How to Choose the Best Oil Lamp Chimney?

Oil lamp chimneys are essentials that mainly everyone who uses or owns an oil lamp should also have. They are crucial tools made from a glass-enclosed around the burning flame of oil light; it purposely keeps wind from blowing off the oil lamp flame.

Moreover, it is responsible for providing a means that will enable the flame’s hot air to properly rise and draw in more fresh air into the lamp, thus ensuring proper and efficient combustion of the oil and flame.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Oil Lamp Chimney?

how to choose oil lamp chimney

Getting the perfect oil lamp chimney is the greatest investment one can ever make; the type of oil lamp chimney you choose determines how much cost you will save or spend.

The following are the essential things one should always consider when choosing oil lamp chimneys:

1. The base diameter

It is one of the most crucial things that one should check on before buying an oil lamp chimney.

If you want to replace your burner’s chimney, you will be required to measure the outside base diameter and try comparing it with the available oil lamp chimneys you wish to buy in the shops.

If you are purchasing a new chimney for your oil lamp, you will be required to measure the lamp’s inner base diameter near the burner and make the necessary comparisons.

2. Height of the chimney

Height has minimal effects on ribbons and cord wick burners; a flame can properly burn with any chimney height.

However, height becomes more crucial for the overall look and appearance of the oil lamp.

For instance, if you use a burner with a tubular shaped wick burner, you will be required to choose a chimney capable of providing the highest brightness and cleanest flame.

You will need a chimney shorter than ten inches for the best performance when you use a burner with a stitched tubular shape.

3. Shape and style

The feature varies from one person to another; it all depends on their tastes and preferences. Either shape or style has zero effects on the flame and air circulation; however, it affects your lamp oil’s appearance.

The occasions or place of use will determine the type of chimney you should use. The type of glass or material used determines how the chimney will be crafted and achieve its desired features; moreover, it affects its durability.

Many shapes and sizes of oil lamps are available, which fit different oil lamps and, serving other purposes. Here are some oil lamp chimneys shape and sizes, where and when they can be used:

– Lily shade

Lilies are among the beautiful flowers that grow in watery environments. Lily shades have been crafted to look exactly like the flowers; some crafters and designers even go further to paint the shades to resemble the real lilies.

To get an accurate size that fits your oil lamp, you will need to measure the fitter size; the smallest shade is 4 ¾ to 5, which should be used one 1 1/8 fitter, and the largest is 5 ¾ to 6 and is used on the 1 ½ fitter.

– Chimney shade

Most chimney shades are made from fabrics; they are crafted to bring about a mushroom’s shape without a tip. They are the shades with the largest fitter size of 2.5, which can be used for antique, hurricane, parlor, and banquet lamps.

A chimney shade of 12″ wide perfectly fits average sized hurricane and oil lamps whereas the 14″ wide fits the larger oil lamps fitter of 2.5.

– Globe shade

Globe shades are always available in many different finishes, including frosted, opal, and clear; they also come in various sizes.

The smallest fitter size is from 28mm to 30mm, which fits a diameter of 100mm and 66mm top opening; this is always recommendable for the smallest sizes of oil lamps.

The largest diameter of a globe shade is 600mm; this size can either be used with or without a fitter. When talking about globe shades, the fitter size is of small importance as compared to other shades.

– Vesta shade

There are many different sizes of Vesta shades meant for different sized oil lamps.

If you love your oil lamp’s traditional look and appearance, you should consider choosing the Vesta shades, which are mostly used for small oil lamps and the lamps that are mounted on the wall.

They are durable as they are made from strong glass materials. When determining your lamp diameter, consider choosing a shade of slightly small base diameter compared to your carrier.

What Are The Types of Oil Lamp Chimneys?

Several different types of oil lamp chimneys; come in different models, sizes, shapes, among other distinguishing features. Sometimes finding the best oil lamp chimney can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when doing it for the first time.

Therefore, it is vital to understand the various types of oil lamp chimneys and their unique features. The following are some of the oil lamp chimneys well known:

1. Frosted chimney

Frosted chimneys are among the best ideal chimneys that one can use on their oil lamps; they ensure your oil lamp looks the best and provides the best results for lighting.

It adequately draws enough oxygen to the burner guaranteeing production of a steady and flicker-free flame. They are made in many colors, sizes, and shapes depending on the type of oil lamp one owns or intends to use the frosted chimney.

They can be used as shade replacement in oil lamps or paired together with converted electric lights.

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2. Glass chimney

Most glass chimneys are with borosilicate glass, popularly known for its unique features of thermal shock resistance.

The feature means that intense or hot flames can heat the glass without cracking easily; it is more robust than ordinary glasses. It gets minimal effects from scratches.

Glass chimneys are very transparent, thus enabling very clear and efficient light transmission, making it one of the highest quality product choices for oil lamps.

They are always cost-effective as they save on kerosene and gases or any other fuels used in oil lamps.

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3. Colored oil lamp chimney

Colored oil lamp chimneys are the fanciest and fashionable chimneys that one can use within their premises. They are fancied for adding a unique taste and feel to any oil lamp or electric lamp on table sides.

Their designs have been crafted to match the bases of any oil lamp bases, which creates a perfect matching glass chimney and font for a table lamp.

They have been majorly made to replace broken and damaged chimneys on antique oil lamps, but they can also be used to dress up any model of kerosene or electric lamps.

They serve perfect decoration purposes; their wide range of colors fit many different occasions and bring out the best outlook and general view of your living area.

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4. Amber oil lamp chimney

These chimneys serve different purposes; they come in different shapes, models, finishes, and even colors. One can use them for decorations by sampling, filling it with flowers, and placing it on frames, and also its primary purpose of keeping the flame steady and on.

They can allow a sufficient amount of light to pass through a relaxed and healthy environment for everyone. T

here is proper air circulation supporting the complete burning of kerosene, thus reducing the adverse effects of incomplete fuel combustion.

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5. Antique oil lamp chimney

Antique oil lamp chimneys are made from pure glass and charming brass fittings, creating the perfect choice for your oil lamps. They have been made to fit both old ages or anciently manufactured oil lamps and oil the recent electric paired lamps.

They are made in various different shapes and colors that enable the user to identify the specific place to use them quickly and presentable.

Most of them are made to be durable and provide an efficient amount of light, creating a good atmosphere while decorating the indoors and the outdoors of your living place.

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Finding the best oil lamp chimney and shades gives you total satisfaction and relaxation in your house. Having a clear understanding or even a simple clue of what you are looking for generally makes the searching process easy.

Cost is another thing that should not be ignored; consider buying oil lamp chimneys and shades within your budget and deliver the expected results; proper research is essential before buying.