Allow your aladdin lamp to warm up as directed in step 6 of the instructions for lighting and operating your lamp found in the previous section.

5. Care of the wick. Use your wick cleaner carefully. It is designed only to remove carbon and to keep the top of the wick smooth and uniform. If your wick has become too badly charred and too uneven, replace it. Remember, an irregular and charred wick produces poor light.

6. Care of the flame spreader. This small thimble-like part which rests on the inner wick tube, must be kept clean and free from dirt. If it becomes dented, replace it at once.

7. Fresh air is necessary. Your aladdin lamp requires fresh air in order to burn with a blue flame which gives you a brilliant white light. You will get best results from your lamp if the room in which it is used is well ventilated. Never use your lamp in a sealed, air-tight area.

8. Insure proper performance. Keep aladdin parts properly assembled. The flame spreader must be seated all the way down—the outer wick tube securely locked in place—the mantle properly and securely locked on the gallery and the gallery properly locked in position on the burner.

9. How to clean sooted mantle. If the mantle should accidentally become blackened from carbon or soot, it may be cleaned by turning the flame low and letting the soot burn off slowly. An excessively blackened mantle may require replacement.

10. Do not place your lamp near flammable or combustible materials. A distance of at least 30 inches from the ceiling to the top of the chimney of your lamp is recommended.

For hanging lamps equipped with a heat bell,shorter distances between lamp and ceiling are acceptable as indicated in instructions for these lamps. Always allow adequate distance between walls and lamp so that excessive heat build up does not occur.

11. Be sure the flame is not turned too high- this will cause smoking.

12. Make sure the wick is even in height with no rough spots.

13. If there is excessive carbon or residue from oil on the top of the wick, it needs to be cleaned with the wick cleaner which was supplied with your new lamp.

14. Flame spreader must be seated in the center tube. Be sure all holes in the flame spreader are clear and not clogged with carbon or dirt.

15. Dents in the flame spreader will alter the performance of your lamp.

16. Mantle must be locked in correct position.

17. Outer wick tube must be locked to burner base.

18. A good grade of kerosene or lamp oil (clear, unscented) must be used in your Aladdin lamp. If your mantle will not glow at the top, but only at the bottom, regardless of how high the wick is turned, it is the result of BAD FUEL.

19. Do not use liquid paraffin (ultra-pure). This tends to pool in the burner base causing flare-ups which may destroy your mantle and/or chimney.


1. What Size Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp Can I Choose?

Aladdin oil lamps exist in different sizes, and it depends on or what it is intended with its purpose; for instance, there are three different sizes that you can choose to satisfy your needs, these include;

  • The dimension for the large lamp is; 16cm/6.3 inches {length} by 7.5cm/2.95 inches {high}
  • The dimension for the medium lamp; 11cm/4.33inches {length} by 6cm/23.35inches {high}
  • The dimension for the small lamp; 6.7cm/3.4inches {length} by 4.4cm/1.43 inches {high}

2. How Does an Aladdin Style Oil Lamp Work?

The Aladdin oil lamp has a wick the is connected with a burner to the oil tank whereby when it is lit, and the mantle is placed on top of it to heat it for about ten minutes until it is about 2000 degrees Celsius for the mantle to produce an incandescent light which is brighter.

To increase the brightness, you adjust the height of the wick/flame.

But for this to happen oil lamp must be well ventilated for efficient airflow for the wick to produce a hot blue flame that is soot less and the Aladdin chimney helps draw the hot exhaust air out so that the right amount of fresh air comes into the burner to maintain the hot blue flame.


Aladdin oil lamp is one of the best alternative ways of lighting your home and vintage design to add an aesthetic value to your home’s interior decoration. Therefore, it good we embrace it fully to help you whenever you experience a power outage.

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