How to Find a Burnt Christmas Light Bulb?

When you say the light bulb has burnt out, you are saying that the light bulb is no longer working, either because the filament has burnt, or its lifespan has expired.

Your Christmas light typically consists of various light strings, each producing different light and color.

Oftentimes, it may not be easy to find a burnt Christmas light bulb in the crowd, but a careful look and observation can help to discover one that is burnt out.

This article will examine some issues surrounding a burnt Christmas light, including what a burnt Christmas light looks like, how to find a burnt Christmas light bulb and how to fix it. amongst others.

how to find burnt christmas light bulb

What Does a Burnt Christmas Light Bulb Look Like?

A visual inspection of a Christmas light bulb will show whether it’s burnt or not. A burnt Christmas light bulb will typically look a bit different from others.

A burnt Christmas light bulb will make the inside bulb appear blackened.

The bulb can stay lit even when the filament is burnt out. This is because, if the tiny looking wire at the base of the bulb is still maintaining connection, it is still going to produce a weak light.

Similarly, incandescent lights are wired in a series, meaning that currents have to pass through each bulb to light up one another.

If a single unit bulb is burnt out, it’s likely going to affect the rest of the bulb in that segment. So if a segment of your Christmas light bulb goes dark, it’s likely that they are burnt out.

How Do You Find the Bad Bulb On Christmas Lights Without a Tester?

Finding a bad bulb on a Christmas light without a tester is quite easy.

Not everyone is experienced in electrical circuit connection, but we certainly know a few tricks on how to determine whether your light bulb has burnt out.

Apart from a visual inspection to see whether the inside bulb is blackened out, you can just shake the light bulb lightly to listen to any sound that may come from a burnt-out bulb. The sound indicates that the bulb is bad.

Another easy method of finding out a burnt-out Christmas light bulb without a tester is by pulling out the bulbs one at a time, looking for a piece of foil, stick it into the bulb socket. If it shows light, it means that the bulb is bad.

How to Find a Burnt Christmas Light Bulb with a Tester?

Well, it is pretty easier to find a burnt Christmas light bulb using a tester.

All you need to do is to bring the tester close to each bulb.

A functioning bulb will cause the light tester indicator to display light, indicating that the light bulb is working.

Similarly, if the light bulb is burnt out, there will be no response from the tester indicator, showing that the light bulb is burnt out.

How to DIY Christmas Light Bulb Tester at Home?

If you are on a budget and can hardly get extra cash to spend on maintenance issues at home, then you have to learn how to do it yourself.

Here is a video shows you simple step-by-step guide on how to make a free Christmas light bulb tester.

How to Fix the Burnt Christmas Light Bulb?

Before you start looking for a burnt Christmas light bulb to fix, be sure to check that the cause of the ‘burnt out’ bulb is not a ruptured wire, loose bulbs, or any electrical malfunction.

If some of the bulbs are working and others are not, you likely have a loose or broken bulb somewhere.

A burnt filament causes a section of the bulbs to go out. It may also be a result of a ruptured cable.

Tools You Will Need

  1. Christmas light tester tool
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Replacement bulbs at the correct size and voltage rating
  4. Digital Multimeter
  5. Miniature light repairing tool or Shunt fixer

How to Repair the Burnt Christmas String Lights?

1. If the Light Bulb is Burnt

To check that it’s your light bulb that is burnt out; pull out the bulb, stick it into your Christmas light bulb tester.

If it lights up, it means the light is still okay. But if it doesn’t, it means the light bulb needs replacement.

You ought to have the correct size and voltage rating replacement bulb available.

Carefully remove the burnt-out bulb.

Fix the replacement bulb back. It’s gonna light up.

2. What if a Section of Your Light is Not Working?

If a section of the bulbs is not working, the shunt fixer is the appropriate tool to use.

Get a shunt fixer. A shunt fixer energizes the burnt filament to cause current to flow through the circuit to the other bulbs thereby illuminating the other bulbs

3. If It’s Contact Problem

To check for a wire or contact problem, unplug your Christmas light from its socket.

Visually inspect the wires. If you discover a broken line, cut off the broken part, use a wire nut to tie the wires back together.

Your Christmas light bulb will come alive again.